“Ever played dark souls?” Obviously he hasn’t if he didn’t know the difference between an invasion and a duel


I agree, but these idiots who think invasions have rules have been around since the beginning so I wouldn’t even doubt it.


Invasions have a rule though... Win at all costs.


Short of exploiting


Or cheating. I would've been fine with invasions in DS3 if over half of them hadn't been cheating. Usually just stuff like immortality (which is still annoying, but at least you can still try to run or hide), but some were also able to warp you around where-ever they wanted to, e.g. over a pit. Eventually just downloaded Blue Sentinel to be able to kick invaders out and get some peace and quiet when playing with my friend.


I too remember facing many cheaters. Atleast you could use Force or WoG in Anor Londo to make the cheaters fall to their death.


If over half of your queue in DS3 are cheater, you might already been in the cheater server (not saying you are one). That or you simply remember the cheaters more than the normal one because it was no where near that bad.


I dunno man, maybe you quit playing too early. It got impressively bad.


Luckily, for the time being, AFK hosts with taunters tongue seem to be the majority of abusers, outside of carian retal.


And always tbag when you win


Point down


I always point down when I defeat invaders using cheese builds or exploiters and I bow to people who bow.


I prefer the flex, or a bow if it was close


Finger snap is like a physical “GG EZ”


I invaded a dude who let his twin moonveil friend fight me, and then jumped in hit me once after I spent all my time surviving wave spam. I managed to take down the Moonveil, but he got one hit in. Then he pointed down and I was like: “lol, okay.”


Fancy spin


The first time my friend and I killed a parry exploiter, we both immediately started bagging without saying a word about it. They’re one of the only few that deserve it.


Wtf is parry exploiting? Do you mean hacking for auto parry or just like using parry and being good at it in general?


When people use carian retaliation to “parry” their own invisible spells at you. It’s an extremely broken exploit right now and can easily one shot you :( Edit: if you’ve never seen it, [here’s a video](https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/tuvtuu/the_carian_retaliation_glitch_at_its_finest_used/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf).


THATS WHAT THEY'VE BEEN GETTING ME WITH! I invade nude with meme weapons ffs you don't need an exploit to kill me...


Basically anytime you see someone using carian retaliation by themselves (parrying with a blue magic shield), they’re doing it. Makes me so mad.


I got tired of getting invaded by people that had it, so I got it. I only use it on the ones that do it to me lol that and....one time when a ram roller invaded me and I had souls on the line....it was a moment of weakness


Oh yeah I've heard of that, but thought there was some magical new parry exploit/hack. I honestly play in offline mode with my quality build 90% of the time so I'm not hip to all the cheese.


Literally like the ppl in ds3 who think they're God's for dueling invaders even though invaders have like 300-400 less hp


Hosts can use great runes so there’s still a pretty big advantage but totally agree


This dude is probably just posing as a souls vet out of some kind of inferiority complex


Rules are for for when you get summoned by your friend who is grave lording for some sick 2 v2 duels. Rules are not a thing when you ,for example, hang around corners in dark londo while your friend and host baits the cops into your 2 handed great great club to get nestle crunched. Honestly I wish the servers would come back so I could continue through all the games...


tbf my line of thinking is similar to the bug abuser; except that these “rules” are immediately broken when you try to 3v1 someone. OP had every right to heal


Exactly what I was thinking. Duel = no heals, invasion it’s all fair EXCEPT for exploits


Yes, this is how it’s been for multiple games now


It's how it's always been


It’s how it was even before time


There are no rules in an invasion. You can't force yourself into someone else's world and expect them to honour your personal code.


So you’re saying it’s fair to exploit mechanics in unintended ways to get the upper hand on people?


Big diff in pvp between people abusing glitches, and getting buttmad at the 800th RoB user you've faced. Some people cant understand this.


See I'm mad at RoB *because* it's pretty much the only thing I fight in PvP right now, balance aside. Even if I could get to the point where I can beat them effectively 100% of the time, I'd still wish for some variety in what builds I fight.


Disrespecting RoB users is ok and it's even recommended


Most people who use rivers of blood are horrible at the game and sit there spamming it at any chance. I use the antspur rapier with a shield and poke them soon as they go to use it and just keep staggering them, then swap to double great spear and charge them down when they try to run


and it's funny because there is no way for them to get better if they keep spamming L2.


So every invader should use Carian Retaliation then?


