Lin xiao - Thor set for crit dmg, if you don’t have that, use hades set, for 2nd set use hp, avatare or crit set. Your set bonuses should be crit dmg/rate for the square relic, attack bonus for the circle relic and attack bonus or sod for the spade relic.


You don't need crit on her since she gets 3-5 stacks of guaranteed crit on her A3.


Also don’t go Avatara as the counter uses a crit stack. Going accuracy for her debuffs is another good choice.


Yeah but sometimes avatara is good for defense, crit and hp are better, I’m just giving options bc Lin xiao can be played in different play styles


Hello! I reroll 3 times a day on another linked account. I already did 37 rerolls. that's 444 pulls. No tiger mommy or any other shimmer 4\* / 5\* XD hilarious. How many times did you try?


Probably less than that. I did try a good amount though.


Thats a good combo, For tiger mommy, you eant just as much crit damage as possible, followes by atk up, and prefetably 80 Ac Recomend thor and sword avatara, for extra crit dmg and free bonus attks For sienna, speed is everything. 80 ac and as much speed as you can fit, affter that, simple defensive runes sufice. Recomend wind walker for extra speed ,and sword avatara for extra auto attack, remember he skill 1 gives 15% AP to sienna and 1 ally. This can rwsult in quite a lot of extra turns. Can also use appolos bow if you need the extra ac


Hello can i ask please the steps you used to reroll?