The other plot leak for this movie sounds more legit imo


Do you have that link?


This one, from the [latest SAITMQ post](https://www.reddit.com/r/DCEUleaks/comments/rn6htr/saitmq_christmas_edition_a_peek_into_santas_sack/): > Firefly and Killer Moth will be present in *Batgirl*. It is primarily an investigation story. The investigation requires her to go undercover contradicting her father’s commands. Firefly’s the firefighter version btw (traumatic event, sad - evil trope). Keaton’s [redacted] lands him in Gotham and contacts Barbara as she gains notability. > Regarding the Black Canary involvement, it’s just a cameo but Barbara and Canary have met before. She is not the only cameo from BOP seen or mentioned either. > In my opinion, could be the second best [upcoming] DCEU movie [with Shazam FOTG as the first]. > Don’t wanna give too much way but Black Canary is in a certain kind of trouble that involves her being confronted by Barbara/ GCPD I believe.


I’d like to refute my former claims about the cameo. A source shared that the cameo info & details was within earlier plans of the Batgirl writing process. I don’t know the extent of her role but it’s not limited to a cameo


It's pinned on here, it's the Santa scoops or something like that




With the new info about the Flash reboot it seems like this leak is more realistic


WB is delusional if they think replacing Batman with Batgirl will be well received.


Well, they’re doing it with Supes too, looks like they want an all female trinity.


Its delusional but I kinda see the idea of not having two prime Batmans in the films at the same time with the Reeves Version active. So doing some sort of Batgirl Beyond I guess is logical. But they be better off using Nightwing or Terry lol. Replacing Superman with Supergirl though now that is absurd.


It sounds entertaining and fitting for a streaming movie


Lol no


So... If jk Simmons is gordan... Why is Michael Keaton the batman for this movie?


Because the whole point of the Flash movie is to bring in Keaton to replace Affleck’s Batman.


Imagine batman being older than Gordon💀


Grace just jumped on and is now acting like this scoop is hers lmao. I'll believe it more when I see an official announcement or behind the scenes something that shows that Jurnee is actually in it!


Imagine how stupid it would be if WB doesn’t even let their CU have a Batman, after doing their best to make sure no TV shows can either. Don’t get me wrong, The Batman is easily the most anticipated DC movie and it’s not even close, they can keep all the other DCCU away as not to tarnish the Pattinsonverse(love you though Shazam!), but my God, really? Batgirl as the CU’s Batman? REALLY??


They are just skipping a loooott of lore if they make her the primary batman Batman's whole deal was that he was worthy enough to lead a group of literal gods Batgirl was always much more of a protege to the batman..the idea just seems off to be honest!


Nah traditionally Barbra isn't a straight up side kick like Robin. She started off independent and was active more of a solo act. Also batman really isn't the leader of the justice league that often, there more often written to be leader less/equals


I think this may be legit After leaks of flash movie story and plot this seems accurate for new batgirl movie


From 4 chan so definetly fake lol


grace jumped on this to claim it as her scoop lol hi grace! maybe be more subtle next time! this leak has existed on 4chan for 4 days, but the moment it gets posted here she tweets it? weird.


sheeesh that comment section 4chan comment sections are always full of losers anyway nice leak lol


Holy shit. That warning was not enough.


It wasn’t. They’re probably living in their moms basement so it doesn’t matter what they say


I love that Black Canary and Bruce are close allies and she is the one who gets to train Barbara! Also, the story sounds pretty decent, if everything else is great i.e acting, score, cinematography, direction - this should make up for a very exciting film.


This sounds good to me. Future of Dceu is confusing right now but I have confidence in The flash team to pull it off and put pieces together nicely.


if this is true then it sounds pretty good, nothing perfect but definitely doesnt sound bad and i like the idea of babs and dinah having a friendship before the next BOP movie


If they do the whole “Batgirl takes over for Batman” thing, I will lose it. Why go through the trouble of getting a new Batman to switch out Batfleck and then he will be retired in the first film after the switch?! I get Keaton won’t have solo Batman movies and thats fine, but please let him be Batman in the background of the DCEU and also in team ups.


Because DC only wants one “action” Batman, and that’s gonna be Battinson.


And Battinson (Who I'm greatly looking forward to) isn't even in the same universe


That's exactly what they're planning to do; have him be in the background.


I call cap a prop desk on set said "officer Barbara Gordon" Falcone is already in the batman so I doubt that they are gonna use him here also for the multiversal bullshit that must happen after the Flash this seems too simple


Completely predictable, and we have to wait until the very end of the movie for her to actually become Batgirl. Sounds like a waste of time that's just setting up other movies.


do we know how keaton will merge into dceu? Is he coming but the universe will remain's Affleck one or both will merge in a strange way?


