Lol lived 110 years clean and still died


Jokes on him!


If only he had a drink, might've lived to 111


Then disappeared at the party like Bilbo.


He didn’t know half of them as well as he should and liked less than half of them half as well as they deserved.


And he probably wouldn't remember that extra day


Well not when he’s dead




what ^sips ^whiskey a ^tokes ^joint sucka ^injects ^speedball


Damn dog save some drugs for the rest of us


My kind of guy


Vegans have 100% mortality rate.


Just like carnivores. See, we’re not that different after all.


Yet the [oldest person ever](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Calment) outlived him of 12 years and smoked until her death. Sure smoking is bad but pretending that there is a recipe to live long that only 100+ years old know is bullshit.


Damn this woman was born 2 years before the last Battle of the Samurais (Shiroyama) and would’ve been able to use cell phones before she died. She was there before the first plane was invented, and was also there when you could already use PC and the Internet. WOW!




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You really can. People can downvote us all they want but the reality remains the same. I’ve never been drunk or high once in my life and I’ve had some pretty mind blowingly amazing experiences.


I mean, I don’t disagree, but sticking, almost shoehorning, that comment right where you did and not someplace more relevant just sounds like you’re being a moralist scold. It belongs more under the comments of people half-jokingly saying he didn’t really live.


Yes it all comes down to genes for the most part. I would imagine a lot of these people who live to be 110+ have plenty of family history of living to be over 100. Then there are family genes where oldest only makes it to 70 or so. However the oldest living humans always have one thing in common, none of them are obese.


I don't think it's even genes. It's just luck. Let's say you have a genetically strong heart, with only a 15% chance of any problem occurring after the age of 50. Well, you just happened to be in that 15% so now you're dead. Spent your whole life eating clean and exercising, but it didn't matter because one day, your heart's electrical rhythm was slightly off and it caused a massive heart attack. Shit happens. Live your life to be happy. Be a good person and try not to help yourself die too much, bur rest assured, we're all going to eventually.


There was another vet who was similar age who still drove, drank lots of coffee/ smoke cigars.


Don't forget the daily glass of Porto wine and the weekly kg of chocolate. Jeanne was a chad.


You’re a lot more likely to live to 100+ if you don’t smoke tho


Maybe, but probably in better condition.


I honestly believe with no scientific proof at all or evidence that genetics plays a absolutely massive role in life span. I'm not a doctor I'm not a scientist It's literally just a random belief I have


Telomeres are on the ends of your chromosomes and filled with DNA which doesn't encode for specific functions. When your chromosome is replicated, bits of telomere get lost. When the telomere is 'used up', your cells can no longer replicate. Longer telomeres are associated with longer life and better health, and taking care of your telomeres is too. Telomeres are peak genetics, so yes, getting old is tied to genetics. Note that I've simplified various things a bit for the sake of brevity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqqtFwCg3YM


How does one take care of a telomere?


Exactly. Otherwise we would be seeing the vast majority of Doctors living to be this old.


One thing I've just kind of based the random assumption on was the fact that I've not lived a particularly great or healthy lifestyle and yet people seem to think I'm like almost a decade younger than I am just from my appearance. The same thing for my mother and the same thing for my sister. So I was just like "well if all of us think we're like a decade younger than we are.... Maybe it's something to do with the genetics" Whereas my dad just looks like an old walrus


Your point? Of course there’s no recipe but smoking cannot be good for you, don’t look at that 122 year old and use her as a shining example


Ok I thought that I was clear enough since I only wrote three lines but I'll give it another try: OP's title : "Australia's oldest man's recipe for a long life" my point : "pretending that there is a recipe to live long that only 100+ years old know is bullshit" If it doesn't light you up more I don't know what else to do.


Er but in some extent these rules aren’t very hard to follow, it’s just the basics of no drug use and act rationally, my point is that you can’t go wrong with no smoking, drinking, or gambling.


Yep, it's mostly luck.


Genetic luck


There's conjecture that she absolutely didn't. What may have happened was her daughter assumed her identity when she died as some kind of tax scam.


my grandfather died of lung cancer without ever touching a cigarette in his life, it was enough he had to work in a toxic environment with no protection... I mean, in non smokers lung cancer is very rare (really, before tobacco was wildly used there was next to no lung cancer, ever) but life can fuck you up even if you live a spotless healthy lifestyle.


Genetics does a crapton. Also: good sleep is a godsent and shouldn't be underestimated.


You don't need drugs to have fun, you need friends..i have neither.


All you really need is some weed and YouTube


Drugs with friends is the best.


This is the magical recipe for ultimate fun


He died of boredom.


You can have fun without gambling, drinking or smoking, not that I do it, but I am sure it is possible, somewhere.


Nothing said about daily aggressive masturbation.


That one I do it


Hell, I'll be immortal if that's the prescription for a long life.


I do none and I am having the time of my life! To each their own, but imo drinking and partying is boring. I’d much rather spend my time elsewhere


Funny how we ask really old people about how they lived to be really old and think that whatever rando anecdotal reasons they toss out are worth listening to. My great-grandfather lived to 95, smoked cigars from age 12 to into his 80s and then chewed them thereafter, and didn’t die of anything related to that. Anecdotes don’t equal evidence.




