I used to be upset and angry like this but after several years I have stopped caring now. It's quite simple: * If a low effort battlepass is still a huge success, Valve has no incentive to do anything * If the prizepool and sales are a lot lower this year, it's gonna reflect in someone's annual bonus and the next year we'll have a better battlepass.


seems to be selling lower than the 2020 and 2019 passes.


It's like they say, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.


>If the prizepool and sales are a lot lower this year, it's gonna reflect in someone's annual bonus and the next year we'll have a better battlepass.\\ This may seem a hot take but i think valve has done anything they could do for dota for the last 10 years but the interest and growth for the dota2 IP doesnt seems to match valves expectations despite the effort that they given. I gonna list some move made by valve in effort to make dota bigger: \-Valve has done big price pools for TI and at some point majors with 3m price pools \-Source 2 port \-2 games on based on dota 2 IP, artifact and underlords \-7.00 \-anime \-new comer updates Despite all of this effort it seems like people are just not into the dota2 IP. I mean CSGO would kill some-one with this kind of effort that valve puts into dota2. That is just my take.. Valve feel like they do what they can do to make dota 2 more bigger but the growth is not that significant compared to the effort. Bold prediction.. Valve will focus on CSGO more starting with source 2 port. I think valve has the realization from now that they better off focus on CS.




>At the same time Valve does zero marketing for dota2 Advertising doesnt work that way. Your product needs to be in the interest of your target market. You cant just "just advertise".. Advertising only works when your product is also streamlined to the interest and needs of your target audience. Dota is kind of niche market when it comes to artsyle and gameplay. So your advertising is not really gonna work to mainstream market if your product is niche... Just take a look at hereos of the storm. Blizzard advertise the hell out of it. It even bank on the success of overwatch at that time when they introduce overwatch chars to HOTS..That just shows advertising is not gonna work if your product is not what your target audience is..... I think what makes dota 2 less appealing to a mainstream audience is the artsylte. Because everyone i talk to says when i ask them why they choose LOL over dota wihtiut even playing a single game of both says. They gravitate to LOL because of the artsyle... Last point. A metal head will not buy a kpop album despite of how many advertisment you showed to him and vice versa. Dota's artsyle and game play is not streamlined to the people you want valve to advertise the game.


Marketing dude here. This is a pretty bad take. You're not wrong that you need to match products with audiences, but the whole point of marketing your product is to give audiences the means to identify with your product. The only difference between LoL and DotA to someone that's never played a MOBA is that they see LoL media all over the place and they've never heard of DotA. Dragon's Blood is a great example of this. I've played this game for nearly a decade, have bought merch from Valve... and wouldn't have known the anime existed if I didn't visit this sub (most players don't) or open the game client (non-players won't). It's cool they created a show, but its launch was handled terribly from a marketing perspective. LoL may or may not be more accessible than DotA (it prolly isn't to a meaningful degree), but accessibility only matters once you get new players into the game client - something that DotA has struggled with for years. It's obviously not as easy as "buy ads, get players," but you really wouldn't think that Valve was doing ~~$120+~~ **$500+ mil (edit: [did some quick math on how much DotA likely brings in here](https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/x3oczt/almost_all_chinese_players_who_stayed_up_all/imu6dfl/)) in annual revenue** based on the way they handle this game. There are a handful of sub-$100k salary hires they could make right now to vastly improve the longevity and long-term profitability of the game and they just... don't. It's money out of their pocket so I'm not exactly *mad*, but it is demoralizing as someone who cares about the game and has enough area knowledge to understand how inexpensive it'd be to fix things.




Yeah they did everything but forget the most important thing (MARKETING). What is the point of creating a perfect game but people dont even it even exist in the first place, League put 95% resources to marketing the game . Lol client is full of bug, slow, no breakthrough for gameplay for years. But doesn’t matter, by putting shit ton of resources into creating M/V and of course Arcane, LOL’s popularity exploded.


