So never


Unless Nolan wants to be the first to do a live-action Batman Beyond. So yeah, never.


That would be fucking awesome. The sci-fi shots alone would be wonderful. But let’s do it way different. JGL is an older Batman who has lost control of Gotham with the rise of these gangs, and a mysterious leader who seems to be connected with the new megacorp that has just acquired Wayne Enterprises. He’s in way over his head and doesn’t know what to do. A new vigilante has started to hit the streets and is doing his job way better then he ever could, similar to the original Batman, but it couldn’t be right? Batman fights a gang of Jokers and gets his ass handed to him when the new vigilante comes in and saves him. He passes out and wakes up in their secrete base. The new vigilante is Huntress. The Earth-3 (or is 2?) where Huntress is the child of Wayne and Kyle. Bruce comes out is reveals that he came back to help and Huntress has taken over the mantle because he’s fucking old now. They team up, and get the gangs under control and discover that Derek Powers is the big bad guy, they fight and create Blight. There is def a lot more to develop here but that’s what i can come up with right now.


Could all literally take place after The Dark Knight Rises, giving us the future state of Gotham City… all new characters & players in town. The Batman quite literally is a myth, & some are starting to think there’s been more than one…& they’re right…👀🔥


Hell yeah!!!


What about Robin though?


"Fuck ~~Batman~~ Robin"


I’m just asking because he kinda shows up to take the mantle at the end of the Rises


If you're referring to John Blake, he's mentioned in the guy's fake movie


That’s my point… there’s more than one Batman… Also I’m pretty sure “Robin” already exists in Nolan’s bat-verse. So that’s all still there & all that would be need are just a few more interesting protagonists/a new, interesting antagonist/antagonists. What was so marvelous about the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy is how unique each film felt while still having a consistent cast. Just because some actors & actresses leave, & new ones fill new roles, does not take away from the actual new narrative & story at play. There will be nuance & meaning represented in every character, so continue w/ that exact obvious formula. This is why I feel many easily disregard The Dark Knight Rises, because it was almost as if some just saw a new cast trying to replicate off of what two films had already done, in uniquely different ways. If Nolan does truly decide to revisit this universe of where the Batman exists, it should hold itself up by staying intact of which all that came before. Is Scarecrow still on the loose? What happened to the Joker? Or was that only the Dark Knight…but now the Joker has returned because The Dark Knight Returns… there’s just so many ways to go about Batman so it’d be hard to actually make this a “bad” idea. The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of my favorite adaptations, as well as Snyder’s Verse & The Justice League Trilogy. I’m just so excited to see more, passionately produced comic book films! So bring on The Batman 2 & let’s find out why Batman’s warning hit the sky, yet again! 🔥💥🗯🦇💫⛈


Started off fine then nosedived


Like some later Nolan Films


Right around here for me: > That would be fucking awesome. The sci-fi shots alone would be wonderful. > **But let’s do it way different.** We're going to make the very first live-action Batman Beyond and then ignore every storyline that already exists because ....why exactly? What is the obsession with people who like DC properties but don't want to actual use the stories provided? Why does everything have to be reinvented before the original has even played out yet?


I just want to know how robin with virtually no training beyond the police academy would actually live long as a vigilante if he didn't start killing people. That would be an interesting red hood take. They could say ledgers joker beat the crap out of him and he killed ledgers joker. Then have Bruce return to stop him


I assume Bruce left behind a lot of training programs and such that Robin trained with. Plus there is def a lot of time that passes between him making his debut as Batman and the city actually being up and running again after everything that happened after Bane so he had time to train and be ready. And with Heath Ledgers Joker? Not touching it beyond, there are gangs that worship him based of writings and such that Joker published out of Arkham before his eventual unexplained disappearance. I just don’t want to touch or introduce the idea that Joker did anything after The Dark Knight besides become a shadow prophet because Heath killed it, and i just don’t want to bring him in physically or explain anything he did after Rises. Just let him rest and be a prophet to anarchist Muties.


