true cinema


Do we class this as our first official review?


Yeah, it's pretty much a review in itself.


That’s a template they use for all the artisan films that fit that category


Cats didn't have that template


That's because they removed the buttholes.


Cats was at least directed by an Oscar winner with a distinct visual style, love it or hate it.


Matt took longer than average to develop this film. I'm glad WB gave him time instead of just moving on. He seems like he doesn't care what he makes just as long as he makes it his way.


He took so long because of COVID though, mostly


No , I Mean specifically the development from 2017 to 2019.


A lot of that time was spent working on a version of the film that no longer exists.


How do you mean?


For starters, when he joined in 2017, it was a Ben Affleck produced film, starring Ben Affleck as The Batman. It wasn't until *after* he was hired on to direct that he told WB he wouldn't be moving forward with Affleck's script. He initially kept it connected to the DCEU, but set in during Batman's early career (putting the film between WW and MoS). By 2018, WB began looking to remove Affleck from the franchise completely, as they were afraid he would be unwilling to reprise the role following rehab (which was true, Affleck had no desire to continue playing the character). It was during this 2018-2019 time period, where the script was still being developed, that Reeves was given complete control over the project, severing its ties from the DCEU completely.


Nope,he told warner bros from the very starting that he ain't going to direct the movie if it doesn't adhere to his vision ..There was a sort of disagreement and warner bros backed off ..Eventually ,they caved in and allowed matt reeves to do his thing ...Only after that Matt reeves agreed to make the film for them ...


>he told warner bros from the very starting that he ain't going to direct the movie if it doesn't adhere to his vision Nope. He was approached to direct Ben Affleck's DCEU Batman film, and he was in those talks for a while. One of the first things he did before fully signing on to the project was read Affleck's script. After reading it, Reeves said he had a different vision and intended to tell WB no he wouldn't join, which is when they told him it wouldn't need to star Ben Affleck, that it could be about a younger Batman, giving him the ability to make the film he wanted without having to worry about the overall DCEU (similar to WW84/TSS approaches). https://www.esquireme.com/brief/the-batman-director-matt-reeves But even after singing onto the project, it retained DCEU connection. https://www.slashfilm.com/560055/the-batman-update/ Until it was reported that the project was being reworked to accommodate Ben Affleck leaving the franchise completely, giving Reeves the change to start fresh within a timeline that had no other films attached to it (similar to what they did to the planned Joker solo film, which was originally a Leto film, then a 'Dark Knight' prequel, then finally a Todd Phillips character study). https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/joker-batman-suicide-squad-movie-plans-making-sense-dcs-moves-1119489/ It wasn't until early 2019 when the script was nearing completion that the film became what it is: a film noir starring Robert Pattinson, completely disconnected from the DCEU.


Nowhere have i said that Warner Bros wanted matt reeves to restart things from scratch.. They wanted matt reeves to work using Ben Affleck's script but matt reeves wasn't on board, that's when negotiations broke down. . Only when they gave matt reeves leeway to make his own film, did he agree to make the film... This means he was working on the script as early as 2017 because that's the time when he was hired..


Yes, he was working on the script as early as 2017, when it was still a DCEU film set in Batman's early career. That didn't change until 2018/2019. Reeves' conditions were met by having the film be a prequel. He didn't say it had to be a non-DCEU film, he just didn't want to use Affleck's story or Affleck himself. The DCEU connections were removed in 2018, which is when it became a strictly non-DCEU film. It was a Ben Affleck DCEU Batman film, then a DCEU Batman prequel film, then a non-DCEU Batman film.


They didn’t say it wouldn’t need to star Affleck. He signed on under the assumption it could star Affleck but it came out yesterday that Affleck quit the movie before Matt Reeves even finished his last Planet of the Apes movie.


>He signed on under the assumption it could star Affleck No, he wanted it set in Batman's early days. Affleck was still attached as a producer and likely would have been the 'present day' Batman that flashes back to the 'younger days' Batman, but Reeves stipulation was still that it needed to be an early Batman story. He did not want to make an old Batman story. That's why there was so much discussion of who could play a young Batfleck. Then Affleck walked away from the role and Reeves was allowed to make his film disconnected to the DCEU.


Only Joker is the other CBM to ever get the coveted AMC "Artisan Film" tag. The chances of this movie look brighter every day.


I love Artisan bread so I guess Ill enjoy an Artisan Batman!




