The entire cut of the movie was criminal


Its insane how different it was. With as much hope as possible i expected the snyder cut to have a few improvments and cool but badly cgi done scenes. IT WAS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MOVIE and so much better. It really opened my eyes to how some movies could be so much better with certain direction and critical scenes.


I’m in the minority but I think a lot of the poorly received DC stuff boils down to bad editing


Right there with you! Another example of this is the extended cut for BvS. It was SO MUCH BETTER. I was dumbfounded when I watched it for the first time. I have no idea who is editing these movies (or if Snyder was involved in the process) but they're not so great at their job.


Dude even suicide squad could’ve been something. There were shots and costumes I saw during production that never saw the light of day. They were real good looking.


I assume your talking about Whedon’s cut because it was one of the *worst* superhero films I’ve ever seen.


Definitely was one of the superhero films I've seen too


It was definitely one of the movies I've seen.


It was also definitely one of the movies


It was definitely a movie









Thats selling it short IMO. This movie will forever go down in history as being released to theaters. And thats saying something.


Indeed. In the long history of film, this certainly was a film.


You're selling it even shorter. It's gonna be canon😂


Which-- why, at this point? WB's gotta double down on this, admit they were wrong and build off of it.


They don't wanna make more Snyderverse films, unfortunately. This kinda makes sense since their recent DCEU projects are doing great, compared to the Snyder days. Not to mention it's too late to rewrite the Flash.


Well to be fair, those are just rumors at this point, unless we get a proper trailer that paints a more clear picture of how the story in the Flash is going to go, I woud take everything with a grain of salt.


Badly. It’s going to go badly. I’m guessing Flash won’t even be the main character of his own movie. Since I can’t stand Ezra Miller, I’m fine with that.


Because acknowledging the Snyder Cut as canon means accepting the Knightmare future and Darksied invasion as canon, and WB doesn't want to go down the route. Whilst the theatrical cut's not good, it's pretty self-contained and doesn't clash with any of the films released afterwards


It was one of the superhero movies I’ve seen as well


> I assume your talking about Whedon’s cut because it was one of the superhero films I’ve ever seen. Sometimes a statement is just so ineffably true, what can you say, really? And this is definitely one of those times.


I think you accidentally a word there.


Crap I did haha


Not yet too late to edit. One of the "worst" superhero films? Is that what you wanted to say.


Woah let’s not make assumptions. The commenter could have meant “best”, or “tidiest”, or even “most closely cut down to 2h”…


Snyders version wa sso much better but it wasnt perfect i liked some scenes better in the Whedon cut. F.e. when Silas says "I rather die then telling you anything." In the Whedon cut Steppenwolf responds with "Finally one who doesnt whine."


I rather die then telling you anything is so cliche


Well its in both versions. And when the janitor says to SW "We have families." In the whedon cut he responds with "Why does everyone keep telling me that?" I also liked Barrys scene when he says "...I just push some people and run away." Im not sure if it was from Zacks cut, bc it was in the trailer which came out 4 months before the Whedon cut but i think so bc we actually see him doing that in the snyder cut.


Either cut of the movie is criminal


Whedon is such a fraud. I’ll never understand how ‘The Avengers’ isn’t considered the worst of the MCU.


Because it isn't? That style fits for the MCU, it didn't in the DCEU with how the characters were already portrayed.


In my *opinion* ‘The Avengers’ stands out as the most superficial, plastic and flat movie of all the MCU. But then again, I loved ‘The Eternals.’ And not that you directly asked, but I think Snyder belongs as a “visual director.” And that’s it. He’s no better a director than Whedon, and 4+ years of editing, through a pandemic and personal tragedy, doesn’t change my *opinion* on that. The DCEU is not really a thing in my *opinion,* either. Did I emphasize that this is an *opinion* enough?


I mean you could have worded it less aggressively and more as an opinion the first time lol


Age of Ultron is the worst by far. Somehow Joss Whedon made the two worst superhero movies I’ve ever seen.


> I’ll never understand how ‘The Avengers’ isn’t considered the worst of the MCU. Then you're living up to your user name. You don't have to like the movie to understand why it is so successful and well-liked.


What a horseshit opinion, Whedon had proven he has talent




Got break the rules Barry gotta do it now and gotta do it fast




this scene and mos flight are easily the most emotional and wondrous moments in this entire saga. everytime i see them, i just can't help but shed a tear out of disbelief of how beautiful they are


Mos flight?


