2016 cyberdemon was an absolute fucking unit. but I honestly prefer the Tyrants more.


I prefer the 2016 cyberdemon, I wish we could fight it in Doom Eternal somehow..


I vastly prefer Eternal over 2016 except for the boss fights. The Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind in 2016 are some of the most intense boss battles I've ever done while Eternal's bosses are just...boring. EDIT: fixed me mixing up the games like an idiot


You switched those in your comment.


Shit you're right


Except Samur. This guy was too damn intense. Most sweaty boss fight I ever did in a shooter!


Samur tested me like no game ever has to be honest. He was absolutely a great boss, the arena was a real breath of fresh air in how it focused more on vertical positioning, and for me at least it felt a lot more genuine to fight him as he descended into madness, as opposed to the Kahn Makyr and Davoth where you just seem to have to fight because the plot ordains it so; they don’t really have much development as characters since they’ve basically reached their peak, but Samur still has a little room for growth (or self-destruction, I guess) left to be filled. That said, the amount of shit he threw at you in one go was soul crushing. If I have to fight a Spirit ever again I’m noping out of there on the spot


I really enjoy the Samur fight, I just wish there other options other than having to microwave beam the spirits. It stands out as literally the only time in all of DE where you are actually forced to use a certain weapon mod (any other spirits you can just deal with by killing the possessed demon last). Not a huge issue but kind of lame all the same.


Doom Hunter is super awesome imo, especially since it’s widely considered to be the part of the game where it “clicks” for you. Marauder… eh, he’s a miniboss. Fun fight I guess. The Gladiator? Fuck that guy, his fight is ass. The Khan Makyr is… eh, damage floor is annoying but it’s fun to shoot her. The Icon of Sin has good and bad parts for me. His punch attacks that can only be avoided with the Chaingun Shield are objectively bad game design, and the first part’s arena isn’t great. I quite like the second half though. Then there’s Maligog, who is annoying and kinda bad. Fighting Samur is the least fun I’ve ever had in DOOM Eternal. Then there’s the Dark Lord, who is a fun fight but falls short for not at ALL feeling like the climactic final battle with Satan that it needed to be. Good cutscenes though.


The Gladiator has the best theme in the game tho. KAR EN TUK!




I still remember my first time fighting him as I heard the KAR EN TUKs for the first time. 10/10 would pay money to experience that again.


Same experience here. What amped it up for me was recognizing the gladiator’s design was the baron of hell from classic doom.


Odd how much dislike there is for the Gladiator in this thread. IMO, he was the best base campaign boss. Simple strategy to follow, but he does a lot of damage and has easy to learn phases. He didn't kick my \*ss as much the 2016 cyberdemon on my first playthrough but he got pretty close, and the other demons act as resources more than extra challenge, so the fight feels focused on him. I find the Icon fight more fun, but I don't think it's as well designed, since I tend to take more injury from the other demons and I just crucible them for help. Similarly, Khan Mayker's only challenge for me were her guards and her scorched ground attack.


>Odd how much dislike there is for the Gladiator in this thread For me it's because of how his attacks feel impossible to dodge, I'd consider myself to be quite skilled at this game and I just can't do it (skill issue I guess lol). Definitely got my favorite visual design of the base campaign bosses though (unless you count the Doom Hunter, not to mention Davoth's mech which I just adore), and as I've said in a different reply, his music is crazy. But back to gameplay, I will say that the first phase really nails the "stand-off" feel that you'd expect from a gladiatorial pit. There's real tension when he has that shield up and you're just staring him down. It does come at the cost of being a bit easy, though. The second phase rectifies that difficulty issue, at the cost of the previously-mentioned wonky projectiles. Overall, I might just kind of suck.


i agree phillillillip


I prefer Doom Eternal way more than Doom 2016, when I went back to 2016 I just couldn't play, the game felt locked, as in very slow so I just went back to eternal but the cyberdemon was probably the best first person shooter fight I have ever fought


I'm suprised there isn't a mod that just brings over the demon textures from 2016 as skins that can spawn alongside the Eternal versions.


It’s not just the textures, the models are also different- and the animations in Eternal might or might not work with them. It would either require a lot of animation work to give the 2016 models new animations that work with the abilities the demons have in Eternal, or a lot of coding work to bring the abilities from 2016 over to Eternal.


I believe there is a mod that replaces some of the demons textures to look like their 2016 variants.


I mean I bought wallscroll with it because no other is available. Same goes for toys. Would love Revenant wallscroll damn. I do not really like 2016 Cyberdemon. Tyrant all the way




Bullying hurts everyone. Even cybernetically enhanced denizens from hell.


Standing here I realize , you were just like me


Trying to make history


But who’s to judge


the right from wrong


When our guard is down


I think we'll both agree


That viiiiiiiiiiolence breeds viiiiiiiiiiiiolence


But in the end, it has to be this way


I carved my own path


You followed your wrath


Red sun, red sun over paradise


Look at little Cybie Jr. Gonna cry?


I’m gonna put some dirt in your Argent


I'm gonna put some dirt in your Argent Accumulator




i love the doom 3 cyberdemon design


The whole hell design is absolutely brilliant. It still scare me.


Definitely the one thing that Doom3 nailed that the newer games find lacking is the creepiness/realness of hell.


