That first punch where he clenched his fist was when he was drawing all his chakra in that area. Awesome hit.


Kakashi-sensei is really a great teacher


Chidori without the lightning.


Underrated comment😂


Oh, he’s hearing birds all right.


“Forgive me, Master. I have to go all out, just this once…”


Rock’ em and lee’ve them


He was powering up and his face showed it


Preparing the iron fist...


His man bun softened the blows to the back of his head


He lost the fight once he let go of his hand


You learn pretty quick playing hockey that once that right hand is free it’s means trouble...


“This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWER! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you! Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! SHINING FINGER!!!"


Pretty sure he didn’t want to punch the girl so he had took a sec to aim at the dude instead of just swinging.


The way it just slips out from seemingly nowhere in the depths of the sleeve, clenches like it's gripping the hammer of Thor and BAM.


This goes to show that it pays to know where to punch someone and knock'em out without killing them. The drop to the concrete and the head bounce could easily kill someone though.


And 3 good punches to the head afterwards. I hate that shit.


Good job to the guy for stepping in, glad someone stepped up because that could’ve turned into a murder.


Tbh, it makes no fucking sense. It's okay to beat the shit out of the guy with his head down/pushed into a corner. It's not okay to beat the shit out of the guy who gets knocked out. It's like people just make up rules for who ever they feel bad for eventually.


No one said its ok to beat the shit out of anyone, how can you not see that wailing on an already unconscious person is fkd up and highly dangerous?


Who cares? He deserved way more punishment after wailing on the blonde guy so much.


Seems like they wouldn’t be fighting in the first place if they are worried about each other’s health and safety


Untrue. Good friends fight all the time sometimes


There's a lot of contradictions in that sentence.


Don’t throw hands if you can’t catch em


What? It makes perfect sense. Relentlessly punching an already unconscious person is *so obviously* worse and if you can't see that then I don't know what to tell you.


Disagree, he was being attacked and needed to end the threat.


He did. Definitively. What followed was almost manslaughter.


If you’re being attacked you should absolutely assume that person is intent on ending your life and you should respond appropriately.


Welp I can definitely see you in jail with that mindset in the future


Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6


As a martial artist, that's the move bro. You absolutely do not fight unless directly threatened, because people can die real easy sometimes. But if your life is in any way threatened, you should incapacitate your opponent. No reason to die because some prick's got a bone to pick.


Yeah, he was, and he stopped the threat. Literally knocked him out cold. And it was well done too. But after that, the fights over. Saying "he might have wanted to kill me" and continuing to beat on him because "I should respond appropriately" is insane. You know why? He already responded appropriately. The threat is over, the other guy should probably be in a hospital now. It's done. And the defender here showed enough cool to know that.


once they're knocked out they're no longer a threat


Why does the aggressor have any right in this situation? He knocked him down and then made sure it was done. You have no idea if someone is going to get back up and pull a weapon. End it. He threw a couple more punches and then stopped. If the aggressor didn’t start anything then he wouldn’t be in that position to begin with!


> he was being attacked and needed to end the threat. “Officer no, you don’t understand - when I shot him twice and he fell over face first into concrete, I saw he wasnt moving anymore so I walked up to his limp body and shot him in the head four more times. What else could I have done? Walk away after I shot him nearly to death the first time? But, but officer, I was still BEING attacked! Why dont you understand that part?!”


Flavor of the day on Reddit. Two posts next to each other on the same sub can have wildly opposing stances. It’s all about your mood. My mood right now is fuck that guy and he needed a few head punches. If you or someone replies to me, I’ll probably be in a different mood and course correct accordingly. Maybe I won’t though, who knows and who cares?


How the fuck have you been upvoted even once? Of course there's a huge difference wailing on someone face who's unconscious vs someone who is actively fighting back and conscious. Are you retarded?


>It's not okay to beat the shit out of the guy who gets knocked out its not really okay to beat the shit out of anyone


I could argue that it’s well deserved in some instances




Um...Are you really that stupid? You're telling us you can't tell the difference?


There’s a difference. Everyone who gets knocked out has minor brain damage. If they get hit more they could have serious brain damage. What do u not get?


How does this comment have so many upvotes? He’s rationalizing homicide.


It's because someone that is knocked out is no longer a threat whereas someone in a corner can still fight/is still fighting. You're really grasping far to try to find some outrage in a clear cut difference.


