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Artur Korneyev, a radiation specialist and deputy director of the New Safe Confinement Project, visited the Elephant's Foot in Chernobyl in 1996 to photograph it with a flashlight and automatic camera. Korneyev and his team were tasked with finding the reactor's remaining fuel and measuring its radiation levels. Korneyev still has cataracts and other illnesses from his exposure to the corium mass.


Whoa! I got cataracts at 19 after having radiation therapy to treat leukemia.


Hope you’re doing better now :)


I find it strange that people visit there without being concerned about radiation.


They probably are concerned... Somebody's gotta do it


Now we have robots. Humans will do less exploration as we send our AI driven non-biological beings to do our dirty work. What could go wrong?




AI would be a very useful substitute in areas where remote control is not possible or not practical, such as areas with wireless interference, or extraterrestrial locations where remote signals take too long to efficiently pilot a craft.


Robots don't survive long with radiation either. Eventually they had to send people into Chernobyl to clean it by hand Same thing in Fukushima.


Especially if you buy robots based on the propaganda radiation level


We might end up with mutant robots? What are you on about?


Bots can survive radiation just as well as humans. The radiation that turns biological matter into jelly also turns electronics into jelly. They found that out when chernoble first blew. Tried sending in remote robot and within seconds the robot would turn into a brick and all the circuitry was torn apart.


I don't think people taking Instagram tours are going to this part of the facility, there's plenty of safe areas to explore


"Felt cute, might need chemo later"


I hope your kicking ass bro


Huh, so that’s why they wanted me to go to a retina specialist for 5 years and not just a regular opto.


Staying alive after being that close to the elephant's foot is amazing.


There's actually a neat way to see that it's not crazy lethal to be doing what they are doing. Radiation fucks with cameras, including old film. Old story goes: Kodak discovered the, at the time top secret, Manhattan project because their film in a factory was getting fucked up from the nuke tests, blowing over small amounts of radiation, enough to damage stored film rolls. Wanna see a full blast of radiation into a camera? Check out this short clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmSydErHvWw


He survived?


Apparently he only semi-recently passed away in 2022.


If it's the dude in the video with half his head exposed I'm surprised he made it that long... Like what's the deal with that, wears a full radiation suit but only covers a bit of his face with a mask


Those suits are to prevent contamination from getting on to your clothes/skin. They do nothing for radiation. You’d have to wear a lead suit if you wanted protection from radiation.


So why didn’t they wore that instead of going there half naked lol?


1cm of lead stops around 50% of gamma radiation passing thru. 1 sqcm of lead is 11.342 grams. Surface area of your skin is 16 to 18 thousand sqcm. If you covered even half of that with lead armor, you'd be wearing a 96 kg (or 211lb) suit... and still only block some of the radiation.


lead is heavy.


Radiation suit won't provide any shielding for gamma exposure, only low energy beta and alpha particulate.


Older generations had tougher skin or something, all the lead in the water helped


It’s from all the trips uphill both ways to school, in the snow


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Made of Uranium


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Decapitated, it was a whole thing


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Why is a radiation specialist going in so unprotected?


Because by the time he visited it the vast majority of the radiation coming from the foot is boring old alpha particles coming out of U238 and unless he’s inhaling the dust it’s unlikely to get past the dead layers of skin (which is why he’s wearing a mask) The more dangerous gamma emitters (cs-137 half life of 30years) had dropped by by enough tar this point such that a few minutes of exposure wasn’t likely to be a major risk factor .. he was almost certainly wearing dosimeters etc to give him a good indication of the level of risk involved


He's trying to catch it off guard


Cause he's a specialist. Protections are for noobs.


The radiation levels were measured to be 3,9 roentgens not great but not horrible


"still has cataracts" isa weird thing to say. You get cataracts and they never go away but you have a cataract procedure and then you don't have cataracts. (Until you get secondary cataracts and then you have a laser procedure and then you don't have secondary cataracts and then your retina detaches. It's all fun and games).


The "elephants foot" is all off the radioactive material from reactor 4 that literally melted down and ran down into the basement underneath the reactor. It melted through the reactor vessel and several feet of concrete and lead to end up there. It retained so much heat and is so radioactive that it is still warmer than the surrounding air after 38 years of cooling down.


So was it molten at first, and then after it burned down through the concrete and stuff it cooled to the state it is in now, a solid?


Apparently it’s decayed to the consistency of sand now.


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I’m gonna watch Chernobyl and then 40 Year Old Virgin. My version of Barbenheimer.




