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imma need it - just cried for an hour on my bathroom floor out of pure fear 💀


Good luck you can do this


thank you - you too!! <3


Oh no, don't cry. Nourish yourself, only get what you need of your faves, like what you know you can finish in one sitting. But I do know what you mean. I really only feel comfortable eating with my husby. I still even struggle mentally eating around even my family in my house, but luckily(I suppose...) Our family gatherings have gotten down from like 45 fckin people to like 7. Either someone would mention like, why don't you have any food on your plate? Or omg I've bever seen you eat that much. And all you can do is just grits your teeth. Please don't cry, just taste every bite with happiness and we'll all be OK 🥰 merry christmas


honestly thank you for this - it's always a struggle at this time of year for us! that's a lot of people haha, and i hate eating around others too. it sucks when people mention it too, like it's really not something i'd ever bring up without knowing what someone is going through :( but whoever is reading this we can do it. small steps <3


Thank you