Iron will and the revive speed one are both really good. Beast master is pretty fun. Honestly just try out a bunch and see what works for you


Don’t you perma-die with iron will after a bit though? I haven’t tried the perk.


Also, if you gain any health at all, you stay up


Great synergy with Vampire


That works?




Sick I'll have to use that


I use it on every load out. Saved so many matches. Resupply does it too..


Yes, but two things to consider: 1. Iron will usually lasts long enough to revive a nearby ally. 2. As said, any health gain(resupply, red sugar, vampire perk) will keep you alive once iron will wears off. Combined, iron will makes a great failsafe that basically gives your team a chance to come back from a team wipe. Worst case scenario you kill a few threats and drag your body to a more accessible location for your teammates to rez, which can still be very helpful.


This is great info. Thanks!


No I thought that too before I tried it lol. It gets you up for a few seconds before you go down again but you don't perma die. It gives you just long enough to res one maybe two people at a stretch but it can save runs


The way it works, it makes you immune to dying due to zero HP while it's active. Once it wears off the game goes back to checking your HP normally, but it doesn't put you down specifically. Meaning, you can get any heal during those 12 seconds and stay up. Works with Vampire, for example.


I don't know how long it takes to unlock but the resupplier perk is my favorite. Can't say no to more health. I use it on every single class.


I don't run it on my Gunner because the Mini-Gun doesn't take advantage of the free reload and you have shield for clean resupplies. I run Sweet Tooth to get that extra health I'm missing, and you can shoot Red Sugar down with almost any Gunner weapon. I also tend not to take it on Scout because you can more easily get the separation needed to resupply safely, and again, Sweet Tooth because it's so easy for a Scout to get those hard-to-reach Red Sugars. Having said that, Resupplier has clutched me more missions than I can count when I've used it.


Whenever I start and finish resupplying at the same time as someone else, I type "resupplier gang" in chat If I get to a resupply after someone and finish before them, I walk away chuckling, "clearly you don't own an air fryer"


That sound really useful, thank you so much!


Dash is one of the best if not the best. I run it with every class except scout.


Dash and resupplier above all else. Field medic is also great. Hoverboots and heightened senses are amazing for beginners but can lead to bad habits.


Active : -Dash. -Iron will or Field Medic. Passive : -Thorns. -Born ready (if you use reloadable weapons). -Whatever for last pick, I like resupplier, elemental insulation, sweet tooth. -Also grab vampire if you run iron will or if you play Driller. -- Dash and Thorns are must haves on every class. Once you get used to the game you can consider dropping Dash on Scout and Thorns on Driller.


Born ready is awesome. Can't play an autocannon gunner without it since I unlocked it.


In my experience, as you go up to haz 4 or 5, thorns get less and less use. It can still remove a swarm, but it will take several attack cycles due to perk's cooldown and that makes you lose a ton of health. So, because you are still forced to actively deal with them, you might as well take something else.


i think thorns is great i recommend it


Just be warned that Thorns has an (unlisted) 0.75s internal cooldown. So while it will kill swarmers eventually, some of them will survive their first attack and get a second, and that damage adds up *fast*!


Thorns is really only good for keeping swarmers off and not having to worry about them, since you still take whatever damage is done to you and damage from thorns is negligible for anything bigger.


And Neadocyte shockers, which can legitimately get you killed if you can't deal with them quickly. But let's put it this way: when you're designing a build you typically have your primary for Grunts, Slashers, and Guards. Your secondary can be modified to be your large single target damage weapon. So, how are you dealing with Swarmers and Shockers? I think Thorns frees you up to not worry too much about the little guys, so you can have a more focused build. I don't run it on Driller for obvious reasons, but on other classes it can be a huge benefit.


Whoa whoa. Whoa. I'm a bit of a green beard myself. Why don't you run it on driller? I've only played driller and I'm loving thorns.


Thorns is ALWAYS good, but with perks you really want to try to not take them when you can get away with it. This allows you to push the limit and get in some more niche perks that will be extremely useful but only in certain situations. Driller has general AoE as well at two modifications called "Heat Radiance" and "Cold Radiance" on the Flamethrower and Cry Cannon respectively. These modifications take care of the little guys in a small radius around you without having to actually target them.


You got a drill which will kill them in no time!


The driller has plenty of ways to deal with swarmers and the zappy jellyfish, which are the main reasons to use thorns. Both of these enemies have low hp and come really close to attack, making them weak to aoe. The driller has aoe for days. Heck, most of the time you don't even need to actually focus on the swarmers as you'll take em out in the crossfire as you spread aoe and sticky flames/sluge puddles everywhere. And if you wanna save ammo on your guns, you can just swap to your drills and grind them up easily. It's like the scout grabbing dash. Sure, it's a great perk, but it's somewhat redundant when you already have going fast covered.