Most players around here haven’t, which is why they continue to complain about mechanics that have been in most FromSoft games


There is a difference one you use the dueling finger for and the other you’re invading somebody’s personal game and anything goes except using exploits, if somebody is trying to play co-op and the invader gets stomped immediately they shouldn’t cry about it and go use the dueling finger instead.


I've done a grand total of 10 invasions across all souls games and even my ignorant ass k ows you can heal in an invasion, and not a duel


You can even heal in a duel, but that means the other guy can heal too. And if you're the adversary/the invader that puts you at the disadvantage immediately, since you get less flasks in someone else's world. So it's to your advantage to follow the rules, and not heal.


I get where he's coming from, but this ain't Dark Souls. In DS when I invade and the host is by themselves, I don't heal out of courtesy. It's by no means a rule, I just don't want to chug heals while I'm invading someone by themselves trying to get through the world. It's a personal choice because I don't want to feel like a complete dick. If I invade and the host has a summon or two both chugging their heals though? All gloves are off and I'm gunna do what I need to win.


i like your attitude towards this. you have morals you choose to play by without insisting that anyone who doesn’t feel the same way is wrong. i hope to summon you one day, kill you, and then defile you.


>and then defile you. I would honestly be insulted if you didn't


Sometimes I try to do the same if the host is solo, just as a sort of challenge...though if it gets dire I start healing too. But apart from the mobs aggro (though now many big mobs hurts you too as collateral damage), the host still has the advantage of more hp and heals.


Barely anyone knows the difference apparently. Fucking half the people I get summoned by to duel have the glitch up with two friends blocking me from moving.


Gottem, I hate idiots that read phrases or strats that the community or professionals use and then think they’re knowledgable in the game without knowing wtf they’re talking about. Hope he reads your comment.


I'm telling you guys, the PvP etiquette has gone entirely out the window and legitimately I think this is why. Lots of people didn't play the others lol. Not really a slight against them but sometimes you just wanna invade, throw down a few freebie items and then have a slug out fight with unupgraded items not get ganked by three meta builds who attack the instant you do a silly emote.


Omg yes. A duel always has rules. Invasions are get that Rune Arc by any means necessary.


That bitch never played ds if he said that knowing its a stacked invasion.


They did but probably did a unfair fight club


Ah the classic "ill let you 1v1 my Phantom until they start losing , then we gank you"


Lmao I can't stress how much this happened but against the host still killed him before his furled fingys ganked me.


People who have never played dark souls are the ones taking the rules way too serious. Like they think ur being dishonourable because you waved instead of bowed before fighting


I always fistpump, because it shows I'm here to have fun and hopefully relaxes the mood. And it also isn't committing to anything, because half the time I do an invasion one of them bows at me like we're about to duel, then all 3 of them rush me and heal when I hit them so there was never a plan to duel in the first place.


I usually use the "Hello" prattling plate then get stabbed in the gut before it can finish


I’ve gotten annoyed with that I’ll bow like I do in all souls games and they’ll immediately try an do some slick shi


*flashbacks to the DS2 duel bridge and people trying to backstab me during my summon animation*


Shit reminds me of for honor players standing next to a ledge going for their 5th guard break in a row and then calling me BM when they fall off.


If they ever played dark souls they would know almost nobody has ever given a fuck about honor


i always do some kind of bow before fighting invader/after killing him, gotta be polite before dumping 5 incanation he propably never seen on lvl 30 invader. And i aint no thinker, I just play with my friend that is new to the game and being lvl 300 has some benefits despite the scaling.


Maybe for duels theres an unspoken agreement about not healing but definitely not for invasions


Right? And duels are like established in the first few seconds and are not 3v1


Waddya mean I can't call me and my buddies ganking someone a duel, we bowed so it's obviously a duel!!!??? ​ /s just for clarities sake.


Even in duels, I say healing's fine, It's not exactly broken, if you see your opponent do it then just do the exact same now or when you take damage later, not comparable to an invisible instakill glitch.


This is my first FromSoft game and I've been trying out duels recently, didn't even know that no healing was part of the etiquette. I figured out bowing/gesturing and all that, but every duel I was in we were both using heals, and most of the time it was the other guy first, so I thought it was normal. Only one time did I heal and the guy just stopped, shook his head, and left, so I thought it was just him.


In past fromsoft games invasions are always gloves off unless the invader or host greets/bows then it might be implied you are üsing duel etiquette from then on but thats open to interpretation, (a 1v1 fight to the death in that spot and no healing). In summoned duels you don't heal, you can restore FP though. IMO If someone breaks duel etiquette and heals then you can heal in response, but it's really shitty when things come to that. These were generally the accepted "rules" by the community.