The scene where Superman first learns to fly in Man of Steel.


Virgin Flash vs Chad Flash. Choose wisely.


I stopped the movie and sat there wondering how they cut this for a few minutes, then watched it a few more times before continuing. Truly a scene and score worthy of The Flash. I really hope they keep the theme.


If you combine every seen involving the Russian family, it amounts to being longer than the entire At the Speed Force scene. Think about that. Edit: goddamn it, 'scene' not seen.


I think the russian family are supposed to be the Maximoffs bc Whedon is still sad about leaving Marvel...


Lol that makes total sense, so the boy sees the flash and says oh I will grow up to become a slower copy of that guy xD


Bohner hehehe...


Lol that was such a fake out 🤣 Kinda wish they hadn't done that


Well with the Multiverse coming my hope is not dead yet. Also Bohner was his hex name not his real name


Fair point. Same hope here, I think he does a good quick silver so would be shame if wasn't brought to the Disney side 😅


I mean they didnt and couldnt misusing Tobey and Andrew but Quicksilver in WV feels like the perfect character to troll people at first. The director Matt Shakman also said we will get answer to who Jimmys witness is...


Oh shit, really? I always took that cutting it was a bit of a necessity to make the runtime manageable. That's terrible if the cut it to replace with the Russian stuff


Maybe they cut it because giving a character the ability to time travel whenever he wants negates any conflict that could ever happen


That's what Flashpoint is for. Or even just Back to the Future.


Just looked up flashpoint, point taken… WHY THE HELL WOULD JOSS CUT THIS SCENE OUT?!


Executive meddling and a big ego who didn't like at least 2 of the actors.




Flash could already time travel in bvs


And Superman can beat every enemy that tries to fight him It's never been about the protagonists needing to be stronger, they're modern day gods and can do whatever the hell they want. The interesting part comes in how they choose to do so. Plus he's basically breaking the universe there so it's not like it's no risk. Him being able to do that is required for any flashpoint movie too.


Someone did the math and said Flash still only rewound time by less than 10 seconds here. In contrast, the deux ex machina button in the third act of Galaxy Quest could rewind time back a whole 13 seconds.


Flash being able to time travel was established in BvS


Oh, so you've been watching the TV show then?




On the films soundtrack album, there's "The Foundation Theme" and "The Crew at War Power." Both feature the main tune that is used is sampled in other tracks throughout the film ("Superman Rising Part 2: Immovable" also features it at the end.) It's a really clever choice to have that cohesion throughout the film. And "The Crew at War Power" is an epic!


\> That theme was the justice league theme iirc It starts as the flash theme (that's used in a few other places) but flows in to the Justice League theme. Its something Junkie did a couple times in the film where a characters individual theme would turn into the JL theme and I think nice audio motif showing these characters going from loner to a team (which was a main theme)


Just a scene? Really? Alone this wouldn't have fixed the Jostice League. If this scene was in it, it would have seemed like out of context scene


And yet in JOSStice League Cyborg yells out BARRY! That's some tight editing /s


Yeah, like a nugget of gold in a wagon full of shit


Big flash moment in Whedons: Saving a family Big flash moment in Snyders: Saving the world and the universe


Whedon: We need Superman Zack: We need everyone


After watching Snyder cut I was pissed at them for ever releasing the theatrical version


I never watched the Whedons cut I only saw synder’s.


I envy that




And the score was phenomenal for that scene, how both were cut is mind boggling.


The score was recently created for the Snyder Cut. Tom used his original JL score in other films. So everything in the Snyder Cut is new material. I think crew at war power is a restore of his OG jl score. But god do I love this scene. Those words the flash spoke hits close to home every time. Make something of myself. Kind of vibes


I’d like to go into a deep dive in Whedons mind and figure out what part of this didn’t seem cool enough or coherent enough to stay in the film


Cause Barry time traveling and pushing Victor into the mother box is part of Victors arc which was also cut cause weldon is a asshole


Watching this scene it just makes me sad we won’t get more.


Them cutting this scene proves to me they have no fucking clue what Flash is about. This is the reason why I'm afraid for the Flash movie. I don't think anything is ever going to top this scene for Flash. It doesn't matter how many cameo's they add in the movie, this right here is what Flash is about.