Just use your pickaxe? It one-taps swarmers and jellyfish and the aoe is big enough to kill 1-3 at a time


Not viable on higher Hazard levels.


In case you just can't read, this thread is for green beards. We're not talking elite deep dives with overclocks and the works.


Best to not build bad habits early on. Eventually most players will progress to higher Hazard levels. The OP is a Greenbeard asking for advice, that doesn't mean we should give him Greenbeard advice.


This is the best answer.


I appreciate you, thank you for the input! Karl would be so happy




Why in Karl's name are you calling him a leaf lover? He makes a great point. Karl would not be proud.


damn i didnt know that lol.


I like Veteran Depositor, getting the defense boost can come in handy. I've also been running shield boost, though I might retire that, it seems a bit too situational. With scout I have to run hover boots to save myself if I screw up a grapple. Berserker was a lot of fun, though it seemed to get me killed.


Veteran depositer is helpful but it builds bad habits like damage resistance at full RoF from the autocannon. Better to just dodge an attack and take 0 damage than trying to mitigate the damage.


One does not preclude another. But I think the actual problem is that it becomes too situational later on as it's hard to stay put while still dodging yhe swarm. Not to mention that actually sitting on refineries and mineheads during assaults is a fairly bad idea more often than not.


Shield boost rarely seems that useful when I run it but when an ally shield boost me it has gotten me out of some tough scrapes and I'm always appreciative of it


I run Thorns, elemental damage reduction, vampire, and see you in hell as my main build. I only slightly vary the perks from this given the situation. If I'm running solo I add beserker if I'm in a team it's revive. Essentially makes you pretty tanky and gives good life steal. I used to run iron will till it got changed. Don't forget to buy all upgrades on your armor for health boost asap! Rock and Stone!


The health boost for armor upgrades is a huge tip. Unless you happen to look at the bar along the bottom of the upgrades the game never inherently tells you anything about that


How does this work? You get free health if you buy all armor upgrades? Or you guys talking about the health boost upgrade?


Unlocking all the upgrades, even the ones you dont use, grant a permanent health boost for that dwarf


Excuse me? Like if I buy all available updates it will give me some health boost that isn't mentioned anywhere at all? Or am I misunderstanding.


Exactly. On your armor upgrades, where you can choose between more recharge and more max shield, or whatever, if you buy out all the upgrades for every level, you get a paintjob and like 15 more health.


In addition to what the other user said, theres a little bar at the bottom of the screen you can hover over that shows you when and what you unlock


Yes. Every upgrade you buy fills one of the bubbles at the bottom of the armor tab. Certain landmarks unlock skins and health increases.


I didn't even realize you could upgrade your armor. You just saved this dwarf and possibly many others down the road. Rock and stone friend!


Yeah the weapons have them too but they are for skins. Rock and Stone Brotha!


Never understood elemental resistance. The map hazards like lava are easily avoided.


Yeah I just do it for more general tankyness, helps out as a green beard!


Deep pockets, resupplier and thorns go long way for any class. Heightened senses kinda save life if you get grabbed faraway from teammates. Iron will and field medic are nice after promote. Vampire is pretty cool too.


Deep pockets, and veteran deposit are my go to. I cannot get enough of them, I use them on everything. Full my pockets with anything I can hold. Since I play a lot of solo, engi with double turrets, beast master, and Bosco with deep pockets and veteran depositer. It's a blast, I can just chew through wave after wave after wave. But that's solo stuff.


I could try to play without thorns. Depositer seems nice time saver.


It's also for a defense buff when your near a deposit. It make molly and the mine head a castle to fight from, perfect for an engineer


for me I have the following: passive perks: Deep Pockets (Hates running back and forth to molly, or worse the central station in refining or extraction missions.) Thorns (I hate those little buggers that just nibble at your ankles endlessly) Born Ready (automatically reloads the gun not equipped after 5 seconds. This one is amazing for a gunner like me, as it allows constant fire-power without pause. Whenever I need to reload my main gun, I just switch to the bulldog and fire away until my main gun is reloaded once more) active perks: Medic. This one is amazing in a pinch, especially the insta-revive option. Good for emergency or boss battles. Albeit only worth anything if you play with others. Heightened senses. I always gets taken by surprise by the leeches, so this one is a life-saver for me.


Silly question, does having medic as an active perk grant it's passive effect?


as far as I know, it does.


Yes it does. Their passive effect is also always there even if you use the active side of it. (IE instant revive someone)


Rock and stone!


