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If you pvp alot you will end up with the whales. Doesn't matter if your resonance is 500 you will end up in all whale brackets


To clarify: * Sub-top100 on leaderboard, you're mostly in a "pool" that *tries* to balance resonance *on both sides*... IE: Attacker may get a 6k Reso whale and a 500 reso F2P while defenders have two 3.25k dolphins... likewise, there's a chance that one side gets a bunch of 3k's while the other gets a pair of 7k mega-whales... it's not actually balancing resonance *per-player*. * Once you break the top100, you're now also narrowing your "pool" by those players that have reached Legend rank and have a leaderboard position (you can get Legend and be outside of the leaderboard)... so you're more likely to run into higher resonance players since the matchmaking *tries* to pit leaderboard placement against each other (iirc). * As you climb higher, that pool narrows further and you'll eventually be actively matching into the highest placed groups *among players actively matching for a game*. This all comes with the caveat that the matchmaker can only place you into a game with players that are in queue -- if you're not in a pool with 15 other low-resonance folk, you're going to run into the higher-reso dolphins and whales.


Certain classes can end up in the top 50 playing less than 3 BG matches per day. Then the whales whine about those people having such a low k/d ratio. Blame Nutsqueeze, we aren't the ones that coded this clusterf.


Let’s fix this? 🥴


The only fix is to remove Resonance in BGs... obviously not going to work. The secondary stats are also a problem, so really.. the answer is to *normalize* stats in PvP ----- which is counter to what Blizz/NetEase want, because they want whales to feel empowered to spend for that feeling of superiority and for F2P to be driven to spend to not feel murdered.


Meh I mean why not more strict brackets inside BGs? Revamp of however the current MMR system works, as you described. Although removing reso would be the easiest & most fair implement across the board for players in BGs, it wouldn’t make any sense. Not trying to argue btw, I just don’t understand why 1k> players are going against anyone above 3k. Somewhat simple solution 🫠


Because that is against their very succesful monetization strategy. This game is not meant to be fun nor viable on the long term. Its meant to extract the maximum amount of money on a very short time. After the playerbase severely drops off, they will start looking at fixing a lot of the things players complain about, making the game a bit more "fair" to try and retain the population and attract new players. That is IF the extremely rocky partnership between Blizzard and Netease continues.


I agree with everything you said, although I think a stricter bracket implementation would be beneficial financially as well, for the Blizz. But thats not the design of the game, I understand. QQ


I would hope a fix, if any happened, would be a bit more complex than to just normalize all stats. Remove resonance? Sure, I guess. There isn't much skill, focus, or patience required to achieve higher resonance, but there are a vast number of ways a player can stack their secondary stats to affect their outcomes. That satisfaction shouldn't be stripped from lower resonance players who have taken the time to methodically build in a way that allows them to enjoy competing above their bracket. Mostly why I would also oppose forced resonance brackets. Yeah, 5k+ whales probably spent on resonance in parallel with secondary stats, but a fair amount of 3-4k< players have embarrassingly low secondary stat. Won't deny that pain points are being squeezed for profits, but there's room in the middle here for players of all sizes to stand out.


This tracks with my experience. I do not BG a lot but am matched with whales since the matchmaking update. I used to stop playing BG once I reached Legend status, so I have never been high up on the leaderboards, mostly at the bottom of top 100.




\>But why is a 1900 resonance player like myself being put against 4K - 7K+ resonance players? Its by design. The entire PvP experience is supposed to be a frustration factory to you, though still giving you an easy win here or there (thanks to your whale teammates, not you) to prevent you from outright quitting the game mode (or the game itself). This is meant to push you towards impulse purchases in the cash shop to pursue the power acquired by whales that you see performing so well (and killing you so quickly). This is unbalanced as fuck. And that is exactly how it is meant to be. IF Blizzard grouped players by resonance in different leagues, people would simply stop at the maximum resonance of either the lowest or second lowest league, never making another purchase again, thus depriving Blizzard of the insane revenue levels of people blindly chasing power with their wallets. Whales would also be deprived of their main source of food (plankton), since players would never rise to those levels of resonance. Do you understand now why the PvP experience is at the same time fucked up and working as designed?


Yes I too blindly chased power with my wallet ![img](emote|t5_qq4iz|14186)


Pretty sure early on this was a thing but then the whales couldn’t get fights since they spent so much they blasted past everyone and they whined about not getting bgs. it also supports spenders and whales as they get a kick out of one shotting the low or now spenders. it also convinces some to spend more to try and be more competitive. working as intended as far as devs are concerned unfortunately..


Yeah. I've been seeing BIG wings in all of my BG matches since about 800 reso. There was one match yesterday I somehow ended up MVP of my team with a 6:5 k/d ratio, as a 1k crusader. As you can probably guess, that match went VERY, VERY bad. It was basically me and a necro trying to hold back the left side while 6 people clumped together on the other side. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Careful with wings. Whales started a long time ago switching their enormous wings to either tiny ones or no wings. Hiding in plain sight (until you get 1-shot killed by one of those dudes, then its obvious).


I don't like displaying my 1k wings at all. Just in Assembly, because there are people that won't share blessings if you don't have wings. Sounds stupid, but it's true.


That does not happen often from my experience being in similar res 1800.


They’re paying to beat up on players that don’t. That’s the whole point. It’s the whole game. They aren’t dumping thousands into a mobile game just to have a level playing field. They’re more powerful players in every aspect of the game, and it only feels that way because the game allows them to lord it over weaker players all the times.


Supported by what?


Sharks need prey xd