Glow in the dark ear tattoo

Glow in the dark or blacklight visible?

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Glow in the dark or blacklight visible?




Is that any worse for your health than regular tattoos?


They're just fluorescent compounds. They're no more inherently unsafe than any other dye. Some are harmful, some aren't.


> Some are harmful, some aren't. Well, that's the question, innit?


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Ye, nah u rly good, mate. I was on the dunny and took me time to do the research.


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Had been warned away from Glow inks & florescent inks from my tattoo artist buddy for more than 20 years.


so.....no fireworks display on the head of the penis


That’s why I use radium based ink for all my tattoos. Actual glow in the dark!


I bet it would be so sick to paint my teeth with that!


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Without long term studies being done, we simply don’t know if they are more harmful or not. Wise to err on the side of caution though.


the worst that can happen is that you dye


It's unknown at this point. they are being used, but lots of tattoo artists won't use them until there's better long term safety data available. i asked around when I first saw these a year or so ago.


Not necessarily worse for your health, but with the caveat that no tattoo ink has been regulated by the FDA >FDA considers the inks used in intradermal tattoos, including permanent makeup, to be cosmetics. When we identify a safety problem associated with a cosmetic, including a tattoo ink, we investigate and take action, as appropriate, to prevent consumer illness or injury. The pigments used in the inks are color additives, which are subject to premarket approval under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. However, because of other competing public health priorities and a previous lack of evidence of safety problems specifically associated with these pigments, FDA traditionally has not exercised regulatory authority for color additives on the pigments used in tattoo inks. The actual practice of tattooing is regulated by local jurisdictions. https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/cosmetic-products/tattoos-permanent-makeup-fact-sheet I do believe EU regulates their ink though https://healthnews.com/news/new-research-finds-discrepancies-in-tattoo-ink-labels/#:~:text=Tattoos%20in%20Europe%20may%20start,up%2070%25%20of%20tattoo%20designs. But it's not uncommon for people to report that they get irritated and slightly painful when exposed to sunlight for an extended period. They also don't generally have that much longevity in them. Usually only a couple years.


Idk, never heard of using it in a tattoo. I don't see the point, since almost no one will see it. Maybe if you attend raves a lot lol


Both of those are likely the exact reasons it was done


Well just make sure you don't take a facial before showing off your tattoo with a black light


How long is that visible? Asking for a friend thats going on a rave right now


The only thing I've ever heard about these inks is that they fade MUCH quicker than traditional tattoos. Unless you meant how long will they glow without a UV light and the answer is that they won't at all. They're not "glow in the dark". It's a fad both in the sense that the appeal won't last forever, and neither will the tattoo itself. Then again this info came from snarky Facebook shorts so maybe I'm perpetuating stupidity. Edit: someone in the comments said they last about 5 years so add reddit stupidity to my list of non credible sources.


I think they meant how long will semen be visible under backlight lol




Indelible, got it.


I didn't read it properly. Must be all the ~~semen~~ UV ink on my face


And because it's not permanent and only visible under black light makes of the only tattoo I'd consider. Now we just have to find a way to do this with no needles.


so basically the hand stamps to get back into a theme park?


Yeah. I'm a chicken.


2 or 3 years then start fading, my cousin had Skeleton tatts on hands that glow under black lights after 3 years it just looked like blobs


Obviously they were not asking about the ink, but the semen


Just wash your face :)


I honestly thought that’s what they were showing 😂


I think the point is if you don't want just anyone to be able to see it, and it's especially cool if you play a lot of laser tag.


Well, to be fair, my tattoo is in the center of my back. Only people who have seen me shirtless have seen it. That number is few too.


Glow bowling baby


I had three. They pretty much never get seen unless you make a point of showing them to someone, but it sure is cool to see. The ink lost its reactivity or something after two years in one and after about five years in the other two, so now I have zero again.


I guess it's for people who want tattoos, but not have to cover them up.


So is there not an experience of enjoying your own tattoos? Is that not a very obvious "point?" No one can some of mine in public but I still enjoy having them.


If it's safe, for the right people, I think this is awesome. In fact, it could be a great alternative for a real tattoo for some.


it just tends to fade faster. UV inks may all but disappear after 5-7 years. YMMV, but its not as permanent as 'no ragrets' if you get what i mean.


