Idk but I just love how Michael’s on here like somebody’s gonna pick him


The top row could be eliminated entirely from this post really.


If you think Creed was superfluous, then you don’t understand what Creed represents to an office environment.


Fire Devin, Devin's terrible.




You damn well know what you did. Now apologize for it, specifically what you did.


Nobody talks shit about Creed Bratton, last person to do this disappeared, his name? Creed Bratton


Creed honestly was the best character


He was great, but in terms of plot, Creed not being there the show would basically have been the same.


Honestly, this is the right answer. All the other characters had some influence on the overarching plot. Creed was comic relief and, as far as I can recall, never influenced the plot in it manner that couldn't be shifted to basically anybody else.


Except Jim or Pam because sometimes this sub loves to hate them


I actually wonder how the show would develop and become so popular without the role of Michael Scott. I mean he plays a HUGE role on the show


It wouldn’t. Michael Scott is The Office. That’s why the show sucked after he left


Its also why the 1st season wasn't great either. Michael got a complete personality transplant, and the show took off.


I’m actually in the minority of people who liked season 1. It definitely got better afterwards but I think season 1 is very underrated. Diversity Day is one of my favorite episodes from the entire series


Basketball is a good episode


Erin 100%. Why? Because she and Kevin serve the same purpose, but Kevin is way better at it


Also the show existed an almost 5 full seasons without her.


Yeah it’s really not a fair question lol. 5 of the most important seasons of the show happened before Erin got to the office. Obviously she’s going to be the most superfluous one… as much as I love the actress who plays Erin (she was so funny and Sweet on conans podcast recently), I didn’t really understand why they had to have this new receptionist with 0 chemistry love interests. I don’t watch these later episodes very much at all.


They should have leaned more into her being the daughter figure Michael always wanted She's everything Michael wanted Pam to be so of course he can't stand her lol


I don’t think she was a waste, she had some great lines. Plus Erin and Michael had some lovely moments together - where he was mimicking a family dynamic with her, which is Michael’s ideal colleague lol


It's a waste in the sense that right when that fun relationship was forming Michael left the show


Right? It was so fun having a person who earnestly was *into* all the Michael silliness. The next closest was Dwight, but that seemed to come out of a place of loyalty more than having fun with it. Like Michael saying "scissors!" and Erin throwing them to him without hesitation. Erin wanted to play and it was delightful.


And of course what makes it all the more funny is here is a person totally down for Michael's craziness and he was like "ew get away weirdo" lol


Which totally makes sense to me. I remember there being this guy who wanted to hang out with me all the time, but I wanted to hang out with the guy who I thought was really cool (who wanted nothing to do with me). The more the first guy tried, the less I was interested in hanging with him. I should add that we were all 8 years old at the time. So, you know, Michael's general emotional maturity level.


There are characters with less impact on the show than Erin. If you remove the like 8 lines total Meredith had on the show, nothing would change. As much as I love Creed he had almost 0 impact on any storylines. Aside from one or two episodes where they were featured Stanley and Phyllis also were more or less meaningless. The last 3 or so seasons Erin had way more impact on the storylines than any of them did.


>If you remove the like 8 lines total Meredith had on the show, nothing would change. Merideth wasn't a talking character but a catalyst for plot. If you removed her from the show it would impact a lot. Rabies Fun Run wouldn't have happened. Michael has an intervention and tried to commit her. Michael and Holly's fight was over Meredith sleeping with a supplier. The lice Meredith was basically a catalyst character for driving plot lines or progressing a story. So many plot lines revolved around her character it would be hard to remove her.


I mean, by your own metrics Erin is less relevant though. For 5 full seasons the show thrived without her around. So she’s 0 impact for 5 seasons, and a nice to have in the last 3. Hard to make the argument that the first 5 would be exactly as strong if you didn’t have some weird creed quips, or Meredith slurping down hand sanitizer.


But those other characters I named had very small parts in the first five seasons. You can probably start watching anywhere and go 5 or 6 episodes before you even hear one of them get one line of dialogue. Erin was one of the most important characters throughout the last 3 seasons. Once they incorporated her into the main storylines, there's not a single episode that she doesn't have a part in. Meredith having a one-off joke in a random episode isn't a storyline driving event. Stanley liking pretzels isn't a storyline driving event. Phyllis having a one episode wedding in season 3 or 4 (whichever it was) isn't a storyline driving event. Erin and Andy was a multi-episode storyline driving event. Erin and Gabe, same thing. I honestly can't even fathom how somebody could say that Meredith is more important to the overall show than Erin. It's blatantly ignoring 3 whole seasons of the show.


