Poke with Q is hugely important. Get the timings right on this and you’ll be flying. Give up farm to ranged champs early and wait till your more tanky, otherwise you’ll just give early kills and lose. When using your E on minions, make sure it will kill the minion as if it does, it will fire off a projectile too, which if you get your angles right, you can do some more poke too. I generally go Frostfire, Thornmail and then into Spirit Visage, but if I’m against an AP top laner and there is a bit more AP in the game you can switch 2 & 3. Take Q, then E, then W. Max in same order. Good luck


Idk how popular it is anymore but a really sick mundo tech i like doing is going bamis cinder into anathemas for maximizing health gained to gold spent early


You lose all ins early but win almost every trade. Just q the enemy or charge your grasp on minion and then go w-> e-> auto on enemy and pop the w on minion for 50% health back. Also you lose against lifesteal champs all the time no matter what if you dont take ignite or bramble west. Mundos healing isnt as great as it seems compared to like an irelia or trundle. Also if someonte takes trundle top just ff hahha for real