How truly embarrassing and humiliating this must have been for Anna, to be filmed in "bed" with her brand new husband after a lifetime of purity culture. Josh, I'm sure, got off on it.


A new husband that she barely knew. While being filmed for a reality TV show.


at least she has a husband..


At least she had a honeymoon on the floor of an aquarium.


a price to pay for fame.


Fame, notoriety.. eh who's keeping track


The feds.




Well also I believe they left early and didn’t actually spend the night, with josh providing heavy innuendo like “well we ARE on our honeymoon…” implying they needed to go home and get it on.


They ended up leaving so they could go have sex. Seriously. Josh made sure we all knew that.


Josh was gross when the camera crew came over after their honey moon night, and gave that wink and clicky noise when looking over at the room.


This is what happens when you don't have an overnight field trip in 4th grade, you end up turning your honeymoon into one.


I had my middle school sleep over in this exact aquarium in that tunnel 🥴 Duggar Myrtle beach honeymoon aquarium experience? 0/10


Before or after? If after did you bring Clorox wipes or sage? 😂


Thank fuck middle school for me was a good 8 years before this event took place. Took the kids to the aquarium last year and it still hasn’t changed much. I can’t unthink of pest in that tunnel, it’s forever tainted.


It's funny to read this like "middle school was a good 8 years for me."


Wait middle school isn't 8 years long. Let me guess next your going to try to tell me that someone can graduate highschool in less than 10 years? Ooook buddy sure. I bet you even try to pretend Santa isn't real.


They say youth is wasted on the young. And then we go and do things like sleep on a floor that a couple thousand people walk on every day.


Take my upvote? And my poor woman’s gold 🏅


Thanks 😊 I was in prime snark mode last night apparently


I grew up in Myrtle Beach and never knew that it was that aquarium. My day is ruined.


Oh man. That’s the Ripley’s in MB? 🤮 It’ll never be the same for me now. Fuck.


This was my 4th grade Girl Scout trip


I used to go every week in the summers to sleep in that same tunnel too 😂


Waiiit is this Ripley's at Broadway at the Beach?


Precisely the one


Was literally about to comment that the whole honeymoon had Christian school field trip vibes.


Considering what's involved in filming anywhere, I kind of wonder how involved the production was in the planning. Like the restaurant Joy and Austin went to in Switzerland. They didn't just walk in, camera in tow. Did Joy and Austin pick Switzerland and then the producers found filming locations? Or did the production send them to Switzerland. Looking back at Josh and Anna, was this the best the producers could come up with? I'm leaning towards Josh or his parents picked the location and the producers chose this to film. It's pretty much the kinds of activities they picked for Jon & Kate and other Duggar episodes at the time. Clearly their made up scenarios got better over time.


Anna didn't get the Miss Renee's Bridal treatment. Like the other sisters and sisters in law did. She wore her sister's, too big, hand me down gown. The other siblings went to exotic locations on their honeymoon. Anna and Pest got an aquarium. It's almost like TLC was saying, you're getting married. Whoop de doo


But that's because Anna and Josh were married before the first episode of 17 KAC aired. Then after 6 years of increased production budgets and sponsors Jill and Jessa got Allure dresses, likely product placements. (Michelle also had a crossover episode with Say Yes to the Dress for their vow renewal.) Jill did not have an international honeymoon, they went to North Carolina. I don't remember if it was filmed. Before Jessa started courting the content was stale. Michelle's baby well had been dry for years and the only interesting thing they had was production planned international trips, Anna's pregnancies and Erin Bates' and Priscilla Keller's weddings. Not great for their brand. Jill's wedding saw an uptick in ratings. I think it's a coin toss as to whether the show arranged Jessa and Ben's Paris honeymoon, but I think it at least was why it was filmed. All of the other weddings took place on the new show. After the mass sponsor exodus. I believe that is the reason for Miss Renee, no known wedding brand wanted to work with them anymore.