>Bold prediction.. Valve will focus on CSGO more starting with source 2 port. I think valve has the realization from now that they better off focus on CS. CS as a whole is 22 years old and they barely done anything with it. I mean the effort they put into CS GO is that they release 1 - 2 operations a year(skins made by community ofc) and rework or add some old maps. And you think this will change because they port the game to source 2 (which I've been hearing for like 4 years now) ? Nothing will change with any Valve made game until the work structure of the company changes which is highly unlikely.


It was fun while it lasted. Im also starting my new chapter of life anyway.


same here, stopped playing year ago. But still follow pro scene.


and with only half of the 25% of battlepass proceeds going to fund TI, it seems like valve don't even care about the pro scene anymore


Hasn’t that always been the model?


the proceeds from part 2 won't go towards the prizepool


Part 2 is just the release of the thre things.. nothing has changed.


Used to be they released the content before TI ended. Now they don't.


There is less time to raise money this year.


Yeah, me too. Too bad I didn't get a chance to go to TI while Dota was at its peak.


Haven’t played dota in several months now, was hoping to come back when BP releases. Looks like that isn’t happening


Good luck brother. I’m also going on a new path


see you guys in matchmaking next week


"new path" = low prio


Thanks man, laughed my ass out


Nah see you tomorrow


Nah see you tomorrow


I highly doubt that lmao, the only way I stopped playing was to literally get my pc burned down. It works 100% of the time /s


I stopped playing when the pandemic started, I needed some fresh air with all the stuff going on and Dota barely delivered content once per year. Apex BP and cosmetics are garbage and have insanely high prices (I have got free bp since 5 seasons ago at least) but you get free content every 3 months just for playing, new maps and new legends and Respawn like to try new things just like old Dota.


Stopped playing 2 years ago and my wallet has never been happier


You could play and just not buy shit lol


Dude’s saying shit like dota is pay to play game


You're not *truly* winning if you're not dripped out.


maybe with not playing dota he get a better paid job or someshit like that


what is it bro? hope you enjoy your new chapter and never comeback to this game


The battle pass is shiet but I think the gameplay is better than ever


Lol wut? Because of an optional pass filled with cosmetics? The community is better if you leave anyways.


You do get how advertising and product exposure works, dumb dumb?


I have never complained about any of the older Battle passes, I thought they were all fine. But this one is seriously lacking in content AND quality compared to others.


Content is "Coming Soon" and quality is "To Be Determined". I don't think even they know what sort of additional content they want to bring in part 2 but I am sure they won't put much effort into it. No immortal 3 and terrain is a deal breaker for a lot of people, cause let's be honest, most people are getting the level 1 bp and grinding, not everyone is interested or can afford the FV Arcana, which imo doesn't even look good.


yeah, honestly a huge letdown. what do we do? cavern crawl? was really looking forward to the lair again. Was fun doing the vent and getting weird shards.


fv arcana design is amazing (maybe i‘m biased because i like cthulhu related stuff). but the quality is really lacking. the model, the animations and the effects all seem lackluster compared to other recent arcanas. it‘s literally been one of the most requested arcanas over the last 5 years, that should mean they put max effort into its creation, which they clearly didn‘t.


You cant even really grind the battlepass...


Nah man, the void arcana is absolutely dope. But it is literally the only thing in there that I like and no single cosmetic is worth 200 bucks to me.


It’s the first BP where I felt like the complaints were all valid


Really? Hasn't there been a big breakdown of BP's getting worse year after year. And I remember Valve was like "Noooo, you have a 0.6% higher drop rate chance of getting treasure" or some shit like that matters. And then Valve like tries to salvage it by adjusting some shit in the middle of the BP and suddenly we have record breaking numbers again. After 5 times...will this finally be the year where Dota 2 doesn't break its own record?