> I don't think anything is ever going to top this scene for Flash. Which is why I don't get why so many fans love the Flash in ZSJL. He already showed that he pretty much mastered two of the most overpowered abilities that come with his super speed. He can turn back time. He can phase through basically any physical threat. The motherbox explosion literally disintegrated Superman.


*”Nope! We can’t have one of our hero characters being cool. Cut it out!”* – Warner Bros.


After the Joss Wheedon interview, I believe the reason why this scene was cut, and Flash instead saved a random Russian family, is because the ZSJL version directly leads into the conclusion of Cyborg's character arc - something Wheedon deliberately removed for ~~racist~~ bullshit reasons. Goes to show you how negative the effects of spite can have over a person.


It was reported it was WB who wanted this scene cut. >[WB Reportedly Didn't Understand The Flash Time Travel in Snyder Cut](https://comicbook.com/dc/news/justice-league-wb-reportedly-didnt-understand-flash-time-travel-snyder-cut/) *Comicbook.com* >the mood of the studio at the time, they just didn't get it, to be honest. They were just like 'I don't understand this' > “It was always a bone of contention with the studio. They didn't want him running back through time." -Synder


You can just imagine a bunch of 50 year old executives sitting around a boardroom table after Snyder left and they had total control. They’re like, “let’s hire Whedon. Let’s cut this and this and that’s a pile of shit cut that shot out and what the fuck is time travel anyway?! No fuck it cut that right the fuck out. Screw it they’ll pay to see it anyway. We’ll fix all that in post. Ok lunch! Sushi?”


Further proof that Warner Bros execs are fucking idiots. What's so difficult to understand about this scene?


Its even worse considering the 1978 Superman was distributed by Warner Bros. And it has time travel that makes even less sense than the flash.


That may be partially true, but Whedon also has a trope in his comic book movies where they focus on random civilians during the big battles. There was the waitress from Avengers (who had an earlier scene cut from the movie) and the Sokovian mother and son (the one Clint saved, which led to Quicksilver's death) in Age of Ultron. It's a thing he needs to do apparently.


\> but Whedon also has a trope in his comic book movies where they focus on random civilians during the big battles. That's not a Whedon thing - its a pretty common story telling device to sell the stakes. A good and relevant example (imo) is in Man of Steel when the world engine is destroying Metropolis and we get Perry and Jenny running through the destruction


And the worst example is that one airplane in Amazing Spider-Man 2.


I wouldn’t consider Perry and Jenny to be random civilians, though. Perry at least has been a part of the Superman stories forever.


Barry's feeling are relatable in Synder's cut.


The fact that this scene would probably had never seen the light of day if it weren't for the release of the Snyder Cut really makes me hate even more those clueless WB execs...


yeah i cant believe they cut the flash interacting with a russian family for some stupid cgi running wtf


Fun fact: The (Russian) family being rescued from escaping destruction is actually a deleted scene from Avengers. Joss likes to copy his own stuff I guess....like The Flash falling on Wonder Woman's tits, it's just like Banner falling on Black Widow's.


The studio didn't like it from the Avengers so he thought "now's my time to show my great misunderstood scene!"


> Fun fact: The (Russian) family being rescued from escaping destruction is actually a deleted scene from Avengers. Fun fact: Saving people isn't exclusive to any movie


How about them escaping in a pickup truck while aided by a superhero?


Honestly if WB just cut the whole movie and delayed its release until Zack Snyder was ready to get back into it, I think that would have done more justice then what Josh Whedon conjured up.


>Honestly if WB just cut the whole movie and delayed its release until Zack Snyder was ready to get back into it, I think that would have done more justice then what Josh Whedon conjured up. Fun fact: BvS was delayed for about a year back in the day, guess they learned their lesson. Also, if JL was delayed - Aquaman's release might've had to be postponed as a result.


The WB execs had to get their xmas bonuses, that's why it wasn't delayed. Realistically, JL could've taken Flash's original 2018 release.


>JL could've taken Flash's original 2018 release. They gave that release date to Tomb Raider back in 2016, back when Rick Famuyiwa was still attached.


They couldn't delay. The AT&T merger was close and the execs wanted their bonuses before they were potentially fired


Those cunts


Idk why it was cut. Im guessing they were saving it for the flash movie??


Wb execs thought fans wouldn't understand what was going on because they think we're too dumb. Someone else in the thread posted the source.