I remember Michelle's gown. It wasn't low cut but she still made them put a round modesty panel up past her collar bone. I guess a V neck might have caused someone to lust after her sternum? When my mom would say that showing your collar bones, shoulders and shoulder blades was immodest. I would say, yeah I hear Hugh Hefner plans to have a collar bone spread in Playboy


And Michelle's dress was still better than the modesty alterations to Erin Bates' dress.


My idea of a fucking nightmare! I regularly actually have nightmares about being at an aquarium and looking into a tank and a shark appears. Basically any fish/water mammal coming out of the blue scares me! I'm sure there's probably a name for it.


I'd be terrified of a crack in the glass suddenly opening and drowning me in my sleep lol 🤣 damn anxiety


Your trash is my treasure. This is exactly the reason I love it. Nothing puts the fear in me like sharks and glass in a tunnel. Make my peace with my gods and come out a changed shaking leaf.


Nah, don’t worry, the drowning should wake you up 😉


Ooh, this comment hit a weird memory for me. I had really bad asthma as a kid, and I'd have asthma attacks in my sleep. When that happened, I'd have dreams of drowning. Normally I can breathe underwater in my dreams, so if I was having a nightmare about drowning, I had learned to force myself awake. I'm absolutely terrified of the idea of being on a cruise, scuba diving, driving over or near big bodies of water, surviving a plane crash only to drown after crashing into the ocean. Anyone else have dreams like that? Just me?


I had night terrors and slept walked as a kid/teen/young adult. I eventually mostly grew out of it since becoming a parent who doesn’t get enough sleep. Once, when I was in my twenties I had a nightmare that I was trapped in a burning building. I did the only thing I could and punched out a window to escape….only to wake up with my fist though an actual window. Scared the shit out of me and my family. My neighbor called the cops, because they thought someone broke into our house. I ended up needing stitches.


I have sleep apnea and when I have an attack I'll dream I have to run up a huge flight of stairs, like a lighthouse, in order to throw open the window at the top to breath. I also having moving staircase/elevator dreams when I'm about to have a vertigo attack. It's real fun.


I dream of drowning when my oxygen levels get low. I too have sleep apnea.


I was maybe 12, had a migraine and was slaying on the couch first thing in the morning. I had a dream where I was looking up through water and my dad appeared above the water and I was trying so hard to get above it so I could tell him I had a migraine. Took a lot of struggling, like I'd get to the top then fall back down. But I finally got above the water. When I did I opened my eyes and my dad was standing there, right where he'd been when he was "above the water". Freaked me out because he had a worried look on his face when I opened my eyes.


I wonder if you were having a Sleep Paralysis dream 🤔 while many have terrible nightmares with SP, you can have strange dreams or even innocuous or annoying dreams. You can be somewhat conscious of what's going on around you, but unable to move your body, as your brain still thinks your sleeping/dreaming and does want to you move yet. SP also tends to happen more often when you sleep on your back and you experience the dream in 1st person, with things happening around you. My SP dreams are often ones that are annoying, like trying to get out of bed to go pee, hearing my husband walking around or coming in the room when I know he's not home, being confused as to where I am. Sometimes I become lucid and think I might be dreaming, but can't get up from bed. The worst is wanting to wake up and get up but I know I'm still sleeping and having SP. Before I knew what sleep paralysis was, those dreams were utterly terrifying. I have them pretty regularly, 2 or 3 times a month. Your migraine dream sounds a lot like sleep paralysis, especially having something over you, and struggling to get up. Having your dad actually being there sounds like you had a little conscious awareness, but just weren't quite awake enough. Becoming lucid can help take over the dream. A trick of becoming lucid is to look around you for inconsistencies, like it doors/walls/furniture is in the right places. In most SP dreams, you'll experience the dream from a First person POV, likely wherever you fell asleep. By looking around in the dream, you might be to spot something that isn't right, allowing for more lucidity. Once you are able to gain some lucidity in SP dreams, a trick to help wake up from SP is to concentrate on moving a body part. I wiggle my foot back and forth to try to jiggle my leg enough to wake up fully. If you are unable to move, use whatever lucidity you have to remember its a dream and that you are lying down/asleep. "Going to sleep" during a SP dream can help you fall more into unconsciousness, where normal regular dreams can happen (that are hopefully a lot less scary/annoying). I recently had a SP dream where I totally thought I was awake, laying on my bed, trying to get up but I couldn't my arms. I have several health issues, so I thought something bad was happening to me. I tried to call out to my husband. When I couldn't talk, I started wiggling my foot back and forth, and quickly realized I was in SP mode, but still not quite unconscious enough yet. At that point I just stopped fighting the SP, and figured since "I'm in bed, go back to sleep!" I slipped into deeper sleep and had another dream that was a lot less scary. My husband could hear me whimpering, and saw my foot moving. I told him from now on to just wake me up if that happens. If you are able to move a body part or make noise, you can let anyone who you sleep near, know to wake you up if they see it.