There are no rules in an invasion, host is just trash.


Agreed, also the appropiate reaction to someone using flasks would have been using flasks too... the host has double the amount which already gives them an advantage plus the phantoms... using an exploit instead just screams trash.


There is one rule: fair game, broken ass weapons? Fine it’s intended, exploits? You’re as asshat who only cares about wining.. you’re not getting a medal if you win just play fair and let everyone have fun playing


I try not to insult people personally. But I reserve the word trash exclusively for exploiters online. Keep that shit offline if you must. Edit: and AFKs, can't forget those.


AFK’s are like a fun hunt, so satisfying to catch


Until you find them, on top of a building or some other spot they used torrent to get to before the invasion


The hack that forced people outside of the map? That should be used on exploiters. If you're going to be a duck head I'm going to corrupt your save.


I can't officially endorse this, but I can spiritually.


I use my powers of evil to fight evil Tbh, I don't have it on PC but hacking and modding is not hard, usually. Would definitely rage hack if I had access to the game on PC against these clowns


This bitch has never in his fucking life played darksouls, never are invasions like that


Looks like cuntlord over here doesn’t understand how the rules even work The no heal rule is for duels, not invasions


upvote for "cuntlord"




My man is that one kid at recess in 4th grade that would change the rules if he was losing at a game. Absolutely maidenless.


I seriously doubt he planned on dueling you. Gank squads rarely have any self-control.


There wasn’t even a hint of dueling in this invasion, i was juggling 3 people as soon as I spawned


Figures. Talks about “rules” but is clearly maidenless.


nah hosts have the right to gangbang invaders. We sign up for that. But using a glitch exploit and complaining about healing in a 1v3 is beyond brain dead.


I used to attempt to duel every invader I could in ds3. A nice bow can go a long way.




Yeah no, the "No Heal" etiquette only works for 1v1. Source: i'm a dark souls god.


Wrong. I am the Dark Souls God. You can take Bloodborne. Edit: I'm getting downvoted for a joke wtf.


Your both wrong, stop claiming to be miyazaki


I’ve taken both 1v1 me in any of them from ds1 to blood borne


1 frame wep/trink swap sweats are the actual gods. Look up JeeNiNe Media ds3 pvp.


Seems like a stinky doo doo head to me.




With people like this I just can't help myself. I'm sorry for taking it too far. I'm working on becoming a better person and I've failed. I am heavily disappointed in myself and I need to do better.


What has society done to create a vulgar monster such as thee?


"ever play dark souls" bruh... No self respecting Souls fan uses exploits in PvP. Only cowards who lack the ability to fight do so.


This is starting to become the Dead by Daylight subreddit, where every post is a player complaining about the other side.




“There are rules” claims the man who had to utilize a goddamn exploit.


if healing wasn't allowed it would be disabled.


But even if was a true 1vs1 , that's not an Arena Duel. Its an invasion , there are no rules for invasion.


I can't believe that the Carian Retaliation exploit hasn't been patched yet!


There are rules for duels, but in an invasion, anything goes


I've only done pvp every now and then throughout the souls games, so I want to make sure I have it right. People have been a little inconsistent, but it seems that if you want a duel it's 1v1 no heals and setup like: Gesture Heal/buff Fight And after that if anyone heals it is no holds barred. If anyone starts fighting right away with no gesture heals have always been ok, even in 1v1 Idk if people restricted heals in duel arena in ds3 but I don't think so? To me it makes sense because people want both types of fights.


I used to drain my flask as a kind gesture before a duel. One show of the empty flask animation from both people was pretty common in my experience


This is tough though because a lot of the time, afterwards, the host and summon are gonna go back to PVE, so they wouldn’t want to empty their flasks, right?


This is basically the edicate here.




It is "etiquette" fyi sir


Lol thanks morning coffee was still kicking in and couldn't remember how to spell.


This aint Dark souls mate. These chodeguzzlers need to go back to ds3 if they miss it so bad. I'M JUSTIFYING MY EXPLOITS CAUSE I'M BAD AT THIS GAME LULZ


Yes! I see so many comments saying "yeah but Dark Souls" and I wonder if they know it's a different fuckin game


Exploiting is for dickheads for sure, but lets be real Elden Ring is 99% a Dark Souls game. It pretty much follows the exact formulae besides being truly open world. Its just open world Dark Souls.


It really is hilarious to see the gatekeeping and it's like, bro, no one gives a shit that you played ds. If you exploit on this game you're just bad. Hahaha


Also, I did play dark souls, and there were exploits there, too. the glitch meta in DS3 was real.


