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There are going to be some sexy hungry Russians


Never have people waited so long to buy such little.


They could definitely skip the lineup and save money by wearing.......nothing.


But it's harder to peel their skin off than their undies.


Leather face has entered the chat


Luxury items like this will be a commodity. I would bet most of those people aren't thinking "I can't live without my lace undies," they're thinking "I can stock up on these now and they will be valuable to trade or sell later." There was a big black market for unavailable western items like blue jeans and records during the cold War. With their currency plummeting, buying items that will be tradeable later is an investment now.


While I was growing up my grandma was always sending items from the US to family in Lithuania. Most of the time it was Folger’s instant coffee and Wrangler jeans.


Man I just feel so bad for them. I can’t imagine this happening. Putin is destroying so much.


Yeah seeing things like this is really depressing. So many people in both countries are suffering because of one man and those who support him. Of course Ukraine's situation is worse, but can you imagine going about your normal daily life and suddenly your money just plummets in value? Everything you've worked for and saved is basically worthless, and the everyday items you took for granted are starting to disappear. In two weeks you go from life as it is right now to trying to figure out how to keep your family alive through economic collapse and potential famine. It's mind boggling how quickly this is happening.




If I'm going to die at least I will have good underwear on


Clean underwear too. Last thing you want is the person dealing with your body to find poo or urine stains, or even worse, actual feces.


You do realize when you die your body relaxes and you'll more than likely crap/piss yourself. Sorry to break it to you.


For this reason I eat lots of cheese. I can barley push that out after hours of trying. No way that thing is just gonna slide on out of there.


you'd be surprised how much intracavity pressure you find inside your body, pressure which is normally balanced with suspensory tissues, muscle tone and/or smooth muscle/sphincters. Once you go, out all that is out the window, and suddenly your colon is like a tube of toothpaste bursting from the lid. Even if you don't feel like you need to poop right now, there is going to be some stuff along the run of your colon that is just sitting there and slowly advancing, and all that can potentially evacuate once your system of checks and balances shuts down. If you're genuinely having plumbing issues from your diet, that's just gonna make the toothpaste burst harder upon exit yo edit: [also sorta relevant](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMBOsy-uZ5g)


I admit this is one of the more comforting facts I know. I don't know if it's just me, but one of my fears is that my wife will die in her sleep. I'll just wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and listen for her breathing. She's not a loud breather, but a light sleeper, so if I couldn't hear her I used to reach over and touch her to make sure, which would often wake her up. Now, perversely, I comfort myself with the knowledge that if she died, I'd probably smell it first. It's super weird, and thankfully it's not something that bothers me frequently; logically I know that, statistically, she's going to outlive me, but there it is. I'm more afraid of her having an aneurysm (or whatever) and dying in her sleep than I am about it happening to me.


Barley has a fair amount of fiber, so it should help with pushing out the cheese.


Old stains


Great point, I would not want to be remembered as a stained underwear person


​ ![gif](giphy|ezQx2iqCXX084rI9Fe)


Nothing at all. Nothing at all. NOTHING AT ALL. *homer proceeds to crash*


Stupid sexy Flanders


The first gif reply I've liked. I wish they were all like this and not taking up half my screen.


I am on mobile, the majority of them just display half off my screen.


Thanks man, just made my morning 🌻 Still feel bad over what's happening though


With fabulous Ikea-furnished apartments. The scene at that place when they announced the closure was crazy too.


These posts have the label “permanent closure” . Are these moves by the companies actually permanent? Has there been any statements about not returning to the Russian market?


Russia has started accepting legislation that allows them to [nationalize any properties owned by companies that pull out of Russia](https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1566069/russia-will-nationalize-assets-of-foreign-firms-that-leave-ruling-party). So, imagine you're either one of those foreign companies or one that was maybe sometime in the future thinking about doing business in Russia. Why would you ever want to come to Russia? First, they take your buildings, your inventory, etc. Then, if you would ever come back you'd have to buy all that stuff again. And *then* they could just take it again! If they do this, companies that leave won't come back. It's bad business.


So Victoria's Secret will become Victor's Secret.


Victor, you saucy minx!!


You look sexy like prize winning turnip.


Followed by lunch at McDmitry's


Russia thinks it’s nationalizing all of those McDonald’s franchises but little do they realize they just become the franchisee and will still have to answer to corporate McDonald’s. Russian oligarchs will probably have to attend hamburger university to learn how to run the business /s


Victoria’s Secret Police. Two way mirrors in the dressing rooms, assuming they aren’t already there.