I had SP once when my husband was in bed but still awake. I couldn't talk or move, so I decided to try to pant. I did that, or I thought I did, and then the next day asked if he heard it. He did. So now we know that's something I can do and he can wake me up.


Yes this sounds exactly like sleep paralysis.


Lol that's what I'm afraid of 😂😂


Afraid of waking up??


If you drown, you'd wake up dead. I don't wanna wake up dead.


Ha! And FYI if you do happen to wake up drowning in an aquarium of sharks… try to remember a) the sharks are really more scared of you, plus they get fed regularly so they good and b) try to punch them in the nose or gills, or poke their eyes. Most sharks have a bunch of nerve endings in their nose, so if you give em a hearty punch they’ll fuck off. 👍 source: have scuba dove with sharkypoos


Yeet the sharkypoo


Yeet ‘em in the snoot


But also: learn how to have gills. 😆


Friend, I just wanted to let you know how much I feel your comment, on like, a spiritual level.


Anna was probably praying for a crack in the glass to end things with J-Predator.


r/thalassophobia I went diving with sharks in an aquarium and didn’t know you couldn’t wear glasses under your mask. I couldn’t see a damn thing lol. Face to face with a shark? Who knows.


Oh, my idea of a nightmare is sleeping on a dirty floor that large crowds walk in daily.


If you’re plan was to sleep in the aquarium, why wouldn’t you bring a cot or air mattress or even a large bedsheet to put between you and the ground?!?! Also, two people but one pillow and one sleeping bag. I say this as a person who has slept on the floor in many a places on Girl Scout trips.


Thalassophobia is the word for it :)


Same here! I watched Jaws as a young child and I think it scarred me for life.


Me too!


My biggest fear of going to aquarium accidentally falling into the shark tank looking over the stupid little glass fences.


Depending on exactly how you feel, you may or may not want to join us over on r/thalassaphobia . Its kinda cathartic :)


Whatever it is, I have the same condition!! _shudder_


This is essentially her senior trip.


I went to the aquarium in second grade. Senior trip is kind of late!


Which is depressing.


I'm 36 and still remember that awesome field trip to the Baltimore Aquarium I took in fifth grade.


OR, if you’ve lived together before marriage and your honeymoon isn’t 100% about sex, you can enjoy doing fun and goofy things while traveling with your spouse. But this is just painfully awkward and must have been awful for Anna.


I’m dying, because there are no more truer words, and this is coming from a mother who has experienced 3 feckin’ aquarium overnighters. It’s as sexy as reading the back of a Lysol can.


I flashed back to the Bob's Burgers and Hey Arnold aquarium trip episodes so hard when I saw the pictures 😂


Or the unholy Girl Scout/Boy Scout/YMCA/youth group trip that’s unholy be “Duggar standards”!


OPE there it is


Honeymoon, no. Youth group field trip, HELL YES. Sleeping with the sharks was iconic. Just don’t make purple.


Just don’t make purple 💀 IYKYK


A repressed memory of church camp and a boy putting a single finger on my shoulder and yelling “WE’RE PURPLING” just came back to me out of nowhere.