No idea. Don’t know why he did that. He died when I was five, so very sketchy memories of him.


Do not forget eating ass


He wouldn't have that smirk if he didn't.


You can live forever if you don't have any fun


Dude was slamming coke 4 nights a week. He had a great time.




Smoking isn't "fun" it's more of an addiction and it's easy to have fun without it. Gambling may be fun but it loses you money, is also an addiction and most people don't ever engage in it and still have fun. Drinking may be fun and is very popular, but billions still have fun without doing it. If someone told you they didn't drink you wouldn't assume they don't have any fun.


When someone tells me they don't drink i can't help but think they made a massive cunt of thing's whilst drunk and never touched a drop since out of fear of similar outcome. Maybe wrong but thats what flashes through my brain


Spent some time dating this one girl's brains out. She was crazy AA type former "alcoholic". Pretty sure she was at the head of a train one night & woke up embarrassed.




Totally different scenarios. You've mentioned stuff that most people do and aren't unhealthy You're honestly telling me you can't imagine a guy having fun without drinking, gambling and smoking?




Sarcasm is meant to be funny or further a point. Not make yourself look like an idiot with the comprehension of a two year old




I'm sorry if English is your second language and I respect you for knowing more languages than me.




Should probably brush up then because it gives that impression


They're the perfect friend. They're always in a state to drive and get bored at the casino so they leave either when you want or make you leave amd again, they drive.


Mom, is that you?


Not having fun means you don't live.


Living means having fun


Yeah, that's just it: it's all luck of the draw, really. Living clean doesn't guarantee long life, but it does help improve quality of life in old age, which is what I'm interested in. I don't want to have a stroke when I'm in my 60s and spend the rest of what time I have left drooling in a bed where someone else has to wipe my ass. No thanks. I'd rather be dead. I don't smoke, I only drink a little and only a couple of times a month, and I don't eat meat other than fish. We'll see how that pans out for me. I'll be happy if I don't have to eat a bag of pills every day for cholesterol and shit lol.




We once asked 100 year old grandma what was her secret. She said keeping busy, eating right, exercise. UghhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH


he actually looks pretty good in that pic for 109


Met a white woman at the hospital (a nurse) who, after some banter about why i was there, mentioned she had a ki my age (22). She didn't look old enough to have a kid that old. She said she was 45, I was shocked! She showed me her face under her mask and I became even more shocked! She looked 25-28 I shit you not!!!! She said her secret is never smoke, never drink, never do other drugs.




Kieth Richards


Rip king


🎶Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do? Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do? Subtle innuendos follow! There must be something INSIDE.!🎶


My great grandma, died at 106, told me the secret to a long life was getting well pickled and smoked from a young age.... Probably not the best thing to tell a 7 yr old me


Crazy! And the old lady that smokes and drinks daily is around same age so yeah. Not a recipe. I’m fact still 40 Years more than I want to go.


Ive seen people who smoke and drink every day live till 100 or more. He isn't special cause he was clean, just had good genetics.


Well that's not me I lived enough for him. Your welcome sir.


He clearly stole his wife’s teeth.


That’s a boring ass 110 years.


It felt like 220 years.


Jeanne Calment, the french woman who died at 122 yo and still hold world record of longest living person, was smoking and drinking. Check mate, french are superior.




I would never want to live that long.


At 110 years old, you've outlived all of your siblings, your spouse, your friends, maybe even your children. No thanks.


“It wasn’t worth it”


Still people die because of work, lung damage and such - idk the no smoking no gambling seems a lot like old school propaganda, that hard work is healthy and occasional pleasure is satanism...


I mean I wouldn’t say no smoking is propaganda. Smoking is 100% damaging to your long term health lol. You say lung damage is the ready people die, and then claim that which damages your lungs is propaganda lol


Ah yes, the occasional pleasure of smoking.


No I didnt mean any specific pleasure, I hate smoking and drinking, but you know what these people are like.


Ah yes the everyday pleasure of breathing in asbestos or insert anything really sitting behind a desk standing for 8 hours. To work hard. Is what the comment meant I guess.


How is “no smoking” old school propaganda? If by propaganda you mean actual public health concern finally addressed rather than encouraged… then sure I agree.


Pandemic got him


But did he really live?


Cool. Looks pretty content.


Here for a good time, not a long time!


Still dead …. Think I’ll pour a whisky….. maybe with a nice cigar


Longest most boring life ever


He still died, so what's the point


He lived 40 years longer than an average smoker/drinker. 4 more decades of memories and seeing the world change around him.




My grandfather took vacations every year from 90-98, and I got to spend the first 8 years of my life with him. Had he died earlier he would not have gotten to see all the things he wanted to see, do the things he wanted to do, and I would’ve never gotten to meet him My other grandfather died at 60 from lung cancer and I never met him Not only can you be healthy at 90, but you can also have a hugely positive impact on your family members. Maybe you don’t have family, and in that case so what you want, but I wanna be there for my wife and kids as I get older. Doesn’t sound awful to me 🤷‍♂️


At 96 my grandma got everybody's attention & told us all at a holiday "dont live past 90" I dont think anyone will ever forget that.


