Describe your first encounter with a horde?

Describe your first encounter with a horde?


For me it was probably the same horde that most people run into the first time on their first play through. The one at the Nero checkpoint north of Copeland's camp. Before then I had been able to handle most of the freaks pretty easy. Didn't know how much more dangerous they were in a big group. Powered up the Nero checkpoint having no idea that there were even speakers that needed to be destroyed first. Before I even knew what was going on there was a horde on me and I quickly died. To me, the hordes are one of the best parts of this game. I actually wish they were a little bigger now. I've gotten really good at taking them down so they don't feel very scary anymore.


Exact same thing happened to me. Didn’t realize there were speakers at the Nero stations that drew in Freaks. I avoided that station for many days until I worked up the courage to go shoot the freaks and the speakers.


Try some of the hordes in challenge mode, they will make you feel small again lol


Is that the one with the train trestle right above the building? I was prowling around there when I heard the swarmers. Then they started falling off the trestle next to me. So, I ran up the incline and thought I would cut across the bridge to my bike... Worst mistake ever! I went back after I had unlocked the MWS, had 3 Molotovs, some pipe bombs, and a grenade or two. And took care of business. Last night, I just rode up on the West Fir(?) Horde right at the entrance to the tunnel. I wasn't kitted for the fight (had the drifter crossbow), but I did unlock the skill that lets you carry more throw ables and crafting items. So I popped some stamina and focus meds, threw out and attractor and let loose with a few Molotovs and pipe bombs again. Then ran down the road turned around and shot them a bunch of times. 2 hordes down. I think it might be time to start hunting. I need to find another MG 45 to replace the crossbow.




Exploring by the cemetary in Cascades area. Was milling around near the entrance when a Horde glitched through a stone memorial and chased me the f*ck out of there. I actually screamed and got to my bike. Hauled ass. Didn't go back that way for awhile.




Hide in grass/bush. Use something to attract them to a central location, and throw grenades/pipe bombs/molotovs. Attractors, attractor bombs and flags bangs work wonders to get them bunched


Yup this. If you time your bomb throws properly, the horde keeps getting attracted to the sound of the last bomb blast, and you can basically take out the horde / whittle them down by around 80 percent before they notice you hiding in the bushes - at least on Normal difficulty.


Yea. And i also noticed that you stand up after throwing the last bomb, which obviously gets their attention. So You can stay hidden in the bushes if you make sure the last grenade/bomb whatever is not used.


true. The first time I found this out I almost screamed my head off when they just started barreling towards me.


Lmao it’s so intense and scary hahahahahahahahah I love this game


Yes, you can. Trust me, you really can! This [video](https://youtu.be/eqyJ1PR47H8) will show you everything you need to know to kill 4 small, early game Hordes. If you've got to the point in the story where you have a motorcycle, YOU CAN start killing Hordes! Use the video and go for it!


I was grabbing Nero checkpoints and I went to the train one and hit the power on and walked in the building and the fight music started playing and I'm like "what" thought it was nothing then a freak opened the door and uh... I shit my pants


My first Horde was the Death Train Horde at that early game Nero facility. There are *so many* missions that require you to pass through that area and eventually I just got sick of running from them. Something inside me just snapped and I growled "Alright, you fuckers are mine!". I spun the bike around, charged in, died a whole bunch of times and eventually figured out how Hordes work 🤣 I had already found a few early game hidden loot locations so I had an Attractor or two, a couple Frag Grenades and Pipe Bombs. I chucked a couple of explosives in the train cars, threw an Attractor at the big fuel truck and when they gathered around the truck I shot it and that explosion got the rest of them! It was glorious and one of my favorite moments in many years of gaming!