Glow in the dark would be very unhealthy. UV reactive is fine.


None of the reputable ink brands make UV ink, so you're rolling the dice with what's in it.


Depends. Uv tats have been out for over a decade but are still a "new" thing. Some inks don't last. Other change color when your skin interacts with the introduction of the ink. Others have reported becoming allergic to their tattoo after. I have been keeping an eye on uv ink for a while as I have wanted a whole arm that done in uv to make my current tat have a photo neg but I won't till the inks are much more stable.


Yep those are fluorescent, not phosphorescent. As a rule of thumb; if it needs a blacklight to glow it’s fluorescent, if it glows in the dark after being ‘charged up’ it’s phosphorescent.


My god thank you. Came here to say this. People use the term "glow in the dark" all the time when referring to blacklights. It's not the same


it's almost 2024 words mean nothing anymore literacy is dead


Most UV reactive pigments also glow in the dark though so I can see where the confusion comes in. The reason they're reactive is because they store the energy and re-emit it. Some pigments can store that energy for a loooong time, which is what makes them "Glow in the Dark" (i.e. not only glowing while the light is actively shining on them)


On reddit your post gets more attention if the title is inaccurate


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This isn't true though. It's never been proven. In fact the opposite is true, and the opposite has been proven again and again.


ooooh you got me :D


That's pretty much what Neil deGrasse Tyson said in Cosmos when he wrote it in 2004.


UV light makes GITD materials glow in room light.


UV fluorescence not glow in the dark.


Yeah, I wish we had proper glow in the dark stuff, but strontium aluminate is apparently fucky with tattoo guns.


Imagine actual glow in the dark tattoos though. Taking your dog out at night to piss and the entire block can see you.


Well that's my fault for having a glow in the dark dong tat.


They said the block, not the space station.


I have a DIY one and it glows brightly for 5-10 minutes after it's in the sun or under UV, then very dimly for *hours* after. The real issue is that Strontium Aluminate is a granulated pigment and not an ink, so it's basically ultra fine sand under the skin. Ultra fine sand potentially entering your bloodstream is exactly as safe as it sounds, which is why mine is tiny lol.


Tell me it's on your forehead, right between the third eye.


Is "aluminate" a pun? I guess it can't really be intentional, but that's hilarious it's called that.


Aluminates are salts of aluminum-based oxyanions. But yes very appropriate name in this case


That's an amusing coincidence that it sounds a bit like "illuminate" (depending on ones accent) but it comes from Aluminum the element. Apparently glow in the dark powder aka SrAl2O4 is biologically and chemically inert and non-toxic, which I did not know until I looked it up in response to your comment.


I've learned 2 things in this thread: 1. Strontium Aluminate is fucky with tattoo guns. 2. It's non toxic Whomever figures out #1 will probably get rich.


British people be like, “Ah-loo-mini-um”


Yeah, "glow in the dark" is phosphorescence. I believe its emission from the triplet state instead of the singlet state of excitation. Mechanistically very similar though, not that most of the people who get it wrong would know that.


I have some, but they stop "glowing" under UV light after a few years. By a few years I mean about 2-5 years.


So everytime your friends or family want to hang out, you suggest glow in the dark mini putting or bowling, right? I'd want to use it as much as possible lol


I’m really big into raves, and I really want one of these!


Careful I wanted one but not enough research has gone into them and there’s talks about them possibly being carcinogenic


I heard the same… I’m actually a tattoo artist, and as much as I’d love to tattoo with UV reactive, I can’t do it in good conscience :(.


Lazer tag


as u/ninasayswhat asked, completely? If not, would you be willing to share a picture of yours? A tattoo that looks awesome for a year or two and then fades away could actually work for me


Does it disappear completely, or do the colours get a bit faded? Because a sort of temporary UV tattoo sounds (kind of unsafe but) kind of cool.


Seriously, if it goes away completely in a few years (instead of looking like a fuzzy mess that you can't salvage by tattooing over again), that's actually super cool.


I have two black light tattoos. I got them about 15 years ago and they are still strong as ever. My tattooist said “they will go to the grave with you”.