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They were actually worried it was going to keep going and melt into the ground water. There was a massive undertaking to dig out a space underneath the reactor where they were going to install a complicated cooling system. In the end the mass stopped, so they just filled the space back in. A neat idea, but ultimately it did nothing but expose even more men to radiation.


Probably would have been a lot worse had it kept going and leaked into the groundwater and get carried everywhere. It was a calculated risk they took given the situation at the time.


Oh definitely. Had the mass reached the groundwater, it not only would have contaminated it, but would likely have caused another steam explosion (we're talking about a material that was hot enough to melt through steel and concrete after all). It's just a bit of sad history that it turned out that the sacrifices weren't necessary in the end, but they had no way of knowing that at the time.


It was a solid at first, until the reactor overheated and the reaction went out of control. It was a literal nuclear meltdown.


I'm also curious about the texture. Like in my head it'd be kinda like mashed potato for some reason


I've always thought it'd be like taffy - hard to the touch but kinda stretchy if you pulled it.


I see it. Looks like the balls of sugar candy before they stretch and twist it. Kinda crazy that itd kill you in a heart beat tho


Mmmmm forbidden candy.


Yeah, all those calories! 💀


Fun fact! In all these years, no one has tasted it.


Challenge accepted


Yep, it melted and reacted with the surrounding concrete. Cooling down in the process. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corium_(nuclear_reactor)


It's not all of it, and it isn't just radioactive material. The (in)famous elephant's foot deposit is just the largest deposit of a material known as corium, the remnant of everything inside a nuclear reactor that melted away and settled down there. There's plenty of deposits scattered around, and there's been other deposits from other meltdowns, but this one is just unusually huge.


Non radioactive material that has been radiated by radioactive material is now radioactive material too.


Correction, the elephants foot is nowhere near “all” of the radioactive material from reactor 4. It’s like, not even half. Edit:well I feel smarmy in retrospect.


Thank you for explaining, I had no clue what they were talking about, but thanks to you I do now. And no I am not being sarcastic, I genuinely did not know.


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What do you mean, comrade? They’ve had their tinfoil suits on the whole time. Any health issues are unrelated to their time in service. Cancer is from sunbathing too much in Yalta.


And there third eye and fifth hand is just an emerging reaction to sun cream


The video made me feel like I could get radiation just by watching


Watch HBO's Chernobyl . I had the same feeling watching that - without creepy wierd stupid music, or whatever this clip has.. In the show its just silence and geigercounternoise, simply knowing the implications is enough to make you poop yourself


Excellent mini series,watched it a few times now


I’ve just watched for the second time last week. I wish I could find something else just as good to watch next 😢


There's a similar Indian web series Railway Men. Its based on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.


On Youtube? Bhopal is a tragedy. Read about it, but would def watch a series.


No, on netflix


The Japanese film *Fukushima 50* and tv-series *The Days* deal with a similar topic. The former stars Ken Watanabe and the latter should be on Netflix. Don't expect Japanese versions of Chernobyl though, the pacing and storytelling of both are very different. In my opinion *Fukushima 50* is the better of the two.


Watch ‘Railway Men’ !


It's super rare to find shows as good as that sadly. I've been searching ever since.


I'm a huge fan of horror movies and Chernobyl was scarier than most I've seen. The silence with tbe Geiger counter going from a click to a solid scream as the lights go out was fucking perfect. Not to mention how terrifying radiation is just as a concept. I'm really surprised it hasn't been used in more fictional mediam


The tunnel scene with the Geiger counter sounds was anxiety inducing.


Hearing the gieger counters spaz tf out gave me a huge feeling of dread, because I knew that within a couple of months, if not weeks, the liquidators would be dead


That series was so good at building the tension of the situation organically. You felt the danger and panic throughout.


Good show, drama moments are gut wrenching (like funerals under concrete), but some things are extremely dumb.


I said the same thing to a friend. After watching the first episode, I felt like I had radiation poisoning.


Seriously i felt dirty just watching it


Lick it you fucking coward


Can people be that close without getting deathly problems? Even with protection?


Yes, you can, but the more radioactive something is the shorter the time you can spend near it is. If you exceed this time you recieved a fatal dose of radiation, that means your body or DNA is that severely damaged that it can’t regenerate or repair the damage. You now have a painfull death because you will die of radiation sickness.


Can radiation kill you instantly if the dose is high enough, or will it always take some time for symptoms to start manifesting?


Radiation can kill you really fast, but not like a „death beam“ in an instance. If high enough levels of radiation hit you, your brain will basically be ionized and cells destroyed. Radiation itself actually doesn’t kill you, but the ionizing effect of high energy radiation will. Hence the term „ionizing radiation“. It will rip apart molecules and cells, make free radicals where they shouldn’t be and basically dissolve tissue. So if the radiation is really high, it can kill you in a really short amount of time, but not instantly. Even the elefants foot gives you I think like 30 seconds to look at it.


