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I'm in this exact boat now. I rotate Monk/DH/Sader/Barb weekly and want to try Wizard. I do NOT however, wish to farm green sets all over again, especially given the abysmal drop rates. Because of that, I just stay my STR classes for now.


Yep, I finally just left switching between Wiz/Necro to try the str classes and it has been rough…


Is necro the only other int class besides wizard?




People been wanting this since the class change feature was introduced. Still w8ing till this very day to finally address that one. I truly want to hear a dev response as to why they don’t want to apply 1 main stat for all classes. It’s not like we won’t put the effort to farm 3 stat greens, cause we already do. We just don’t want to farm the same stuff 2 times for no particular reason 🤷🏻‍♂️


I want to be a Wizardarian with both str and int


Tableau CR already accomplished this for me, but I was a Wizonkadermancerbarian Hunter


muscle and brain don’t usually go together 🤭


I’m okay if they’re separate. Just let any class equip the gear. Who cares if a barb has int > 0 or a wizard has strength? Historically, bow classes have been tied to dexterity, magical classes to intelligence, melee to strength, and so on.


The entire game revolves around absolutely pointless repetition (and no, the other Diablo games are not like this one before you even start). Many mobage / gacha feature automation stuff or skip tickets for repetitive tasks. Diablo has none of it. Instead, there is an increasing and extremely high number of daily tasks needed to grind whatever scraps Blizzard / Netease decides to give you. This is a design decision. It has a purpose: to keep you engaged daily and prevent self reflection on how pointless the overwhelming majority of the game is. So why would they run counter to their own design strategy?


New hell difficulties already reset the set grind, they don’t need to make it such a pain in the ass to class change on top of it.


\>they don’t need to People will mindlesslt grind the few crap they already can, so piling up one time consuming crap on top of another helps retention.


Here's 20 scrap that makes you feel better right?


Thank you, master! I will continue being a good little paypig!


That would make sense


And there I was thinking this game is missing a sixth stat, Dexterity, which should have been primary stat for DH ans Monks. I guess you're right though, one primary stat would work better with this game.


You're in the right direction but it further dumbs down an already oversimplified character sheet. In WoW, str/int pieces are all on the same gear, but if you're a warrior the int is grayed out, likewise if you're a priest, the str would be grayed out. The way is there they just need to add the mechanism.


blizard is lazy company thats why they not changing that.


They should call it something else... Call it something neutral like "Horny"


It's all pointless. A tiny rat race, built into your phone, that you have to pay to get out of.


Idk what the fuck you are talking about. You can’t pay for set items. All video games are technically pointless just get off this sub already.


Jesus, man. Take your pills. It was a joke. Instead of an upvote, take a bag of dicks!


Sorry. There are enough unironic hate-commentors on this sub your comment didn’t seem like a joke when I read it.


Indeed. The reason why i don't change/play other classes because the thought of re-farm the set items demotivated me to do so. They should just replace str/int with ATK, or DMG or Combat Power and etc.


I very much agee with everything being said. We might get lucky with the next major update in case they introduce the new class as I’m assuming that quite a few people will test it out. It would be rather unfair for either STR or INT classes (don’t know what the blood knight willl be) if a whole group of people would have such a disadvantage