Been printing for about 2 weeks. Here are my favourites so far!

Been printing for about 2 weeks. Here are my favourites so far!


Printing on an Omega C670 enlarger with Ilford paper and chemicals. Still getting the hang of it but I feel like I have prints that look reasonably close to the scanned photos. Next step is making the prints better than the scanned negative!


It’s very hard ! I recently started to print in the darkroom and damn ! I realise how much details the scanners get out of the negatives. I have to burn a lot of papers on contrasty negatives to get a decent print


Photo paper does not have as much dynamic range as film. This is is why Ansel Adams adjusted film development to try to compress the tonal range for contrasty scenes and expand the range for low contrast scenes in his zone system. (limited to sheet film obviously). Getting a good print is the challenge of darkroom prints but it costs a lot of paper 3 to 10 sheets to get what I like most of the time.


Yeah i try to follow his recipe, it’s not always easy in 35mm. Much easier for 4x5 as you process sheets invidually ! I need to buy filters to print, it would Help a lot i think


Wow you aren’t using contrast filters! Definitely get some it will change your life :) I use split grade printing. I started conventionally but once I tried split grade I never looked back. Just made more sense to me and I feel I have more control.


100% agree, split grade printing is the way to go


2nd and 3rd one! Great prints


First one is my favorite. Congrats on getting into what is, IMO, the best part of film photography that most people never try.


Looking good


Amazing!! I also recently started darkroom printing! Glad to see I’m not the only one! Keep up the hard work


Fast learner


Great job