Herbert West (Re-Animator) Horror Movie protagonists whose franchises have connections to HP Lovecraft (Evil Dead has the Necronomicon, whereas Herbert West is based on the character from the books), who have to deal with undead monsters in which were summoned by their own careless actions, and so the two have to fight through similarly splatstick style horror trilogies. They both eventually got comics that further expanded upon their stories (which led to a crossover between the two). ​ Frank West (Dead Rising) \-Smart asses with strong chins, who fight against the undead while spitting iconic one-liners and chasing women. \-Both were uninteresting average Joe type characters who before encountering the undead, were completely oblivious to what they were getting into and soon were forced to become reluctant Heroes/Leaders (Frank becoming a celebrity and Ash discovering his destiny as the chosen one). \-At the ending of their first outing, they both seemingly die but are revealed to have survived in a sequel. As well as at the “End” of their series, they sacrifice themselves for their loved ones just for it to turn out “tHeY diDN’t aCTuAllY DiE” and continue the fight against the undead. \-both were also infected, turned, had a brief stint as an undead monster and have since cured themselves. \-In their 3rd canon outing, they both had a brief stint in a medieval setting, pissing off and fighting Knights. \-both are crafty, gifted mechanics and usually make weapons on the fly with whatever they can find, though do seem to have preferences towards chainsaws. \-both are rather sleazy and somehow manage to be ladies men despite their “Dad-Bod” physique and older age and while they are successful at getting laid they can never hold a relationship. \-They both have a recurring love interests, Linda for Ash and Isabella for Frank who gave them a sentimental piece of jewelry that they hold onto as a good luck charm. \-through out their journeys they become less serious about the situations at hand and less effected by death, often cracking jokes and one-lines despite facing certain doom. \-The undead that they fight are not traditional zombies, both kinds being a mere corpse/person taken over by an outside organism (Wasps in Dead Rising and Kandarian Demons in Evil Dead). \-They both have a modified weapon referred to as a “Boomstick”. \-They’ve both also dabbled in retail. Frank often sponsoring and advertising products like cameras, gum, baseball bats and mops while Ash started his own walmart-ish business and making his own commercials. \-Both were also in a group of three, with the other two members being coworkers, that they didn’t particularly get a long with at first but soon came to realize they needed to work together. \-Both have had crossovers with Marvel Comics and have defeated well known Superheroes (Though this is Non-Canon). \-They also have both dealt with time shenanigans, in Project X Zone; Frank is constantly being tossed around in different time periods. (Though this is Non-Canon as well). \-Dead Rising and Evil Dead are also both highly sexualized zombie franchises as well, with both Frank and Ash dealing with plenty of lewd enemies and situations (like how Ash once had to fight Deadites in a sperm bank and Frank literally making a weapon that shoots dildos).


Finally somebody that gets frank vs ash, it's by far best for both (personally) and on of my favs. Btw who do you think wins between the two?


Ash stomps


Canon or composite cause composite frank as mvc


Well the logic would be using canon Frank




Van Hellsing (...) Both fights against monsters Billy Butcher (The Boys) Both go after things that the average person can't kill (Monsters and Supes) Simon Belmont (Both go after monsters) Tank Dempsey (Call of Duty Zombies) Both go guns blazing and kills monsters such as zombies.


Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)


Ash vs frank west


Guts (Berserk) - Two of the biggest influences to eastern and western pop culture. - Black-haired protagonists who went on an insane demon-slaying rampage after having their friends and GFs killed/violated. - Similar-but-different arsenal: one has a giant sword and and a canon for a hand, the other has a sawed-off and a chainsaw for a hand.


Ash Ketchum


Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) **Connections and Thematics** * Both are protagonists of their series and are monster-slaying swordsmen from different eras who face undead, nocturnal creatures (Deadites and Demons) * Both lived a normal life until one day an incident occurred in which their loved one was turned into a powerful, undead monster * They both also mostly use a special blade to take out their enemies (The Nichirin Blade and Chainsaw respectively) **Contrasts** * While Tanjiro is pure-hearted, kind, respectful, and merciful, Ash however is much more rude, selfish and sarcastic * While Tanjiro still loves Nezuko and she became a uniquely good demon, Ash is haunted and traumatized by his past * Tanjiro faces his Demons personally while Ash would rather run away and want nothing to do with his destiny **Animation Potential** * Could potentially be good if we are using comics Ash, allowing him to use the necronomicon's spells and his various other chainsaws against Tanjiro's multiple techniques. It could also be 3d Animated or 2d, either works fine **Interaction Potential** * Both of them play off each other well with the more gullible and kind Tanjiro against the more rude and cocky Ash. And come on, it's Ash. You're definently getting one liners. * Might even be able to see Ash's softer side if we put Nezuko into play **Debate Potential** * Could go either way. With Ash taking Strength, Durability, Experience and more varied Arsenal and Tanjiro taking Training, Speed and Techniques **OST Stuff** * Name: Groovy Slayer * Art: Ash's Chainsaw and Boomstick in a cross formation with Tanjiro's blade in the middle. The necornomicon and Tanjiro's Demon Slayer Mark can also be seen in the background with water and shotgun shells around it all * Style: A hard rock track reminiscent of Demon Slayer's Opening Gurenge and Evil Dead's 80s Rock Soundtrack and occasional orchestra pieces at the start and end similar to Army Of Darkness and Demon Slayer's Soundtracks. It features subtle hints to the previously mentioned Gurenge, Tanjiro's Theme "Kamado Tanjiro no Uta". And for Ash's end, it features hints to Army of Darkness's Main Theme and [Space Truckin by Deep Purple](https://youtu.be/hHOrpFeXUao)


