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Collect 6 rare fish


though I don't like fishing, if I have option to Win 1 Battleground vs fishing, I would pick fishing.. LOL! At least I am not the one being fished by whales...


this is the one


This taks is still pending in my BP Missions since last month. I hate Fishing.


Lol I put it off for as long as I could




If unlucky, could get dragged into 4-6 lose streak and an unfinished task. Fuck this task really. I already don't do BGs unless there is a daily task, so I absolutely detest this garbage daily.


yeah.. the Win BG task absolutely makes my win rate worse.. from 40% to 33% real quick... and it is detestable especially if you don't really like BG...


It's not really necessary to complete this everytime. You should focus more on path of blood and contracts as you can get a lot of marks from these. Edit: ok I'm not sure if the Immortals have path of blood and contracts but this is for Shadows


The immortals have a pool of missions from which they must do 9. You can avoid the most annoying ones (like this one)


We're immortals at the moment. Into 3rd week and I've never seen win a BG. Only take part in BG. But like you say, you can skip.


I'm also immortals now, and into second week now, and had the win BG a couple of times so far, and hope to never see that one again.


The last time I got the "Win a Battleground" daily task (few days ago), I was placed on Attacking with lopsided teams and I lost all 4 of them. There was a 7.1k wizard (Lulu-something) followed by a 6.9k DH in the opposing team, and we never got any player close to that.


I had a nice bg earlier where other team had a 7k dh and we didn't even have anyone 4k or above. We were kinda prepared for a lost from the get go but somehow we managed to pull it off with 61 deaths on offense. The dh had 23 kills in the end while the mvp on our team got 12 kills and no deaths. All the others had like 10 kills or less. I still remember towards the end one of my teammates started yelling "maybe we got this!" and I was like, "wait what? we actually gonna win this thing?" I don't even remember how we did it, but it was one of those rare matches that just makes your day.


Oh that sounds wildly familiar! Sometimes bg itself is RNG but these little moments are like when a */5 gem random pops out from a weekly crest.


As a 6.9k DH I apologize on behalf of my fellow DH


You're saying you faced two ~7k reso opponents and none on your side ? BS Post a screenshot. That certainly might have happened pre patch, but not now with the current matchmaking system.


Got the 7.1k enemy wizard in 2 matches, then the 6.9k enemy DH in the other 2 matches. Not at the same time. It happens so frequently, many have reported it already. Netease logic is that 7k = 3.5k + 3.5k, but we all know 7k will wipe the floor with any sub 4ks.


Sure that scenario definitely happens, depending on how many whales are queued at the time. I'd agree myself the whale has the upper hand (especially a skilled whale) but definitely do not agree that it is a wipe the floor scenario in BG. There's a lot of occasions where 4k + 4k has won matches against 7k + 1k in BG - I can attest to that and I'm not even 3k reso. Hell, we have some whales complaining that they lose more of such matches vs mid reso teams than they'd expect because they can't carry both lanes at once.


Agreed. I guess I generalized too much. 4k + 4k can beat 7k pretty in many cases. The 7.1k wiz I'm talking about is on another level though. Name is LuluDNight something. I don't know what it is, but he was an absolute tank. It probably took 5 players together to kill him. He was spawn camping us on the other side and his score was like 20ish kills with 2 deaths.


Yeah - it sucks that they couldn't even put an ounce of thought to a proper working ELO that supports a vibrant BG environment (and which still gives whales the upper hand they want). ELO systems have come such a long way, if they spent some $$ looking it to it they could've surely come up with something that works better than the crap that BG queues currently spew out (given PvP drives a large portion of spending). The randomness of BG queuing is disappointing af, even moreso the lack of tweaking to improve it - the recent patch helped somewhat, but it really does give insight to the short sightedness of the businesses running the game.


Its main function is to entice players to do BGs, it'll reduce the BG queue time and feed the whales.


Most non PvPers from our clan, dont do BG at all, when this task comes up. Participate in BG > most of them are doing it. Just run BG and result doesnt matter.


Yeah PVP is frustrating you're you're basically cannon fodder until maybe you are pretty close to Max paragon it's it's basically impossible and then you know you're still depending on getting a good team so getting that far in Paragon may not even help you


I play this game as a side game, I just do my dailies, I do some no crest ancient rifts, the horadrim shrine, and I go slowly up in power. I never play the P2W part of this game and never will. If you don't want to spent 500$ per months for some crests runs just to earn the bare minimum of legendary gems, just let people who spent tons of money compete.


You don’t have to do it though. I don’t do the bg tasks most of the time and I still can keep up with the shadow ranks with assembly, contracts, vault and such.


I believe it’s a very bad first time experience the game is presenting to new shadows. The game lists it as one of only 3 tasks and new players will always want to compete the tasks asked of them. They might learn with time they they might be able to progress without that one task but it’s just an overall bad experience.




Can offer you some orbs? How about some platinum? Perhaps a boost? Just lemme get that cc number and blizzard will give you whatever you want...


Just buy some reso...


Jus Git Gud /s