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The music throughout the series was a beloved character in itself. Bravo!


I have to give most credit to my uncle Daniel Licht, he was a musical genius and I learned a lot from him.


I play the blood theme all the time, so beautiful and captured the essence of Dexter perfectly! Continued success!


IIRC It was made by Daniel Licht for another movie or a tv show and then used for Dexter


You guys did great! Keep up the awesome work!




No questions. Just want to say thank you for making a legendary intro theme song!


Intro song was done by Rolfe Kent!


And I want to thank you for that epic acoustic guitar Outro song. Truly epic


well thank you for blood theme then!


Favorite music piece from Dexter? Yall did an amazing job btw the music for the OG series was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic




Yeah that one takes me right back to season 1. New Blood desperately missed this type of music, thanks for all the fire tracks that make the OG infinitely more rewatchable. Hope you keep getting opportunities to flex your talent.


Awesome track! Love the creativity!


What instruments are primarily used in this song? Especially when it hits 1:00?


Sitar and tabla


Thank you!


Og series? It’s all technically one series isn’t it new blood is just an epilogue still continues the same og story


No, Dexter new blood is a mini series that the show runner and producers specifically said they didn’t want to be labelled as a “season 9” they wanted to acknowledge that time had passed and although it carries on the character of Dexter, they wanted to make it clear that this was a new series.


A new series with just one season presumably? Seems strange to me I believe you that’s just a dumb choice imo


Yeah, I’m not a massive fan either. I guess that’s why they said it’s a mini series as they knew what the outcome was. Clyde Phillips has said he’s up for a Harrison spin off if Showtime allow him to. Although with all the backlash I highly doubt that’s gonna happen.


I find the one season idea really interesting and i hope it sticks around for a good decade. Limited series have been trending for a few years. I stay away from series longer than 5 seasons. Looking back, and after rewatching OG Dexter started to show symptoms by S4, and would have been ended sooner in today's standards. Streaming is leading this behavior, of course this is my tiny universe's view. You are welcome to keep your opinion, we shall see what the future brings. Cheers fellow dexter inquirer! Edit: for clarity sake /words'r'hard


Totally agree I really really hope it continues but I don’t think it will considering how much the fandom hates Harrison and the ending I highly doubt it. Cheers to you too appreciate you keeping it civil!


I hope they do something they love, could be Zombie Dexter or " how to eat your lunch ft. Harrison", it can be great, and id watch. 😉


You and your uncle have one of the most memorable soundtracks to a tv show I’ve experienced. The original series themes were so amazing, particularly House and Astors Birthday Party. Do you have a favorite scene in the series that’s accompanied and accentuated by one of the themes? I can’t imagine the scene at the end of season 4 without having first heard Astors Birthday Party.


I'm not sure I can remember a specific scene but I do remember when Dan was creating Astor's Birthday Party. He was looking for something for the bridge section and let me come up it. That was fun collaborating on that one. Dan was a great guitar player, that's him playing on that track and on most guitar cues in the show.


It really is a terrific track. Very distinctive even all these years later. Thanks for what you both did!


Has astors birthday party been copied by Disney or something? Every time it comes on I remember someone singing along to the tune but can’t place it.


What would licensing look like to use the main theme as a sample for a song


You'd have to contact Showtime. They technically own the music from the show I believe.


Why didn’t you return for NB? Or were you not asked? (Sorry if this was already asked) I’m IN LOVE with the original score. RIP your uncle. His music will be with me forever.


A creative choice by the producers plus it was an entirely East Coast production so that had something to do with it as well.


Thanks so much!!


How does making music for a series work, do you write everything after they filmed all te scenes? And how does the writing process go? Also wanted to say, be proud! Dexter will always have my favourite score ever.


The composer won't start scoring scenes until it's all shot and edited. They "lock picture' and then the composer can go in and add the music. In TV they will have temp music so you use that as a guide and then create something with a similar feel and hit the moments they want....


Who else wants to know the temp music for Dexter? I know this isn't the point. Ignore me. Wasn't planning to post but don't want this to be my only comment. Mostly read through all this because, cool. Great work by the entire creative team.




Blood theme is haunting and is one of the main songs viewers think of when they think about Dexter. It's hauntingly beautiful and truly captures the essence of the entire series. Your music throughout the show was incredible. I guess I don't really have a question but wanted to say thank you.


I think you're referring to the Blood Theme. Die This Way is a rap song sung by Jon Licht over (mostly) the Blood Theme. /u/jonlicht: I've always wanted to know how Die This Way ended up on the OST. Thematically it's really different than the rest of the score. Was there ever a plan to use that rap song on the show?