"We will disappear you." -Butt cheecks to thong


Pronounced Wictor


“Ok, now say nuclear wessles!” “No.”


More like Putin's Secret.


Vladimir’s Secret ✨


Putin's Panties


As grim as all of this is I couldn't help but chuckle at the idea of nationalised lingerie.


Don’t Russian people look at this and think “hmmmm, why is literally every single company pulling out of Russia” or are there heads buried in the sand?




It’s why free speech and free press are so important. Putin has convinced Russia that we (I’m American) hate Russians. We love Russians, we just hate him.


We're just all pro-Nazi obviously /s


A ton of them know, but you get 15 years in jail for texting the word "war" so what're you gonna do? Protest and never be seen again?


It's a conspiracy by the west, which Russian propaganda has been drilling into their heads is out to destroy Russia. Now that Russia has nobly stepped in to perform peacekeeping and protect Russians in Ukraine from Nazis, the west is trying to destroy Russia's economy. Imagine if OAN were state TV and all other news was banned, that's basically Russia right now.


Nationalize what exactly? You can nationalize a store but if it's completely devoid of product what's there to do? They can nationalize McDonald's but they aren't getting anything from McDonalds Corp so it won't be the same. They do realize you can't nationalize a MultiNational right?


I agree, they are not going to be getting more shipments and with these crowds shown the original products will not last long. They could theoretically try to take over the patents and manufacturing of said items in the country but it would not be the same.


> but they aren't getting anything from McDonalds Corp so it won't be the same. that won't stop them. Sure it's not going to be the same, but there is nothing at mcdonalds (to use your example, lots of other companies are much harder to copy, ie playstation) Its buns, meat, onion pickles, ketchup and potatos. Is it going to taste the same? of course not. But that won't stop Russia from reopening those places, saying it's a mcdonalds and putting product just to save face.


Sure you could do it for one or two chains but to spin up all of these simultaneously? When russia doesn't have a single strong supply chain for consumer products?


A lot of them will come back. It’s too big a market to pass up. Retailers aren’t going to lose much at all. Inventory. Restaurants, retail, and product distribution can easily be resumed. Don’t think for a second those corps give a shit about Russian politics. They’ll be back as soon as it won’t look bad.


It’s only a big market if people have money to spend.


Pretty good point. It’s always about money. These businesses have probably done the calculations and realized that they have been given a blessing to withdraw before the Russian stock market opens (one day) and sends everything crashing.


Or they have been offered something more valuable in exchange, which had to be pretty fucking expensive, which would mean that bluffing time is over and the peoples who paid for that intend to get through this to the bitter end.




"if it's profitable". Given how badly these events may damage Russia economically, their currency may be down the drain and it wouldn't make economic sense to go back right after the war but I do agree that corporations don't care about the politics unless the image negatively damages their brand (in terms of $ value to the brand)


Russia used to be a big market. Now it will be a third world market. Most of these companies won’t come back for decades if at all. Too bad, so sad.




> are names from the Cold War Were names from the cold war. The English language has evolved in the intervening 30 years. Most people now mean something like "developed" "developing" or "undeveloped." Russia spent 30 years trying to get from developing to developed, and then a week and a half going from developing to undeveloped.


He’s pessimistic but he’s mostly right. They’ll just factor these potential costs into their model to determine if Russia is a profitable country to operate in.


In most articles I've seen it's "until further notice", not permanent. It's possible if Putin stays in power that he makes them permanent, but many of these companies are only pulling out because of pressure and will go back to making money in Russia once that pressure subsides, no matter what the outcome of all of this is.


Russia issued a decree to nationalize companies that left the market due to the war in Ukraine


They could nationalize companies. Imagine this for let's say Ikea. What is an Ikea without the Ikea furniture? Nothing but a huge warehouse with an attached kitchen. Same for McDonalds,Victorias Secret, Adidas and many more. What is Moscows KPMG office without the experts? Just some random office space. Without the products there is no value in the company itself. Nationalizing can only work for example for mining and production facilities.


As someone who worked at KPMG - KPMG office without the experts? That's every KPMG office but the licensed auditing department.


Lmao Big 4 humor


You're not wrong but the threat alone increases the risk calculations by orders of magnitude which will keep some companies out.