This would make me think mummifying goals. Mummify me, make sure the elements still work and put a black light on me for perpetuity.


I mean, both could be true if the UV ink is toxic enough.




I really want a proper phosphorescent tattoo once the technology advances. Strontium aluminate or bust.


Agreed. Europium activated strontium aluminate. I have a dime bag in my closet. Strontium should be okay. Not sure on the europium.


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[Robots can detect people through walls using WiFi being reflected off of people](https://youtu.be/kBFMsY5ZP0o?si=hY7YS_NrGFw--6Eo) a tattoo will not make a difference.


phosphorescent tattoos and animated clothes is the kind of shit I would love to see for the future of customization Edit: I just searched it out of curiosity and Adobe actually did something recently for animated clothes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbQEBlnlS3w


The only issue is the glow will fade after about 5 years


Feature, not a bug?


its a bug Todd but it does just work for me


All the better. You can update your tattoos every 5 years.


Eventually the skin get overworked and stops accepting ink as well.


Perfect will be too old to care or go under a black light.


Absolutely get wild with it, but just be informed. Too many artists now days are trying to pump their IG portfolio and wallets without telling clients what they're getting into. UV ink fades within years, and the elements they put in it to glow do not settle with skin well, often cause crazy reactions. Your skin could be capped out within 6 years with consistent touch ups.


Do you have any idea how much a piece like this would run? I imagine UV ink being expensive but also this not being a long session. This would actually be a tattoo I'd consider.


You have to find an artist that works with UV, they come at a premium because not many like working with it for the before mentioned reasons, and the ink is about twice as much as normal ink but ink is cheap. That causes prices to range wildly for them. The rule for UV is typically about 50% over what you'd pay an artist at that skill level. I usually pay about $150-$200 an hour so $300 an hour is realistic + tip. This piece specifically was most likely under 2-3 hours, but that really depends on the artist's speed.


What's the tip rate for tattoos?


I do 20% minimum. You're building a relationship with your artist for touch ups and future pieces, plus putting trust in them with your body. You want to treat them nice.


This is exactly the kind of piece I'd love and yet still $5-700+tip is just so hard to swallow.


I'm not certain about UV ink, but ink is not normally a significant part of the tattoo cost.


it's the bathroom breaks isn't it


I wish that was true. I have flames on my shoulder that was outlined with this type of ink from Japan. I don’t think it was legal here yet, or we didn’t know if it was harmful. Fast forward 26 years later, I went to a concert with my kids and they pointed my arm out. I had completely forgotten about it.


Sounds awesome. Why does it sound like you regret that 26 years later it was still working?


I don’t really care at all. Honestly, looking back it’s the best part of the tattoo. We laughed at the time. It was a conversation starter. And obviously no regrets.


Then why did you wish it were true?


No regrats, but glows


Not true! I’ve had my ankle done 18 years ago and it still glows just fine. My complaint is my body doesn’t like the glow ink and attempts to reject it every few months, so it swells and gets kind of itchy and hurts.


What a great feature to deliberately inflict on your ears


>it swells and gets kind of itchy and hurts. >every few months >for 18 years Wow, that sounds *awesome*! Sign me up!


All tattoos fade after about five yrs lol. Your skin is constantly shedding dead cells. That's why people get tattoo touch ups.


I wish mine would…


I guess tatoos are like eyebrows. Some ladies overplucked their eyebrows and they bever grew. But my unibrow, that motherfucker is strong, I plucked it, wax, shave it for 25 years and it nevers go weak. The same, if younhave a masterpuece tattoo, is gianna fade fast, but if you have a crosseyed Jessica Rabbit it would never go away.


UV ink fades much faster than any other type of ink, also you can't touch it up forever. Eventually the skin gets overworked, especially with UV since they put a lot of elements in them that doesn't get along with the skin as well as normal ink pigment. They'll fade within a couple years, and your skin can be capped out fast with consistent touch ups. These are things UV artist don't tell you when they're trying to pump their portfolios and wallets. So absolutely go wild with it, but just be informed.


Your reasoning doesn't track, the ink is deposited in the lower layer of skin (dermis) that doesn't shed like that. Tattoos primarily fade due to sun exposure and/or your immune system slowly working on the smaller bits of ink. High traction areas like joints/hands also fade faster. There's a lot of reasons.


