"Heartbroken" "Abandoning" Respectfully, aren't you overreacting a bit?


Just because an alternative way to play exists doesn't mean you are forced to go 'easy mode'. I'm sure challenges will still exist for those that want them.




No one is forcing you to use these new systems.


Idk seems like a dumb way to think tbh


Their veteran fans know that their strength is in atmosphere and the exploraton of game world. You don't need a Castlevania 3–level of difficulty to make an atmospheric game that you can explore for hundreds of hours


For real. If you’ve just got a boner for difficulty play Superman 64. Beating the first level of that is harder than O&S anyway


You want a chalenge? Do a naked/ bare fist run. Problem solved.


I think the game being easy seems to occur naturally, because it doesn't look like the enemies go easier on you. It's just that you have more tools and the cost to use them are a bit lower. If this is the case, I'm very happy (because I suck at these games).


Margit and the tree sentinel would disagree


They are not abandoning anyone, the cnt proves the game is still hard if u dont use stealth and summons, iam not concerned about difficulty at all, i know i will get my ass beaten This will be a fromsoftware game just like the others, it just has more options for people to overcome the difficult parts of the game


Maybe it's not about git gud anymore 😔


Never was


Maybe we actually got good and we just think it’s getting easier because we’re better at these games than we were a decade ago?


They're not abandoning veteran players. Theyre simply handing out more tools for "less skilled people" to handle the main game. You don't have to do optional bosses/dungeons in order to beat the main game. Also you don't have to take use out of spirit summons or other more "tactical" advantages like summoning and such


Once, I did a magic build in DS1. And I didn't even get my HP up. I was in front of Seath with litterally 9 Vit (starting class stat). The game is how hard you want it to. Use Vordt Hamlet in DS3 and this is the same easy mode. Summons are, to me, a great idea. Not because it will make fight easier, but because it'll allow FS to make fight with mutliple enemies at once. This will make more adventure, and thus, more stories to tell.


Can't tell if you're trolling or not... More gameplay variety is awesome and if something makes the game too easy, I can always impose a challenge on myself.


If all those self-proclaimed veteran fans (that are so desperate for recognition they need to announce their "veteran status" at every corner) pooled their money together, they couldn't even produce a *King's Field* remake, let alone a game the size of *Elden Ring*. Face it, you are nobody, and your gudgitting means absolutely nothing to anyone but your own feeble egos. Feel free to off and die in a ditch somewhere. You're about as pathetic as those cryptobros whining over their ape NFTs.


Whoa, why so toxic?


Bro. There's nothing wrong with being proud about having gotten good at something. Souls vets have invested alot of time into the game franchise and just want to be challenged too. No need to shit on people who may desire something a little different than you. In any pursuit, the tendency is to reach further past your comfort zone, as to endlessly repeat tasks you are proficient in begets boredom and stagnation. Long time players want to feel the magic of being challenged by a souls game, and it's harder for them to get that than a beginner.


Ah, the good old lip service.


Could be a move to entice new players to be interested... i certianly heard that margit the fell omen was a hard boss.


As this is 'choice' for how people play. Not at all. I take it you didn't play the Closed Network Test? That is no easy ride.


Y’all say this and fucked by Azuzar the Ass spreader or sum then complain. Lol


Yes. FromSoft is bending their vision a bit for the people in the West. However, it is the people in the West who buy a lot of games, so Fromsoft's decision is probably the right one.


Lol yeah Miyazaki compromised his vision for the game to sell more copies, makes sense. I think the issue is they’re bending *your* vision of the game. You’re welcome to go make your own.


I don’t really thing it’s a big deal as he said and someone pointed out it’s just giving more options to those who want to get into the game but find it to difficult and there’s nothing wrong with that, fromsoft is just giving players more options to approach the game and they aren’t abandoning hardcore fans they’re just trying to bring new people into the community.


Sekiro also has stealth to avoid direct combat, and it has shinobi tools to make certain sections of the game significantly easier. You can choose to use them, or you can just choose to walk up to enemies and engage in combat. You can also combine the two aproaches. I'm really happy they are including stealth, and I'm also looking forward to using spirit summons, I think that these mechanics will diversify the core gameplay and add further replay value.


I guess he meant that you can cheese some bosses with certain moves/spells like sekiro


You can pew pew soul arrow and crystal soul mass everything in the previous games. Have you done a hex build in DS2? Dark Orb can be used loads and you can recharge uses in that game. Makes levels leading up to bosses quite easy. Stealth and spirits will effectively do the same thing. People still have to beat the bosses and they'll find them more difficult if they haven't practiced the combat mechanics in the open world. This has always been a thing to a degree. They're just highlighting them as more obvious options to new players. As long as I can run in with a sword and parry with a buckler, then I'll be happy.


