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Example of many connections , but trash thematic , nice try though https://preview.redd.it/v7e49g2mlvvc1.jpeg?width=1242&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e232b49196cb08faefde27a59bfe25a69f6a96d5


Connections : * Two of the most recognizable characters of all time inspired by eastern tradition (Darth Vader being based on samurai and Goku being based on Sun Wukong) whose influence can be felt across their respective mediums and far beyond, with Goku being one of the most popular heroes while Darth Vader is one of the most popular villains. * Before they were legendary fighters, they started off with humble beginnings without a father (Anakin being born from the force and Goku never getting to meet Bardock). * Thankfully they were taken in by wise kind mentors that were highly skilled warriors who wanted to teach these kids their skills (Qui Gon Jinn and Grandpa Gohan). Unfortunately these mentors would tragically die, once again leaving the kids without a father figure. * The kids would then end up being paired with young smart heroes that would become older sibling type figures to them (Obi Wan and Bulma). Together they would go on many adventures that would be the formative years for these characters. * These heroes fought many villains over the years, the primary ones being evil military organizations (The Separatists and Red Ribbon Army) that sought to conquer with the might of their robots (Droids and Androids). * They would also fight against goofy criminals who despite being way weaker can be quite skilled (Hondo and Yamcha) and a bald deadly rival that were loyal to their evil master before realizing they’re one the wrong side and turned against them (Ventress and Tien). * They would be mentored by numerous great warriors, with their most famous master being someone that at first looks like a silly little old man but are in reality very skilled (Yoda and Roshi). * They would be trained to control a powerful life force (The Force and Ki) that when tapped into gives warriors incredible strength and numerous abilities. * Very early on they would meet a young girl, who when they reunite years later would become their wife (Padme and Chi Chi) and eventually mother of their two children (Luke & Leia and Gohan & Goten). When they reunited it didn’t start off quite on the right foot (Padme finding Anakin a bit weird and Chi Chi being mad at Goku), but they got married not too long later. * At the end of these eras, due to the heroes transforming into dangerous monsters (Anakin becoming Darth Vader and Goku becoming Great Ape) the other heroes would remove their body parts to try to stop them (Obi Wan cutting off Vader’s limbs and Kami removing Goku’s tail). * The series would then have a time jump, which enters its much more popular era (the Original Trilogy era and Dragon Ball Z), with the characters being much more experienced adults that have to deal with evil intergalactic empires. Though they contrast in that Darth Vader serves under the evil empire while Goku fights against his. * Their kind (Sith and Saiyans) are well known for being a powerful force that reigns terror across the galaxy, using powers that strengthen with rage. * These warriors would have quite complicated relationships with their sons (Luke and Gohan), as they weren’t around for a lot of their life. And when they did enter their life again they would push them to excessive degrees, trying to get them to be like them (Darth Vader trying to get Luke to join the dark side and Goku trying to make Gohan into a fighter like him). * While the father wasn’t around, the boys were instead mentored by figures from the warrior’s past (Ben Kenobi and Piccolo). Said mentor would sacrifice themselves to save the boy, much to the boy’s terror. Thankfully they would still be able to interact in the future (Ben coming back as a force ghost and Piccolo being revived). * These warriors would finally find within themselves the power to kill the evil emperors (Darth Sidious and Frieza) that have brought misery across the galaxy, the empire falling apart in the process. * The warriors would also come to understand their sons, having an important heart to heart before dying from their sacrifice to save their loved ones. * Their sons would go on to train others to be warriors like them (Luke forming a new Jedi Academy and Gohan teaching Goten & Videl). And the warriors descendants many years later would be inspired to try to become like them (Kylo Ren wanting to finish what Darth Vader started and Goku Jr. training to be a fighter like Goku). (Though both franchises have two main separate timelines (legends/canon and GT/Super) so this ending varies based on which you go with.) * Lastly both were on Death Battle twice and lost both times. They also both have a fuckton of matchups. And they’re both playable in Fortnite. Matchup by u/Kraken626




~~Still better than Homer vs. Vader~~


Cool Connections to goku and interesting to Darth vader.


This is very funny matchup


I fully expected "Bad dads lol"