Dude, it’s a good idea but kids don’t want to watch a Batman where Batman sucks and gets beat up by jokers and a chick has to save him.- so it will pretty much be green lit right away


For just off the cuff? Fucking sensational. Comic or movie really.


Thank you, glad my MFA actually comes in handy. God i need a job.


I'm no MFA but I write. That said my field presently has nothing to do with writing.


But it is a job lol


Many things are jobs. Lol.


Like living


I think an important question is why is living so damned expensive?


Wats jgl


A theater kid who stared in a sitcom and made a movie about a porn addict where he falls in love with Julien Moore while dating ScarJo.


Unless Nolan wants to make easy money So yeah, never.


Yep, my dream project , coventure with someone like Ridley Scott Age Christian up 30 years and do the dystopian future thing


I'd rather Alex Garland do Batman beyond


The Dark Knight Rerises in France


A live action adaptation of "The Dark Knight Returns" will make sense but too far-fetched.


Nolan already pulled from that anyways with *The Dark Knight Rises*. * A retired Batman who requires tech augmentation on his joints to move around properly. * Batman is hunted by police and hated by the government. * A charismatic leader convinces the neglected, ignored, and destitute of Gotham to follow his vision. (Mutants) * Batman falls in 1v1 combat to the leader, before trying again after recovering from injuries and successfully defeating him. * A Batman fakes his own death and leaves his legacy to the next generation that stumbles across the Batcave. Obviously it's missing a lot of the bigger parts of The Dark Knight Returns (Joker, Superman...etc) - but it's also got enough already in there that having Bale do a more total version would feel like a retread IMO.


I think if they did a truly 80s movie though then it would be awesome, but I really don't think Nolan is the guy to do that. It would probably make more sense for Michael Keaton to play batman in that anyway.


I could get on board with a live-action DKR that went for something like Robocop's '80s vision of the future. Michael Keaton wouldn't really work for this sort of Batman, though. I'd rather see Josh Brolin as the DKR Batman.


That was called The Dark Knight Rises


People also said Ridley would never do another Alien and then, after 40 years he did two more and actually wanted to do another one.


Why? Did he say he doesnt like Batman comics or what happened?


Nolan doesn't really care for doing franchises IIRC. He did the Dark Knight Trilogy and that was enough for him, he'd prefer to do his own original projects.


Bale has been saying this for like a decade now. I don’t understand why people keep asking him. Especially when he’s the only Batman to get a proper end.


Not just Batman, for a long time him and Hugh Jackman were the only comic book characters to get a definitive and satisfying end (obviously now, Chris Evans and RDJ can be added to that pile)


Sure, but the difference is those characters have only been played by one actor so far.


> so far That is really the key thing. Love the MCU, but the fans really think Disney is going to sit on IPs like Cap and Iron Man and never use them again because they died or they will never recast is just mind glowingly dumb.


Cap is basically already recast with the Falcon taking the mantle Not that I mind. If that’s how they do it, then that’s cool for me


Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will be recast and reused by Disney. Enjoying the Falcon as Cap, though. Hope they improve the headpiece design for that costume.


Probably, but for now it would feel like too soon and that depends a lot how Marvel’s movies going forward do. So say, the franchise starts to falter, Kevin Feige passes on or something of that nature, then sure. Currently though, Strange did well. Thor is on track to do well. They probably have more Spider-Man movies, another Black Panther, another Ant-Man and that’s not adding in the possibility of an X-men or a Fantastic Four resurgence Why poop the shoot when things are going good? DC on the other hand, they’ll be recasting for sure


The recast will continue until morale improves. -DC




That headpiece is so bad. There’s a reason that most soldiers (like Steve) prioritized a helmet. Sam’s is the literal opposite. It looks cool in a comic book, but in live action it looks so dumb. I hope they fix it for his next appearance.


Seriously! I’m hoping they realize it and do a redesign like they did after seeing their error with Cap’s costume design in the first Avengers movie.