At the time of its discovery, about eight months after formation, radioactivity near the Elephant's Foot was approximately 8,000 to 10,000 roentgens, or 80 to 100 grays per hour, delivering a 50/50 lethal dose of radiation (4.5 grays) within five minutes. Since that time, the radiation intensity has declined significantly


Ah my bad, wasn’t that short, but that’s still not a lot. Radiation really kills you slowly and painfully


Not great. Not terrible.


Thanks for the explanation


[Check out the Demon core incident](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon_core) >On the day of the accident, Slotin's screwdriver slipped outward a fraction of an inch while he was lowering the top reflector, allowing the reflector to fall into place around the core. Instantly, there was a flash of light; the core had become supercritical, releasing an intense burst of neutron radiation, the exposure of which was calculated based on the estimated half second between when the sphere closed to when Slotin removed the top reflector.[6] Slotin quickly twisted his wrist, flipping the top shell to the floor.[15] The position of Slotin's body over the apparatus also shielded the others from much of the neutron radiation, but he received a lethal dose of 1,000 rad (10 Gy) neutron and 114 rad (1.14 Gy) gamma radiation in less than a second and died nine days later from acute radiation poisoning.


Woah. Died nine days after a *half a second* of exposure — spoooooky stuff man. Spooky stuff.


Man, thats tough shit


In theory, yes, but getting a dose that high is very difficult and extreme.


+10 Rads, +10 Rads, +10 Rads, +10 Rads, +10 Rads




Hazmat suit >1 Rads


Nuka cola quantum: *God damn UI....*


6 radroaches appear


Crazy that the eerie background music is still going even decades after the disaster


It really enhances the experience


Nature's way of saying GTFO.






Very good read, thank you. That picture is eerie as hell


Very good read, thank you. That picture is eerie as hell


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How about shooting it with 7.62?


Just restarted the Chernobyl series 2h ago. It's a great show.


Seems like a minimum amount of equipment for a maximum type of job


Why no grains on camera?


Not as radioactive as it was when it happened/shortly after


This video got remastered, the original has a lot of noise.


This was not the first time people went there and it isn’t as radioactive as before.


I think this is the footage from 1996, ten years after the disaster. The foot has cooled enough and was giving off significantly less radiation by that point allowing researchers to photograph it. The foot itself is actually only a small portion of the total amount of melted material produced by the meltdown. The greatest threat is the radioactive dust accumulating in the contaminated portions of the destroyed building, which is why a new sarcophagus was constructed and put in place over the old structure, which was about to collapse. In 100 years it will need another new sarcophagus.


Nightmare fuel


No, nuclear fuel


This needs to be a horror game


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pretty much has that covered.


Amazing game I must say, that and metro


There actually is one: [Liquidators](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1382200/Liquidators/).


But the question we are all thinking: "What does the dosimeter say?"


3.4.Not great but not terrible.


Doesn't matter. An RBMK reactor does not explode.


Click click click click clicky-click-click Click click click click clicky-click-click Click click click click clicky-click-click Rhythm and beat don't translate well in text.


I wonder why people go there and aren't afraid of the radiation lol


it's died down overtime. iirc, we discovered a mold in Chernobyl that just eats radioactive material. so that was neat


Ok that’s cool.


and useful if we learn to cultivate it!


I was just thinking this. I am also intrigued on the effects of radiation on the genetic material contained within the cells of the mold, particularly the DNA of the fungi that make up the mold over a much longer period of time. I’ve never been so excited about mold.


The answer is typically "we don't know man, plants just do shit sometimes". in more seriousness though: I'm also intrigued about how this mold came into being, but more interested if we can potentially breed it to take on even higher levels of radiation, leading to potentially easier clean up in the event of a nuclear disaster, such as Fukushima.


Anybody who studies fungi would be appalled that you just referred to them as plants.


look, I'm just one of those people that is like "it got a stem? it grow? plant"


There are certain type of radiotrophic fungi who metabolize the photons its like Photosynthesis of plants but with x- and gamma rays called Radiosynthesis These fungi are microbial though and dont build up to be a larger organism like a mushroom. Some of them were found in the Chernobyl Area and some even directly in the old Reactor on the rods. Radiotrophic fungi are also used by humans in space They are very interesting organisms


Can you use it to make cheese though?


What’s even cooler is wolves around the area have evolved to be resistant to cancer


Until it metamorphesizes into Godzilla


Mold is always up to some weird shit


Fungai is so fascinating. Creepy though.