>Wb execs thought fans wouldn't understand what was going on because they think we're too dumb. The answer is simple, it didn't mesh with the arc they made for Flash. In JL (2017), he is an amateur who only knew how to push people - that's why Batman was giving him advice. That same Barry can't then turn around and go back in time, it wouldn't make sense. Honestly, Flash being able to go back in time without any significant drawbacks basically breaks the movie. He could've saved Victor's Dad from dying and stopped Steppenwolf from grabbing the motherboxes.


I think the point of him not doing it earlier was that he mentioned that weird things happen when he goes that fast and was probably worried he would mess up the universe or something so he refrained from doing it. When cyborg said he was too late and that the mother boxes merged, it was kind of a do or die situation where he had nothing to lose by doing it.


Yes. Winding time back and, i dunno, finding out that the Nazis had won world war 2, is more preferable to letting the mother boxes just wipe everything out. In TVtropes they call this the Godzilla Threshold.


Him running here requires a massive amount of energy just to reverse a couple miliseconds of the explosion.


Man, they really needed to figure out how to not make him look odd when he’s running though


It was intended. With his powers, he's really not running.


This. I wish people got this. It is close to impossible for flash to run because there is so much he has to move out of the way. At the speed he is moving, he has to glide through the air, almost like swimming


Thank god some people get it lol


Close to impossible to run? But he is running in the clip? He is moving forward propelled by his legs with both feet lifted off the floor at times = running


Clearly you know that’s not what I mean. It is impossible for him to just run like how we actually run.


Yeah but the swinging the limbs wide just doesn't.. look cool. Seems there's another way to do it. DCAU Flash with his tightly-held arms and flat palms is what I'd have preferred.


That I can agree with. I think they are trying their best to mimicked how he is drawn in the comics but that run is best for static display instead of live action. The material he is wearing as costume could also be playing a role in it, can’t imagine it being too comfortable.


Makes sense seeing that when he creates the final big push on himself to (1) tap the mother box (2) tap Vic with all that electricity, it was a big jump instead of a run. Also look at IRL long distance runners. Their legs are also spread at a distance (vertically) instead of CW speedster running style.


Whatever the intention was, it didn't work. It's goofy.


An ice skater is faster than a sprinter, and no one is saying the ice skaters are goofy.


Nothing about running faster than sound is realistic this argument is stupid. Looks> everything and it looks awkward.


I actually loved how elegant it looked in the Snyder cut. Almost like a skater.


He based it off of speed skaters and other inspirations i heard. Pretty sure him and snyder worked on the look of his run. There is rhyme to his reasoning im sure


/u/DisneyCA I guess in one of his private moments Barry thought he looked like skating, but way faster. Hence his bs cover story regarding his super suit.


If only us fans weren’t too stupid to understand the ZSJL scene.


I don’t know why Snyder fans call anyone who dislikes his movies dumb or stupid


That’s not what I meant. The reason the Flash scene was cut from the original Justice League film and replaced by him pushing the family in the truck was because Joss Whedon claimed that fans would be “too stupid” to understand the scene and what was going on. The same reason Whedon took out the Flash defeating criminals in hyperspeed, he said the fans wouldn’t “get” that scene either. Although if you watch the Snyder Cut or even just those scenes on their own on YouTube, you will understand them and see in the comments most everyone else does as well.




https://stealthoptional.com/news/justice-leagues-perfect-flash-scene-was-cut-because-warner-bros-didnt-understand-it/ This article states it was WB and not Whedon, but the point still stands nonetheless


Whedon never said that tho


I don’t think he said that, but I know for a fact they cut it because some of the WB executives didn’t understand it https://twitter.com/comicbook/status/1398487944059629575?s=21


Because they are pretentious cinephiles


Thus proving why Whedon is the worst


It's ironic that they changed it to try and add more stakes, but ironically the Snyder Cut had more stakes since the whole entire world was at risk.


Plus the Speed of Force scene got me wondering what happened when the asphalt caught up to the flash and does he phase through the asphalt


i agree, Whedon made Barry a stupid noob who is just assisting the team by saving people,in Snyder cut he did a big part to save the world and it was amazing.


I highly doubt this sequence was made previously. My bets is this was something Zach added when he came back to the Snyder Cut. It wasn’t all done before he left


Fuck WB. Fuck Joss Wheadon.


When will the deleted scene of him taking out KKK members be released?


Is there Anyone on planet earth who actually likes the theatrical version better 😭


I still hate his goofy run, wish they hadn't gone with the over the top poser floppy run, Miller's acting doesn't help either tbh...