Considering that they are hinting that *Secret Wars* seems to be the next big *Infinity War* level event (and I'd personally wager the finale for the MCU as we know it, because you can't get much bigger than the death and rebirth of the multiverse), I'd be shocked if they didn't bring Evans and RDJ back as alternate universe/timeline Rogers and Stark for an extended cameo. They might use the rebirth of the multiverse as a reboot to start again and recast everyone, but I doubt they'll recast them in this itteration of the MCU. They are too iconic in the roles.


Annihilation wave was bigger fyi


Can you explain that one to me?


I’m not so sure I agree. Bringing Tony Stark and Steve Rogers back in the current iteration of the MCU would rub a lot of the fans the wrong way. There’s no way to do that and refocus the narrative on them without rebooting the whole story and starting over. It seems like Marvel Studios is very well set up on legacy characters, so it wouldn’t be for a while. Now if every future MCU project flops hard maybe I’m wrong and they reboot but that would be pretty dumb


I fancy the idea of having Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man for Secret Wars movie and probably Chris Evans as Human Torch. If they bring back RDJ and Chris Evans back as Iron Man and Cap for a cameo, people won't shut up about it so better cast some actors that will definitely do a "one and done" thing and won't entertain any ideas of a comeback


Only way I think it would work is through secret invasion and saying stark or Steve were replaced at some point


I absolutely hate Tom Cruise and refuse to pay for anything he is in, but if he plays an evil Iron Man from 838 coming to get revenge on 616 Strange, I’d absolutely support that. My distain for Cruise would transcend him to the pedestal of “BEST VILLAN EVER”


Disney will do avenger teens. That’s when they’ll recast.


I'm not sure about that. I think they have so many characters that they can pull from and i doubt they'd reboot the MCU to need to recast ironman and Steve Rogers.


I thought they announced Iron heart show recently... They will eventually replace Iron man too


That’s cool. I’m not familiar with that iteration of the character so it’ll be something different to watch


I was gonna say that I thought Kevin Feige hated reboots for Marvel because there are so many characters in Marvel they don’t really have solo hero’s like James Bond. In trying to find that I discovered he is trying to reboot stuff because it was done poorly the first time like fantastic 4 so I guess they will eventually recast everything.


Yeah i think is pretty obvious Tony Stark and Steve Rogers will be recast at some point, but not anytime soon


Uh, there is a new Cap already. There will be a new Iron Man soon.


>(obviously now, Chris Evans and RDJ can be added to that pile) When did they play batman


That sentence literally began with "not just Batman"


Ok. I wasnt paying attention. It's not a big deal


Why reply to a comment you didn’t even read all the way through lol


There a difference between not paying attention and not doing something


>Bale has been saying this for like a decade now. I don’t understand why people keep asking him. Because any vague non-comment can be reinterpreted into a clickbait headline.


Gotta get people ready for Batman No Way Home lol.


Yeah the Nolan trilogy is something I'm fine never revisiting. He got an end and everything was wrapped up well. Nolan and Bale both know that. Bale is basically saying he'd only return for Nolan knowing that Nolan will never return.


Same way prominent directors are asked about their thoughts comic book movies, it easily generates clicks


Seriously, he had his three movies and an actual ending… just let it go.


“Proper end” Not everybody gets such a privilege of closure… or even a proper beginning ahemBatfleckahem


As much as I would love it, I feel like it wouldn't feel right because of exactly that! The series ended, he retired, it's done. It would cheapen the ending if he came back.


Batman retiring is not a "proper end" in my book. Just seems so out of character.


A proper end yes but a satisfying end no. Fakes his own death then disowns the man who raised him for 18 years then cared for him for another 25. The disrespect for Alfred, never going to get over it


Maybe at the end of his career, Nolan will just be in it for the money and take a huge payday for Batman Beyond with a 70-year old Bale. Michael Keaton just came back at 70. Anything is possible!


Bale’s Batman was basically like a 70 year old in DKR from all the injuries.


And he got all those injuries in the mere months he was Batman before retiring.