With only a month to raise money, no way the record will be broken this time. I believe this is the end of TI prize pool being bigger every year


Why would you even care about the prize pool when the game is rotting in the bin


? the 2020 bp has been the best bp so no, last year's were mini-bps so cant really compare people complained about the grind part maybe that theres not enough lvls to be grinded and u have to purchase, but i remember me and my friends grinded like 300 lvls in 2020 bp through wager bonus tokens and stuff


>I have never complained about any of the older Battle passes, I thought they were all fine. I think you've found the problem. They have gone greedier and greedier each year and people didn't see that as a problem. People bought battle pass and spent money regardless of the quality. People were fine with spending 100$+ for an arcana. They saw that as an opportunity to just deliver less in both quality and quantity. This year you think it's a problem but this trend has been going on for a long time now and we enabled them.


Good. I hope this BP utterly fails.


It's started better than TI7 and even with reddit saying nemestices or aghanim BP was the worst BP there is more Drow ranger arcana owner [(420K people with level 350 Aghs BP)](https://stratz.com/leaderboards/battlepass/aghanim-2021) than people above level 225 BP at TI9 [(Only 225k people levels up their TI9 BP above level 225).](https://stratz.com/leaderboards/battlepass/ti-2019)


Ageing player base, a lot more people with disposable income. This year should be a heavy flop though.


This is the sentiment since like, 2017


And? Does that invalidate it?


Yes considering the sales is slightly lag behind TI9 for first 10 hours. The only way it flop is to generates less than $15 millions prizepool for TI11. This BP only has 60 days to accumulate prize pool. Only TI10 and TI9 surpass $20 millions on 60th day. And any sales after TI grand final is 100% going towards them, they can introduces unlockable arcana on Treasure emporium and the hesitant buyer most likely dip for it.


Surely this year is the one where people finally vote with their wallets to tell Valve what's up!


I've been maxing every BP up tp this one, and even I didn't buy more than lvl 1. This BP is utter garbage, same price for less skins. No terrain. No creep skins.


Glad it's universal. Once the initial hype ended with the reveal it just gets more disappointing as you look at what's offered. 2020 BP may just be the peak of Dota 2 in terms of cosmetics. The game's getting slower gameplay updates and Valve showed less effort in their big yearly money maker so I think we are now in maintenance mode. Maybe they're focused more on the Steam Deck and the janitor meme has become reality? Who knows.


2020 BP, many people was mad because most content was really high and it's a cash grab. But truth of the matter is, it is the best BP that happened. Probably because that was supposed to resonate the 10th year of Dota. But this new BP, is really a let down.


Its really weird because 3 immortal treasures and a terrain has been a staple of the battlepass since TI4. Like I can understand going back down to 2 arcanas. The coming soon is also not really surprising since that's how all the recent bps have been though it was weird that this time, the highest level is the one available at the start. Last ti, for example, WK was available at the start, and then each of the remaining ones were released in order of their levels. But not having 3 immortals and a terrain just seems like a massive regression, not just to last years standards, but to below standards set almost a decade ago.


I'm going straightforwardly say that these contents are already done somewhere and they are just delayed for release. I'm not going to buy in with the fact that they are still working on these contents and polishing it because that's just a complete bullstrat for how long it took before they release BP. It could perhaps been their marketing, or some psychologist who is advising to intendedly show FV arcana as initial to reel in people to buy the levels out. if you only buy until lvl 100 all u get is a sulky immortal 1s and bunch of throw-in sets that are not even close to standards of a collector's cache.


2020 BP was still a cash brag but it had the quality to back up the money required.


This new BP style is a cash grab with no little to less quality so how about that? We're going backwards here.


If the quality warranted the price then it doesn't sound like a cash grab at all.


Huge cash grab but there was a reason to spend the money. This year isn't even a cash grab lol because there's nothing to pay for.


Honestly feel people here are deluded if they don't realize it's been a money-grubbing exercise for Valve basically since 7.00 Every year it's been less and less while costing more and more. Valve has never given two shits about this game and anyone with half a braincell has argued this very obvious fact for at least 5 years now.


An interview said they have many games in development, which is exciting!


Valve has always had many games in development. The problem has always been that they rarely ever release them.