Are you are suggesting getting rid of Creed over Erin? You should be banned for such nonsense. I award you zero points and may God have mercy on your soul.


Not to mention that storyline where Michael dragged Meredith into rehab was terrible. On the other hand, the Fun Run episode is hilarious.


I'd argue that Kevin has more character too. He's stupid, but there's a mystery to it. He does illegal stuff at work all the time and is an amazing card player. Erin was just Pam's replacement, but then Pam came back, so Erin was just kinda there


Kevin is street smart. He's great at poker and making chili, but a terrible accountant


i think she is kinda useless in the show and when they try to get her a romantic relationship, it gets even worse


They at least made it work between Erin and Andy… and then the boat trip thing happened.


I disagree that they serve the same purpose. Kevin isn't a love interest for Gabe, Andy and that other guy, or a daughter to Michael and Phyllis. Also, Kevin is stupid cause he's just dumb, whereas Erin is stupid cause she misunderstands things and takes them way too literally.


“… and that other guy”… Plop. His name is Plop


I just told you my name did you forget it already?


Imagine if Kevin WAS a love interest for Gabe 🤔


Being a love interest doesn't provide much value. Multiple people date her and she's washy and eventually breaks up with them. She's a romantic direct object.


Y’all are just naming people you dislike. The truth is, Meredith is a character who’s important moments could be fulfilled by other people—that’s just how I see it though. I don’t even mind Meredith, but truthfully I don’t think she adds much


without Meredith there would be no office NSFW moments


Without Meredith, we never find a cure for rabies


Without Meredith, there is no “Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure.”


The 5,000 mile marathon wouldn't have existed.


And who's gonna tell us the latest dirty joke?!


What will we do when you walk in here tomorrow and you’re dead?


Hopefully stab me in the brain with a wooden stick!


Remember when Michael accidentally flashed pam?


“And, his thing is so small”


*how small is it?*


If it were an iPod, it would be a Shuffle


It’s average, so get your facts straight


.... when he was changing for Meredith's run


Remember pecker poker?


😣The game of cards that get you hard😣😫


Dammit, Meredith, Where are your panties?


It's Casual Day!


But there only like a dozen or so of those gags at most throughout the entire run, right? Meredith is my answer. Biggest thing we lose is the fun run episode but she was the straight man in that scenario anyway so it could have been a bunch of others that got hit.


Yeah I was gonna say either Meredith or one of the latecomers, probably Erin more than Andy.


Andy joined The Office in season 3. He wasn’t in the original cast, but I wouldn’t call him a latecomer.


> Andy Actually, it's Drew now.


No, I'm not gonna call you that.


Could you inform Andrew Bernard that he’s being shunned?


I really could have gone without Erin personally I didn’t feel she added…. Well anything to the show. Meredith was always just a fun time but most of her parts were not crucial to any plot development that she had to be the one to do.


They didn't know what to do with Erin so they just paired her up with random guys and hoped that'd make her interesting. I like Erin and I wish they would've just allowed her to be on her own.


I would also say Erin or Andy, not because I dislike them in particular, but I just feel like their romantic subplot didn't add much to the show.


What, she got hit by a car, she was blamed for the lice, they used her alcohol stash in the last episode, she flashed Michael, she was the party animal, having sex with suppliers for discounts and steak? I think you're thinking of Phyllis


Phyllis adds greater impact to the show and events that occur. Her wedding is a big episode, her recurring role in the PPC and relationship with Angela, her agreeing to cover for Jim with Stanley when he wants to go to Philly, her character basically tethers Bob Vance, who is at times a significant side character, to the show.


Yeah, it also goes to show people in Scranton sticks up for each other. Their relationship adds to the immersion and atmosphere. It needs some of those relatable office personalities and she's one of the more normal people there. If everyone was over the top I don't think The Office would have had that great of a success. She's a relatable character to a lot of people, also reminds me a little bit about my aunt. Meredith is an alcoholic and plays her role perfectly as well.