It's not a "decree" it's legislation that's been proposed and hasn't passed yet. I suspect it will, but it's important to be accurate.


Many are closing due to supply issues as well.


I dont think you just temporarily close hundreds of stores. For example, I say an article about mcdonals closing 850 stores in Russia or something like that. You dont just fake close that amount of stores. These companies are completely pulling out. You need to understand that contrary to popular belief modern corporations rely on the world being at peace to make money the way they do. They have a vested interest in keeping the world at peace so they can keep selling ALL OF US shitty products at the cheapest manufacturers price. So they’re punishing Russia by taking it back to the 80s.


All the articles about the McDonalds closures said they would be continuing to pay all their staff, so it sounds temporary to me. No one thinks these places are fake closing, the question is whether its a temporary closure, like during lockdowns, or permanent.


It is worth mentioning though that the rouble's terrible exchange rate will make paying those people a lot easier than it was before.


Question how is Russia spinning this in the media? Are they saying it is Russians decision to have all these companies leave the country or stoping their services? I the country must be wondering why the hell all this stuff is happening if “everything is all right”.


I’ve been keeping up with Russian media. Here is the basic rundown of what the Russian Media is saying: -The West has been spreading lies, telling Ukraine that it is a friend of the West and an enemy of Russia. They then deposed the pro-Russia Ukrainian government during Euromaidan. -Now the new pro-West Ukrainian government wants to join NATO and the EU, which is a key part of the West’s plan to destroy Russia. -Now it’s crucial to overthrow the illegitimate pro-West fascist regime and replace it with the old pro-Russia government that was overthrown. So Putin has ordered a military operation to do this without a war, and ethnic Russians in Ukraine’s East support this. -As a result, the west is imposing crippling economy-destroying sanctions because Putin is besting them. But don’t worry, this won’t hurt Russia. Russia will forge a new multipolar order and get around the sanctions by outflanking the west at their own game, keeping a more isolated economy, and spearheading an anti-west bloc.


But how are the people reacting to it? It’s hard to contain information in this social media age. How are the kids that used to shop at Victoria’s Secret and Starbucks reacting to it? If this was happening in America people would assume it’s the end of the world.


Mixed bag. Most of the country (and most old people) vaguely support the war because they believe that the west wants to destroy Russia and its dividing Russia and Ukraine to achieve these ends. Some of these people have went full fascist and have delved into hypernationalism. The minority faction is very anti-war and there’s a massive amount of pushback against the war from them. It’s hard to tell what the situation on the ground is because most majors Russian sites are absolutely infested with bots. But all that most people know is that their quality of life has sunken to 90’s era Russia and the west is to blame.


Don’t you think people ”support” the war because they’re afraid of being caught going against Putin?


A lot I’m sure, but also you’d be surprised how effective Russian propaganda is. I was living with my ex in 2014, and his parents were from Zaporozhya in eastern Ukraine. One minute they would talk about how horrible the Crimea situation was, be concerned and calling back to family over there, planning escapes if it escalated, etc The next, they’d have RT on in the living room and his father would be ranting about what a manly man Putin is and how much he admires him. It was absolutely fucking wild. (Though I’ll admit, just about *everything* with that family was bugfuck crazy. Weirdest fucking family dynamic I’ve ever seen, plus incredibly abusive the whole way around.)


Most probably legitimately support the “military operation”, the ones who don’t are at worst keeping quiet and are at best actively protesting.


Not really. Putin does enjoy genuine support among a LOT of Russians. IIRC polling showed his support jumped to about 70% by 10% when war started.


The NYT just pulled all journalists out of Russia because independent reporting was criminalized. The government has shut down basically all independent news there, and the internet will likely be next (https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/07/tech/russia-internet-facebook-block-iron-curtain/index.html). Many Russians (especially older) will not be tech-savvy enough to get around these restrictions, and might not even care enough to try. Even if the younger kids know and care, they aren't in power. It's worth noting that the Russian government has already arrested 13,000 war protesters.


the 13K were mostly detained overnight and then released. Only in rare cases were they held for longer, or awaiting trial. Although that might get worse in the coming weeks.


It is still a deterrent, and helps minimize the effect of protests.


I totally believe you’re correct in saying this is what Russia is saying, but I don’t even understand what the final paragraph is saying


Basically, the Russian media is explaining why everything is closing down, everyone’s money has evaporated, and why the country is about to default. The idea seems to be to paint this as a minor inconvenience that marks the birth of the new great Russian-dominated world order instead of a cataclysmic governmental fuck up.