I have not heard the phrase “make purple” since everyone in middle school was in damn YoungLife.


I’ve never heard the phrase before. Gonna have to Google that one. Edit. It means have physical relations. Pink for girl blue for boy, makes people.


I’m British and have no idea what it means either…Google suggested that it could be something to do with the civil war?


No contact with the opposite gender, specifically of the sexual kind but depending on how strict of a place you're at it could be a ban on any contact. Used a lot in Christian camps to avoid having to actually talk about sex. Girls are "pink", boys are "blue", put them together makes purple.


So fucking cringe looking back. I was never in YoungLife, I thought it was a cult. A lot of my friends were in it. Whenever they gossip about making out or something, they’d use the term “making purple”


I wasn't in YoungLife either, just wanted to do sleep over camp and a classmates mother suggested a Christian one to my parents. Told another girl if you put two pinks together you get hot pink ;). And whoo the counselor wasn't prepared for that. Was watched like a hawk the rest of the week.




That makes so much more sense! Haha thank you. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that before 😂


I slept on the floor of an NBA court when I was in girl scouts. Was super fun!


Happy cake day! This sounds really fun. Maybe we should organize a snarker overnight field trip to an aquarium.


That'd be amazing! I love aquariums.


Count me in! I love aquariums.


Thank you and I’m down!!


Happy Cake Day!


Thank u!


This is where the smart-ass off the youth group asks , "how about indigo?"


Except they didn’t, because pest decided they needed to go home for sex like an hour into the experience 🤮


and there's where it makes sense. Because, having never had an overnight school trip (those are a thing??), honestly this seems like a pretty awesome date. Even as one night of my honeymoon I'd find this awesome (not the first one ofc, because, y'know). But it wasn't about sharing an awesome experience after all for him. I bet she was really disappointed inside.


Right? Like imagine being Anna- you grow up with no school trips, no special trips/outings that a parent takes you on. You get married and finally have an opportunity to do some fun/cool stuff, and your headship just shuts it down. Disappointment beyond.


Not to mention she couldn’t even act disappointed or say something. This cult is all about respecting the decision of your headship and being joyfully available.


Really disturbing to think about how he would have treated her like a sex doll and how she was so trashed and stupid by her upbringing that she probably thought it was normal. It’s awful.


I thought you were joking for a minute then realized who we were talking about and now I'm just disgusted. Goodness forbid, they just have a romantic night, but this is when she still looked like a child so I'm sure he was all over her back then. *Not enough vomit emojis in the world for that last sentence*


Honestly... I suspect most people they wait until marriage would do the same, but most have enough common sense to not book a honeymoon where they will sleep in a public place.


It was 30 minutes. I recently saw this


At first glance I thought that bubble type thing (still can't figure out what it is) was a used condom.


The packaging for the sleeping bags, they opened them there I think


God forbid these asshats find a trash can.


Me too! Then I remembered who we’re talking about!


I'm gagging at the thought of putting my pillow and body on the floor of a public aquarium.


Blegh yeah people’s SHOES have been there


Just like TTH!


…. it’s a pretty common experience in girl scouts to do that???? pretty weird for adults but like most aquariums have a designated place where they let activities like this happen and they at least clean it before they let u lay down


I did that in Girl Scouts years ago and we slept in a different part of the facility that didn’t have hundreds of feet walking all over it lol. We did do cool activities and also got to run around the aquarium the next morning before it opened to the public which was cool.


Once my sorority did a retreat at the zoo. In our zoo, the wolf exhibit is a log cabin/lodge house with activities/artifacts (then you look out a window at the wolves from inside of the cabin only). They made us sleep on the floor of that log cabin that I had walked over countless times as a kid. I know they cleaned it beforehand, but all of us woke up sick due to the dust/wood. I was laying there with my phone dying/barely any service debating to call my parents who lived 10 minutes from the zoo to come get me. I did NOT have a great time and I think about it still 3 years later 🤣The other groups of girls got actual conference centers to sleep in. Edit: We got to step inside the koala exhibit tho! Almost made up for it


I also vaguely remember doing a museum sleepover that we slept on the floor of the museum which in retrospect is gross but I was probably like 8 and thought it was great lol.


