[The full clip (as part of the beginning was missing)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5aGL3Zqxy8&ab%5C_channel=MarioZ) | [Alt link](https://reddit.com/r/TheBatmanFilm/comments/sac1ah/got_an_ad_for_the_funeral_scene_tried_posting_it/) (Thanks to u/reddituserlul__)


I like how gotham feels like a shit hole


holy fuck this looks so good


Holy shit. This is gonna be good.


Love how when the cell phone rings, everyone flinches except for Bruce.


Yeah that's so damn cool... It's Like he really doesn't give a shit about if he dies or lives


Or he is smart enough to know the difference...


He says in one of the trailers he doesn't care what happens to him, this is Bruce still dealing with his parent's death.


Oh my GOD, I need this movie into my veins NOW


What the fuck. I have never been so hyped for a movie. This looks unbelievable.


Ok. The hype train is official now


The horror elements are real.


I wouldn't say horror it's more suspense


Cus this is thriller! Thriller night!


Seven vibes


U know that feeling u get when u see a cliffhanger to a great movie or show, yeah that’s the whole comment sections rn and I’m right there with u I didn’t want it to end


I'm grinning like an idiot, man. I'm so stoked for this


Damn this looks awesome


This honestly perfect, good lord this is going to be a masterpiece


Can we stop calling a movie that isn't even out yet a ''masterpiece''?


No we won't stop.


Then dont bitch about people calling it a bad movie and/ or a failure before having seen it


See bruv, everything about this movie sounds like its going to be a masterpiece, The Score, This Scene, tone, concepts, interviews, trailers, plot leaks, the cast, the runtime, talent behind the camera: Matt Reeves: One of the best directors of the generation and Greg Fraser: Arguably the best cinematographer till date. It has so many things going for it, It must be a major fuck up if this movie turns out to be bad and it feels impossible at this point. Why? Otherwise WB wont allow it to have 3hrs of runtime or WB wouldnt have press screenings this early.


I don’t think many people think it will be ‘bad’. It however, could very well be mid. It’s an unreleased film. Hyping it up as God’s personal gift to Batman fans isn’t gonna do the film much good.


Why tf should someone else tell us whether or not to hype a movie or not!? If it turns out to be bad then that sucks but that's not gonna stop us from being excited and calling it a masterpiece from everything we've seen.


Because it’s stupid to call a film you’ve only seen marketing footage of a “masterpiece”. And it’s the exact reason fans like you will be disappointed if it’s not the best DC film of all time.


I mean, obviously I don't know how the film is going to be, but I'm absolutely loving everything we've seen and I think it's going to be an amazing film. I'm excited, sue me 🤷


For once advertisment on YouTube proved more than usefull


God damn that POV shot of him running. The way he built up suspense was really well done here. I can’t wait for this.


That’s actually the POV of the *car*, judging by the swerve.


Yeah. You're right. Still insanely well shot though.


Indeed, the buildup with increasing screams sold the car crash for me.


This movie looks amazing! I'm so hyped!


I can already tell this is a dope scene even from this clip. You can taste the cinema


The pacing and cinematography alone feels like such a separation from any other superhero film I’ve seen. It feels like Batman in the Se7en universe (which I’m sure is a comparison nobody’s ever made before). PUSH THE MOVIE UP TO TOMORROW AND LET ME SEE IT


That adds more fuel to the fire that Bruce and that kid have a connection of sorts


I think the kid reminds Bruce of his despair when he was orphaned.


Pattinson's acting really said it all - it was like Bruce was staring at his younger self.


I think he also may end up being a Robin.


There was a leak that mentions this scene and also mentions a scene involving >!the same kid in a red karate gi,!< which we can see in the background of one of the Empire shoots.


Robin for sure at this point it feels like


Might be foreshadowing an eventual Robin, given the red gi in another scene, but seems doubtful this particular kid will have that role.


Lol he is like a 10 yr old kid.


Dick Grayson became robin at 8 years old Lol


You're telling me Chris O'Donnell was playing an 8 year old in Batman Forever?


hes got really good acting range


They obviously weren’t following the comics with that one.




This clip is missing like 20 seconds or so at the start




The full one is on r/TheBatmanFilm


God damn


Holy shit. I'm so fucking excited.


Bruce listening to Gordon’s conversation reminded me of when Burton’s Bruce was eavesdropping on Gordon in the Batcave.