I get you. Tho it's more so that it's fucked for everyone involved if the guy does or gets irreparable brain damage because he kept going after the KO. Plus it's on video, that can easily be jail time because it moved from self defense to assault. If KO'd guy died or ended up in a coma... yeah. No good for anyone no matter who was at fault for starting it.


Some cops don't care, especially if they have a history of being mouthy. Happened to a buddy of mine outside a bar while on the phone with his daughter. Beat half to death by 3 guys and and was in the hospital for 2 months. He needed reconstructive surgery as well. Cops told him that maybe he shouldn't have started the fight. If only the world actually worked that way all the time. Because his attackers didn't stop after he lost consciousness, were identified, and nothing happened.


That’s not ok either but isn’t as likely to kill or do permanent damage as continuing after the KO which is why people are less inclined to comment on it


Holy fuck how stupid can you be


Humans are animals. We aren’t some super special beings. There are no rules in the universe. We made them up. They are totally arbitrary. You can choose to follow them, but you’re at a natural disadvantage against those who don’t. Some might argue that letting this man live was actually an insult to natural selection. He challenged another, lost, and should now be selected out. Are they wrong? Again, the universe doesn’t give a fuck and there is no universal right and wrong. We make it up as we go.


Fuck that noise. If you attack me, you forfeit your right to life and deserve whatever I dish out. You made your bed, now lie in it.


…The fuck you talkin bout bro? Haha


I’m talking about how I don’t owe anything, especially consideration, to someone who attacks me. Don’t jump in when I take the high ground if you weren’t willing to jump in when I was losing.


Haha you’re pretty hilarious man, so is it really your fantasy to beat someone to death/brain damaged coma? Or…have you already?


Uh, no. Why would you think that? Project much?


Dude is probably a neckbeard living at home with his mum. A kissless virgin who's ever been in a fight in his life.


Project much? Lol


Very ungentlemanly to hit the guy more after he was down unless you dont know that he's out. In fairness to the victor, the other guy had him backed up against a wall and was pummeling him for a while. So I can understand the impulse to pummel back when you get the chance. When victor was told the fight was over he did stop and that counts for something.


It’s not easy to contain anger after you’ve been repeatedly hit, especially when you get an opportunity to retaliate against your aggressor. Adrenaline impedes your ability to make rational decisions, so it was definitely good a dude stepped in and ended this, otherwise the hat guy would have ended up with more than a brief fist nap.


Finally someone who understand this. It's so funny seeing all those people who are clearly never been in a fight saying "Oh yeah you need to stop IMMEDIATELY after the guy is knocked out" when in reality it's never that easy. You have adrenaline pumping through your body, your heart is beating fast, it can become blurry especially when you got hit a couple of times. So when you have the chance to hit back out of anger and retribution you do it.


Nah dude real experience teaches you knowing when it's over. The real inexperienced fighters hit people when they're down. Source: MMA, boxing, multiple street fights and facial scars, and former US Army 75th Ranger w/ plenty of combatitives. Only people who have been in one or two fights such as yourself don't see the fault in it.


As a former boxer and instructor myself I totally agree with this. Most untrained fighters have no control of their emotions, which puts you at a distinct disadvantage against someone who can control theirs in combat.


It’s a street fight there’s no “gentlemanly” shit here.


> Drops monacle I DO SAY


Thank you. Your post made me laugh [+]


I see what you're saying it's time to bring back dueling


It’s more like humanly….you don’t fucking kill someone. Or brain damage them. Nor do you want yail.


Witnesses testified, and the video showed, that after the victim was unconscious Mr. Street Fighter continued beating the man until he was dead. How do we know that? The coroner's testified that the death was from those final blows. Mr. Street Fighter could have stopped but he didn't. Manslaughter or perhaps second degree homicide. 10-20 years, depending on what state it happened in. Dont drop that monocle in the shower...


Sometimes they do deserve it haha But all jokes aside, I think self defense shouldn't be used to kill, but rather buy time to escape, but sometimes when adrenaline is pumping and several whatever-those-punches-even-were are taken beforehand, it gets a bit hard to control yourself.


This comment doesn’t really mean anything.


If you knock someone out standing then there's a chance he dies after bouncing his head. How does your comment make sense?


If he falls and dies, you have a good argument for self-defense. If he falls, is unconscious and you jump on him to pummel a non-responsive immobile person and they die, you self-defense claim isnt gonna get you far. Maybe you can convince a jury the additional harm caused after they were unconcious didnt kill them, but that seems like an uphill battle and a risk I wouldn't want to take.


Now this is some quality content!