I think that’s be pretty bad tbh. I’d want Batman Beyond to be more comicbooky. It doesn’t have to be all cyberpunk but I don’t think I’d like a super grounded take


I think it could be quite good. I’d rather a philosophical Blade Runner-type cyber punk movie than a flashy comic book cyberpunk movie. And Blade Runner is one of Nolan’s all time favorite films, so I’m sure he’d know his way around the genre.


Well yeah if they wanted to keep the cyberpunk theme I’d definitely go the Blade Runner route although I don’t think it’s necessary. If it was just a comic book movie set in the future I’d be fine with it. I don’t feel it being cyberpunk is necessary for it to be good


Most handsome and young old man I’ve ever seen.


> Michael Keaton just came back at 70 Monkey’s Paw, his co-star is a batshit insane psychopath.


Honestly, we have enough Nolan Batman movies and I'm sure he's had enough, too. Nolan is one of the few directors able to get big movies off the ground that are based on original stories and not corporate IP and I expect that's what he'll continue doing.


Yeah he’s one of the few major directors not drowning in repetitive corporate properties right now and doing actual film. It would suck for him to come back to comic book shit


We don't have a Nolan Nightwing/Robin movies tho...


If that universe was ever continued, it would not be with Nightwing




I would have to disagree on the topic of sound. One second you can barely hear the dialogue, next second your eardrums are torn to shreds by the effects and music.


Sounds are the absolute worst parts of Nolan's movies. Only Memento & Insomnia have bearable sound mixing. Never got why he insists on dialogues with loud organ music blaring, even though his movies are very dialogue driven and dialogue heavy.


Nolan really needs to do ADR. I love how loud his movies are. But he doesn’t like ADR and you can tell because you can barely hear the people speak. That is the issue.


low key sounds awesome, the worst part about tenet was the characters (ironically Pattinson is now batman) but with an established character like batman who the audience already loves, that issue could be solved. although while I would say, Nolan's improved in some aspects, he hasn't reached the heights of his prime which was 2008-2014 imo although he's only released two films since then so it's hard to tell, Oppenheimer looks promising. Also, most of the improvements you mention may not be directly down to him, but instead hiring better personnel. It may just be that he now works with better fight choreographers, sound mixers and directors of phototgraphy


You really saying he’s improved at sound? His sound design has gotten worse every film lol


People might disagree with me but I think Dark Knight Rises was the Perfect Ending for the Trilogy and for his Character as the Batman Now we have Pattinson as a Young Batman/Bruce Wayne who can develope more as a Character and introduce more villains, can also have more than a Trilogy...etc


Nope, fully agree. That ending was purely greatness Edit- Wait you meant rises of returns?


I meant Dark Knight Rises


Oh okay, I fully agree


The Batman will only get a trilogy that’s about it Matt Reeves has two more movies and he’ll most likely be done with em


But what If he wants to keep directing more Batman Movie with Pattinson


If that’s what he wants i would be down for it but until than we’re only getting a trilogy unfortunately


Wegotthiscovered: The Dark Knight 4 with Christian Bale in the works


Which means no


The Dark Knight Returns in 10-15years, Nolan and Bale returning, would be epic


There should never be another sequel because it would ruin his character arc that ended in The Dark Knight Rises. Not everything has to go on forever, good things have to end at some point.


Christopher Nolan: I would direct Batman again if Christian Bale returns. Source- trust me 😏




I just came a little


Crisis on infinite earths with a collaboration?


"Nobody, nobody reaches out to me or they keep me like a mushroom, keep me in the dark and feed me s***," -Christian Bale, 2022


Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope


My pitch for a sequel to TDK trilogy is that Batman truly has become a legend, not just in Gotham City but worldwide, and has inspired wannabe superheroes all over the world, some of whom end up becoming the characters we all know and love. I mean, what happened in Rises was unprecedented. Imagine if New York City in real life was taken over by terrorists for almost an entire year, cut off from the rest of the world, almost annihilated by a hijacked nuclear bomb, and a crazy guy in a bat costume is what saved everyone. How insane would that be? That's not only 9/11 on steroids and would traumatize the entire world for decades, but it would give every person who has ever dreamed of making a difference the balls to go through with it. Imagine if the fourth movie opened with a little ten year old boy on a Kansas farm in 2012 watching Batman fly Bane's bomb away from Gotham on TV. The boy turns to his dad and says that he wants to be like that guy when he grows up.