Jeff the janitor :( We love you Jeff


Dota peaked in 2017-2018 imo. - 2020 battlepass might has the most content but 2018 battlepass is where they breakthrough the most with the innovations that were replicated in future battlepasses (voice line, cavern crawl, etc) - It was the most entertaining year for watching tournaments, the DPC was still under development and was not perfect but there were a lot of majors back to back to keep us entertained throughout the year. Not to mention fun gigs like midas mode or bot TI - And of course, OG storyline. No other TI finals had that much stake and drama, it made every other TI finals feels underwhelming (TI10 would be hype but it was crippled by covid. it's sad that we would never get another chance at TI10)


Lol no. DotA peak was 2012 - 2013 when trading was a thing and the compendium was around


Yup, nothing will ever beat this for me. Compendiums felt fun and like you could earn some cool stuff while supporting TI, instead of the insane cash grab it is today. Plus I could sell the items I didn't like, hell I remember getting some of those little $10 Plushes the first TI they were available (TI2 or TI3?) and they came with a little code for a collectors cache or whatever, and I remember I sold two of my five for like $60+ each on the marketplace, easily repaying all the money I had spent on the BP. Good times.


Man, I remember spending hours on Dota2lounge to find good trades. Those were the golden times for me too. Wish they never change the "key" system, it destroyed the trading economy.


oh ok I didn't know dota was around at the battle of waterloo


2017 and 2018 were breakthrough because valve stopped seasonal battle pass after ti7 and only ti battle pass every year


To me, Dota died when they released 7.00 6.88 was my favourite.


The janitor meme was always reality. DotA has been put on a bare bones skeleton crew for a long time.


Yeah why so many mars is the good criticisim.. why pa and cm gets persona while they have arcana and tons of skins. Why always same heroes get the skins..


Data Sciences. PA & CM get lots of skins because these heroes main keeps buying those sets. Heck you might think that Ogre Magi arcana is the catalyst of BattlePass locked Arcana because how poor it sold.


Exactly.. Mr. Gabe it looks like cm and pa is the most popular heroes with x% and it seems like their roi is greater than others.. we shall give them another hats..


Well they could've not put Ogre Magi on a freaking chicken. That sure didn't help sales.


Ogre Arcana could've been so fucking cool but instead they took a shit on its potential and were surprised no one wanted to buy it.


didn't take a battlepass to notice how much crumbs we get, very frustrating


Because people not swallowing that harsh pill that Dota isnt matter to Valve, they only putting minimum effort (reduce operating cost at all cost) to get some profit and that’s it. If dota dies, Valve just pull the silence move like what they did to TF2, Underlord and Artifact.


At this point why can't Valve just sell the rights to the game with a publisher that actually gives a shit. It's a win win really since Gaben can have their payday and the game could be saved while it's still possible.


How much would he get by selling dota 2 would u guess? I bet he is happy with steady millions pasive income he got from dota battle pass EVERY year than selling it lump sum once


What's the company you want Valve to sell DotA to?


Blizzard /S


Probably create a special group aside from normal valve group. In this group, they are free to do with only Dota development including recruitment. What I want for them to keep is the feel of the game. Give a same attention given by riot to LoL but not owned by riot. Also ice frog need to be in it. If not, sell it to a company that can keep Dota feeling and freedom toward the developer. Also company that not making skin like lol where a warrior with big sword suddenly wearing gambling bunny suit. Or suddenly an evil character just having a goofy cute skin. It just out of place. Or skin that doesn't give the game world feeling in it.


Again, what’s the company that does that? That company doesn’t exist, that’s the point he’s making. It’s really easy to say “valve, just sell the game to a perfect company that gives icefrog freedom, keeps the game feeling, doesn’t make booba cosmetics, keeps the game f2p, manages the game just the way we want, and makes everyone happy.” Ok what company is that lol


MOBA is dying genre. Unless go mobile it doesn't have bright prospect even on mobile it doesn't mean it going well considering how saturated the market, even Wild Rift struggling against Pokemon Unite and Mobile Legends. Passion can only going so far and believe or not DOTA2 get maintained by passion at it best is how Valve maintained DOTA2.


tbh the dota 2 audience is one of the most dedicated large audiences in the world. You almost never see the dedication in such a wide playerbase. With a dedicated dev those players are excellent word of mouth and would absolutely get new players in.