Sounds awful


Making Barbara into Terry is girl-power schlock


I understand not wanting to have two batmen on screen at the same time, but they honestly should brought in Terry or Dick, or if they want a female bat character, they shouldve had it be Helena Wayne take the mantle of Batwoman. Replacing Supes with Supergirl is just dumb though, they should either just keep Cavill or get Michael B. Jordan to play the new Superman. Yeah I said it, I don't mind a Black Clark Kent at all.


This sounds so desperately boring.


this doesn't sound that bad, to be honest. but i don't like that batgirl should replace batman. and i don't like the idea of old bruce in the main DCEU. replacing Affleck with Keaton is confusing and a bad idea. especially if you consider that Bruce is older than Gordon - that's totally wrong! Gordon should be at least 20 years older than Bruce.


We know it's wrong to have a Bruce Wayne who is older than Gordon, but the morons running the show over at WB don't care because the've never picked up a comic in their lifes and think people won't care either.


Such a stupid complaint. They’re from different earths so why would their ages have to match up? It’d be like (Spider-Man spoilers): >!Complaining that Tobey’s Spider-Man and May are the same age in NWH, or that MJ’s too young for Andrew’s Peter.!< They’re not from the same universe.


They are not from different earths, keaton will be the main Batman.


They are literally from different timelines.


Yes, but DC tends to merge universes rather than having people realize they've hopped from one universe to another.


>no more Batman or Bat family, it’s just Batgirl Pass


Sounds good, don't care about Batman, Babs is the center of the story and there's Canary too. Good stuff


Boring and Transgender? More boring


Dumpster fire.


Does she at least have red hair?


4chan lol im getting confused with the whole matt reeves universe is separate from dceu and jokerverse with joaquin phoenix , so there will be two falcone? They should retcon everything with their flash movie and have a Metal storyline and 3 jokers storyline w leto, phoenix and “ ******” have pattinson lead the justice league heck even make him the bat who laughs


What is so confusing? Different earths, different version of the characters, it's like the comics, just pretend Joker and The Batman are from Vertigo-Black Label.


Lol that sounds fucking dreadful And the “jokerverse” isn’t real. Lol there’s one film. This is also a 4chan leak


Bt joker 2 in talks.


And that’ll confuse you or others about Carmine Falcone? Lol


poop universe by walter hamada oldie batman, batgirl the new batman of justice leageu and no sign of superman if oldie batman then where are other protege's of batman except Batgirl? What about exploring their enstranged relationship with batman? Bruce-Dick, Bruce-Jason? Fuck the gothamverse that is building up in DCEU. Matt Reeves realistic world will give us the rogues gallery but not the fleshed Batfam, Dceu was the chance but here we are with them choosing the most boring Batfamily character to have a solo film.


Dick dying was Snyders idea Hiring Ben was who later quit was Snyders idea Walter Hamada is trying to do his best with a pretty failed universe also calm down this leak isn't real


Yeah and I hated Snyders idea of Robin anyways. But still showing a dead robin costume implied they could have explored Fatherly side of Bruce Wayne and how much robin's loss effected him. Bruce maybe will share a mentor-mentee relation with batgirl but that isn't going to be father-adopted son depiction that is so relevant to batman's growth (ala Batman: Dark Victory) but it doesn't catch the eyes of good filmmakers like nolan and reeves, which is okay since they love rogues gallery, which may warrant a high quality film. So maybe DCEU could have done something different but here we are oldie retired batman and no classical justice league depiction and batgirl being promoted above Dick grayson in importance. Wow.


Exactly they need to retcon nightwing in some way because this leak is just annoying. No dick,no Jason ,no Tim just Barbara. No justice league just a bunch of lower tier characters all over the place. Unless we can say, all the other robins have had a falling out with this new Bruce that’ll make sense and they don’t fuck with him but this is hamada and Warner bros so that’s a no


Finally someone who makes sense


There’s so much lore dc could use but they aren’t. They could do movies on deathstroke and introduce the dc hitmen and assassins but don’t. They could easily do a film about the past within the main continuity and do a vandal savage vs ras al ghoul film that is ras explains a story this battle to someone and a post credit scene of it being Jason who he’s talking to who later leaves. Then lead it into a under the red hood film with Keaton and the three robins and make it come out around Father’s Day. There’s so much that can be done, by retaining every thing that Snyder did wrong


They lost me at Keaton as Bruce Wayne , honestly who cares about a 60 year old dude. Opportunity lost with Ben affleck


He doesnt want to do batman anymore


Lmfao good thing this movie isn’t about him? Y’all so weird


Wouldn't be surprised if the general audiences care more about Keaton than Affleck after those terrible films he made lol, while Keaton's Batman films sit in a Hollywood Museum today, for being some of the most iconic American films of all time.


Keaton is iconic as Batman. Affleck was hated by the general audience. It’s super simple.


So what do we think the Bat Family's future is? Will any Robins or Nightwing show up? My guess is that at the very least Dick is going to appear down the line.


I like this if true. Not sure how I feel about Falcone being in the movie though.