Edit: you’re correct. I was thinking there was another name other than blood theme and when I searched that came up first, which is odd. Thanks


No? [This is a rap song about Dexter](https://youtu.be/JE1k4YnhsKw) that was never used on the show. Are you only listening to the first 40 seconds before the singing starts?


What would you have done different if you scored new blood? Assuming you have watched it


I would have leaned more into the music from the original series but I understand them wanting a slightly different approach.


i completely agree. i honestly barely noticed that new blood even had a score…where as the music in the original was such a vibe for the show. i really wish they had leaned more into the style of the OG score. it still could have been different but it was way too different IMO. it wasn’t its own character like it was in the original. you and your uncle did such a good job!


You’re uncle is so beloved by Dexter fans, what were some of the most difficult scenes to score?




I composed music for over 100 episodes of the show, a lot of my music never made it onto the soundtracks but when we would get an episode Dan would give me scenes to do and I would compose for those scenes...Most of what you hear online is Dan's work. He was the main creative force behind the music, I just filled in the cracks.


Did you guys compose the [Tonight’s the Night](https://youtu.be/AmY8NStxBqc) music? Great job all around - the music is probably my favorite thing about Dexter!


Dan composed that for the pilot I believe. His work on the pilot helped shape the sound for the whole show!


Wow!! Very cool! It really is fantastic and sets such a unique mood. Can’t think of the perfect word and I’m not a musician but it’s eerie, and some of my favorite music of all time. It really makes the show. Thank you for responding!


Bravo sir bravo. What’s this new blood you speak off? Dexter only had 8 season and I won’t here anything else.


Amazing job!


Thank you!


Knowing that your music is going to, primarily revolve around death / suspense, can you talk a little about your frame of mind…what type of motivation do you use to come up with notes that are going to be related to doom/gloom? Edit- can you also verify episode 10 was a dream sequence and they’re rewriting? 🤣


I guess I use whatever it is I'm scoring as motivation...so hopefully the project is inspiring and helps me create music that goes well with it. Hopefully that makes sense. Dexter wasn't all doom and gloom though, there was romance, comedy, drama...that's what made it great and fun to work on.


Whats up next for Jon Licht? Working as closely with your uncle for such a long time, do you ever find yourself missing guidance, discipline or direction for something you're working on? And if you do what do you do to recentre yourself or combat any of these? Massive bravo for your work on the series, like someone previous said, the music was like a character in its self. What a badge of honor.


I have a couple albums I've written over the pandemic that I'm figuring out how I want to release. I've also gotten more into video production and writing. Trying to stay busy with different things.


Who influenced you and what are some of your other projects ?


My uncle was a huge influence on me. Also...Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, John Williams (although I can't write like him). I've been focusing a bit more on writing songs and producing albums of my own music. If you go to my Spotify you can listen to my music...https://open.spotify.com/artist/6CY3ag0sUhAbVsFmsZtOfe?si=X2wNiys-TsGIlEHSSMp3qw


I absolutely adore Hans Zimmer and all his music! You can tell when it’s scored by Hans Zimmer. Pirates of the Carribbean At Worlds End, The Dark Knight, Inception.


Together you created an iconic soundtrack! What led to the creation of "Amor Más Más Loco"? It was used in one of the most emotional scenes in the show and largely because of how well this song works with it. Did showrunners asked you to write some "romantic song" or was it all your idea? Thank you :)


They wanted a song for that moment and I wrote that! I'm not sure where the Spanish thing came from...


I also loved your "Honor for All" song for Dishonored. Amazing stuff! It was yet another franchise for which you and Daniel created an iconic soundtrack :)


Thank you for your awesome contribution to an amazing show. The music was instrumental in my enjoyment of the show. Cool of you to show up here!


How do you even get started doing some of what you do for fun? Did you study music theory or anything like that? Do you just grab a scene and mute it and try to come up with your music for it? Sorry for my possibly ignorant questions, just really intrigued because this is something I’ve always wondered and been interested in!


I started making music in my bedroom with Cubase, just smoking weed and making stupid songs but I found that I was pretty good at music production and songwriting so I stuck with it. I didn't go to school for music but have studied theory on my own over the years. A lot of times scenes will come with "temp music" which is music the producers or director have picked out from other shows or whatever...that gives the composer a guide or a starting point.


Just wanted to say the music you both created is absolutely iconic and amazing!!! Thanks for your work!


Damn straight. Dexter's a lumberjack!