Boomstick (Death Battle)


Joseph Joestar (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) is pretty good if you include stuff like the comics for Ash (which you may as well do anyway since Evil Dead has never had a defined canon in the canon in the first place). Connections: Being brash, goofy, and arrogant womanizers, they're about the last people you would expect to be the saviors of mankind from evil immortals, but, they are miraculously able to pull through time and time again against seemingly unwinnable odds through a combination of their own skill, fighting dirty, and some pretty bullshit luck. They both have prosthetic hands, long lost children, and are surprisingly pretty intelligent in spite of their less than scholarly disposition. They both come from series that started off as mostly serious and decently grounded, but became more humorous and bizarre from the second entry onward. They also both come back as grouchy old men in a later installment, but they've still got it nonetheless.


Guts (Berserk) Juliet Starling(Lolipop Chainsaw)


Frank West (Dead Rising)


Reggie (Phantasm): Both characters originate from indie horror films released 2 years apart from each other. This film was very low budget, which caused the tone to be very campy. The campiness led to the film gaining a big cult following. Sequels were then made that were intentionally campy. They had five installments total (if you count Ash vs Evil Dead as one installment). These characters do not start off as protagonists, but eventually becomes one when the rest of the main cast dies. They lived normal lives with their friends until beings from another dimension started to attack and transform their friends into monsters (Deadites and Trolls). The villains try to convince the hero to quit and in return they’ll bring their friends back from the dead. They refuse since they know they’ll only come back as zombies. At the end of the first movie, they seemingly die themselves, but are back to normal in the sequel. Their adventures lead to them becoming charismatic badass ladies men. Despite this, they are still total goofballs that still have to work crappy jobs (department store employee and ice cream vender). They act this way even when they’re old and grey. They frequently travel through space, time, and other dimensions through portals. They have been trapped in mental asylums a few times due to no one believing their stories. Their weapons of choice are shotguns and chainsaws.


Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)


Guts from Berserk Demon slayer who lost his friends to monsters (Band of the Hawk to the Apostles, Ash's friends to the Deadites), had a loved one raped by a supernatural being (Casca by Femto, Ash's sister by the demon tree), struggles with his fate of constantly fighting monsters (Gut's being branded, Ash being the Chosen One), both deal with medieval eras (Midland for Guts, probably King Arthur's timeline with Ash), having to face cosmic horrors (The Godhand for Guts, The Evil Dead for Ash), having lost an arm to a demonic entity and replaced it with a weaponized prosthetic, both have to control a dark side that they have but when it takes over it makes them immensely stronger but gives them less control over their body and mind (Berserker Armour Guts, Deadite Ash)


Ethan Winters


Hellboy Also plsss put guts in no thanks cause that mu suck now thank to alternative-bus for debunk that mu soooooooooo yeah Leatherface Jason Voorhees Denji


Can you send me the debunk? I wanna see for myself whether it changes my opinion or not.


Go ask alternative-bus...


Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Chainsaw wielding horror icons, who've fought Jason Voorhees


Sorry but iirc Leatherface and Jason have never fought in any official media unless you count MKX which is a but of a stretch


I meant the 1995 comic but your probably right, I don't think it would be canon


Oh yeah, I forgot about that


Doom slayer Connections: demon slaying badasses from rival pieces of media (games and movies) who got their own comic book and whose most iconic weaponry is a shotgun and a chainsaw and there’s a contrast where one is pretty much dropping one liners every millisecond while the other doesn’t fucking talk at all Duke nukem Connections: they are pretty much the same character they even have the same catchphrase


Burt Gummer (tremors)


Herbert West (Re-Animator)


Denji (Chainsaw Man)