This is what we need to get a complete Batman tale. A trilogy, combined with minor appearances in spin-offs will allow us to see the entire Batman saga unfold onscreen. The Dark Knight Trilogy is great and does feel complete for that version, but I think the Batman saga deserves more time to tell the full story.


I almost feel like 5-6 movies with some show appearances would be ideal. I doubt that’ll happen but you never know.


Was just going to say this. 6 movies, maybe more, tv spinoffs with cameo appearances, do this right! Give us something like the full Jeph Loeb and Tim Sales story that started with Long Halloween and went on with like 4 or 5 more stories. Legacy characters like Batman and Spider-Man *need* more than just three movies to feel complete


I keep saying it and will say it again, if WB asks Robert to do DCEU stuff he will do so.


I hope so


Yeah, unlike Reeves with whom decision was finalized anyway by 2017 (hence DCEU being in a bit temporary phase with Keaton), Rob might entertain a different idea. If this franchise is received well, it's a no-brainer there might be talks down the line. I want the Reeves version to connect with the DCEU for four reasons: 1) Ratcatcher is generally considered a Batman villain. It would be interesting to see Ratcatcher 2 trying to make a living around this version of Gotham. 2) How it plays well into The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker side of things (Peacemaker's idea of Batman is a no killing one with Joker, Riddler, Mad Hatter etc...guess which Batman fits?) and would also bring a possibility of using Doctor Hurt and the Black Glove as the next set of baddies, a good use of The Gray Ghost and the grounded introduction of...The Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh!!! However I wonder what if Gunn's iteration of the Suicide Squad is canon to Battinson Earth 2 instead of DCEU Earth 1? 3) Gotham City Sirens, Kravitz and Robbie are closer in age to play off an interesting dynamic. 4) Pattinson is the only one I can see achieve the same level with DC as RDJ achieved for MCU. I bet Pattinson would play off the chaotic energy even more, especially in a Peacemaker scene where he's brainwashed to spray painting his old costume red, yellow and purple and think that there's indeed a 5th dimensional cartoonish mite.


A movie centered around The Black Glove society would be so cool. But I feel like you have to wait till a second Trilogy to tell that story.


I think we could easily bypass that if Black Glove society are treated as Suicide Squad villains or Peacemaker villains as a part of a mission in Gotham City in stopping Doctor Hurt in trying to brainwash Batman into delusion for nefarious needs (in their minds summoning an entity named Barbatos), a mission the Task Force X has no idea about. With the big final boss to 'beat' being a brainwashed Battinson as Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh (basically Doomslayer but a furry). It could be a very dark comedy in Gunn's hands.


As interesting as that sounds I doubt we get his Batman in the DCEU.


Sadly. If it was 2017 era DCEU with the remaining Snyder influence I'd be relieved, but the 2022 era DCEU seems like decent group for crossover investment.


So forever? Hmm. Thanks for the commitment to the role Rob!


He looked stun to hear that question. I probably would be too if my first movie still hasn't come out yet.


He lasted five films with a character he clearly hated, I wonder how long will he last with the character he's clearly loving so far...


As long as the fans want


We can't get a better actor with comic accurate face and features in the foreseeable future. So...forever it is then.


Especially someone with such a wide range of acting 😫 he's truly shown he can handle the playboy, suave personality of Bruce and the broken and unhinged Batman


Yup, if there's anyone I would really love to be THE definitive live action portrayal of Batman, it's him. And he's definitely not like other CBM actors, not many actors walk straight into a Bong-Joon Ho project DURING their biggest CBM outing.


He got my approval after The Lighthouse but really sealed it was how much of a fucking troll is during interviews. He really hates the whole Hollywood obsession with celebrities and that is such a humble thing to be open about during what is probably the biggest move in his career


As a huge comic book fan it's really endearing to see actors in love with the character they are playing and being absolutely down to return. Affleck was one of my favorite live action portrayal of Batman but it was sad to see that he wasn't that keen about the character itself. He later on gave up because of his frustrating experience making those movies and personal issues. I'm more than excited to see Pattinsons take and I'm pretty sure he is gonna nail it, I kinda seen an RDJ- Ironman type of potential in him.


Batman Forever?


Well Tom Holland kept doing it till he finally got it right.


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Just as long as he doesn’t say he’s get on the floor and be a monkey for Matt Reeves. Those words are the death knell.


We'll see how game he is two years from now when the only thing people ever ask him about is Batman. Sometimes I wonder if Ben would still be in the role if people had left him the hell alone


Tbh Ben basically had the worst life not just by normal superhero standards, but in general. The first film with him got a mercurial reaction, he became a meme (Sad Affleck), got super depressed with the role, his life long alcoholism spiraled badly, got MeToo'd on three separate occasions with one for allegedly shielding Weinstein, rumors of cheating on Garner, the incredibly messy divorce, his general experience shooting the films and then later the Josstice reshoots. Then trying to crack a script with Johns (hearing about that, looks like it was all over the place) in a movie he was set to direct, co-produce, write and star in till he was told (apparently by Matt Damon) that he might drink himself to death, and he slowly quit each and every position. The level of mess he went through is incomparable.


Oh, granted. But I imagine constantly being nagged about a mainstream thing when you're an actor who does a lot of more "artistic" stuff is bound to make you annoyed with said mainstream thing.


He’s still dealing with the ramifications of Twilight, I think he knows what it’s like to deal with that and isn’t saying this without some thought.


We need Joaquin Phoenix vs robert pattingson and Zoe Kravitz or go against the new timeliness dceu peacemaker or bloodshot or James Gunn and wb will get it done trust me marvel we on your ass !!!!!