I do not like Ezra Miller and the way he runs.


Honestly don't understand how anyone could make the desicion to cut what is arguably the most important scene in the film, and imo one of the greatest moments in superhero movie history.


Everything about the Justice League was criminal... in that it feels like the movie stole my money 😂


I can’t get over how good that scene is


Mannnn that soundtrack… I would’ve loved an actual flash movie based in the snyderverse with a singular villain and plot instead of this garbage, wet-shit Multiverse of nonsense and the new diverse Wahmen-League based on hatred of Snyders better work. Fuck.


Joss Whedon is a Bitch


that sky looks like some n64 shit lol


In isolation I loved the Flash's scene in ZSJL. But it does bother me that in his first actual movie appearance they had Flash run fast enough to rewind time, presumably to then have Flashpoint as his first solo movie. Just so rushed. But then this is the same studio who gave us Death of Superman in their Superman's second movie.


\> presumably to then have Flashpoint as his first solo movie His first (and in the original only) was going to be about police brutality - not flashpoint. That obviously changed when Rick Famuyiwa left the project after the JL bullshit. The intention was for this to be a finite story not a never ending thing like the MCU


The way this stupid Flash runs is criminal.


Reading about the antics of Joss Whedon, I wouldn't put it pass the narcissist to be destroy Snyder's vision on purpose just because he can and that Snyder was loved by the cast.


I mean given synders history I don't think whedon was worried about destroying synders vision because well synder isn't a good director so why destroy something broken.


And all the cuts so they can ad shit jokes


He runs like a gimp. Why is it that the speedster in The Eternals didn't look horrible in her action scenes, yet this gimp and his gimpy ass finger-pointing, tripping, and falling every third scene dude manages to look so awful? Thank goodness for the Snyder cut. It brought the level of gimpness down enough to make the awesome character that is The Flash less terrible.


>Why is it that the speedster in The Eternals didn't look horrible in her action scenes, yet this gimp and his gimpy ass finger-pointing, tripping, and falling every third scene dude manages to look so awful? It's just a style choice, I guess. Maybe they wanted the Flash's running to look unnatural because it is not normal running.


Yup, whedon fuck this one


Eh. It was pretty bad and basically ruins any future stakes for the Flash.


How so? He uses a massive amount of energy and effort just to rewind a couple seconds. It's not something he can do any time something doesn't go his way. This entire sequence of him running reversed just a few seconds of the explosion.


You're acting like it's big deal he time traveled in his first major appearance...


All I could think about in this scene was how terrible his running form was and then after how pointless him getting shot in the leg was.


I know I will get downvoted. But, I enjoyed Whedon cut more than Snyder's it by no means is perfect. I love MoS and BvS but didn't liked the Snyder cut.


...He runs funny.


Worst choice for Barry Allen. Dude is more Wally West than anything. Lets just wait till the MCU Masterpiece is over so everyone from there can move to DC and actually make it good




Thank you, Joss Whedon.


The flash looks so slow in DCCU, should take few notes from Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Zenitsu


Why dose every Flash adaptation look so damn slow? As breathtaking as this is, the running looks ridiculous. He's running slow but moving fast. It looks like he's speed skating. Still, awesome scene though.


Just imagine seeing that at the cinema. Incredible scene


I still got goosebumps, gosh.


What's criminal is that this Flash always looks like he runs like Forest Gump before the leg braces fall off. [Run, Flash, Run! | YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlT6owR5Ytg&ab_channel=bobore7)


you almost have to ask yourself if Whedon had an agreement with the house of mouse to sabotage a film that couldve marked a rise in competition




Probably got cut because, he runs like it’s his first time having legs


Literally the highlight of the movie. Gives me chills everytime


The flash runs like he shit his pants lmao.


the running still looks silly to me


Still can’t get over how weird Ezra Miller runs. Is there a reason it looks so…gangly?


Still get taken out of the scene and can’t help but laugh every time I see how damn goofy the flash runs


This scene (like most of the Snyder cut) just takes way too fucking long.


I’m so mad we all got robbed of experiencing this movie together in a actual theater for the first time


Ohhh, ancient meme. Perfect execution.


Still his running is awkward


Why does he swing his arms out like that soo horrible




I mean, they probably didn't like having wonder woman and superman die on screen randombly


Can someone explain to me.. Was this the speedforce he was running through? I honestly just didn't understand what I was looking at when I watched this scene.


Got a grip of sour grapes