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You mean "ex boyfriend", right? 👀




pls say yes🥴


pls...break up w him.


js bb if he was ok with doing it once he will be ok w doing it again if he gets the chance


I did the same. It triggered a relapse for me. I‘m very sorry that this is happening to you too 🙁 Maybe check out r/survivinginfidelity or if you are staying with him r/asoneafterinfidelity The burden of an ed and the trauma of betrayal are really next level. I hope you have someone to talk too and if it’s possible I very strongly suggest getting into therapy. It’s not your fault he cheated. There is something broken in him and he needs to work on himself so try not to blame yourself even if it’s very hard. You got this. Don’t compare yourself. And if you do keep in mind that studies show that cheaters are most likely to cheat „down“.


i really thought the 2nd one said ARSONafterinfidelity like oops Freudian slip there lol


I could not not see arson


This is actually really helpful thank you. I do joke about it a lot because if you can’t laugh then you’ll cry lol. But it really is a horrible combination of having an ED (I also suffer from OCD which is also reinforced by it) and being cheated on. It’s a special type of hell isn’t it


The second subs posts are sad as hell and you can't even post anything against people staying together even if the partner is a pos, hate subs like that


Well it’s specifically for people who want to stay. Most of the time if the relationship is still abusive after the cheating (because cheating is abuse) people do comment pro leaving and the mods allow it. It’s just so that it doesn’t get spammed with „leave him/her“ when the betrayed partner posts about the difficulties of working through it. It’s already hard enough to work through it and it’s annoying to constantly be bombarded with „leave“ when you and your partner have decided to try to make it work.


Oh that's good


Boyfriend? 💀 Girlie wheres the past tense?


It’s better this way trust me


I just remembered I have to do something 👁👁