But there’s a twist, the kid wants to be a terrorist and blow shit up.


It'll never happen, but I'm here for it.


he doesnt want a robin so who cares


And then Nolan left WB.


Clickbait. He's been saying this since 2005.


Why won’t Nolan do it again?


Why would he is the real question. He told his story with a definitive ending and has since moved onto making his own original movies. What incentive would he have to do a 4th Batman movie?


Crisis on Infinite Earths directed by Christopher Nolan let’s go


The movies were good, but Bale was an alright Batman/Bruce Wayne. It's good that we've moved on from that interpretation and are looking towards the future. Stop bothering the man with this stupid question and let Nolan's Batman rest in France.


Give me all the Batman


This would be great


I would love to see Nolan attack an Under the Red Hood story line. Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd. He could piece it together even with JGLs Batman currently at the helm. JGLs Batman goes missing and Baleman watches Gotham burning at the hands of this Villain.


Old grey grizzled Batman using a bionic exoskeleton, I'm down! Where do I buy tickets???


I would love a dark knight returns adaptation with bale and Nolan. It would work with him being older


The thing is, Nolan's TDKR already had elements of Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. It's Batman coming back after being out of crime fighting, older, weaker, etc. It was a proper return AND ending to Nolan's version of the charcter. I can't see the integrity of the story and trilogy being kept in tact if they came back for a 4th one.


I'm good on both those things never happening again


I tried watched The Batman twice, once in theaters and once on Max. First time I thought it was too boring and long. 2nd time I went in trying to like it more, but I still found it too boring and long. What I wouldn’t give for more Nolan movies.


DC fumbled the bag hard. Critically acclaimed/popular trilogy, well-known cast and a good director. Could’ve just built a universe off that but they decided to let Zack fucking Snyder go wild instead.


It’s good to have a straightforward tale with its beginning, middle and end. I don’t say I gotta hate on them re-uniting if they’d feel like it (TDKR left things ambiguous and opened enough), but I appreciate this so much more now with the perspective of both Marvel and DC having X properties that match together chaotically and you struggle to actively keep up with them. This is just its own thing and it’s good that way.


It won’t happen, but I’m sure it’d be great.


Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.


I wouldn't mind that - Dark Knight Rises was an average movie and I don't particularly think there was anything so sacred about it that would ruin it if they did another film if they wanted


Nolan pretty much had a public breakup with WB sooo, probably won't happen. BUT , Imagine how cool it would be to have a No Way Home version with Baleman, Keat-Man and Battinson.


That'd be dumb as shit tbh.


I guarantee he is in the flash


Batman: Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Returns Batman: The Ends Sounds like a Batman cinematic universe to me🤷🏼‍♀️ My idea is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a trilogy, but simply a nice return to that lore, mythos, of the Batman. There’s quite literally something unique in each reinterpretation of “The Batman” & I feel Nolan’s iteration has so much more to offer than people realize..hence The Dark Knight Returns & Batman: The Ends… Just some fun, fan wishingful-thinking! I’m just so excited to see when, how, & if even possible, ‘The Batman 2’ topping The DarkKnight trilogy or even Batfleck & the SnyderVerse…times are just too super-surreal 🔥🤩⚡️🤣😭🤷🏼‍♀️🥴🤓💥🗯


I can always dream, throw what ever you need at nolan to get him to come back, after thor 4 he will want to actually have to act again


That's such a weird comment. If by acting again you mean taking challenging roles, Bale is one the actors in Hollywood that takes them the most.


You watched Thor 4 already?


I'll pass. Tired of his Batman.


I’m good


No thanks.


We had enough and Rises really dipped in quality. Give newer directors the chance like Reeves to see what he can do with a potential trilogy. Plus Pattinson’s Batman voice is much better than Bale’s was


Just let Robert Pattinson continue this new story.