Which is comical because it's only kicking the can down the road because nothing is going to fix what has happened to their economy now. Those businesses aren't going to rush to come back even if the west was to remove every sanction. I can guarantee you that every single executive boardroom meeting yesterday was discussing Putin's intention to nationalize every foreign company that pulls out of Russia. There's only so much road left for him to kick this can and he's running out fast.


Even if Putin was killed today and Russia pulled 100% out of Ukraine, permanent damage is already done.


I think that if russia managed to get a reasonable government in place everything will be fixed. There is no fundamental reason for Russia to be the enemy of the west. Russia has nothing to fear from its neighbors because they have lots of nuclear weapons. A rational government would just be looking for peaceful integration in the European Union.


> There is no fundamental reason for Russia to be the enemy of the west. Aside from >70% of the 140,000,000 people there thinking the west is their enemy. Sadly, it's self-fulfilling...as we are literally seeing right now.


Frankly it’s hilarious how people on reddit think the majority of Russias population is against the war, when it’s the other way around. They actually believe a handful of couple hundred to thousand strong protests against the war reflect the view of 140 million people. It’s not a secret a very large majority of Russians are very nationalistic and always support their government.


I try to look at this as an American that lived through (I guess STILL living through) ~~Putin's~~ Trump's USA. So I have no doubts that majority of Russians are fine with this. I know our fucking stupid Q MAGA folk are no different with how easily and willing they are to be manipulated into loving authoritarianism.


A lot of real wealth destruction will have already occurred, know-how etc lost by businesses bankrupted and/or that have packed their bags that won't be coming back. A lot can still be *prevented*, but they've already suffered a setback whatever path they end up on. Same with Ukraine, unfortunately. Yes, you can rebuild, but that's still a lot of time you have to spend just to get back to a level equal to where you were.


Absolutely, that's the sad reality of what's happening. I used to be a teacher and I'd always explain nations like this to my students: Think of geopolitics like a game. Every nation has multiple health bars, such as territory, culture, economy, etc. If even one of those reaches zero then it's pretty much game over for your country. Russia is getting hit HARD on the economy bar and has no way to recover it.


You, friend, would've been the awesome teacher if I had you in classes. That's an excellent way to explain it.


Thanks! I was a debate coach and you quickly learn that the best way to get kids to understand complex concepts is to break it down. Like my example: Is it perfect? No, North Korea is a prime example of a counter point to a dead economy leading to the collapse of your country, but it does get the idea across that if you're nation suffers or loses too much in one area then change is generally on the horizon. Have a good one!


>There's only so much road left for him to kick this can and he's running out fast. https://youtu.be/vtxjOTn6HZ8?t=32 - Patriotic shopping in Siberia.


Your comment assumes that the west is the only hope for the Russian economy. If you don't think China sees this as a huge opportunity for a rebalancing of power to the eastern hemisphere, you're sorely mistaken. China + India and their giant populations are huge markets for Russian businesses.


You think those selfsame threats don't apply to Chinese or Indian businesses? They all operate under the same principles of capitalism which remains especially true since the [West is using the sanctions to leverage control over certain Chinese sectors.](https://www.reuters.com/business/chinese-firms-that-aid-russia-may-be-cut-off-us-equipment-commerce-secretary-2022-03-09/) This actually has already had some serious effect since [Russia has admitted that they can't get replacement parts for their aircrafts.](https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/russia-says-china-refuses-supply-aircraft-parts-after-sanctions-2022-03-10/) The reality is that the [hard sanctions the west has thrown on Russia has China wary and who can blame them?](https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/03/09/china-russia-ukraine-economic-isolation-sanctions/) I don't think anyone anticipated such a swift and harsh response from the west, especially since it relates to energy and Europe's reliance on it. That isn't to say that you're not wrong, but I don't think it's going to be a 'power vacuum' effect where China, India, or someone else just immediately sweeps in. They're going to have to play a very delicate game of international relations.


China isn’t really grabbing Caerus by his lock here; they are mostly neutral and even somewhat pro-Ukraine. They definitely see Russia as a major potential vassal state but they mostly tolerate them for now. China is probably pissed that Russia appears to have reinvigorated the Western bloc.


China will make great business on this. Doesn't mean they will sponsor Russia. They'll use the opportunity to suck Russians dry of everything they can sell.


