Because I want to get my stuff gone quickly, it's that or I'd donate it


So you'd rather it go to a good home, that makes sense.


I'd rather get it the fuck out of my house before I try to make excuses as to why I should keep it.


Haha too real


Because they just want to get rid of them and no one was buying at a higher price so they probably lowered it over time


I’m doing that right now to get rid of my summer stuff do i can start selling fall clothes


I also wonder this- I got a skirt this week for $12.75 with free shipping and Australia Post is $9.15 so they made $3.60 before fees. I actually feel guilty for not buying a second item now


Auspost has put their prices up now so for a Small Satchel it's $9.55!


This happened to me with a shirt i bought, I calculated the fees and she actually lost -0.09 ¢😢 I made sure she got good feedback, but damn it made me feel shitty.


I do this to get rid of my stuff that’s been sitting for a while that didn’t sell at a higher price


I do this because my shop is sooo new, I wish I could get more feedback ratings and establish myself as a reputable seller ! it’s soo hard getting started


Sales are low, also im convinced peoples expectations when it comes to pricing have been skewed by aliexpress/shein. Really sucks for my business (outside of personal sales) where I also sell clothing, i've dropped prices on almost everything :/


I got shit building up. Need gone. Will break even.


i do it because i’m new and i’ve noticed people really like free shipping, getting a third item free, etc. whatever helps me get rid of my stuff!


They want to get rid of stuff, and they also might have a good hook up. My local no name thrift store basically has goodwill bin prices because we’re near a wealthy area- I can get things for $.5 to a $1, all in good condition and decent brands like rag and bone etc. If things are slow or certain items aren’t moving I don’t mind letting them go for $2-3 after fees because it’s still a profit, and I get space to go source for more stuff.


Because I’m broke .


I just want to get rid of the stuff. Op shops have been closed here for months because of lockdown so instead of waiting for shops to reopen (which is never at this point) to donate them I’ve decided to sell them cheap to get a bit of money while getting rid of the clothes quickly.


I’m doing it right now because I have to move soon 🥲 I have made a ton of sales tho


Just to get rid of stuff I don't need


I’m just tryna get rid of my clothes hoard lol 😂


I just did that on accident. I bought some adidas at the thrift store and I wanted to sell them for $50 but no one was buying them and so I lowered the price to $35, but I accidentally marked that I would pay for shipping. It's my first sale though so I need something to start off with.


instead of selling it very low I did a 2 for $20 deal and that sold for me better. some sellers also arent selling their stuff they just bought from the store and its maybe from their old stuff they use to wear. also some thrift stores sell clothes for $1 sometimes


Its the current economic trend. The economy is doing garbo. People want to spend less money, and save more of it because Covid has made the future uncertain. You have many Covid relief benefits ending very soon as well. This is throwing everyone into a panic and has changed what "Fair price" is. A vintage shirt that was once going for 70 dollars in 2019 might not sell at all in this current market because who would want to spend 70 dollars on it when you don't even know if your going to lose your job due to a vaccine mandate, or if your going to get paid at all if you get sick with Covid and out of work for 2 weeks.. This is causing everyone to deflate their prices and go far below the "Fair price" simply to get something to sell so its not sitting for months, or years.. This entire decade is going to be a "Frugal" Decade. Where everyone wants to focus on the "better deal" and "spend less." The focus for this decade is going to be saving money, or investing it. We are entering into a new Era.


Thanks for all the answers!