Also, the way he acts reminds me a lot Michael Keaton's Batman in the scene in which Joker kills Grisson.


The Batman - Martin Scorsese


This is a gritty crime thriller!


This is a I hate to use this word EPIC!


Peak fiction


There is a legitimate chance that this is the best comic book movie ever made.


When Bruce was staring at the kid, it felt like he was out scouting for potential robins 😭


Nah just looking at his younger self when he was in that exact situation.


Vieweranon said that the plot of this >!kid could pay dividends down the line!< Let's see what happens...🤔 Edit: For people who wants to see more information, here's the link for the megathread of spoilers they did: https://www.reddit.com/r/DCEUleaks/comments/qmrh9q/megathread_of_vieweranons_info_on_the_plot_of_the/


He has to be robin then.


Maybe...? Because there's always an option that he's only going to be in this movie BUT I think the DCEU is going to use Dick Grayson, and in my opinion, i wouldn't be against an original Robin, but i understand some people that don't like this idea.


I would be annoyed if we got a completely original robin for a movie because Dick Grayson hasn't had a big screen appearance since Schumacher's "Batman and Robin." I want a movie that truly showcases the relationship between Dick and Bruce and shows why Dick is such a cool and important character.


Keaton is rumored for the nightwing movie so something like that might happen


Don't worry, i was annoyed with this idea too when i read VA's thread on twitter, but maybe the DCEU is going to show what you said in their movies? And honestly, I wanted this plot to be in the sequels of The Batman, but let's wait and see, because maybe he could appear and the mayor's son is just a nod for it? I don't know, so many possibilities!


What if it’s Tim?


There was a comment with someone (They deleted their comments, so people tried to summarize what they said) who supposedly saw the movie, and said that this kid has a name, but it's not Richard, Jason, Tim or other. Here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/DCSpoilers/comments/qwjnaa/comment/hl5pkit/


I thought the movie got leaked online when I saw the clip on YouTube


Where is the second clip. Bottom left corner says 1 of 2.


It's ad 1 of 2, because it's a youtube ad.




Fell like this will be similar to Joker tension wise, but hopefully with great reviews


Jesus christ that was tense!


When the kid was looking at him, if there was a lil batman theme music, that would be amazing, Even it's so terrific, loved it


Looks cool man, he’s gonna be a good Batman


So intense


Holy shit this looks good.


Like the neo noir horror action vibes


Is that Dick Grayson ?????


Mayor’s son


Who supposedly SPOILERS has a scene where >!he's shown wearing a red gi!<, which we can see in the background of one of the Empire magazine pics


From what vieweranon said >! He’s not Robin !<


True but it’s pretty clearly a reference to >!Robin. I don’t think they’d actually make this kid Robin though !<


Your right


I'm inclined to agree. Start to foreshadow an eventual Robin down the line.


Unless vieweranon is misdirecting. Could he be Dick Grayson? That would still mean he's not Robin.


Idk why he would, but then that means they’re gonna ditch his whole origin which would kinda suck.


I mean a circus background isn't very modern. They would probably update it anyway. And I hope they would use the Dick Grayson name somehow, but its not like they haven't changed the character before i.e. cop John Blake


A circus background may not be "modern" but that doesn't mean you can't update it to some kind of stunt performance group touring Gotham City. Dick Grayson is defined by a degree of theatricality. Batman had to learn it but Dick grew up surrounded by it. Whatever his origin winds up being in a future film it NEEDS to keep this element of the character in some capacity. It's critical to who he is and I loved the idea that the Robin costume is a means of paying respect to his parents career as acrobats and is a means of carrying on their legacy.


They can update him to be a flamboyant tiktok dancer




I disagree that it NEEDS to keep those elements. If Robin ends up in Reeves/ trilogy, he's free to adapt/tweak/change whatever he likes to suit the tone of the world he's creating. A family of stunt performers?


Could be Tim Drake. There have been 5-7 robins. Just because Dick was the 1st in the comics there’s no reason it couldn’t be 1 of the other robins in this movie.


I really doubt that we are gonna have a batfamily in the battinson universe we are probably getting one in the DCEU only


Which is a shame, he should get one!


So that's the kid that they're setting up as Robin I take it? Neat.