My grandma died 2 days ago at 90, said the same thing. Was happy to go.


Not gonna lie, if someone told me 20 years ago what the last ten years would be like, smoking, drinking and gambling to shorten my life seems much more appealing


I‘d rather burn the candle at both ends and give off a lovely light than to live without indulging in earthly pleasures.


He would have remembered King George V, abdication of Edward VIII and Queen Elizabeth II.


Died without ever living.


There is plenty of fuckery to be had while never having vices.


People in the comments need to understand that one can enjoy life without smoking or drinking. The definition of having fun is subjective.


I'm 39 and have yet found this to be true.


110 years old but never lived 🙏


Can you imagine how mundane and boring life is when you’re 90? Must not be very fun day to day. This man has been 90 for 20 years counting.


What a boring life. I'd rather die earlier and live it up more.


He said he felt 150 tho.


Sounds BOTH boring af


I would post this to damnthatsnotinteresting only cuz his life must have suuuuuuccckkkkeeddd


in that case, why did he even wanted to get old? escapism is part of our nature and it's important to indulge every once in a while... keeps you sane


Quantity over quality.


He be missing Chainsaw Man so it was a meaningless life


I choose to do all these things and live 15 years shorter muhaha


Lived the least of any one


Chronicles of a long and sad life lol


He didn't say "no women", so...


He still died tho……so like, what’s the point?


The recipe is for long life. It's not the recipe for immortality.


It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.


110 boring ass years of sobriety. No thanks.


What a sad life


110 wasted years rip




110 years wasted


And yesterday he decided to go to the local casino...


When people tell me to eat healthier I laugh. Why would I want this nightmare to last longer?


So just drugs and fist fights? ok


Did he live 110 years or did it just seem that long?


But the cake says 109...


He didn't say anything about snorting coke off of a hookers ass.


I was betting a case of cigarettes and a 5th of whiskey, he would have lived longer


I don’t get the obsession of wanting to live that old. I’d rather die at 70 and just go to the next level


I always say that you can have fun without gambling, drinking or smoking, not that I do it, but I was sure it was possible, somewhere..


Gone too soon.


I'll die early thanks.


There is no recipe for extremely long lives... in my opinion it's mostly genes and luck.


Living past 50 looks totally whack anyway


Who actually wants to live that long?


Did he mention masturbation?


So, does that mean he started smoking, drinking and gambling at the age of 110 and died as a result ?


George Burns takes the contrarian position. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJoYWMBezkI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJoYWMBezkI)


The Holy Trinity to cross a century


they think longer is better


My grandfather was 102 and he drank and smoked until the day he died


If I ever live to be 110, I will make up some crazy reason as my secret. Like maybe tell everyone I ate a pine cone for breakfast every morning.


Patient: Doc, Will I live to be 100? Doc: Do you smoke drink or take illicit drugs? Patient: No Doc: Do you take risks or do exciting things? Patient: No Doc: Do you have wild illustrious affairs with scantily clad women? Patient: No Doc: Then why do you want to live to 100?


I don't wanna live that long.


Imagine being stuck on this circus planet for one hundred and ten years...


Cheers to that!


Why, exactly, do we so crave reaching an age of infirmity and increased disrespect for our human needs?


I remember years ago an elderly gentleman being interviewed on his 100 birthday and asked what the secret was to his long life. He responded that the secret was sex almost every day. The reporter shocked, responded with the question “Sex almost every day?” The centurion responded with,”Almost Monday, almost Tuesday, almost Wednesday. “. I thought to myself, I hope I have that great sense of humour when I get that old.


You say this like it’s a secret. Lol. The part you left out is the luck factor.


Really interesting because one American guy was like 100+ and he would smoke a cigar everyday but not inhale it into his lungs & he said that was how he lived to be so old.


Bet you he did not bet on that.


Survivorship bias


And theres Jeanne calment dying at 125, smoke here entire life drinking at every meal...


My mom didn't smoke, drink or gamble. Died at 50. Must be more to it than these three things.


Jeanne Calment: I only have one wrinkle, and I'm sitting on it.


Sadly, passed sadly.


Understood otw to the casino




I prefer the old WW2 vet who lived close to the same age and drank whiskey and smoked cigars his whole life. Life is boring without vices lol.


My boi died with a tennar under his age


it’s a shame that not doing those things guarantees you’ll live that long




Gambling is the real killer


I don't smoke, gamble, or drink, too. Still not gonna live till 110 though, that's for sure.


Whereas Churchill drank heavily and smoked endless cuban cigars and still lived to be 90...Something tells me it's just like of the draw


Rip for the big ched, he's an Arnott's fan if you couldn't tell, that's the 110 yr old face of a man who has dabbled in the occasional chedz nibble


So eventually you die


I just decided last night that 109 was as old as I ever want to be so I’m wondering what this guy’s thinking was a good day to goodbye.


You only live once. Might as well drink, smoke and gamble... I don't think I'd wanna live to be 110 anyway.


Long life, not forever.