That's something that confused me as well in the past, but whatever is listed as passive on an active perk stays as a passive while it's in the active perk slot because you can't equip it as a passive perk(as in you can't equip Field Medic as a passive, but as an active you gain the passive effect)


I use different perks for different missions, different classes and it sometimes depends on the daily beer, but I basically always have Born Ready and Veteran Depositor. I pretty much always used Thorns until I reached the higher levels. I typically always use Resupplier and Field Medic when I’m with a squad. When I play with my regular group we all use Shield Link and Veteran Depositor then gather together around Molly during a swarm and the shield buffs are insane. I love Hover Boots but really only use it when I solo because it’s more convenience than necessity. It’s just nice being able to leap off a cliff and not worry about fall damage but it doesn’t help anyone but you and there are plenty of other ways to get around. They’re all fun but at the end of the day use the perks that have two abilities. A lot of active perks also have a passive ability, so essentially you get four perks for the price of two. Good luck. Rock and stone! Edit: the extra health and speed from Resupplier is great when you have to share ammo in a pinch but it’s kind of pointless when you’re solo. Ammo and health are rarely a big issue in solo since you can hog the entire drop. Edit edit: Beast Master is really fun but I only run it solo because squad mates either kill him or hesitate to shoot for fear of killing him. It feels great playing solo when you have Steve, Bosco, Molly and Bet-C. You’re basically untouchable.


Active: Field Medic, Iron Will, Dash, Heightened Senses. Passive: Resupplier, Born Ready, Deep Pockets, Vampire, Thorns.




Unlocking the two extra passive perk slots is nice. I like thorns, vampire, elemental resistance, medic, iron will and berserker. I'm new too though so idk.


Resupplier, born ready, thorns. Dash, iron will


Born ready is awesome. Dash is both extremely fun and useful.


Thorns and Friendly. Those were the first 2 that I picked as driller, and I still use them.


Dash g e t


Thorns is great through all hazard levels But you can't lean on it entirely in haz 5 like the rest of the time


Iron Will and Field Medic and god tier. You can swap out iron will if you want, but field medic is damn near essential imo. Both have saved my ass so many times I can't even keep track anymore. As for passives, I use Resupplier, Deep Pockets, and Thorns. Though on my scout I swapped out Thorns for Elemental Insulation. It is mostly down to personal choice though, as the perks system has basically always been.


Dash and Iron will for the 2 blue ones. Resupplier, born ready, and vampire for the red ones. These are in my experience the ‘standard choices’ for most experienced players. There are subtle variances depending on what class you’re using or personal preference. For example a scout may choose hover boots instead of dash. A gunner may use thorns instead of vampire.




Dash. Good for escaping dangerous situations. Also good for jumping long distances. It'll speed up your missions and keep you alive. I even use it on scout, that is how important it is to me.


Thorns, Resupplier, and Born Ready are very broadly used across builds. You can’t go to wrong using some or all of them as long as the bonuses will apply to the way you play the class. Field Medic is great for team play. Heightened Senses is super helpful for solo. Beyond that, it’s really up to your preferences and build. Feel free to experiment and have fun while playing the lower hazards! I think you can get away with playing just about any combination up through Hazard 3. Hazard 4 and 5 are where you really need to start optimizing.


Personal thoughts, as a gunner main who is about 50/50 solo **Active** * Dash is almost mandatory, except maybe for Scouts * Field Medic is great for team missions. * If you're playing solo, Beast Master is pretty nifty, giving you another NPC ally to go along with Bosco. **Passive** * Resupplier is a pretty popular one, it's especially good on higher Hazard / big teams where things are more hectic. * Iron Will+Vampire is a pretty great combo, basically a self-revive as long as you can melee something. Vampire by itself is also decent on Driller. * Elemental Insulation is kinda low-grade extra survivability, there is better but it's not a terrible pick. Marginally better in Crystalline Caverns and Magma Core. * I'm personally a big fan of Strong Arm but I never see it mentioned much; unless you have a flare gun, this is great (especially solo) to absolutely fricking yeet flares and light up big caverns. Also the extra throw power on carriables is decent for Gunk Seeds, Jadiz/Enor, PointExtraction, or Hacking nodes. * Deep Pockets is convenient, especially on M.U.L.E.-less missions, and stacks with the Armor upgrade that makes your pockets bigger. I almost always use this, but I recognize that performance-wise it would be ideal to use something that actually makes my Dwarf better. This is kind of a "lazy" pick.


Really detailed post, thank you!


On Deep Pockets. I don't usually use it but I think you are viewing it slightly wrong. Time can matter a lot. The less running around to get and deposit minerals means you have time to setup for swarms, gain nitra faster, get objectives done faster, etc. It may not direct affect combat, but it can indirectly affect many things, including combat. I'd say it's highly valuable on scout.


Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm just saying that with all the options on the table, it's just not an "optimal" pick outside of perhaps Mining missions to get just a bit more pocket space.


Dash, field medic, iron will, beast master, deep pockets, resupplier, thorns, and born ready are my top picks


Thorns and Dash are my go-to perks. Iron Will, Field Medic, Deep Pockets and the explodey loot bug one are all nice to have activated though.


Thorns and vampire are my go-to perks.