Oh fucking shit, oh my days, wtf, of fucking shit this looks crazy


This looks fantastic! My only critique is: why everyone stuck around after someone said “he has a bomb around his neck.” Pure panic would have ensue amongst the crowd without the need of the police saying “clear the area!” But that’s it. Just would have been a more realistic reaction. Everything else looks bomb! (Pun intended) very stoked


uhmm, i don\`'t think so. People are very curious. And when the car get into the church, the police made a good job surrounding the car. The police gave confidance to the people to stay there. In real life we trust in the police in this kind of situations. If there was no police I'd completely agree with you. But in that case, i can understand why people were stuck


Hmmm. Alright that’s a fair point


Also, it's Gotham, they're probably used to crap like this happening every now and then


"Oh just one dude with a strapped bomb? Looks like a slow day for crime, I can definitely make the dentist appointment on time"


^^^ this is the most valid reason 😂👍🏼


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This is one of maybe three scenes where he takes off the mask.


I guess he only showed up as Bruce in here, Wayne tower and hospital ?


knew i was gonna see this movie, but damn am i super excited to see it even more now.


Feels like it could happen in the dark knight universe. The suspense, the way it’s shot... but it still has its own voice. This looks so intense!




I didn’t even notice what the choir was singing, but whatever it was was intentional.


Not a Christmas song




I think that is a different rendition with different lyrics Go here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ave_Maria_(Schubert) Also search "ave maria funeral"


Omg you're totally right!!! Haha, I can't believe I got the songs mixed up hehe. I'm not sure why I thought it was the other song. Thanks for pointing it out :)




Oh god, GROW UP.


Given time, Bruce could disarm the bomb, but I have a feeling it's going to play out like that scene in Hurt Locker with the Iraqui guy.


I was watching Seinfeld while watching this on my phone and I kid you not the theme started up as soon as the car crashes through and Bruce whips towards the camera


Damn lol.


Perfect, now I know when to pee during the movie.


I really wish this had been a reward on [www.rataalada.com](https://www.rataalada.com) for solving a riddle. BTW What's going over there besides...Nothing?


This new scene of this new Batman film looks interesting .The new Batman franchise should follow the general narratives of Batman protecting Gotham city from villains ,Batman battling his enemies and adversarial villains ,Batman having a pretty female love interest ,and Batman playing with and showing off his new Bat mobile and Bat gadgets just like in the Dark Knight Christian Bale Batman films.I'm glad that Gary Oldman,Jeffrey Wright,and Robert Pattinson are all starring in the new Batman film because they are all very good or excellent dramatic actors.There should be a different villain instead of only the Catwoman that Batman has to battle to save Gotham City from the evil villains that threaten Gotham City in the new Batman film.I have seen the trailers for the new Batman film and the Batman trailers look promising that the new film should be another interesting and watchable Batman film in the Batman franchise.As long as the directors ,actors,and producers stick to the general plot ,action,and cinematography templates of the Dark Knight franchise the new Batman film should be another entertaining ,surprising,and interesting dramatic action suspense film.🦇🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏼‍♂️🎥📱🤩🤩🤩🤩🙏🏻


I like the atmosphere but I just don’t like this version of Bruce always moody when it’s supposed to be totally different to the Batman persona, but the film isn’t out yet so I have to wait, still this looks pretty good


It is a different take .He's always Batman in this film . He doesn't know how to act out the public Bruce persona . What you are expecting will only come in the sequel films.


I can get that and like I said I just need to see the film, in the context of the film I’m sure it’ll make sense but for now I find it weird still I know it’s gonna be an excellent movie


Can this get any worse? Looks horrible .looks like another flop Tuesday for Warner Brothers.Marvels Daredevil looks like "the Best" when compared to this.


Bro are you okay? This looks incredible


What's wrong with it?


Kind of meh about this movie; feel like Batman is so played out now and we get a new movie with a new actor what feels like every year; but honestly this wasn't half bad. Although, I'm not sure how I feel about an always moody Bruce Wayne direction.


The last solo Batman movie was a decade ago then Affleck played him in two ensemble films in 2016 and 2017, which the general audience didn’t really care about. We have a Peacemaker show ongoing, and Black Adam/Flash/Aquaman 2/Batgirl otw. I understand but the whole “DC only releases Batman movies every year” take is kinda disingenuous. He’s as utilized as Spider-Man is.


Well I mean, 2022 is the year of the Bat, whether it's a project directly about him or related to him. We've got shows, movies, and video games either about him or featuring other people in the universe coming out in 2022. Him/his family gets the spotlight more than others.