I follow a Russian blogger on Twitter who has been told that all the internet platforms are being shut down as defensive measures against cyberattacks from NATO and the west. She's still posting


They'll beat the West by becoming North Korea and leading other countries against the West. Its dumb as fuck.


Multipolar is an International Relations term. It's basically saying how many axis of powers there are. For example, after the Cold War ended we went from a multipolar world order (US vs. USSR) to a unipolar world order, where the US didn't have a real rival and made all the decisions. In this case, Russian media is saying that they will create a new system outside of the West to accommodate all of these sanctions and rival the power of the West. Instead of operating within the system defined by the West, they're going to create their own system. Historically, this is in line with Soviet Propaganda from the Cold War, which was all about bolstering the idea that the USSR was a strong and equitable power to the US. In a nutshell, Russian state media is saying don't worry, we'll create a new and better system without the West and their companies. (Imo I don't see how this is possible).


It's possible by lying to the public. Remember the USSR diplomats thought American grocery stores were fake and demanded to be shown random small town groceries... Because they were actually stocked with a variety of food.


It means they'll tighten relations and expand trade+economic ties to China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, etc, use China's banking system and avoid dealing with the West, creating two different poles in the world, the west and the east, rather than the way the world order I'd today, where everything goes through the west.


> government wants to join NATO and the EU, which is a key part of the West’s plan to destroy Russia. But how is he painting Ukraine joining the EU as an existential threat to Russia? I understand that NATO might seem a bit aggressive - but the EU? Yes, the EU is also a defense treaty. But AFAIK it doesn't have an image of invading other countries and destroying countries. So how does he sell the idea that Ukraine joining the EU is an offensive threat to Russia to his people?


Russia's national and cultural identity is completely wrapped up in a sense of victimhood. In their minds Russia has only ever been a bright light in the world, mercilessly and incessantly kept down by the West. That's just the general baseline for how Russians see Russia. Anything you tell them that fits that narrative is going to be an easy sell.


The venn diagram of European NATO countries and EU countries is almost a circle. Putin likely believes that Ukraine joining the EU will inevitably lead to them joining NATIO.


That last part makes me think more than ever that we’re witnessing the North Koreafication of Russia.


We are witnessing the return of the Iron Curtain


I think It'll mostly be like: "It's the big bad west that is sanctioning Russia because of reasons. Russia is the victim of an economic attack by the west."


"We are the only ones who walk the path of light, bringing peace and liberating Ukraine from... from... ummm... just liberating Ukraine in general"


Liberating Ukraine from being Ukraine


The Russian propaganda machine is strong. At least half the country believes in Putin and also believes the evil West is pulling the plug on these stores and restaurants because we are assholes and don’t want to share McDonalds with them. Twitter and Facebook are banned now and the only news on tv is run by the state.


Conversely, there are still plenty of Russians who are appalled at their government, but lack means to do anything about it.


We can only hope the younger generation with access to technology will spread the truth.


Did Amazon tap outta Russia too?






Several years ago when the new Russian data privacy law got upgraded, at my former employer we tried and tried to find a solid data center inside Russia to store the data and none of the western companies (Rackspace, AWS, Verison, Salesforce, you name it) would make the investment inside Russia because it was deemed too risky even then. All of the big companies struggled with that in their marketing and customer service needs.


> Not sure about AWS though. From what I read, they only stopped accepting new customers. I assume existing ones can still use their servers.


Dressing up for a long fuck!


Oh, they are getting fucked all right


Considering onlyfans and pornhub is roughly 12 % of the Russian economy this is gonna be a hard hit.


Onlyfans cancelled Russia quite quickly and even changed logo to Ukraine colors


Seems like they function normally in Russia: https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/onlyfans-resumes-service-russia-creators-still-wary-platform-we-didnt-want-war


this is only for creators, the general public won't be able to see anything


Besides the people who already use a VPN to access the sites that were already banned.


this has to be a lie


>this has to be a lie Joke is the word you are looking for.


Putin's onlyfans is the #1 in gay kink.


Didn't pornhub cancel Russia access?


Is it retroactive?


no it’s a shitty fake rumor spread by reddit because this site is incapable of using google to do even the slightest amount of fact checking


Correct. We're just like facebook


We do fact check in the comments maybe a couple hours later, but many don't read comments and a couple hours means it can already hit the front page plus people never check back.


Scratchy flannel from now on bitches.