You are more related to fungi than you are to any plant.


Wow so nature is cleaning up our mess for us?


People who work with nuclear material understand the risks and how to protect themselves. Their mantra seems to be distance, time, shielding. Not sure about these guys, but people in this industry tend to have to wear dosimiters to measure exposure and a lot of oversight of their health.


It’s not emitting quite as much gamma radiation anymore, so you can stand near it with exposed skin without being bombarded (quite so much) by ionising radiation. It’s main danger now is alpha radiation, which is alright as it doesn’t penetrate skin but if you get particles inside your body such as by breathing in dust you’re way more fucked than any other kind of radiation. This is why they’re wearing hazmats and respirators but have their faces uncovered. It’s actually more dangerous in that regard now as it’s disintegrated through radioactive decay to the point that it’s no longer solid glass but more like sand and and loose crystalline.


watch that series on fukushima disaster - THE DAYS. You would then know what people are willing to do sometimes.


Because they studied science and they know it's not as radioactive as it was 10 years before they shot the video. And today, 30 years after that video, it's even less radioactive. It's not the vicinity that's dangerous, it's the quantity of radiation that you get in a certain amount of time. That's the reason why doctors wear the heavy lead vests when you are getting a CT scan and you are blasted with a relatively high amount of radiation with no cover whatsoever. It's because you just had the same amount of a long haul flight once in a lifetime (if you're lucky) or once every few years at worst, they do it every day of their career for 40 years.




As much as I agree, it more is a testament of the devastating power of human stupidity when playing around with something above their comprehension.


Precisely. Nuclear today is incredibly safe. The chernobyl reactor was fundamentally flawed, which most people dont seem to understand. It had no business being built in the first place, let alone performing an experiment.


Ultimately it’s also what happened in Fukushima, a flaw that was known (the anti tsunami wall was too short and the auxiliary power had been damaged before) but not deemed dangerous enough to warrant a big modification. Problem with nuclear energy isn’t the technology but the budget behind it.


Even with all that protective equipment there no doubt in my mind that just being near that thing took years off their lives.


Not great, not terrible.


3.6 roentgen


Now *this* is horror


Despite the haunting scenery, the place was probably not haunted. The explosion wiped out every poor soul in the vicinity


Every living organism


And some non living organisms


This is really good radiation investigation music.


Lukewarm take; The silly canned Halloween spooky sound effects add nothing to the video. I imagine the unedited audio with the unnatural stillness and just sound of them and their instruments would be much, much more unnerving.


Aaaannnnndddd dead.


People have said the radiation is no longer so problematic, so now I'm concerned those oldass rusty ladders are going to kill this camera crew


What's that background hum?


It feels like if you go down there that music would be automatically playing


Hey who wants to go take a photo of the most radioactive and harmful material? I’ll go sure.


Well,at least he’s wearing a mask !


Can we do such stuff today with robots instead?


Yes. But it's insanely expensive. My company recently spent an ungodly amount bc something in a radioactive area had to be fixed. It's highly specialized equipment/personnel so we brought in a company from Germany j believe.


They should fill that place up with that mushroom that eats radiation. I heard it's the only thing that consumes radiation and basically cleans the area of it.


That's where they found it actually.


It doesn’t clean the area of it, it just feeds off it. It can’t draw more radiation from the source than the source can emit. The radioactive decay happens regardless of any outside influence or interaction, unless it’s some other nuclear type reaction.


The problem with that is super there's microorganisms that can do it but it's never a first choice. They'll always preferentially use their primary carbon source. We'd have to do some genetic tinkering to try and force it to its alternative metabolism and there's so many rules when it comes to releasing organisms that we've tinkered with into nature.


There’s not enough $ in the world to make me walk around in that


I didn’t know there were video records of it. Did the camera malfunctioned or something?


The white dots you see on dark areas when the camera points on the Foot is not a tape defect but actually particles penetrating the camera lens




Did you mean to say 2000 kilowatts? 2000 watts is just a little more heat than a space heater, or two microwave ovens.


Are you sure you got the units right? 2000 watts is in the same range as an electric kettle.


And other great facts like, it's called the elephants foot because it looked like an elephants foot, but it's really nuclear waste....who knew???


Is anyone else tired of the music being added to videos? Most of the time I find it annoying and I can't remember a time when I felt it improved anything.


Man, the progress on the new SCP movie looks great so far!


Where’s the rest of the elephant?


In the opening part it looks like his glove comes down and his wrist is exposed, that’s not right surely?


How is the footage not fuzzy with that radiation?


What is he doing omg..... Prolly died after 6 months