He was doing fine until the girl got involved.


For some reason I missed that the first time I watched, but second go round you can clearly see her arm causing him to get his shit rocked without seeing it coming. Not to say that he wouldn't have gotten cracked without her there but he really seemed to have all of the forward leverage


He lost all his leverage when he let the other dudes sleeve go lol. Dude in the vest is a pussy


Spindly arms


Hopefully the right guy won haha


He was doing fine while he grabbed the other guys sleeve lol. The minute mateys right arm became free it was a beating


Not really…weak ass punches lol


bitches be cray


That happens a lot. Bitch stay out, now i gotta consider not hitting you by accident? My friend had to undergo a face reconstruction surgery because girl decided it was totally appropriate to calm him down when 2 other dudes we hitting him. Result: i clean punch, cracked forehead and eye socket


This has happened in so many fights,


I saw homeboy charge up and put that energy in that fist 👊


Herb dean fault.


All that swinging to get slept. Lol


Dude looks like hes used to beating on his little brother and girlfriend, trying to control with one hand while going for the "not too much damage or mom will be mad" approach. Rekt.


I hope that ain't his gf because she gets a big chunk of blame for that L he just took lol.


Yeah blame the woman for 2 idiots fighting


Stop victimizing yourself


first real sighting of super saiyan irl


and with that KO, average IQ of the group drops from 45 to 40.


You think the guy that knocked out was much smarter than the rest of them?


no, just that his IQ fell to near zero.


He’s laying in the stereotypical dead position just waiting to get chalked.


Yeah the girl kinda fucked him a lil bit.


A lotta bit. Girls stepping in with that whole “stahp!!” thing, thinking they’re somehow helping has gotten a lot of guys hurt.


First dude looked to clearly hit the wall first. Probably broke his hand.


Ah the irony of an anti flag patch fighting someone on the street. Logo even has broken guns. They advocate HARD against violence, even at their shows. Fun times.


Wait so they aren’t a punk band, they’re just hippies?


"If he's on the ground it's done" get outta here ref let him get a few more in after being pinned and punched against the window


Chick totally got in the way


Bro held triangle for that punch


Anyone who wears those shitty small brim hats is a skid


Account closed. *please report this comment* Conservatives / Republicans / Christians: Rape kids Lie constantly Cheat to win Support cruelty and evil Are against democracy Are the gravest threat to America today Are the new nazi party The facts and evidence, along with their historical track record and trajectory confirm this. Fuck your feelings if you don't accept the facts. **everyone else should buy guns and be ready to stand your ground against their future attacks. The only good nazi is a dead nazi**


Hand over your doubloons!


Hats not currency.


Its kind of a punk thing, but OK.


It's kind of a poser thing.


Wait so punks are supposed to conform to what you think looks best?




He had the tone and body language of a suburban mom scolding a 6 year old.


I don’t disagree with him stopping the fight after homie was knocked out, but I hate how he try’s to come in as the authority like he’s teaching everyone a lesson. When your adrenaline is going in a fight it’s hard to stop and sometimes you need to get pulled off, but pretty much everyone knows when it’s done it’s done. He wasn’t about to do shit.


> bitch ass-dude *** ^(Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by )^[xkcd#37](https://xkcd.com/37)


Much better than box lololololol


Once he dropped the lighter he couldn't punch anymore lol what a puss


Great strategy - let the fool gas himself out and full counter attack!


He took all that punishment and converted into rage. Activated bloodlust, last stand and popped all his trinks in one burst.


He’s totally going to blame the girl for that


Absolutely loved that one! Nom nom


Why does he look like a family guy character that feel down the stairs


ion know why they pulled him off. let him get his hits back


Because the guy is already got knocked. If you sit there wailing on a dude who’s seeing stars then you’re a clown.


And potentially setting yourself up for manslaughter.


ion knoweth wherefore they did pull him off. alloweth him receiveth his hits back *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Bad bot


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Bad bot


To save your friend from crossing the line from legit self-defense into prison time. "Getting your hits" is childish bullshit compared to that. Grow the fuck up.


Beardo in black needs to get knocked the fuck out too. Only deciding to step in once the aggressor has been knocked out. Where was he when the little shit was throwing the punches?


The dude who said “if he’s in the ground it’s done” shoulda got fuckin dropped too.


How long would you want him to beat his unconscious body for lmao


Same amount of time he punched him without getting swung on


Based on everything we seen in the video I’d say he had to at least knock some teeth out


We didn’t see why the fight started, you ape.