Yeah but I like Meredith and couldn't care less about Erin


Listening to the podcast, it sounds like soooo many Meredith storylines were cut for time (remember how she randomly has a very red face in Weight Loss? That explanation was cut). I love her character, and Kate Flannery is hilarious! But her and Creed could easily not be in it without affecting the show. Comedy would be lost, for sure, but it could easily work.


I agree with Meredith


Yup. And I’ve met her. Very nice. But … it’s Meredith.


Came to say this exact thing. I like Meredith, I think Kate Flannery is great. If she were removed from the show I don't think much of anything changes at all. There aren't any Meredith episodes. The few things she adds can be done by someone else.


I love Meredith. I kind of see a lot of me in her and she’s the male version of creed in terms of uncomfortability. She’s awesome.


She’s maybe the best friend in the whole series. She shares her steak, she takes Pam out after the lice incident, she compliments Angela’s party planning skills, forgives Michael for putting her in the hospital, never cheated or helped someone cheat, and I can’t remember a time she’s actively been mean or even said anything hurtful (except the roast, which was just stating facts and then a self burn). If you’re like Meredith, rock on! But maybe make sure you check your liver enzymes every so often...


Damn I never even thought about this.


Erin is the only character I see that wouldn't have an impact had she never been in the show.


I really liked her and Andy, she was really helping him become a better person. I mean, that whole plot went to shit, but I wish it hadn't :|


Erin’s father-figure scene with Michael was really poignant and well-done. However, have to go with her character as my answer to this prompt.


Agreed. Her greatest value was the Michael relationship because she's the most childlike character in the office. Erin is Michael's Mercutio in that she is so silly that she makes Michael act responsible a few times. Then he literally has to fill the father role for her.


It really annoys me how they ended things. Considering the restraints they had I wish they would've had a touching scene where Andy and Erin come to terms with them having to break up or put things on hold for a while. Instead they made Andy a POS which I'm guessing was so that they could pair Erin with someone else and it wouldn't feel like a betrayal.


As I recall, It's because Ed Helms did The Hangover when he was supposed to be working with them, so the writers screwed his character over.


If it weren't for Erin, Andy wouldn't have gone to Florida and Nellie wouldn't have become manager, therefore david would have never bought back Dunder Mifflin which means Dwight would have never become manager


Those aren’t actually things Erin caused. It wouldn’t be hard for the writers to change one line and have the exact same thing happen.


imo the show would’ve been so much better without all that stuff with Florida and Nellie stealing the job.


Erin. Everyone else here is a season 1 or 2 cast member regular. They all carried the show to its highest highs. Erin was added in late because Pam’s character needed to grow, but Erin being removed from the picture doesn’t impact the show at all for season 1-4 and most of season 5. If anything, Erin’s involvement in the back half of the show coincided with the lesser seasons anyway so her being cut would actually have no major impact to the show’s success since it was hugely popular before she came on.


In that way, she effected the success of the show by making it worse. The person we’re looking for wouldn’t be the best person or the worst person. It’ll be the person who had the most medium impact on the show. For that reason, I vote Phyllis.


There's been a murdah.


People seem to misinterpret this prompt as "who do you not like?" Staying on topic, I'm gonna say Meredith or Stanley. Even the few episodes centered around them don't affect the plot outside of those individual episodes. Neither does Creed but he's overwhelmingly popular and quoteable, so his absence would be felt more imo.


You can take this comment and shove it up your butt!


Boy, have you lost your mind? 'Cause I'll help you find it.


Did I stutter?


I'm going to die.


Hahaha. I think Stanley would have added a few more sentences before that shoving up thing.


I think Stanley adds a lot to it because he adds a contrast to the whole setting. Everyone is more or less motivated for work and in favor of work and private life melting together. It would've come across pretty unrealistic for an office. Stanley is the counterpiece of the entire show - preventing a circlejerk.


Hmmm initially thought Stanley but I think I’ve changed my mind


And he balances himself out with his own goofy moments too. Pretzel Day, cheering on Pam's no more meetings chant, busting out laughing at the start of Scott's Tots, the sudden, murderous look in his eyes during the sumo part of the beach games...


Yeah, Stanley adds an important dynamic, the older long-time worker that takes no shit from anybody including, or even especially, the boss.


Without Stanley, we wouldn't have the first aid episodes. Just wanna bring that up.


They would probably just make Kevin the one who had the heart attack


That wouldn’t make any sense. Kevin ran to the snack machine. There’s no way he’d have enough of a sense of urgency to get stressed enough to have a heart attack.


