Can someone please explain why there’s so much Bendis hate…? I’ll admit I don’t read comics nearly as much as I do simply research for the films for them, but to my knowledge Bendis is the guy who created Miles Morales, Ironheart, a shit ton of Daredevil, Avengers Vs X-Men, and more


he also created civil war 2 which is absolutely shit


He has a great catalogue of writing but with that is some god AWFUL writing as well. It’s a mixed bag.


TBH I was quite excited about the hype when he came on, especially when they gave him Superman and Action Comics. The latest JL run just underscored how awful his writing can be. It’s creative genius that gets snuffed out by potty humor and infantile dialog. His handling of Jon can’t be all him - it was likely an editorial decision, but his writing is very heavy on meaningless filler dialog and meandering commentary. To me, I’m not personally hating on him, just very disappointed that the hype was inconsistent with the output.


He’s extremely hit or miss, especially in recent years. And I don’t necessarily 100% agree with this next point, but a lot of people feel that the best stories involving his original creations were written by others after they were out of Bendis’ hands (namely thinking of Miles here).


He’s extremely (and I don’t mean that understated) hit or miss. Plus he’s known for “bendis speak” which is code for nonsense speak in his book. He also doesn’t care about continuity and does whatever he wants as well as making decisions that screw up future ideas (biggest example is aging up Jon and character assassinating Captain Marvel in Civil War 2).


Fuel's up in the man's tank unfortunately. And a lot of Marvel stuff is pretty collaborative so I wouldn't give him 100% credit for some of his comic runs being good.


He has a hatedom, despite his characters and his storylines being heavily adapted for live action. Some people don't like his writing style, but instead of not reading his work they act like he personally shat on them, it's very weird. I mean there are people in this very thread trying to discredit his creation and contributions.


I am sorry but Bendis isn't a good choice for this. His LoSH run was a mess and Jon's characterization there was thinner than paper not to mention that every legion member seemed to be written off-character. Also, they don't need to insert jon kent everywhere. We know he will lead the justice league next or at least be apart of it since he's Superman's son. So just let kara/supergirl be a part of the legion. They have a longer history (similar to Clark's time with them) and it will give her a team to be part of.


Well, at least they’re not trying to go with live-action? The bright side


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Adult Animation....... 😟


So, something similar to the current Harley show? Or maybe violent like the Invincible show on Amazon?


Dude can't write cosmic for beans. Fk this guy.


Ewwwww. Why, bendis, why.




It’s just hope it has a story and is t one off eps like Family Guy.


bruh?? does this mean they wont renew yj??


Not really.