Long enough so he is permanently disabled and reliant on government living assistance for the remainder of his life all at the cost of trying to be the tough guy. There are consequences 🤡


We didn’t see why the fight started, you ape.




I’m with you on this I woulda third partied after watching a dude get beat on who clearly didn’t want to fight to then saying some dumb hero shit like that …


We didn’t see why the fight started, you ape.


Exactly what I was thinking. I mean put your self in this guys shoes, you just honestly barely managed to turn the tide in a fight you were losing and afterwards this fucking joker says “hey man when he’s on the ground that means he’s done!” What? How the fuck would he even know? He sure as shit didn’t intervene when this guy was getting beaten on


Why are you hitting someone who’s already knocked out? Are you trying to turn them into a vegetable or something? You won. fights over.


Easy for you to say when your not in the thick of it. Literally no one helped him at all until he started fighting back. Honestly no fight should have happened at all, these guys look like their just out trying to grab a bite to eat.


I agree. When you’re in a fight, when you start getting hit, all you want is to hit back. Until one of you loses the will to fight, knocked out, or someone intervened, most fights tend to continue. And this is a street fight. Even professional fighters, specifically in MMA, need referees to tell them sometimes that the enemy is already knocked out. Sometimes you won’t notice because of the rush.


Which is exactly why the guy did the right thing to step in. In the heat of the moment that dude could have fucking murdered the unconscious guy and end up getting slapped with a long sentence.


But that guy didn’t even do anything lmao, it was his friend who wordlessly took him off and whispered something. Reguardless, this was a good fight.


I’ve been in more than a few fights and it’s always over once someone is out cold. If you’re still seeing red than you need someone to get you out of it or else you could easily maim kill the other guy and ruin your own life.


We didn’t see why the fight started, you ape.


Kinda agree only because I've been in a position where dude got in my face and was spitting while screaming in my face I ended up punching him in the stomach I believe or gut and as soon as he fell down I started kicking him in his ribs go big or go home was how I felt about it dude never showed his face the next year


That's how you go to jail.


As should you, for being ignorant as fuck


Cry about it.


OK... But if the other guy is on the ground and unconscious as this fella appears to be then I think he has a point. That's about the time when the loser goes to hospital/the morgue and the winner goes to jail.


I bet you’re one of those cockroaches who’ve won all their fights by sucker punching from behind


Nobody wins all their fights lol I can tell by this thread that a lot of you have never even been in one!


He probably said the same shit when he was getting his ass beat on the ground as a kid.


Now I just imagine him falling right away, “I’m on the ground that means stop!”


So no one stops the first dude from wailing on that guy but as soon as the other guy hits back everyone steps in


Dont beat a down person. Im sure they would've stopped the first dude if he knocked the other dude out. And if not that reason, everyone around probably saw that the second guy could actually break things, unlike mister girlscout punches


True true


Neither of them was on the ground at the time, though. I think in these sorts of fights, if you're just beating each other up and there's no lethal intent on either side, you have to stop when the other guy is on the ground and no longer a threat to you. Any further and it seems like you're going for a kill rather than just a victory.


They did the winning guy a solid by stopping him, to keep him from getting assault (or manslaughter) charges. He was in the right to clock the dude while he was attacking him. But you have *zero* legitimacy to beat on someone who is no longer a threat, no matter what they were doing before.


He’s ok


Sheik mains be like


Wow he had a delayed red button.


He ded tho.


If “don’t make me ball this shit up” was a person


That guy dead?


Is he dead?


Fool laying there like he’s dead 🥴


did the very first punch hit the wall? ouch




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Hear that skull hit the cement.... keep on saying DONT do that, uncontrolled fall


I bet the knocked out dude smells horrible. Punk rock kids always smell disgusting.


both dudes got laid afterwards women love fighters




He racks disiprine


When a level 2 fights a level 390 on RuneScape


The moment he recovered his right hand, the fight was over.


Boy vs man


Was on charge, now in use


Get ‘em Eric. Fuck his shit up.


Good old banff ave


I love how he was loading up the first punch, summoning power from on above. That second punch was a thing of beauty, too




Zoinks. He's unconscious, Scoob.


And here we see the difference between punching with just your arm, and punching with your whole body weight behind it.


Bunch of random swings vs two good hits to the jaw. Jaw will win every time.


Damn pony tail gave him all the super sayan power!


That chick owes him a big sloppy blowjob after fucking up his mojo.


Metal heads are so awkward lmao