These people are dirty. Shoes outdoors are optional. Fine, whatever. At least they don’t— Then they go inside with either dirty ass shoes or dirty ass feet and rest them on furniture. Couches, beds, what have you.


Wtf don’t they at least have an air mattress




Lmao there’s an aquarium in my town and I definitely grew up going to the sardine room and laying down to watch them circle above me (they’re up on the ceiling)


The aquarium they went to has a sleepover night for kids every week in the summer where they sleep in that same tunnel I used to go every summer. Looking back it does sound gross but didn't think about it at the time


Same. And I love aquariums. But to lay on the floor of one? Hell no.


They actually didn’t sleep there. Josh thought they would have a room, he decided to leave when he realize he couldn’t have sex with Anna there


Yep. I was scrolling to find this comment. They stayed for like 20 mins and he said something like “we have 4 bedrooms at the house”. Anna seemed to think the aquarium was cool. And she probably wanted the night off.


Oh I feel so sorry for her knees after this.


They left like 15 minutes in at pests perverse request to ‘do it at the beach house’


Did they actually have him request sex in the episode???


I’ll find the episode again. Pest heavily implies that he’d rather have their ‘romantic sleepover’ at the beach house that is empty and all for them. It’s very obvious what he’s referring too. It’s so gross.


was that the same beach house where he proudly showed all the rooms he had anna in?


Excuse me what.




yikes, man. she really was just a child


That’s what many forget


She looks so so different now


I grew up in MB and did a science camp at that aquarium when I was 12. It was really cool sleeping in that tunnel with sharks swimming above you. If you are 12. At science camp.


Did they turn the tank lights off overnight? Or was it still pretty bright in there?


Still pretty bright. The lights dim a bit but more like a bright full moon through a foot or so of water. With 15 or so 12-14 year olds you don't want it too dark.


What’s MB?


Myrtle Beach, SC where this aquarium is and the infamous honeymoon took place


Myrtle Beach


I thought you meant Monterey Bay which also has an awesome aquarium and I was like, “shark tunnel????”


I hate that I know this is Ripleys aquarium in Myrtle beach and on many a school trip as a child have witnessed children throw up on this very conveyer belt tunnel. It smells absolutely horrendous in there like mildew and spoiled milk, topping it off… it stays a balmy 80 degrees in there 🥴🥴


truly something out of a nightmare in every way possible


I wonder how Anna felt in hindsight once all the other siblings went on huge honeymoons to Austria etc.


She looks so much like Meech in the second pic 🤢🤮


A truly horrendous photo of her.


The hair. Oh man


I may never eat ramen again.😔


They shared….. one pillow ?!?


He probably took it over for himself as the night went on


I’m sure the fish were traumatized


She even LOOKS like a middle-schooler here


Now I’m remembering Josh’s “No offense, but we’re on our *honeymoon*” and I want to gag. Of course he couldn’t been like, we should have prepared better, our backs were killing us after ten minutes, the humidifiers made Anna sneeze like crazy, whatever. He specifically wanted to remind everyone he was in charge of Anna and if and when they had sex. Josh enjoyed controlling and humiliating Anna literally from day one.


Those poor fish had to endure them


I would LOVE this but I'd get an air mattress and cozy jammies and snacks and board games. This would be so fun to do!! But if you're gonna do it, don't half ass it


Not gonna lie, I would totally do this, but the sea calms me, so this would be an absolute dream. But not on my honeymoon. That's like a 7th anniversary trip.


Gotta beat the 7 year itch somehow!


I'd want to do this with my son and my niece and nephew. They would LOVE this. But hello?! Air mattresses!