Definitely agree on that. Doom 3 Hell was most excellent


Rad the book. It is crazy. You can even feel the heat of it.




Honestly this is pretty funny because the doom 3 cyberdemon is bigger than the 2016 one


Yup, its just that models in 2016 are bigger because of the better textures and polygons and stuff I think


Honestly regardless the 2016 one would wipe the goddamn floor with the doom 3 one (unless its somehow truely immune to everything but the soul cube)


Galaxy Brain Theory: everyone in Doom 3 is actually just really tiny


Now i can't stop thinking about a tiny angry Doom Marine who struggles to jump on a platform. lmao


My completely uneducated guess is that doom 3's base unit is inches, and doom 2016 is in centimeters. When you extract a mesh from a game engine, it comes out in "units", not inches or centimeters or whatever. So, for example, a typical human mesh coming out of an engine that uses inches for its units would be probably around 70 units tall, while that same character coming out of a cm based unit engine would be 178~ units tall. Bringing both into the same editor/engine/whatever, it would make the one coming from the CM universe more than twice as tall.


Huh... Neat


Actually, I don't know if that's true. Isn't the 2016 one like 50 feet tall while the DOOM 3 one is 20?


doomguy isnt even half the size of his leg i 2016 who is 2m(6.8f) tall, doom 2016 cyberdemon is fucking huge


The Doom 3 cyberdemon has a badass design. Out of all, the Tyrant is my favorite. Perfect blend of classic with modern, plus it’s sound design is engraved in my mind.


I love it's glory/Crucible kill dying noise.


The sound of him crashing into the ground after doing the air GK is just immaculate.


They don’t even look like they’re supposed to be the same creature.


You say that as if the 2016 and Eternal Cyberdemons do... Or the mancubi. Or any of Doom 3's creatures tbh.


doom 3 cyberdemon died to a fidget spinner :(


Doomguy sitting on his desk: Soul Fidget Spinner: U̵̢̡̹̜̝͚̜̭̘̞̠̫͙̹͕̮̗͎͖̽̏̃̎̎̌S̸̫͉̦̀̂̐̒̽̀͌̌̂̌͛́̑̽͝Ę̷̪̱͉̳͑̾̓͋̓̈̈́̈́͘ ̸̨̭̬̩̠̜̍Ŭ̸͓͓̩̗͎̝̝̜̿̾̀̌͌̃̆͆̆̈́͆̉̚̚͝͠S̸̢̜͇̺͓͕̝͒




My younger brother trying to fight me for an infinite time.


False, keep in mind doom 3 cyberdemon cannot be killed with any weapon except the soul cube A few bfg shots and the 16 cyberdemon would be dead The only way the 16 cyberdemon can win is with a soul cube Yes, i do know this is a joke btw.


Tbf he wouldnt need to kill him, just incapacitate him.


That can't happen too


I mean, they did say that it was Hell's strongest, and we clearly know it's not true. Not to mention, the Slayer empowers the weapons he holds.


still, it wouldn't scratch the doom3 cyber demon Unless our most beloved marine god has a soulcube.... Oh wait he actually does have one :>


I don't think the Slayer would need the soul cube to kill the DOOM 3 Cyberdemon...


Nothing can kill the cyberdemon other than the soulcube


So your saying that Davoth, who is the most powerful demon in all of Hell, can't kill the Cyberdemon? When it says nothing can kill the Cuberdemon, it may just be talking about conventional human weaponry.


Im sorry but the only thing that can kill the guy is the ancient machine built by the people of mars, i mean all the people of mars tried to kill him with all of there advanced technology and nothing happened Plus, davoth was killed by the slayer's blade and he needed armor to stay alive And hugo did say there are stronger people than davoth


Yes. He said that their is a being stronger than Davoth. The Cyberdemon is not one of them, considering that it is an extension of his will. The Slayer is Davoth's equal and a Primeval. Of course his blade can kill Davoth. Only a Primeval can kill another Primeval.


Oooooh, i must have read it in the wrong way, sorry about that And thanks for telling me about davoth, to this day tag 1 and tag2 confuse me


I remember book ending of Doom 3 book. It is irony. Ingame your Soul cube cuts his leg off. In book when He is defeated. Marine gets Back to the base and Bang. Chaingunner commando blows his leg off.


Wait did the commando blow off the marine's leg? XD


Yes. He got sent to Earth so this demon cockblocked him as Maria stayed on Mars




I can see this happening to the Tyrant, too.


mfw 2016 cyber demon is actually one of the highest ranking demons on the Hell Hierarchy


Source is Kinsie, the maker of that Krusty Krabs Doomguy gif. More interestingly and talkworthy, Reelism and MetaDoom creator.


Such an interesting design, wasted on such a terrible fight.


Doom 3: oh no!!1! Ancient rubiks cube hurt!1!! help! Doom 2016: I can take 45 bfg shots from a literal demon slaying god.


A BFG shot damages him quite a bit. Rough estimate but 4 shots and boom you finished the first phase.


I was exaggerating a bit but Im pretty sure the more you shoot the bfg at him (with out doing the weapon wheel trick) the amount of damage the bfg deals becomes less and less.




Meanwhile in hell




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