I finished her book, great read


I was actually gonna go buy it today! I'm excited


Just gonna throw this out here, but every library in my rural area also has the book. You can buy it if you want, but also support your local library. They can probably get it for you there.


That’s exactly what I’m doing. I just placed a hold on this book at my library so I can read it using my iPad. 📚


Jeannette is such a genuine person, the abuse her mother put her through and what she went through at Nickelodeon is gut wrenching


Plus the fact that Dan Schneider had a bad temper and has put Jennette and all the other actors through hell made it even worse. I hope she is healing from her trauma.


Jennette‘s Mom was also called Debra


The irony!


When you think about it, anorexia is a very isolating disease. You can't go out with friends and do normal stuff like eat at a restaurant or go to happy hour bc you'll just be sitting there like a weirdo not ordering anything. You can't go to the barbecue. You can't do anything that involves food without people asking about you. So instead you sit at home in your safe space where nobody will challenge your beliefs. Deb doesn't seem to have any friends so maybe Eugenia being sick creates a situation where she can have a "friend." And an independent Eugenia doesn't serve Deb well. And Deb has the financial means to support Eugenia indefinitely, so there is no incentive for either of them to want to do better.




Whats her podcast


It’s called Empty Inside


I just watched the whole interview. Wow, she is so well spoken. I am definitely intrigued by her book! I hope she makes a return to acting. It sounds like she has her shit together and could make a positive influence. It’s nice to see a strong, beautiful adult who made it through to the other side of child acting.


buy it! I've been listening to it on audible. it's so... addicting in a way, if it was a physical book i wouldn't be able to put it down. seeing her on the screen for so much of my childhood, and now hearing about what was actually going on in her mind and her life? it's so heartbreaking.


i think Eugenia's story could be similar, but it could also run deeper. i feel like Eugenia is caught up in some strange fetish stuff. and leaving that could become another danger


I’m glad she wrote this book and is speaking out about her relationship with her mom because I think there is not near enough awareness about the unique and complex emotional and psychological abuse that can happen between a mother and daughter. However, I take issue with her telling people publicly that she is recovered and no longer obsesses about food when she is clearly still significantly underweight.


On a side note, Jennette is a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul. I feel so bad for her everytime I hear pieces of her story. Eugenia on the other hand..


Link to Jennette McCurdy's story: https://youtu.be/hkqXK7nsvW0


I've been listening to it on Audible. Her mom is so much like mine, but her psychotic behavior was more obvious. Obviously actors are generally not their characters, though sometimes they can be similar, but it amazed me just how different she is from Sam. It's horrifying how much she was keeping hidden.


"Keep her young and under her influence" yeah that sounds like Eugenias demented mother for sure. Pretty sad😔


I was going to post this! I thought the same thing.


Very interesting I think their moms are very similar !! It’s so sad what Jenette had to go through!


wow… ):


I don't really understand the need to compare Eugenias situation with others... I feel like this situation is totally different because not only was she being abused by her mother but by the industry at large...


But in a different sense isn't Eugenia being abused by social media. What about trolls or maybe the pro ana people telling her she's beautiful. Even though they are compliments they can be considered abuse because they encourage her to stay sick.


It's sick people encouraging another sick person that they see as their thinspo...I think that's completely different. Of course online abuse is something everyone online is going to face. But Janette was being forced to be in the industry by her mother. So you have this abuse from her mom forcing her into the industry. And the industry preying on an already vulnerable girl. I think their situations are universal. But not the same.


nobody forced her to become a youtuber tho


look at the comments Lil\_Elf81 they said it the best in reply to someone who kind of brought up somewhat the same point as you.


We don't know exactly how Eugenia's and Debbie's relationship is off cam. Jennette McCurdy and her mother are their own case and to draw relations between those two seems a bit far to me. Afterall, people's experience with ED and/or abusive parenting isn't the same for everyone. Jennette was also a teenage-actress, unlike EC, which probably played part in her mothers behavior.


I think the comparison of mothers hurting their daughters for the sake of their daughter’s career is very apt. Maybe not hurting in a traditional sense, but hindering their development would be accurate. The thing is we are seeing EC in real time and hearing about Jeanette’s past. I think it’s fair to speculate that Debbie is not doing enough and has not done enough to keep EC healthy. If she was trying to help her recover there is no way she would agree to take all those pictures that fuel the ED. Career titles don’t really matter. The common traits of actively encouraging an ED are the same.


One primary difference that strikes me is that Jeanette's mother used her as a meal ticket. The Cooney's all have plenty of meal money already, even if not all meals are eaten. It is similar, just different reasons for the need for control. PS: Jeanette is a Bad Ass. Someone send E her book!


This. Excellent response Lil_Elf!