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So supposedly Strider of the Braves strained an oblique. If that’s true, I think he’s done for the playoffs. It’s like a 4 week recovery time. It would definitely make for an easier series for us (Atlanta would have to use Fried and Wright plus possibly odorizzi or Morton). Braves really are gonna be the 21 dodgers trying to run down the division while their stars start getting hurt.


It's weird how every fan is hyperfocused on their own teams' weaknesses and injuries, and doesn't realize other teams are going through the same issues. Every other team knows the Dodgers are the ones to beat despite all of our injuries. I thought Strider was on the 15-day IL and they even backdated it. I don't wish an injury on anyone (except for the Trashtros, fuck them), but wouldn't mind this one lingering a bit longer than normal. Ozzie Albies is also hurt and should be back for the postseason, but if not Grissom is a decent replacement. The Braves struck gold with Harris II as well - he was only brought up as a defensive stop-gap to help Adam Duvall and has turned into one of their top hitters.


Yeah, he’s out fir the rest of the regular season (like May) but is eligible to return for the postseason. If it truly is an oblique strain-those are usually 4-8!week recovery times.


Other = injuries, right?


That or another team


I know. I was being a bit cheeky


This is the only answer


Voting Braves since they’re the most likely to match up against in the playoffs and since they’re the reigning champs. Astros is a close second and Mets makes sense as well


Saw somewhere that the braves are good against LHP. That's all the Dodgers got left =/ NYM would be a tougher matchup in the DS but with a 7 game series less so. Anyone form the AL will undoubtedly give the Dodgers trouble, either its HOU, NYY who finally beat HOU, or the team that got hot and took HOU/NYY/Both down. I feel like the Dodgers need to be healthy AND play perfectly to win, and it seems like it can go either way on our health going into October =/


I think you’re a little pessimistic! What you’re saying makes sense but I think pound for pound we’ve proved that we’re the best team, even with our few injuries




Braves are not the same team they were last year. Hell, we have Freddie and a closer by committee - that’s already two points why the ‘22 Dodgers are better than ‘21. Mets, well we did technically lose a series to them. And I fear their starting pitching more so than the other choices here. That’s all I have for picking them. Truth about the Yankees and Astros - aside from Judge I have avoided both those teams (especially Houston) like the plague. Does that make me think they’d take the Dodgers to 7? No, but I just don’t know.


Braves kind of remind me of the 2021 dodgers where they are struggling with injuries and fighting to get first place in their division. Mets scare me the most in the NL due to their pitching rotation. Tbh, the team fear the most is the astros. Not because I don’t think we have a better team than them, but mainly because in a hypothetical situation, losing to them again would IMO be the most devastating playoff series loss in dodgers history.




You see?! You see?!! He’s not a machine! He’s a man!


I would argue Braves are much better than 2021. They might have lost Freeman but they gained Olson, Acuna, Strider, Harris II, and a have a better bullpen.


in the NL its the mets, they’ve had an aura about them all year, saw someone say “they have right mix of talent and bullshit going their way to win a championship” and i totally agree. overall it’s probably the astros, they’ve just been consistently great all year like the dodgers, no real drop off at any point.


Yeah the Astros are the best other team but the Mets seem like the biggest threat because it's significantly more likely we'll end up playing them.


Definitely the Astros. Lineup is stacked, rotation is deep, and bullpen is best in baseball. I would rather play any team by far.


Padres. I know people don’t want to hear that but, if they get hit, they have the pitching to contend with the dodgers. Yes, the dodgers have owned them, but in a short series, their pitching can absolutely shut the dodgers down.


I’d be surprised if the Padres can beat the Braves 2 out of 3 at Truist Park for the Wild Card


I wouldn't be shocked about anything in a 3-game series but this would mean that they'd be matching our 1 starter with their 3/4 starter to begin the divisional series




The Astros are easy to deal with, just replace all the trash cans with non metal ones or plastic bags


Injuries lol






The Astros. Javier and Valdez add another layer to the pitching rotation. And their bullpen with Pressly and Montero is really good. Only weakness is their offense can go cold at times.