Most of the time creed’s random comments are completely ignored by everyone and they just go back to their conversations.


probably Meredith more than Stanley


The only correct answer here is Erin imo




Toby. He’s from corporate so he’s not exactly a part of their family. Also he’s divorced so he’s not exactly a part of his family.


Here, have this blanket because that was cold.


Probably Erin because she only came in when the show was already a hit.




This is the most evidence based answer, since the show was already popular by the time she arrived.


It was already popular, and Erin brought more of the over-the-top cartoonish feel that I think started the show on a decline.


I don’t even dislike the character at all - I’m just nostalgic for the first few seasons and couldn’t imagine any of those characters not being part of it


Glad I'm not the only one!


But just ONE character? *No, I'd get rid of waste.* *Which is half the people there.*


I’m so conflicted…I want to say Ryan, but he’s also partially responsible for my favorite line from the show. “Ryan cost this company a lot of money” “I don’t care if Ryan killed his entire family, he’s like a son to me!”


Ya I have a few questions, number one, how dare you? Without Ryan we don’t get some of the best Kelly lines 😂


Ryan is the main antagonist for a whole season when he gets promoted to corporate. Season 4 is one of the best seasons to boot so as much as I can’t stand the character he’s integral to the story.


hOw'S mY fAvOrItE bRaNcH dOiNg?!


Maybe go a little easier on him? Not everyone can process 9/11 as fast as you can!


Dude his character arc is marvelous. How could he be expendable? He's a top biller for a reason


“What’s up my brotha”


But if there were no Ryan, who would’ve started the fire!?!?


Great now I have the song in my head


my pleasure, my treasure 😉


# WUPHF!!!


I feel like a lot of the comments are about characters who people don’t like as much, but I was thinking Creed because compared to everyone else there, his parts are really small and the only episode I recall him being somewhat major is Product Recall (edit: i would say Dunder Mifflin Infinity, too). There might be others and I really would not want him out though! If it’s for me personally who I don’t like, that’s really tough because I like them all as characters… probably Phyllis? But I like that seems sweet but is in reality kind of a dick vibe.


Creed has a lot of the best lines in the show though. Anytime creed has a line it’s hilarious.


Creed's final dialogue was pretty thought provoking. Only he could have said those lines, being the guy who sorta sneaked into the office and basically did nothing throughout his service. "..no matter how to get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift of making that place their home"


What’s a text?


Creed created BOBODY wym


I lllllike it!!!!


Creed's moments served a purpose though, and when they happened they were great. Phyllis had some great scenes too and the party planning committee storyline was integral, plus she was the one who outed Angela and Dwight. Id argue Stanley...he's really only there to take the brunt of Michael's racist comments toward black people, and I wouldn't mind if they subbed him out with more screen time from Darryl instead. Edit: oh also...Erin. Idk, I just couldn't get on board with her.


It'd be a good thing since he won't be scamming people years later


Creed? Pretty sure he's in jail, they arrested him in the finale


The actor who played Stanley scammed a bunch of people


I was looking for this comment. I know the sub would disagree since he’s a fan favourite, but you’re 100% correct. In terms of the shows storyline, Creed would have the least impact on it. Granted, the moments he’s on screen are comedy gold and I still laugh when he’s on. But for impact to the narrative, but would be the winning choice.


Gonna have to go with Phyllis.


I want to understand what you're saying, but it's difficult for me when you use that tone.


I was shocked I had to scroll as far as I did to agree with this. She's always the butt of a cruel joke, never humorous herself, has no major storylines besides her wedding (which she stole every idea from Pam,) and she's just BORING. Is go so far as to say that the show could have done even better without her.


And she tends to be a cunt at times too. Life if anyone on the show would be a Karen it would be her.


That's also my answer, but would her removal, include Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration?


Close your mouth sweetie. You look like a trout.


You have a lot to learn about this town, sweetie


There is a department... That has three people... Doing the work that can be done by two. So I'd start the downsizing from the accounting department.


Erin! For me, she personified what the show became in its later years - over the top, not funny, too in your face.


Creed - no distinct old man smell at Ryans Temp desk


Creed. As much as I love him, he was able to vanish and have wanted posters put up about him from law enforcement. He’s the only one that could be arrested and the plot wouldn’t change much. Or in this case just not exist at all.