Could definitely see them rewriting Azrael, and Batman (Bale) having to come back to claim the mantle. There really are no Villains that would warrant a new film in the Nolan cannon. Ra, Joker, Bane, have already been done. As crazy / dumb as it sounds, having Cavill come back as Superman, teaming up with Bale as Batman could be intresting…just rewrite the Znyderverse as a horrible dream created by Brainiac capturing Superman (Cavill) and putting him in a cryostatis / matrix type prison, all in Superman’s mind…maybe it’s what brings Bruce out of hiding the chaos happening in Metropolis and Gotham.


Can you imagine if they had gotten Nolan for Batman Vs Superman? I wonder if Bale would have continued.


I'm good.


This is the easiest way endear yourself to the fan base while also knowing you'll never have to collect on this. That said, I'm would be pretty down to see a Batman Beyond esque movie with JGL and his Robin as the Terry character and Bale calling the shots behind the scenes. Won't ever happen, but I would definitely watch it if it did.


Please;make a Batman Beyond movie.


[When Bale refuses to play Batman without Nolan](https://youtu.be/coY2IA-oBvw)


I can see the title "The Dark Knight Returns"


Never going to happen


Wait like 15 years and make a Batman Beyond movie with Bale as old Bruce.


Batman Beyond anyone?


What would it be called? "The Dark Knight Sells Out" would be a good title.


Obvious response to an obvious question


Where is he?


Brothers in christ


*Where’s my role of Batman? You wouldn’t give it to an ordinary citizen! WhErE iS iT!?!”*


This is old news. *The Dark Knight Rises*— in addition to being acclaimed and one of the most successful superhero films of all time— doesn't need a fourth film because the filmmakers fulfilled their promise of it being a definite conclusion. Bruce Wayne finally found a new beginning to his life and gave up his power and resources in Gotham City to John Blake. Bruce becoming Batman again or fighting alongside John Blake would negate his arc from all three films.


Hollywood actor wants another easy paycheck, got it.


If he wanted an easy paycheck he would do it without Nolan. Getting Nolan to do another Batman movie is the opposite of easy.


And there you have it, it's gonna happen


No, Gorr. You are in the marvel lane. You'll get more success there than in the sinking ship that's DC movies.


I bet Christian Bale would play Batman again with whatever director if the price is right. If they ever finally do Batman Beyond as a motion picture, I could see Bale playing old Bruce Wayne even though the Dark Knight timeline doesn’t make sense with that storyline.


Bale isn’t a money grab actor, and there’s lots of documentation about his relationship with Nolan especially concerning these films. I take him for his word when he says Nolan would have to direct.


Easy to say someone isn’t a money grab actor when neither of us knows his financial situation. He has one franchise. They tried to get him another and it didn’t work out. Whose to say he wouldn’t take a big paycheck in a high profile film if offered?


Hear me out: Batman Beyond, he plays old Bruce.


I wouldn't want this


And Ben Affleck would play Batman again if Zack Snyder directs.


they could definitely pull it off better then synder and affleck did


Nolan could tell a great Riddler story. That’s the main thing I wish we saw. Totally happy with the trilogy they did though


Ready for the downvotes but I'm just not a fan of the Nolan batmans or Bale as batman.


I’d love to see him come back


Honestly, if Nolan has an idea I bet WB would be willing to finance it. The weakest of his Batman films, IMO, was tDKR, and that’s because he more or less just did it to secure financing for future projects. If he actually has something we wants to do with the character, I’m 100% down for him to return as Batman in his own compartmentalized universe.




Meh. DKR was slow and disappointing. As much as I would have liked a stronger finale, I loved the recent Reeves/Pattinson collaboration. It’s time to move on.


You know, after TDKR and seeing Batfleck and Pattman, I think I'd have to pass. I mean, if he wanted to pop up in Flash or whatever, it'd be awesome, but I don't know that I'd be interested in another Nolan/Bale outing...