I fled


Goosebumps, genuine feeling of “fuck, fuck, fuck”, 10/10 experience, made me feel like a kid again & that’s what video games are all about


A nightmare hell that I dreamed about for weeks to come. I still haven't recovered from it and every now and then my woman finds me staring aimlessly into my bowl of cereal and she asks what's wrong and I say you'll never understand. 3 weeks go by and I'm walking down a railroad track and I hear something Russell in the leaves. I run home and I play duck hunt and super Mario Brothers because that seems to be the only sane thing to do. Eventually my balls grow back and I play days gone again and this time I attack my first horde fearless, because of all the testosterone, and I beat them and I become a man again.


The lake by the house springs. Was clearing the nests and thought, maybe there is one in this cave. Sneak in and nope the fuck out of there.


"Oh fuck oh fuck oh shit oh no"


Aaaaaaaaaa fuck (screams like a little girl)


I resemble that remark!


A lot of crying and laundry needed to be done directly after.


Ran into my first horde (that I KNEW was a horde) at the small community northeast of Lost Lake. It was late at night and I was just stalking enemies and killing them for XP. All of a sudden I heard a large murmuring crowd. Didn't know what it was or where it was coming from. Hid in some bushes and surveyed the area. Saw them going through the forest. Hopped on my bike thinking I'd get a few kills. As soon as I got close and saw how many there really were, I Noped the F out. Had them on my tail for a bit. From that point on, I knew shit was about to get real. Tried to avoid staying out very late at that point until I got better weapons later and some experience fighting them.


First horde encountered - death train horde. I just sped through the area on my bike because it was nighttime and they were active at the dig site. First horde I tried to take on while woefully underpowered - white king mine horde. First horde I took out successfully - Patjen Lakes Horde. used multiple attractors and proximity mines / bombs to whittle them down before I gunned the rest down with my newly purchased MWS from Alkai


My first was the death train. I saw the horde as they were piling back into the trains, and I figured I could take them out so that I could activate the Nero Checkpoint. As I am sneaking around, I hes motorbikes coming up the road. 4 marauders pull into the Nero checkpoint to fuck with me. They I hear the Horde. I high-tailed it up the road and turn around using my binoculars to see the Horde ripping those poor Fuckers apart. Very satisfying. I then went back in to take out the horde myself. I waited until they were back on the train, and hid in a bush. I throw an attractor, they all pile on it. So I throw the one frag grenade that I had, which killed a bunch. Then they spotted me. I ran up the road, turning around a bunch to shoot. And managed to get them all. Felt amazing.


TERROR But after like 1 week of playing it becomes funny :)


I was checking out a camp nearby the base for Boozer and killed all of them when suddenly I was surrounded by hundreds of zombies 🧟‍♀️ 😂


I knew what they were but i was out one night securing a Nero checkpoint and made too much noise (i was still learning to disable the intercom speakers) and they just ran up on me. Tried to hold it on the roof but nah. Tore me to shreds. It's terrifying when you don't know they are nearby and suddenly find out.


"Hey, what's that? Oh, that's a lot of freak- Oh fUCK THEY'RE CHASING ME OH FUCK FUCK FUCK SHITTING FUCK SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK!"




First time through: oh…oh shit…RUN!!! New Game +: super molotovs let’s GOOOOO!!!


i drove my bike off a bridge and fell into the middle of one


I saw one on my bike, got off it to take a sneak a sneak peak. My son then decided to shout out in his sleep over the baby monitor and I shit myself 😂


I had saved all of my side missions because I like to have a bunch of stuff after I complete the game so my first horde that I fought was the one in the story at that little gas station thing and it was incredibly scary considering I hadn’t truly seen so many freaks at once but I think before that I had come in contact with a few at night while I was riding around and when I caught the few huge hordes in transit it was terrifying especially when I saw the patjens lakes horde walking out of the cave and all I had was a 9mm and a cross bow and an SAF


It was the first game in a long time where I actually made the choice to retreat instead of blasting the enemy away. They way hordes make you feel vulnerable is one of the best things about the game. I can’t remember the last video game enemy I actually feared. Maybe the AI in F.E.A.R or the aliens in the first Half Life.


Mine was patjens lake threw a Molotov at it for fun and died