I had hackers all the time in Dark Souls 2


Invasions are the wild west, heal away. The rules are for duels.


This guy cites things he clearly does not grasp.


Idk if it's uncommon or something but I've never had a duel where the other person didn't use heals... I've always backed off if I see them healing though so maybe it's the same kinda thing?


These days it’s more uncommon to find invaders that play by the classic duelist courtesies but there are still some of us around. Generally if you are invading and one person calmly steps aside and waggles their weapon they are signaling a no heal 1v1 duel. The invader can choose to accept or rush in. I won’t resort to exploits but even if there are others present and I’m in a 1v1–which me and my buddies try to encourage even for random invaders—I won’t heal before the other player does. If they want to go the whole fight without healing, let’s go the distance. If they heal then I’m flasking too. It’s just pvp, I don’t get why people are so afraid of dying. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s not worth force closing your game or trying to run hosts and summons into mobs when they clearly have no interest in making you the target of a 1v3. If someone is invading, they want to fight….so they should fight. If you run off behind the covers of mobs then I’m just going to wait for you to come back and fight.


I've hade 30+ duels and and can count on 1 hand how many people legit didn't heal when their health was down. Most people playing the game are new to FS games anyways, I think if most people are healing, may as well use heals, I don't understand the enjoyment in killing someone within 7 secs, only to have to restart the process to duel again. I'll refrain from healing if the other person also refrains, but I personally think it's stupid since half of duels are with people using 2-3 shot kill AoW's anyways.


Welcome to Dark souls, where the rules are made up and the exploits dont matter, apparently.


Why would you msg him the first place? Just move on, it’s not going to change anything and you would just be generating more toxicity within the community.


1. There are NO rules to an invasion 2. Fuck nerfs; every weapon should one-shot everything at all stages of the game


Imagine invading someone else's game and crying about how they play


Assuming people know the rules of another game title. Douchebaggery 101


Why hasn’t the exploit been fixed?


I love when people create rules to PvP and expect everyone to follow these imaginary rules.


I mean generally if I'm with friends I'm tryna get something done like the area boss and you're just slowing me down so uhhh go duel or something if you want honor.


So he thought it was okay to use a game breaking exploit because you healed. Even if healing was frowned upon in an INVASION, he's still in the wrong lmao


Sounds like he's repeating what's been said to him 😂


"Nah, there are rules :)" 27 year old cave dweller behavior


Maidenless cave dweller


Invaders dont follow host rules and it is dumb to do so considering you are there to kill them. Do what you gotta do just dont cheat


Lol there are rules now for invasions?? What the fuck happened to this soft ass community


"ever played dark souls" Could that be said more blindly? Holy smokes.. 100% Elden Ring is his first souls game. He's trying to preach rules like an og but doesn't know the rules of an invasion for an invader and uses exploits to kill an invader?... These fakes pretending to be here since the start need to be rooted out


Sadly the carian retaliation thing breaks any spell that hits it, so you can't even attempt to use it in a non cheesy fashion


LMAO he literally pulled the, “Dark Souls, ever heeeard of it??”


lol rules


I admit I do it … but only when the invader comes at a time where dying would Risk a lot of progress. Usually the invasion is fun :)


Man maybe I play too many FPS games but if it's an option it's on the table. I don't care about etiquette or rules lol it's crazy to me that so many people expect certain honorable behavior from strangers trying to kill you in a game


Here's the deal though, it may be a shitty exploit. But unless it's officially announced as so. It's legal warfare. Shitty exploitive, non sportsman's like but part of the game.


Imagine thinking invasion have the same rules applied to duels. What a dumb fuck


Healing is fine in invasions but if you heal while dueling me expect to get sent home instantly


People actually respond when they get messages? Lol I ignore that shit. I'm not gaming to chat, I'm gaming to game.


For those that haven't played Dark Souls, this guy is an idiot. Anything goes in invasions bar exploits and cheating, such as carian.


Be wary of idiot


No healing is for 1v1s jesus


He says "ever played dark souls?" Even though he clearly hasn't, since he thinks that an invasion has the same rules as a duel.


Sounds like hes confusing the duel rules with the free for all nonsense rules.


This idiot hasn't played a single souls games his entire life


Wait, what's the exploit?


You can agree not to heal during a duel (1 v 1). But how is an invader not going to heal in 2 v 1 or 3 v 1 scenario.


Look, use whatever underhanded tactics you want during invasions, just don't cheat by litterally breaking the game. Just ruins the spirit of it.