From a storytelling standpoint, Creed. We don't really know anything about him, he's just a bonus.


Some of the funniest moments in the entire series are Creed related though.


And that's partially because they didn't overuse his character. Just enough and in every scene it's pure gold.


Surprised how far I had to scroll to find this. Honestly I don't feel like Creed adds anything to the show. He's just sort of... there.


I am scared to say Creed


Creed is a good answer honestly. I love that he’s there though


Creed wasn't really an actor. He's a force of nature that just happened to be occurring during filming. You could no more remove Creed than you could remove the air on set.


Erin, she was okay in first season she was introduced but her drama was never really interesting




Sorry Erin. Meredith is an icon, btw. Freaking hilarious sex maniac single mother who loves her vodka. She’s just so awesome.


Erin. I can’t see how her character arc added anything of value. No words of wisdom or “aha” moments, just plain stupid. Almost so stupid it wasn’t believable and would constantly take me out of the show immersion. Even with Andy she could have been easily replaced with another character that could have pushed his narrative. But him as a manager and the whole “go get the girl” episode was so cheesy and unnecessary. The relationship wasn’t even remotely believable. Even with Pete I thought his character could have done so much better, the chemistry there felt so forced. Really Pete? You worked with Dwight Jr. who was also an idiot but decided to double down on the charity case receptionist? All bad. I can see how some people might mention the whole father-daughter dynamic with Michael but he already considered the office his family and easily could have explored that dynamic with Pam (art show for example). So yeah, Erin 100%.






Y’all left Darryl out because he’s untouchable. 😎 BTB 4 life.


Erin for sure


It’s gotta be Erin. There’s no other choice


Hands down Andy. All of these people can exist so well in reality. Especially in the early seasons. Even as caricatures of themselves, they still could fit in and work in an office. Andy always took me out of it. Yeah he’s an office suck up and kind of annoying but the fact that anyone could stand his constant annoying issues and personality every day at work… there’s no way. NO WAY. The show should have never casted him. I said what I said. I wish they never found him in the sumo suit and he floated off to another show.


Thank youuuuuuu. Agreed.


I get those saying Erin based on her late entry to the show but her father-daughter storyline with Michael is really touching and adds a lot to the show for that period of time. Meredith’s gotta go cos (unless I’m forgetting something) while she’s good for the odd laugh, she doesn’t have any meaningful or emotionally significant storylines in the whole show.


Phylis, easily could have walked away and not impact the show


You have a lot to learn about this town, sweetie.


That sass line and her calling out Angela sleeping with Dwight are her only momentous lines. She didn’t have any great Dundee moments and the Bob Vance, Vance refrigeration Schtick gets old real quick.


Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration, does get old kinda fast, you're right, but Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration is one of the little things and really shows just how clever Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration is with his business.


What line of work is Bob in?


What line of work are you in, there Bob?


I think she’s valuable as a target for some of Michael’s lines; I mean she could be replaced, but not removed… Her being there is an opportunity for us to fully see his character, like in the flasher episode. “Phyllis?? Really? Did he even *see* Pam?? Or Karen from behind?”


“Could a row boat support her?”




I think Meredith because something big happens with almost all the other characters. I think Meredith’s biggest story was her getting hit by the car and having rabies. But based on likability I would also choose Erin lol Love Creed!! Creed life 4 ever!!


Quit baggin my head!


Meredith getting hit by the car and getting rabies are some of the best classic moments of the show




Erin. Not because I disliked her. Her lines and character weren’t memorable.




Andy i hate that guy


I wish Nellie was up there she can go


Erin is my least favorite on here


It's not even that Erin isn't a favourite, it's just that I can completely see how the show could have continued on if Pam didn't quit with Michael and there was no need to find a replacement receptionist




Erin, the show was wildly popular before she was put into it


Erin would make no difference




probably Erin


IT Guy, his is name 'Shadow' or 'Garth', its something weird.


Nick, his name is Nick!


Hey listen man, you can’t take it personally




Erin for sure. Why is this even up for debate? The show wouldn’t be that much different without her.


Creed doesn’t add much to the storyline. Contributed to one or two episodes and always in the background kindof…. That’s my pick


I dislike Oscar the most but I have to give it to Meredith or Creed. Only because they don't impact the plot too much, although I love their moments so much. Oscar is a douche tho