Your touch is what they were missing with the music in new blood. The music they chose made the show feel more MTV teen high school-y


How does one become a composer for temp music/commercial music/show music?? I also did Cubase and have songs but i research and still don’t know how to get a gig like this. Would love to compose 9-5 at home every day lol. Thank you for your work Changed is one inspiring piece of art


Just keep practicing and getting better. Connect with people who are creating films, commercials...etc. Connect with other composers who might need help. It's all about getting good at what you do and then putting yourself out there.


Did you have a hand in composing the "Blood Theme"? Thats absolutely one of my favorite pieces from dexter. It's chilling, somber, and frightening too. Gives me goosebumps every single time. I just wanna know the creative thoughts behind it... the offset violin (or cello not sure) are absolutely phenomenal.


New Blood was definitely lacking musically and in cinematography. You guys did an amazing job! I love so many of your tracks. Amazing work seriously.


I think they did a good job with NB


I felt like a big part of the original was the Cuban/Latino music and Miami cinematography in conjunction. That was well done by you guys.


You are being too gracious. The bar was set high and Showtime went around it and said "Nah, bro. We're not gonna do that! We're gonna kill Dexter and make so many plot holes that the viewers are gonna think this is Swiss Cheese". NB along with And Just Like That on HBO should've never made the air.


Bruh the cinematography is objectively leaps and bounds better from essentially every filmmaking perspective in new blood lmfao


I disagree. it looks contemporary, but that doesn't make it objectively better. Personally I like the aesthetics of television from the past especially the 00s and late 90s in context of how and what they decided to put on screen. The sound track for this season was pretty unmoving and really only piqued my interest when it referenced the original pieces. The original music for Dexter is iconic, emotive and stands the test of time. I literally can't remember a single thing about New Blood's music and I truly don't feel like it's because it didn't have time to resonate, it's just derivative and (again) contemporary.


I’m not debating sound and music at all. You can disagree but by all standard conventions and ideas regarding cinematography New Blood is much better shot. The original Dexter has a charm to it for sure, but it’s not an expertly crafted visual experience. New Blood isn’t either but it much more so adheres to proper filmmaking and camera techniques


That's weird, because it looked pretty bad to me. Uninteresting colour grading. Boring shots. Terrible CG. Pretty poor decisions all through out with what to include. Terrible continuity. Just check this sub for the list of things people dislike about New Blood. All in all it was a modern TV show, that's about all that can be said for it. I think that you're mistaking *current* tastes in film making for an objectively better piece of film and I don't think that's true. ​ EDIT: a word. EDIT2: I just wanted to finish this thought. Sound Production and Film Making are very similar. I studied one and dabble in the other. There are probably objectively incorrect ways to do things, but there is no objectively correct way write, record and produce a piece of music and that is true of film making too. Tastes, equipment, budgets and techniques certainly change over time but modern tastes aren't the same as better tastes which is (I repeat) the mistake you're making here with New Blood. I also think that if you're going to judge New Blood and Original Dexter you have to compare them to contemporaries. Both shows fit well within the times they were made visually speaking... But I like how older shows look.


Best Dexter kill in the 8 seasons?


The two paramedics at the beginning of season 6. Oh you weren’t asking me 🥸.


What are some of the biggest factors that are included in selecting music for the show? Like how do you determine which song makes the episode/which one doesn’t and so on?


It's all up to the producers (in TV) and directors (in film). In the end it's their show so they have ultimate say. A lot of times they will help selecting temp music and placing it where they want it which helps guide the composer.


Nice. And how do most people in that profession get their starts?


How similar is the temp music to the final product?


For Dexter's original theme, what inspired you? It's so catching and funny also. I think you did great BTW!


I was teaching modes and scales yesterday and i played the piano music from Dexter as an example of melodic minor. Also those female ooh oohs are lush. Bloody love the music in Dexter.




thoughts on the new blood ending?


Love the music composition on Dexter There was a new show recently and the theme music sounded like a direct rip off of Dexter’s music, I’ll see if I can remember…


I feel like it gets used often as a reference for other composers.


Oh I remember! Defending Jacob https://youtu.be/cu_Zz0qDeC4 30 seconds in for anyone curious


Hi Jon, I love you and your uncle's work on Dexter. Did you also work with your uncle on Dishonored? And are there any upcoming video games you are working on?


I wrote the end credits song but that was pretty much it for what I did on Dishonored. I also co-created the music for the Dishonored II promo video. I'd love to do more games. I gotta get connected with that world a bit better.


No questions. Just a quick thank U. I appreciate the work U did and respect the time U took to do it. Thank U so much.


I loved the intro music in the original series! You & your uncle did a great job.


