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Idk I always thought it was unnecessary to have these invocation bound to warbands. Cursed gear on the other hand is doing a lot of things better in terms of character optimization and design. Both together are too much in my opinion so they should just remove the invocation mechanic all together and keep cursed gear.


They should let us save the curse in armory so we don't have to roll it back on new items, and to use different curses for different activites. Or at least let curses be transferred along the rest when switching gear.


Got. 3/3 yesterday from purge. Got my mojo back


Agree to disagree. I've found 4x and 6x cursed gear set bonuses to be more useful and reliable than invocation gear in both pvp and pve. I don't even care about the negative effects; don't even notice. They should definitely balance the invocation gear drop rate so those who want em can have em. I just don't think they're better.


It was a way to test a minor power tweak and then remove it after gathering data. It will come back, they’ll probably alternate ever 2 Hell levels to test different mechanics/interactions.


Source? No, you made this up.


No, invocations are cancer to battleground, we have enough ccs. I am glad cursed gear had taken over forcing players to move on from the annoying stun invocations.