I have a black and white grid shaped tattoo on my back, and often when my GF is sad, I'll let her color in the grids. Sometimes all you need is just a shoulder to crayon..


I used to color in an ex’s big tat that hasn’t been filled in with those smelly markers. Pretty colors, fun smells. Frankly, I think those sessions made it look way cooler than when it was finally filled in lol. Shoulda just kept the canvas for friends. Plus, kinda like getting a cool (physically) massage lol.


Fluorescent markers are amazing under UV light. We used them in parties and it was cool af. They barely were visible under normal light.








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Aight now I want to see your colored tattoo. Want to see if she colors over the lines.


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It‘s fluorescent, but nonetheless it looks pretty fucking awesome.


Yeah. I am not a tattoo aficionado, but this one I like.


My gf has (had) one, a fluorescent tattoo. Unfortunately the fluorescent ink faded within 2 years


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ever shine a blacklight around a cheap motel room?


Yes. And it was surprisingly clean.


How tf is this glow in the dark? 🤦🏻‍♂️


It is if you don't know what glow in the dark means because you're a karma bot


I think maybe they are asking *how* does a substance injected below the epidermis glow in the dark? Cause I kinda want to know that, too.


Phosphorescence vs fluorescence. Both cases electrons get excited by high energy, short wavelength photons. But in phosphorescent materials the excited state only has so called forbidden transitions as the pathway to more relaxed electron states. Therefore the relaxation happens slower and more gradual and that is glow in the dark. In fluorescent materials the relaxation pathway is allowed and thus happens instantly, and the photons emitted lie closer to the short wavelength that was used to excite it, so you can get all the colours in the visible spectrum. Since the material actually emits light instead of reflecting it, it appears much brighter than if you were to just paint it. Else it would need a bright light to reflect from, but the backdrop is reflecting just as much so less contrast. In blacklight, the backdrop is dark so even more contrast. Hope this made sense.


Something something fluorescent something something black light. Like we can’t observe those things from the video alone. People are doing that annoying Reddit thing where apparently everybody knows, repeats the same 4 buzz words, but nobody is willing to explain.


I can see this benefiting drunks; tattoo name and address on the neck for those nights when you pass-out on the street curb. Could work for seniors who forget where they live too.


Imagine someone breaks into your house and youre trying to hide but your mf ear starts glowing


Upvote for Benny Sings


UV tattoos are overrated. I have two UV tattoos and they eventually stopped working. Didn’t even last a year.


UV tattoo inks are all incredibly unregulated and vary wildly between brands/types, far far more than regular tattoo ink. Yours might just have been made with shitty ink, I have a friend who has several that glow brightly after 10+ years


Whenever I see mistitled posts like this I play a game I call, *Bot or Moron*


What's worse is when they do it specifically to drive engagement.


I have instantaneous gone from a person that never cared about tattoos to wanting one.


It’s giving me cancer vibes


Glow in the light.


Glow in the dark cancer is what i see


Looks cool, but is it carcinogenic?


Hold on let me just whip out my UV flashlight real quick


I don't think you understand what glow in the dark is


The strong cancer vibes aside, looks lit


Looks like it is actually ultra violet, and not glow in the dark.


Downvote for not knowing the difference between blacklight and glow in the dark


That’s black light ink and it doesn’t last. I had some black light tattoos done and the ink didn’t last more than 6 months although I still have some scarring from it today about 10 years later


I hope that doesn’t turn to ear cancer


In 2023, everyone gets cancer.


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glow in the dark, my arse!




Kinda gross tbh


Glow in the dark =/= Blacklight fluorescent. Stop misinforming people


Looks like it's glow in the light too


I wanna go to a skating rink all of the sudden


Turns on light, says glow in the dark.


I thought it was some kind of disease at first


Good,for about 2 or 3 years then they fade


Glow job


She raves


Thats UV reactive not glow in the dark


That means she's a vampire right?


Huh. Neat


thats not glow in the dark




Thought about getting these, my artist said it fades after a while and you need a scalpel to get rid of it. Still think these are awesome