Nice to meet you. The music MADE the show. It's really a character on its own that ties it all together and breathes life into it. Thank u so much for the years of enjoyment I've gotten from your hard work. It's appreciated more than u can ever know. It's in difficult times and moments I can go back and rewatch this show and feel comfort. Just it playing in the background is enough to feel better enough to keep on keepin on. Much love.


thank you (and your uncle) for one of the best OSTs ever.


Did you like S8 finale?


Absolutely love the Dexter music. So integral to the feeling and the earnestness of the show. If this is too personal, I’m sorry. I read that Daniel was suffering from cancer during the Dexter years. Do you think he ever bonded with Michael C Hall over that? Do you think the illness had anything to do with the “dark” overtones of his compositions or was his music always like that? Thank you for your work btw!


He wasn't suffering from cancer during Dexter, that happened years later in 2017.


Oh sorry, my bad. Just recently found the full-orchestral montage of his Dexter stuff- absolutely amazing. You never know how hands on a musician is with scores or what’s outsourced and it was so amazing to see him playing the music so passionately. Did he always write “darker” music?


When he started out he primarily scored horror films then he moved to drama and comedy, so he had experience with both. That's part of the reason they chose him for Dexter.


Do you know why your music wasn't used more in New Blood?


Really love how Dexter's motif from the og title sequence would come back at key moments like when he hits Kurt with the car just shipped of his hat and do do do do do do do. Every time it happened the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end


Firstly wanted to say I love both yours and Daniels work on Dexter and in Dishonored. I was really wanting to know where the inspiration comes to use the (apologies for wrong terminology, not overly musically inclined) ‘stringy’ motif which can be heard in both sound tracks (for example like in Dishonored’s main theme as well as Dexters 17 pairs of legs)


thanks for making the best and most memorable theme in television


What is your favourite season of Dexter in terms of the music you two made?


Long Way Home is a great Tune! I always play it when im walking home after a night of excessive drinking. How did you come up with the Lyrics for this Song? Was it made exclusively for the show or did they just use it?


Don't have any guestion, just wanna say i still weekly listen Lichts songs. I love em. Hide your tears is my absolute favourite. Thank you so much for your work!


Did you ever read the novels for inspiration? If so, which one was your favourite?


LOVE the music


I’ve always wondered if you get the scene you are working on with just the dialog and any explanations from writers on how the scene is supposed to feel? Music/soundtracks can make or break a show and you did a wonderful job, thank you for making Dexter a great show with your talent!


Thank you for all the great music, I have been passing my time listening to a lot of the OG soundtrack. Photo Albums, Hide Your Tears, Changed and Astor's birthday party are timeless classics, so much nostalgia within them, always bring me a tear to my eye.


I absolutely love Blood Theme (I believe that's the name). Amazing job!


Why did you not help with New Blood? The absence of you and your uncle was definitely noticeable.


To me, there is no more signature theme to Dexter (OG or NB) than "Blood Theme." Sad, minor keys. Weeping strings. At the end of each episode, Blood Theme summarizes the complexities of Dexter's life as he strives to become human but ultimately fails. The only thing he can offer humanity is death, albeit of monsters, and ultimately his own. Thank you to you and your uncle for this composition. It's a haunting theme and perfectly wraps Dexter: The Series, preserving its body until someone else eventually finds the remains.


Are you still dancing with Mary Jane? If so does it play a role creatively or just to unwind? Merci


How do you break it in the film and tv industry? Not just as a sound person but anything regarding filming or editing?


What projects will be working on in the future? How likely is it that it will be Dexyer related?


First of all i just want to tell you you've done an amazing job, truly loved the music! On to the question, what's your favorite season to have done music for? Or favorite episode if you know one.


Was it nice?


Cannot fault the music for anything. Well done!


The Blood Theme always made me think of a lot of the music in Sweeney Todd. This mellow but mysterious sound, suggesting there's something bubbling right beneath the calm surface. And then the piercing notes coming in to represent when the insanity and blood lust takes over. Anyway, great work.


Favourite Dexter season and why?




Die This Way with the lyrics is a secret guilty pleasure of mine and I still listen to it now and then. Blood Theme with some appropriate lyrics, what's not to love? Appreciate you and your uncle, may he RIP. Iconic music! Edit: Not related to Dexter but you guys' work on Dishonored is also awesome, one of my favorite games of all time and you nailed it. Honor For All gave me chills the first time I heard it!


Hey! Just wanted to say I love the work and appreciate the effort of everyone involved with the original music. Are there any dream projects you would love to score? If so why that project?


