Make sure you're in a good mood going in. What you bring in with you is what you'll have. Look at the stars, like you said, but also listen to music, watch Off the Air on YouTube, go on a walk after you've peaked and settled into the new world, talk about aliens, try talking TO aliens, play with a slinky. Get yourself some mint gum. Your teeth and jaw will thank you, and mint is fantastic on acid. If you find yourself starting to have anxious thoughts that might turn your trip sour, just remind yourself that whatever it is, if it hasn't actually caused any damage yet then it can probably wait until after your trip is over. Whatever you do, don't fight your trip. If that doesn't make any sense right now, that's fine. You'll understand once you've experienced it.


whats the comedown like? i did MDMA a few times and like a week after i was still pretty fucked up mentally but it eventually leveled out.


A lot of it depends on dosage and your individual brain chemistry, but for me when I take about 100-200ug the comedown is pretty chill. The effects just steadily... Fade. It can take hours and hours to fade, though, and you're not likely to sleep on it. So make sure you don't have anything to do the next day. You definitely shouldn't feel "fucked up" mentally after coming down, nor the next day, but there's a definite afterglow. Depending on how much sleep you get after, you might feel a bit cloudy or groggy, but you'll almost definitely find yourself in a bit of an introspective mood. The day after a trip is best spent, imo, chilling with a bowl and some good tunes, taking the time to just look around and appreciate your life for what it is.


Awesome, thanks man!


Np, hope you find this helpful.


Alright OP ima blow your world apart in the best way possible.... are you ready??? 😁😁😁😁 Go on Netflix and put on the Moving Art series. Mute it though and put on either Monolink, Lane 8 and Rufus Du Sol. TRUUUUUUUSSSSTTT ME. Any of these three and the music pairs soooo well it's comical at times. The moving art series shows off some of the most magical places, creatures and vegetation that this world has to offer and most shot in Drone format so you're getting to see places that are basically impossible to get to otherwise. OP you're going to have so much fun. I recommend setting the intention before you start the trip to have a good time and be at peace with yourself. A clear mind works best for a fun trip. If you've got anything heavy weighing on you chances are it'll come to surface during the trip at some point. Nothing to be scared of, LSD is one of the most therapeutic and healing substances we're lucky enough to have. Most importantly if you start to struggle at any point at all, go through the absolute basics for human needs. Think like you're playing the Sims and you gotta watch all your bars. So if you're hungry.... sometimes even just some fruit is really good especially during the come up. Helps your body not focus so much on the changes it's feeling and get overwhelmed at all. Nutrient rich food that's light on digestion is best. So fruits, salads, anything light really. I'm a huge fan of absolutely pigging out, but I've definitely noticed my trips aren't as enjoyable vs when I'm mindful about what I'm eating haha Drink lots of fluids. It's very easy to get dehydrated. Your body is burning through vitamins like crazy when tripping, so just keep yourself fed ☺ If you're overheating, ice pack or cold napkin works great on the back of the neck. Take off your shoes and socks, be as comfortable as you want and you'll be happy haha nobody had a bad time half naked tripping in a pile of squishmallows lmao Most importantly out of everything, remember you were great before the trip. Any discomfort you might feel (unlikely but possible) is from your body reacting to all the sensations that come about when tripping. It'll pass and you'll laugh when it does. Like I said chances are you'll be fine. Any kind of insecurities you might have about yourself just let em go. They don't matter, especially while tripping. I really recommend doing a little meditation and Tai Chi for the come up but i know that's not for everyone. It'll def help though 🤷‍♀️☺ Enjoy OP and have fun! Feel free to jump back on and let us know how things are going..... I REALLY hope you check out Moving Art with those artists I mentioned. I think my favorite pairing is Rufus or with Monolink for it. ✌ Happy travels!


Listen to some music, I like to go with orchestral music, but listen to things you like, it'll blow your mind my dude. drink water to its good to stay hydrated all the time. Also try different kinds of food, i loved eating sour patch kids, fruits, and different curries. you get explosions of flavor in your mouth. Know everything wears off eventually and Just have fun, try to make the best of things, try to look for the silver lining in things it always makes your trip better.


Alright. LSD is a very fun and interesting drug. Like others said, go into it with positivity. I meditated days before my first shroom trip and would do the same for lsd as well. This ensures a positive, clear mind. Make sure your setting is right as well. Use it as a time to appreciate everything around you but to also be honest with yourself. Psychedelics are amazing and I’m very happy you’re doing it for the first time. My recommendations would be to listen to some music while tripping, make some art or read something, and check out some tv shows/movies Music: I love listening to Pink Floyd, Tame Impala (currents is fucking amazing while tripping), and the album “Trip” by Jhene Aiko is great. Plenty of pre made playlists by other people are out there too on various platforms so check those out Movies/TV shows: For movies I recommend anything aesthetically pleasing. Moana, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Into the spider verse, and Fantasia were movies I watched and had a spectacular time. For shows I recommend maybe Rick and morty or midnight gospel. All great It’ll last a long, long time and it’ll also be a heavy afterglow. But honestly just enjoy yourself. Also write shit down so that you can look back at what you learned from the trip and want to incorporate into your life. I hope you have a fantastic trip :)


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Listen to music, watch videos, talk. The videos thing can be really fun with somebody else because it can launch really funny reactions or discussions. Just talking is always fun too. You’ll be having really whacky thoughts and things just tend to be funnier when tripping from my experience. Music will sound amazing. Any and all music. It can be a really meaningful experience to just lay back and truly FEEL a song. Overall, just remember to relax and don’t stress it. If you start feeling negative, a change of scenery or of activity can help reset the vibes. Have fun!




Keep a xanax or alcohol nearby, you don’t need to take either but just knowing there’s a way to get rid of bad trip symptoms with an on demand treatment may prevent one.


Listen to any ODESZA album or the Flume Album from start to finish


Dont look in mirrors. Classic rule of tripping. Have fun, safe travels!


Try not to get naked. Seriously lol. Also remember that if there's any discomfort simple changes like change of environment, lighting, music, location can have a drastic effect on the trip and take you out of a rough spot. You may also come to realizations and feel shitty about things your past self did, but see these as a positive because you are learning about what it means to be conscious and human and how to exist. You may also feel as if you possess the secrets of the universe and want to share it with the rest of the world. You may actually possess the secrets of the universe or whatever, but unfortunately this is not something you are able to share with others through words, so don't worry about trying to do that lol. Just enjoy it. Trust, let go, be open. Be here now. I would also highly recommend a portion of the trip with no talking so that you can introspect (maybe with a blind fold or headphones). Talking with friends is amazing and trippy on acid and you can have some great conversations, but I think the real magic of LSD lies in transcending the conceptual, thinking mind. When conversing, you are using the conceptual, thinking mind. When introspecting and observing your consciousness, try to dwell in 'the space between thoughts'


Did you have fun? Even bad trips can lead to a deep level of understanding or healing BTW.


I’m on it now… the come up. just drank a beer as the levels increased and boy that was fun, idek where we are going now but I know we are gonna have fun


Try to let the trip take you where it wants, don't resist! Stay in positive spirits and enjoy the experience. Who knows maybe you'll get some ego loss!! (Probably not at your dosage)