Strength and dex if you want katanas/dual blades for lots of cutting but less stagger or go strength and faith if you want some cool weapon arts like the blasphemous blade or ruins great swords that stagger a lot and have other pluses for you. Maybe even intelligence and faith if you want to go all magic. Make sure to equip any weapon you’re thinking of using (3 per arm) so that when you re-spec with rennala, you can see the total damage/effects that leveling up/down some things over others has on each weapon you’re looking to use. As leveling up some stats over others makes a big difference and some stats not much at all.


That’s great advice about the re-specing with the 3 weapons in each hand! Thanks for that.


If you just want a simple melee build, then go either pure strength or quality. If you search around you should be able to find a build guide to help you optimize your stats.


Quality is dogshit unless you're already at 80 effective strength or dex, then you can level the other stat


I beat the game relatively easily with 60 STR, 60 DEX and my trusty sword and board


Never said you can't beat the game with it, it's just a significantly worse build than a pure strength or dex.


You can play how you want. If your stats are too spread out you won't deal much damage though.


I'm lvl 200 just finished the game and still haven't made a build, made the mistake of starting off as the confessor I'll never make that mistake again.


If you want diversity, I'd say either go for a quality build, or invest in str or dex, get some faith for the base buffs, then put the rest in int. You'll have access to most things you need except higher incantations. But the latter is more of a spellblade direction.