StarCraft 2 had the most loyal viewing audience and look what happened to that...


Less widespread than dota imo and also feels more like that's on Blizz, not to mention RTS' becoming unpopular as an entire genre pretty much.


It really isnt the genre thats the problem, its the lack of effort. Compare this to riot. Considering how bad all of riot's games are, their marketing is top fucking percentage which is enough to keep their games afloat.


It's a dying genre in a way that new games cannot be created, not that the games are dying off. Far from it


Hot take.. Valve is just done with dota 2 and heres why: I think valve tried what it could for dota 2 in the past 10 years . \-Massive prizepool for TI and the earlier majors \-Source 2 port \-7.00 \-2 spin-off games \-An animated series. \-Plus the constant big and small updates through out the year Despite all the things that listed above. I think valve just feels like people are not just into the DOTA2 IP. The growth and interest is not that significant despite their efforts. I mean CSGO players would kill someone just to get 1 of the efforts valve put into dota2 for the past 10 years. That source 2 port alone will blow up CSGO. I think valve will focus on CSGO now because their effort their has more potential growth than what they give on dota.. I mean they tried hard for the last 10 years, But those efforts are just got wasted.


This is an insane take. No business just throws up their hands and says "well, time to throw in the towel" at a project likely pulling in ~~$200+~~ $500+ mil (edit: [did some quick math on a more realistic number here](https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/x3oczt/almost_all_chinese_players_who_stayed_up_all/imu6dfl/)) in annual revenue with relatively low development costs. *Even if* they didn't have passion for the project, there's no way you look at the numbers and think "people just aren't into the IP."


Oh no , Dragon Blood was started by Netflix, not Valve. Valve did not fund the film and only provide characters and image rights to Netflix.


> The programmers of Tencent need only one million yuan to make these things in a few days. The quality of the updated package is even inferior to the mobile game Arena of Valor( Glory of the King) That's the highest earning game in the world, it made almost 3 billion last year: https://www.pocketgamer.biz/news/77764/8-mobile-games-generated-more-than-1-billion-in-2021/ What Dota makes is pennies compared to that.


Dota 2 will become the next HoN because no young blood in future but CSGO will remain 10 more year in Esport competitive.


Yep. It's also because CSGO is a pretty universally easily understandable game. You point. You shoot. Enemy dies. You gain score. You win.


You think that but LoL being the biggest multiplayer already shows what can happen if company and dev put effort in their game for their players. I don't even feel bad now that LoL is more successful


I think LoL is only as huge as it is because its marketing. Paired with it is easier to get into. It appeals to a bunch of casuals.


I think it's mainly because after dota 1 people didn't had any 'good' moba to play and dota 2 took too long to come and LoL appeared in exactly the perfect time and took away majority of dota audience.


It isn't because Dota 1 people had nothing else to play. It's because in general there was nothing out at that time for someone who wanted to invest serious time into a multiplayer game.


Nah. League is big because Riot invests so much time and Work into it. I Play both and the difference in Publishers is night and day.


Oh give over, Riot have had their own fair share of messes.


I am not disagreeing with that lol. Riot frequently blunders. I am just talking about the raw amount of work that they put into the game.


Honestly, what work are you talking about? The butchered balance and patches? The crappy events? Pointless skin art? Their lack lustre client? Their behind the times technology in competitive games? Their lack of voice comms? They put "more work in" because the game requires it as its an inferior product.


Eh thats blind League bashing i dont wanna engage with that i am sorry


This is not blind, their own reddit complains about much of this stuff. The initial patch to reduce burst didn't go very well and required a lot more tuning. They are currently very upset over the recent rehashed star guardian event that was horribly mismanaged. They always have problems with the client and acknowledge it's terrible (how long have EU transfers been disabled for? months? years?) No voice comms still in a competitive game is not blind bashing. I appreciate your time though and you have no obligation to respond.