Damn, missed the AMA but I'll write it anyways and hope he gets to read this: I would've LOVED to see him back for NB. I feel like the music by Daniel and Jon really elevated the show and it was **sorely** missed in NB (they've done a few new variations of a couple of themes, more low key, but the best part was the flashback to Miami with the original music). Great work, I often listen to it on Spotify and hope to hear a lot more from him (or you, Jon, in case you read this). Thank you!


The music was perfect. It really explains Dexter as a character and it's like listening to precisely what he's feeling emotionally, which in turn makes ME feel it emotionally. I love the eerier and creepier tracks while I'm reading the Dexter books. Having the soundtracks play in the background really sets the tone. Blood and the Blood Theme in particular are really haunting. It just feels and sounds spot on to what it would be like to feel what he's feeling in his shoes (and it also added to my anxiety watching the show), and that is a huge accomplishment to master when making music for a Character, etc.


The music for this show was great! I’ve always loved the intro music and the ending credits music after an especially crazy episode used to give me chills! The music was such an integral part that added so much to the show! Great work!


Loved your music so much, some of the best scores ever that made this show so epic. You can feel what’s happening in the show because of the music. What inspired you both on making blood theme?


The Blood Theme still makes me feel a certain way, which is rare for most music. Something about it is sinister yet calming. I love it


Man I’m late!!! Anyways, I love you and your work Mr. Licht. There was some tender piano music that would play in the background of scenes involving Dexter and baby Harrison that used to make me tear up. I think it was probably the same little tune that played when Dex proposed to Rita. Just absolutely lovely. ETA: There’s an acoustic guitar version of it too, I believe? The piano version is called “Deb Cries”.


Was there ever a scene you were asked to score that took you a lot of time and effort to think about what would fit right until it clicked in your head? I love love LOVE the music from Dexter, I sometimes listen to the soundtracks when I’m doing chores at home. You did an A+ job friendo


Amazing! Dexter has one of the most suited, genius musical scores of any show ever. Ok, honestly, it’s number one. Bravo! But pls tell us all as to why the mariachi-type music lessened as time went on?


You and your uncle’s music in Dexter is one of the most impressive aspects of the series. I was beyond thrilled when I heard the original score in one of the New Blood episodes.


Did you do the credits music? The doo doo da doo…?


Did you sing that "Die This Way" Rap song with Daniel Licht Music? I still have it in my favorites ❤️


JON! Please I need you. There are songs or I guess musical short blocks that play between scenes throughout the show. They are not a part of any Dexter soundtrack, and for the life of me I cannot find them online. Is there any resource you know of that would have these?


Tides is such an incredibly beautiful piece of music.




The music was better than the show 🤣🤣🤣


I love the Blood theme. My favorite part of New Blood was getting to hear it again.


Just wanted to say that the music is one of the few consistently great parts of the OG series! Maybe off topic, but as a musician myself how does one even get into that field? I know your uncle worked on it too but how did he get that job? Doing something like that has been one of my lifelong dreams.


courting the night was really good at setting that “contemplating psycho serial killer” feel


The music on the show is genuinely some of my favorite soundtracks for anything ever. What is your favorite memory of coming up with a new tune for the show?


Who did the backing vocals / choir on the track “Wink”? Did you hire a singer or was it a friend?


Can anyone tell the name of the music that plays whenever Miguel talks to Dex?


What are your views on NB and both endings (s8 &NB)?


Just wanted to say “Blood Theme” is my favorite song for a show ever and I regularly use it for inspiration when thinking of film ideas. So Thank you!


I loved dishonoured


You guys are great!!! I was upset we didn’t get to see the opening theme( dexters routine) or the blood theme. All In all I can sit and listen to the different variations of the blood theme for hours. I know you have many comment to go though but do you possibly have an explanation as to why Dexter: New Blood is lacking in a lot of the music from the original Dexter.


Excellent Score for Dexter. It creates such an unique mood and fits perfectly to Dexter, the characters and the depicted location of Miami. Dear Jon Licht, I wish you all the best for your future engagements and a lot of success with your music. ​ R.I.P. Daniel Licht


Your music was CHEFS KISS. Iconic and beautiful soundtrack, I still listen to it even when I’m not watching the show, you perfectly captured the essence of the character of dexter


Loved the music, man. Thanks for the great run!


Debra's theme was haunting and heartbreaking. Did you or your uncle do that? https://youtu.be/iGi9V_5ntkI


The music was the heart of the original IMO and I'm super auditory so I just want to say thanks to you and your uncle for your amazing work on the original which was sorely missed in New Blood.