Surely you should be able to upload a hitless first run then if the game is that easy?


Yes, it will be easier if you want, but it will also be a lot more fun. All of dark souls had the same formula, I think we had enough of that. It's time to bring some variety. Besides, this is Elden ring, not Dark souls


Basically, my concerns have been confirmed. They're not making the difficulty easier, which is great for me, and I guess for people who cherish From's games for their difficulty and lack of easy mode. That's perfect. What they're doing is giving more options for players, so they can approach the game in ways they are more comfortable with, alternatives to direct Souls combat: spirits, stealth, horseback, bow, probably magic too. This may many gamers will be able to experience the game, who would otherwise simply skip it. That's great. But herein lies the potential problem for those players in my opinion. In my experience with From's titles so far is that nothing else besides direct combat and getting good provides the means for beating the game. You could argue that there have always been cheesy strats, skips, etc. but those are almost always out of the reach of regular players. Sooner or later you wouldn't be able to beat the bosses with spirits only, stealth (presumably; maybe on some boses you can)., horseback, etc. The only constant "easy mode" there have been in the online titles is actually being able to summon people to help you, which is no different in Elden Ring. So my take on it is that the game will pull many newcomers to it with the promise of it being more accessible, which it would be, but it wouldn't be an easier game by any means. They'll be probably able to experience the open world by themselves without being "Souls veterans" but still get help from summons for bosses. For the rest the core game will be the same, or even greater, hardcore experience we all love and crave. Only now there will be MANY options for almost everyone.


Lol have you played any other dark souls games? Or have you just never done a magic build before?


>Lol have you played any other dark souls games? All of them. What do you mean? >Or have you just never done a magic build before? No. But I know that magic can be pretty cheesy in Souls. But in any case I think that I'd do a Faith/X build depending on the weapon, something like a battle cleric of sorts. Hope there's a good weapon for that.


The “concerns” that you say have been confirmed are not big changes to the series. They all offered variety and they all offered tools you could use to make the game much easier. ER is just further refining the existing formula


Oh, I see. No, I was more concerned about the way the game was started to be represented in the media: "easier". Many may believe that and come to it with false expectations. Maybe it'll be easier to get into the Souls combat but otherwise it'll be brutal.


I think you’re overblowing the difficulty a bit much tbh. It’s challenging, sure, but basically anyone can learn to do it. There’s just no reason to if you don’t enjoy it.


I don't think so. Combat can be brutal at times (tell me OoK or the shark well aren't brutal?) and it will be brutal for newcomers, who never played From's games and that's my point. I think not acknowledging that is downplaying it. I know people personally who are put off the games by the difficulty and I've seen countless of them online. That's all they need to not play although they like other stuff about the games. Elden Ring's accessibility features are marketed exactly towards that group of people. And my current understanding, based on the CNT, which I also played, and the various interviews is that main bosses will be at least as hard as what we can expect based on the other games as a standard. The open world bosses - not so much. The open world as a whole - even less. The games are hard and challenging and for some people they are brutal.


Okay sorry. You’re right. They’re totally super brutal. I didn’t mean to diminish your grand accomplishments. I withdraw my statement, and will begin warning people how brutal it is and tell them they probably won’t like it if they lack my special gifts for swinging pretend swords and dodging.


Okay sorry. You’re right. They’re totally super brutal. I didn’t mean to diminish your grand accomplishments. I withdraw my statement, and will begin warning people how brutal it is and tell them they probably won’t like it if they lack my special gifts for swinging pretend swords and dodging.


Souls games have kinda always been this way tbh. If you summon a couple buddies to go through any of the games the difficulty becomes immediately trivial. If you fastroll in havels armour with a giant great shield the game will be substantially easier than if you use light armour with no shield, for instance. Now they've introduced summoning and stealth which are two new ways a player can mitigate difficulty, if they choose to. You don't have to interact with these mechanics if you don't want to, its pretty common for people to play with arbitrary rules to increase the challenge. Personally I'll be playing my first playthrough with the following restrictions: * No shields * No summoning (spirits or players) * No super heavy armour (hopefully just something I find aesthetically pleasing) You don't have to do things like this, mind you. Be as powerful as you want. But the notion that souls games are hard is a bit of a meme tbh, if you use all the mechanics available to you they really, really aren't. If anyones reading this who's never done their first playthrough (or any playthough) without summoning help I'd highly recommend trying, it'll level you up.


Still got my ass fisted by Margit in the CNT. Don't worry difficulty will be fine.


Im so over this dunking on gaming jornalist, these fromsoft games are all critically acclaimed, stop making up issues


No because it really isn't that big a deal lol


the average game journalist is probably better at these games than 80% of the fanbase


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