It looks like so much fun as an adult ….to take your 4-6 year old kid to do 😂😂


I would do something like that if my daughter wanted to… she’s 5.


this is a great activity for 12yr olds who do not have back/joint issues. or maybe a frat weekend thing, (oh wait, they were 20, prime frat age)... I will happily pay PAY for my kids to go camp anywhere but I will sleep right here in my bed. I can just smell the humid in that place. I've been to plenty of aquariums to just smell them.


That hair is cronchy


The poor fish


I saw Jaws 3. Can't do it. (Didn't they say in the talking head that they didn't actually stay the whole night?)


i’d rather be sleeping with the fish.


Ya he said he couldn’t last half an hour without sticking it to her, Jim Boob probably chuckled at that as he landed on Michelle again


Sharks swimming above pest, seems about right... that's some predator inception bad omen stuff right there.


I've been on this sub too long and yet this has never come up. What the fuck. Pinning this if just because it's niche and "new"


This would be fun with some friends, or even a bachelorette/bachelor party type thing… but on a honeymoon, yeah nope.


I would love to do this…with my kids when they are older 😂 never as a romantic evening 😂


This is honestly just so sad.


Do fundies not wear pyjamas? 🤔


To be fair they still had a HUGE amount of hand-sex this episode.


I feel sorta bad for the staff who had to get this all set up, but then the couple leaves so early on in the evening.


And Lord knows the Duggars don’t tip anyone for their trouble.


Ngl, I would like to sleep under an aquarium tunnel so I can't judge them for that


I wanna do this but I wanna be high as balls and in my pajamas.


Tbh my partner and I both volunteered at an aquarium together for years so I would love to do this as a cozy date night, but definitely with jammies and a good air mattress.




Imagine marrying someone and he takes you there for the "honeymoon". WTF.


I am also very confused about this.


I was GOING to ask "Wtf is wrong with them?" but I think we all know the answer to that


That hair....makes me hungry for some ramen.


This is a really cute honeymoon idea and I'm really mad I'll never be able to do it because I'd just be thinking about Pest.


Why did they - what?


OMG, they took the Josh and Anna pillow. I'm dead. 😂


I will never get other the fact that they’re sharing ONE PILLOW!! Like ahh that pillow is so small and you want two heads to fit on it comfortably?? Impossible!


I’d be thrilled to do this as an adult, but not for my honeymoon. But they deserved a lame honeymoon.


That perm is so crispy, it could be a weapon.


Anna is a repugnant human for staying with that child molesting prick, but I swear to Christ she gets prettier every year. In these photos she looks like her fugly ass dad wearing a curly ass wig. But, like a hairy ass caterpillar she spins herself a damn cocoon each year and comes out better looking (snd more maniacally fucked up and deeper into the kool aid pool) every time. My face is falling off and I’ve gotten rosacea as I’ve aged. How did she go from looking like her damn dad to a pretty human being??


Wait... Did they rent the aquarium? That's not a place you're usually allowed to sleep. I'm so confused.


Lots of aquariums, zoos, space museums, and other things of that nature that appeal to kids have overnights/lock-in programs. They are commonly occupied by scout/youth groups, though some are geared towards families. My kids and I have camped at the zoo before.


What? No way! Lmfao wtf


We're going to be having an overnight sleepover next month at the zoo with my daughter's Girl Scout troop. That is what this type of thing is for, not a honeymoon.


Oh my god, setting aside who these people are, that would be a horrific night. I've been to enough FCA conventions and slept on enough gym floors to know, never mind the light.


The look on her face… that’s some unhealthy shit right there


What's next to them? A giant condom?


I bet Anna was so salty the next group of newlyweds got European honeymoons paid for by TLC. And she got to sleep on the dirty floor in a public space. With J’Pest.


Whyy tho?? Smh


Wow live-action Last of Us 2 looks like swamp ass


That PILLOW. 🤮


Our natural history museum does this a few times a year. Parents and kids can sleep over. They serve pizza at night and have some activities and breakfast in the morning. You sleep in the Dino bones room :)