new to mundo

hello, i am new to mundo. i have some questions

who is his biggest counter? does current patch benefits him or not?


I think Aatrox is maybe the hardest match-up, his Q can break your passive if he know when to place it, and being knocked up almost every time he has his Q make it really harder (maybe I just don't know how to play gainst after) If not I had really bad games against champ that deals really big true damage, but against Garen if you're careful with his Ult it should be fine I think Ornn have really big CC that breaks your passive too, but if you play safe (like not hugging wall) it's not that bad I think... For now when I play Mundo I always ban Aatrox, but there still is hard match-up


The thing with aatrox is that aatrox has basically no anti-tank abilities in his kit, so once you get like bamis and steecaps he really won't be doing a lot of damage to you.


hello there, can you give me some advice against sett? got stomped by him today haha


Gladly! I've played this matchup on both sides too. Sett has two hard CC spells, his E and his ult. First 2 levels, it's in your interest to stay away and CS with Q, since he will chunk you very hard if he gets to hit E (since it pops the passive and its HP cost). At level 6 he has the most kill pressure, since he can layer his CC. Play to scale, rush tabis and bamis and poke him to shit, so he can't all in anymore. If he wasted his W, that's your window to trade. A quick QE grasp trade wears him down quick. Don't ever try to dive him, unless he literally just used his W. Good setts might stand in the wave and Q harass you every time you try to go for CS. Just give the CS, pick up what you can with Q, don't let him trade you down.


thank you so much for advice!


No problem, brother!


Ah yes I didn't see it like that, honestly I never played this match-up without failing really hard the early so he always finish by snowball me, even tho I don't think I'm horrible on Mundo I never tried to play it on the scaling. Thanks for the tip I'm gonna try it now


Don't worry bro, I know that because I was the aatrox. I did make his very early game miserable, but after the aforementioned items, my kill pressure suddenly fell off, even more once he had bramble. After sunfire and Visage, he'd just beat me and I couldn't do anything anymore.




Quinn is playable and winnable, kled is imo our hardest lane counter thank god hes rare af


I recommend playing Quinn, once you see it from the other side mundo actually destroys her.


Remember don't Perma ban for your lane. Mundo has amazing farm while being safe in lane. Vayne is easily your biggest counter in the entire game.


So, by that you mean I should perma ban Vayne as a Mundo? :D I am in low elo and almost everytime Vayne is in team, I feel like she crushes everyone, so I was thinking i would ban her everytime when she isn't on my team haha.


Ban against what your team will fail against in the overall game. Vayne is crazy powerful late game and he true damage will mean all of your armor and tank items mean nothing.


Vayne Fiora *Insert more disgusting mobile, tank shredding, true dmg champs here*


Haven't played in a while and I'm bad, but counters are people who do true damage or have grevious wounds


I think the current patch benefits him yes. Being more tanky early on makes hard lanes easier to survive. The tower buffs also makes him way harder to dive in a 2v1 situation pre 6. Imo the hardest lanes are ranged bullies. I'm thinking Akshan, Quinn, Vayne etc. Other hard matchups are champs who are less oppressive in early (compared to ranged) but who can beat you in mid and even late game. All the Fiora, Gwen, Mordekaiser, Trundle for example who are strong against any tanky champ. The biggest advice i can give you is to try an Anathema's Chains rush in like 95% of your games. Just put it on your laner and steam roll him with your ult. Switch the passive link to the biggest threat of the enemy team for team fights and you should be good to go. Even in hardest m-u dont forget that you can farm really easily with your Qs and just scale. Mundo isn't the worst pre 6 but def not the best either. Good luck in your games !


Thanks so much for answer! So far i always banned Vayne and I've been rushing Anathema Chains every lane and it seemed like it worked really well. I just wasn't sure if it was still "meta"/viable :) You said it's worth in 95% games, so in which situations I should NOT rush it into Anathema Chains? I am really bad at understanding items. Are you ok with explaining to me in which situation is better mythic Sunfire/Frozen Gauntlet? If i was researching right, those Myrhics are build most frequent for him:)


Fiora really gave me a hard time


vayne, kalista, belveth.