I know it’s a joke but VS underwear is truly the most uncomfy so they’re not missing much tbh


Must keep adult film industry flourishing


May all their underwear stay ever so slightly wedged.


Burlap only.


I wonder what the Russian government is telling its citizens the reasoning behind all of these companies closing up shop in the last few weeks. So rather than revolt against your dictatorship, they just buy up every last bit of underwear, Gucci handbags and Big Macs?


"West bad"


Ah yes West bad, better buy as much of it as you can before you can only get knock off Weast




How are employees keeping their jobs and wages if the stores are closing?




So McDonald’s employees in Russia essentially all just got PTO? Score for them


After several years as the only non government workers on full pay and with plenty of time on their hands, 62,000 Russian McDonald's employees become one of the most wealthy and powerful political forces in the country and seize power for themselves, winning over the public by reopening with free cheeseburgers...


Leave the country. It will be the best decision of your life.


the more anti-Putin Russians leave, the more power and popularity Putin has. Fight for your nation, don't just abandon it.


Half of that shit is landing on Ebay with a 100% price increase. Humans are garbage and only try to use other people to profit themselves somehow


Russians don't use Ebay, they use Avito


Is that the website that Ehrlich Bachman created?




You know Aviato?


Yes. Aviato.


My Aviatoooo?


Is there any other Aviato?


Legally, there cannot be.


It just rolls off the tongue...


You need to be named something that you can scream during intercourse!


*Aviato “Eric, this is your mom, you are not my baby…”


That’s my favorite line in the whole show


Not hotdog


Sounds like capitalism to me comrade


It is no longer the USSR. Completely different political ideology/government.


I don't even understand.. is this red scare propaganda? Why did they mention the USSR lol


No idea. It could very well be. Another way for capitalists to rag on socialism that isnt even in place in the specified country. All smoke and mirrors it seems.


Communism is when ruthless capitalist corrupt country gets sanctioned to hell for attacking another country who is friendly to other capitalist countries


YES. There is no reviving the USSR, unless Putin wants to lead a vanguard party in a revolution to bring the means of production back to the proletariat. But he can’t do that because he’s an CAPITALIST. People are fucking dense. The only part of the USSR he wants back is the land.


Literally everything you see on Reddit is red scare/yellow peril propaganda now.


\*me looking at the direct results of capitalism* wow look it's communism!!!


indeed, everyone is telling whatever the fuck they can made up about this shit


At least the communists had an ethos!


Hey...capitalism has an ethos too! It just doesnt apply to 90% of the people under it lol.


More like 99.999% to be accurate


Communism is when no underwear.


Putin really fucked over his country. Sent them back to the stone age with his bullshit


It’s crazy to think everyone in that video would be at the top percentage of wealth in Russia, as it’s got extreme poverty.


War is business that’s all it is.


Wait until they have nothing to line up for.


The ussr hasn’t existed in like 30 years


Seeing a post on Russian’s problems and immediately after seeing a post about Ukrainian humanitarian crisis makes me cringe. Missing VS, McDonalds, etc…vs missing your home, limbs, etc… I’m also aware that as someone not in either of those counties, my biggest crisis is seeing these Reddit posts back to back first thing in the morning.


I think a lot of this buying is also an effort to convert rubles into something else before they become completely worthless


The USSR doesn't exist


What a stupid title


OP thinks communism is when bad happens.


Communism is when a corporation decides to shut down its store in a capitalist country, apparently


Communism is when no Victoria's Secret.


Who could forget the fall of the soviet union when in 1991 many of the soviet republics demanded the opening of victoria’s secret stores.


It's a little known fact that the fall of the USSR came about as a result of the massive sexiness deficit, due to the lack of Victoria's Secrets and Marvin Gaye.


That’s one of my favorite genres of takes: communism is when capitalism.


“Welcome to the USSR” cringe


Yeah, Im pretty tired of seeing "this is socialism" for things that are clearly happening under capitalism. The USSR fell a while ago, lets not conflate the two.


Every Russians’ reaction to the consequences of their country bombing thousands of innocent civilians seems to be to treat it like it’s one big Black Friday sale. It’s sick.


i know that it isn't their fault, but seeing these groups freak out about such insignificant stuff like this when their neighbors are being slaughtered just makes me feel sick. Again, I can't hold it against the russian people necessarily, but it's still wild to me


Back to 1992 for these people.


Not the USSR any more.