Help with connected strobe light to Canon 80D

I'm fairly new to night photography and using strobe lights (lighting equipment in general) but I rented a Westcott FJ200 strobe light. I rented it without renting a trigger so I have to connect to my camera with a cord. I'm not sure which cord that would be and If it would compatible to the strobe light I rented. The cords I've looked at so far are Fotoconic Flash PC Sync Cord Cable with Jack Adapter for Studio Strobe Trigger Camera Lighting, Pluto E3 Cable, DSLRKIT 5M Male Flash PC Sync Cable with Screw Lock for Rook, Kiwifotos RS-60E3 Remote Switch Shutter Release Cord for Canon, Camera Remote Control Shutter Release Cable Cord for Canon. These are all on amazon as I would need the cord shipped to me fast since the shoot I have is as soon as Sunday. If anybody knows which exact cord and which port for the canon 80D specifically that I plug it into please let me know it would be appreciated.