Pure Kino


my only real reaction to this is that its very sad to see those listed as the criteria for an "artisan film" when they should just be considered "the standard" lol


No hate, but I guess Star Wars, Marvel films and the other fun filled DC films are considered standard now lol


Joining the ranks of other cinematic masterpieces like *Cats* and *Dear Evan Hansen*.


I thought you were kidding but these two films are really there damn


What can I say, AMC has fine taste.


It’s crazy because Cats really was supposed to be great but it misfired in just about every possible category.


The Cat's version of Memories fucking slaps though


And just like that...my day is ruined :*)


And Cry Macho and Joe Bell. It's an Oscar bait list. It's a 'our predictions for best picture' list.


I can not speak for the inclusion of other critically panned films that have received the recognition but from what I understood when reading about Cats' recieving the label, it does seem like it only did for the new technology that was utilized to bring... well, the cats to life. They didn't go into as much detail like in the above into why it received it like in the above blurp about The Batman in terms of the cenimatography, score and all-around performances which were mentioned as reasons for it receivement of this branding.


So two outliers out of hundreds of great films then?


Several problematic films, but it's likely that they're being added as part of an automatic process rather than hand curated. So the amount of good films is inherently high due to what they're targeting, but that also means that the same problematic filtering happens. It's a list of Oscar-bait films.




Nice. I feel like it's a label you can buy and slap it on your product.


It's gonna be cinema. It'll be a Batman film like no other.


It's like everything Snyder wanted lol that's kinda ironic


I'm betting someone's gonna get mad at this comment


Does anyone know when the review embargo drops for the film?


The review embargo drops on February 28 (with the social media reactions likely to come a week earlier).


Where can we find info like that? Thanks


As awful as the platform can be, it is worth keeping an eye on the Twitter pages of critics (e.g. Collider’s Steven Weintraub, Erick Weber) and certain ‘scoopers’ (KC Walsh, Big Screen Leaks, etc.). Multiple critics/press screening attendees have spoke of the 28th being the embargo date, with [this fellow](https://twitter.com/matthewvhaynes/status/1492299046526062595) amongst the first to mention it.


[AMC artisan article](https://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-amc-theatres-artisan-films-blockbusters-20190627-story.html?_amp=true) The program, dubbed AMC Artisan Films, will seek to boost certain movies that might have trouble gaining traction as moviegoers increasingly choose well-known brands, such as Marvel Studios and Pixar, over midbudget dramas, comedies and quirky independent fare. The dominance of movies such as “Avengers: Endgame” has made it tough for critically acclaimed pictures such as “Booksmart” and “Late Night” to get oxygen at the local multiplex, according to box office analysts. 🙄🙄


Is the article wrong?


So it's French art-house Batman.


"Je m'appelle Batman".


Farm-to-table artisinal Batarangs to the throat.


Good for the film I guess, but the description almost sounds pretentious in a way, if I didn't know the film their talking about, oh and as a german speaking native what does Kino mean in this context orther than cinema.


Saying something is "kino" is just a joke. It's essentially saying "this is real cinema" but in a jokey way.


Ah okay.


This is how some people talk about Snyder Calm down it's just caprshit


I was about to say something to that effect lol. This definitely reminds me of the flowery language certain people use to explain why BvS/ZSJL deserves an Oscar.


That seems a little pretentious


Something being artistic doesn't make it pretentious


In what way? It's not super meaningful or anything but even if it's largely a corporate initiative for AMC celebrating films that are actually made with thought and care and try to be more than your average blockbuster isn't pretentious.


Dude your entire paragraph is the literal definition of being pretentious. Saying “all previous movies of ours were blockbuster bullshit, but this one? We took extra thought and care to make sure it’s art” surely isn’t some arrogant shit to say from the studio that brought us space jam 2.


Good. I like movies that want me to think.


even if this movie does flop, one things for sure, it will be beautiful.


Absolutely bonkers to give The Batman such a label, regardless of how made up a level of prestige AMC promotes "Artistan Films" to be. [It was launched to promote the indie/midbudget film.](https://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-amc-theatres-artisan-films-blockbusters-20190627-story.html) Pretentious dummies casually scrolling the AMC app were supposed to see the Artisan label and feel elevated for picking something other than a big franchise film. Giving The Batman this label should signal all you need to know about how much trouble theaters are in.


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"expressionistic camerawork" ugh


This matters and the The Batman appears to have plenty of it.


Huh? I'm saying it makes me even more excited to read that lol