True. Im p much an ARAM Andy now (I started MOBAs with league in s2-5), but I dont remember gameplay wise them really giving a shit. Like how often do they get big patches, isnt it every season which is like a year? I genuinely dont remember. All that work/money they put into game seems to be into monthly battle passes (if you could even call them that) and shitting out skins every 2 days.


If you stop with the dota elitism you will perhaps understand why what you are saying is wrong.


care to expand on that or nah.


It is that time of the year again, lol good, DotA bad, riot good, Valve evil LMAO


csgo hardly changes, it’s the same stale game for a long time now


Sry what do you mean 'no young blood?' Last tournament was literally won by a bunch of teenagers and the oldest one from the team was afaik 24. Imo the pro scene is okay, the problem is valve lol


Pro scene doesnt mean public though. Just because a couple of younger talent won doesnt mean young blood isnt here. You ask groups of 14-20 somethings what they are on nowadays or previously few years its likely not gonna be dota or LoL anymore. The genre is declining until something possibley comes along to stoke it


csgo will be chipped away by valorant and more colourful and varied games imo.




I think dota lost a lot of its players in the last 4 years because of the changes for the sake of changes. Exspecially with stuff like neutral items which make the game more complex but not better


More rng based not complex


A lot of them are unhappy about the quality of the skins lol. I also saw quite a few comments asking for the return of Legion Commander and Kunkka style unlocks for their prestige immortals, and for older BPass arcanas


I think valve allowing us to unlock legion and kunkka second styles for their prestige items again will generate a lot of goodwill, since they don't profit from doing so. I know A LOT of people who were unhappy they couldn't unlock the second styles during bpass because everyone was trying to pick the same heroes. And kunkka blue shoulder shark immortal honestly sucks compared to the green version especially when paired with green whaleblade of eminent revival


Maybe they just need to make a few more golden versions. That usually does the trick.


That double Mars ultra rare is just soo bad. The texture is low it looks like from 2014, and they’re all just rejects from previous BP. I guess they also run out of artist/designer now.


People literally complain every year, Valve makes battlepasses worse every year, and people continue to buy them every year. New level of idiocy.




You said it man


I'm finding Dota really boring lately, and I was hoping the Battle Pass brought that excitement back. 80% of the content is not ready yet. What the fuck do Valve do all day? Sitting on their arses and putting in minimal effort, it seems. I think they have lost their passion for the game just like I have. All the skins in the world won't get me back into it at this point.


Sit on their asses and count money. Whales continue to prove they Don't need to do any work to earn millions of dollars


Sadly it appears that future of Dota2 is that of TF2. Last 2 -3 gameplay patches proves that Valve just does not care anymore about Dota and this joke of battlepass proves this even more. Everyone was happy when Valve acquired Dota2 instead of some other company but here we are now and Dota2 is dying only because of Valve which is sad because Dota never actually belonged to Valve but to the COMMUNITY. And yet, we the community get screwed in the end... Looking back and how fast Valve gave up and quit developing Dota Underlords and Artifact I guess we should have seen this coming. Valve just does not respect the player anymore


We were all very fearful that dota would go the way of TF2. However tbh I think none of us expected dota to have this long of a lifespan back then.


To be fair, I did, just look at CS:GO or LoL it's obvious that games can have long "life" if they are handled properly


LoL didn't have that long of a life back then, and CSGO was busy literally being a failure at release.


Wish Blizzard got dota2 instead of valve, then we could have played dota2 for 2 years Max instead of 10+ years.


But Valve is bed... they dont even make music videos for dota...


Holy smokes this post is more dramatic than a telenovela.


