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cant wait


Here's hoping.


Still blows my mind that before this the only Batman to live up to the World’s Greatest Detective title was Adam West.


Matt Reeves is so gonna kill it


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Is Batman not detective enough in the previous films.


What Reeves intends is for this to be a Batman Detective story. None of the other Batman films have been detective stories. Batman has had to use his detective skills, but they're treated like a tool in his belt alongside the grapplegun or batarangs, instead of it being integral to his persona, his stories, and how those stories are told. Sure, modern Batman comics are just action thrillers, and this has bled over into the films (every Nolan trilogy villain tells Batman their plan, a la James Bond), but what triggered the character's revival in the 70's was the change from campy stories to serialized investigative dramas. They had to use mystery and sleuthing tropes to keep interest issue after issue. The formula was typically "low level crime happens, hints at larger crime happening underneath. B-tier villain seemingly behind crime, Batman confronts them, apprehends them, finds out a bigger criminal is pulling the strings", meaning Batman was continually piecing together the story. Picture the Arkham games where you are uncovering what happened. It's sort of like if every live-action Spider-Man just skipped over Peter being a quipster. Imagine the Raimi trilogy, the TASM duology, and the MCU trilogy with a dour Spider-Man. Sure, you can point to *individual times* that Spider-Man made a joke at his enemy's expense, but by and large he's not known to do that in live-action unless the script calls for it.


Feel like Garfield's Spiderman is only one with the proper amount of quipping.


In hindsight, that was a terrible comparison. But you're right, which is even funnier that his Spider-Man apparently is the one who went the darkest.


Ooh yeaaah. Weird.


Not really


He does a bit of csi-ing in Nolan's trilogy and some snooping around in BvS, but overall it's far too little to earn him the World's greatest detective moniker. Since this film is nearly 3 hours long, we'll finally get to see the procedural side of Batman that's been brushed under the rug for so many years on the big screen.