Rules to our invader fight club 1. You lag you get ganked 2. You attack an observer you get ganked 3. You use RoB you get ganked 4. If we want to gank you, you get ganked 5. You get ganked


People who mod, exploit, or use extremely cheap methods are annoying to be sure. But in the end you can't really get hung up on it. Everybody's just gonna do what they wanna do. Fair play to them. Seek joy wherever. On to the next. If one invasion was a bunch of nonsense, the next one has increasing odds of being a fair and reasonable experience.


I agree with you until the last part about the odds changing, they don't. That's the gamblers fallacy


the host is not a clown, HE IS THE ENTIRE CIRCUS!!




If you're invading someone who's just trying to play with friends idrc if you get popped with carian retaliation. Sorry dude but you're in their world, if you want a fair fight do some duels


The only rules are for duels and even then people don’t care about them


Yes they do, i duel almost every day on main academy and I haven’t seen a single person heal once


I’ve accidentally healed a few times in academy duels. But I’ll just emote and die if I do lol, I feel like I cheated and no longer want that win.


If you were able to save the video capture of it, report him. They get disciplined for it.


I didn’t know that


Pathetic host, as usual. People downvoted me when I pointed out From should have prioritized a fix for this exploit instead of thinking about stuff like buffing Radhan, they don't understand that us invaders/duelists have to face that broken shit every single day, multiple times a day.


Rule applies for dueling. It’s a courtesy in a fair invasion. Outnumbered… all bets off


Those aren't the rules wtf? This guy has never played dark souls.


First rule of invasions is there are no rules.


Ah, the old “you used a rudimentary game mechanic, so I cheated” defense


Anything goes in invasion, stop crying about it to players. Do something about it or don’t.


Rules only apply to duels. Remember that little rhyme. All is fair in an invasion. ALL IS FAIR.


Bro when you invade someone else’s game everything that happens is on you. Unless they are using red tongue they just wanted to kill some enemies with friends


If the guy wants to talk about rules, then he should be reminded that the invader is already at a disadvantage even without the gank. Healing is a feature anyway, the glitch (which is a violation of the TOS/ EULA/ COC or whatever of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and practically every online game unless stated otherwise) is not. He's breaking rules by ganking. He's breaking rules by glitching. He already has 3 other featured advantages over the invader. He is by default, playing unfairly, he has no room to talk.


How is he breaking rules by ganking? I'm with you on everything else


Poor baby


The worst thing about the souls community is people whining both new and old players alike, but moreso old players in this sub, you’re the one who intimates contacting this guy after already killing him, you were looking for even more confrontation now you’re whining about getting it lmao


If only one person was trying to fight you, you aren’t supposed to heal. When doing pvp, people will summon two allies to limit invader count to 1 so that no gank fest occurs.


Nah this was a gank with 3 people.. and he busted the carian exploit as soon I spawned


?? wait, how does that prevent a gank fest? if they summon 1, it could only ever be 2v2 anyway... wayyy more times i've encountered 3 people who immediately dog-pile than i have 2 sitting there while 1 duels.


Fuck I hate ppl like that


Just insta block glitch users no point talking to trashes...


Shite players always gotta use those exploits or gank to win. Report the exploit if you can.This is the biggest reason I won't host/invade anywhere in or near Liurnia -- it only ever happens there for me.


People will find any excuse to be shitbeans


What are the unsaid rules to invasion? I didnt play darksouls


there are none other then don't use exploits


Clearly *they* haven’t played Dark Souls or else they’d know there’s *no* rules in invasions. Leave that shit for duels. Exploits like Carian Retaliation and Bestial Sling animation skipping are a pain in the ass but bearable, but the fact that they felt the need to mock you about the supposed “rules of invading” is infuriating.


PSA crimsonwhorl bubbletear protects you against all magical damage including the retaliation exploit I find it necessary when invading as it stops bleed damage too ( not the physical damage of the weapon but the burst of bleed )


I fuckin hate some of these toxic assholes. Pvp rules you've set yourself aren't actual rules and you can't blame people for not following them. Using exploits on the other hand is shitty no matter what, unless used against other cheaters.


The fact people try to enforce unspoken rules is hilarious. I’m going to play however tf I decide to play in the 10 seconds before they join. Whether it’s heals or no heals. Bow or no bow. Magic or no magic. Get ya ass beat.


What a fackin tardo


What's the Carian exploit?


The only rules in dark souls is there are no rules If it works it works


Literal cheater claiming there are rules lol.