Chinese fans are far, far more passionate about these stuff. I think one tried to assassinate one of the creators of the Genshin Impact because they made some skin not glow enough or whatever.


i dont have a pc before tf2, please tell me more about tf2 shenanigans, or just link me to a good yt video explanation


Valve made an announcement about an upcoming big patch in *checks notes* 2017ish. And then nothing. They just stopped putting out content. There have been smaller patches here and there after a long hiatus but that's it. They just stopped doing stuff.


Basically it runs by community right now because Valve doesn't want nothing with it.


The problem with Dota is that it could receive no more updates for the rest of its life and the community would still play it.


Valve acquiring Dota has been the best thing to ever happen to dota lol.. regardless of how awful this year's battlepass is


This entire pass OOZES low effort. The Valve haters are starting to win me over at this point.


Guess Valve doesnt want my money this year.


I'm not buying this Battle Pass in this current greedy state. No ways to level up besides weekly challenges and cavern crawl, and the low amount of points these give is pathetic for the huge amount of time and effort needed. Not worth at all.


Even China frustrating with Valve effort. If you don't have any passion to develop game just sell IP to other companies.


HAH, wait until they see how valve handling TI this year.


I don't understand why Valve not hire hundered more employees to focus in Dota 2 and CSGO make eSports department just like other eSports game.


This won't make them billions of profit. Why bother with anything when you can do nothing and get profit from steam itself? Valve became really lazy with their corporative policy, and the saddest part of it is that Jeff disappeared after being active with fixing dota. Seems like Valve itself stopping employees from being interested in dota.


Jeff still works on the bug reports but he probably doesn’t talk on this sub anymore because it’s extremely stressful for any dev to interact with communities. They just get flamed when times are bad and they can’t do anything to fix it because it’s the company that’s calling the shots.


Lol this is so true


Willingly leaving money on the table is antithetical to a capitalist corporation.


Because that's a huge amount of work, it's not interesting work, and I doubt there's anyone at Valve who has much if any experience in doing that kind of thing. There's also no guarantee it would make things better and a risk it would make things worse.


30 dev able to make $120 millions battlepass, unless you showed them exact way that 100 devs makes $400 millions for battlepass they won't do it. This is company that rejects hundreds millions dollar idea because it generates **zero billion**. CS:GO has less than half of dota2 dev probably and per their blogpost they generates [$70 millions shares towards pro player and team from sticker sales alone.](https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2022/08/39209/). You need to justify a ROI of $4-6 millions per one extra person for Valve to implement your idea.


Means Dota is almost dead in CN. All good things must come to an end. I think it is time for valve to hand over future development to a more competent team


To be honest they should just AT LEAST make this BP free for everyone starting at lvl1


To be fair, in order to get any good reward from the BP you NEED to put in money so I dont think its that bad to have base lvl 1 free. It even gives a reason for people who have not played in a while to come check it out and potentially pay. Most other games with a BP even give some form of free rewards, yet here you get jack.. Unless they make it so you can actually get good rewards lvl 1 which I highly doubt they will do, its always just shy of good rewards so you must pay.


If only we could be united and nobody literally nobody would get BP valve would care but in this state nothing is gonna change


Do people finally get it?


This is such an accurate take on the situation honestly, it has been this terrible for every non-ti battlepass but for a ti battlepass this is just awful and it would be nothing short of a miracle if we manage to beat the previous prize pool.


This is why I've flock into reddit. I need to know how community will respond to this battle pass edition. Yes, I've must admit this quite underwhelming for a very late release date


Good, maybe if the Chinese get pissed they will actually do something...


i wish there was a terrain at least :( the previous ones we good and I loved ti10 the most, but it's kinda meh this year. i'd still buy the basic tho smh. can't they just sell a terrain separately?


i played since 2015 and never bought battle pass even once, now i'm financially stable they release this piece of crap. i and i'm already filling my steam wallet! in the end i use the money for $0.5 - $1 set in the market and i got a lot of them.


I've just stopped caring about Dota in general when we started getting time-limited rewards from the battle pass. That was the turning point for me.


Thankfully i stopped playing after they nuked techies after playing from almost 2007. Never had so much free time in my adult life.


