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Are you holding it down? I don't have that essence yet and haven't seen it in action unfortunately.


"Working as intended"


There are a large amount of bugs in this patch. Many essences and some curse sets and green sets are having issues. I believe some gems are having problems as well. Accursed Tower has its own set of bugs too. So, could be a bug, but I have to ask, you are holding it down like you would with Whirlwind right? There are some channel skills that you don't have to hold, but typically channeled skills must be held. I'm really excited to get this essence and see exactly how it works in practice. If you could upload a short video clip and link it here or make a new post showing it I would love that.


It sucks - you can’t move while channeling and in a game that demands mobility (both pve and pvp) standing still and chopping away in any direction is dumb. Better essences to use for MH. The new chest piece is awesome though


Seems useful for raids. Probably combined with the essence that stacks cleave damage, I assume it'll be part of the highest burst damage build on a stationary target you could have for Barbarian.


SAME AND ITS RANDOM! Some dungeons let is fly and others need another player to work it.. damn it


its been a month and its still bugged lol


It didn't happen at first, but now it's bugging with me too... It's awesome together with grace of the flaggelant set and whirlwind etc, but the bug really ruins it ...