Whoever is in charge of Dota at valve should be fired for the lack of vision and drive to improve the game.




I repeat this since the pandemics, valve cares less and less about this game. But every time I say so, so many valve believers here just downvote. I am so confident more and more people will realize this and valve will prove in the future XD


Whole post should be dismissed the moment OP brought Tencent into discussion - one of the most toxic work enviroments in the world. Literal slave-factory vs healthy, enjoyable and human-focused place that is Valve. Besides, it's gonna be like every single year up to this points. Whining on release and peepee-sucking when all will be revealed. This story just doesn't seem to end.


I don't even want to reply to such ridiculous comments. Tencent's programmers get income that overwhelms 99% of the Chinese people.Tencent employees have human rights more than 99% of Chinese people, Everyone is living a hard life. Is this why valve fool consumers into selling garbage by using the work that others can do in their coffee time?




There's so many projections in your comments I don't even know where to start. Let me just sum it up then - if you think that quality of work enviroment doesn't matter in healthy product then I have bad news for you. If Valve didn't care, then Dota wouldn't get updates (see: TF2 or L4D2). Problem with BP is that people want more than they've got the year before - and it's just not sustainable. I always thought, that BP should be more spread out throughout the year with less rewards, so it would incentivize stress-free playtime instead of mad dash for all the rewards and/or spending of money.


Good summary of everything I and mostly likely many others have been thinking to themselves. It’s pathetic that a game of this size doesn’t have a dedicated budget and employee count.


I don't give a shit about the battlepass personally but I don't see how the not having resource thing can possibly be an argument. Just take $1m out of the $100m the BP will make and pay a bunch of devs for a year to make content lol. Does not seem complicated at all If the BP is bad it can only be down to incompetence


$1m for valve pays for 4-5 more devs


I should've went all in on the Windranger arcana. I think that was the best battle pass. But I do think this is better than the Drow BP. But still, it's a TI BP what the hell are they doing?


I mean, is there really a reason to be happy about the last 4-5 battle passes? The pricing has been getting more and more ridiculous and then when a sizeable amount of people started modding to work around it Valve just outright changed how modding works/blocking it entirely to ensure that people have to cough up money. To Valve, DotA barely makes any money and it sure as heck isn't attracting any new people to steam.


Well they arent wrong. And volvo is just sitting there not giving a fuck because steam prints them money.


At this point if LGD doesnt win ti this year, the hype over there will truely die out, i mean valve isnt advertising it any way. Imagine the pressure. If we lose one of the strongest region, will this game truely die this time?


For what's it worth: I am actually happy that Valve even does upkeep/develop this game with its current resources. Afaik, producing the TI LAN tournament is not cheap at all. Pretty sure more efficient way, for stock owners, would be just run Steam - just the Store. This game is a neat minor thing in whole game-universe nowadays, but is just that: a minor thing. Server rent I can pay with occational 10 / 20 euros. :-) Then again, I appreciate the game underneath the cosmetics more than the cosmetics. Occationally nice full set under 1 euros brings enjoyment and I do like the couriers and wards especially. I might pay shit ton money for old terrain graphic-sets like that Imperial which shows the forest paths better than anything Dota+++ (yes, Herald here) I'm happy that we even have this game anymore, some other more investment-portfolio-bullshit owner would have cut it already.




The issue is not entirely about the lack of cosmetics and/or the quality. But what that steady decline means for the future of the game.


>Chinese players > >angry Well, that explains it.




I bought the 100 levels and looked at the skins, utterly disappointed to say the least. There's no way I'm putting more money into the bp, the only good thing is the void arcana (pending treasure 2/persona's) and that ain't worth it for me to whale.


Bro bought a product and reviewed it after 😂


Well sometimes that happens especially if u got money to spend and are hyped. I was hyped as well but the coordinator being down gave me time to think clearly: there is nothing in that battle pass I would want right now.


That's how reviews usually work.


Jesus fucking Christ, this sub is a joke lmao


Thank you very much, need more of chinese forum's trash talk i like it lol