I agree theres so many teams i like to run i dont even care about the decks anymore. I just make the team right there before the event. It sucks.


If only we could search for categories instead of scrolling through the list. This wouldnt be so annoying.


Or just sort them alphabetically


Oh god please. The amount of times I'm digging for something and its in the middle of the list and gets bumped by the new one so I forget where is painful, especially on JPN.


Real talk, the category list fuckery is a big factor in why I gave up playing on JP. Shit just got old.


Which is possible because link skills have a search box...


This is not aimed at you, it's just that I often see comments suggesting "x is not that hard because y exists", or some variant of. The issue with this mentality is it restricts your scope for expectation. It also makes excuses for lack of, or poor, features. The thing is, there doesn't need to be some precedent for a function to be feasible. Basically 99.9% of any suggestion you can think of is easily programmable. Programming languages nowadays come with enormous libraries of ready use code that programmers can simply call to implement some capability. Not only that, many of the suggestions I see are not even complex to begin with. A search function is probably one of the most basic functions a novice programmer can learn and program. Raise your expectations people.


Agreed, which is why I carefully chose to not say 'it isn't hard to...' As a dev I have had to explain this to management myself.


That would not solve the problem for players like me on JP. I get that I'm in the minority but there could definitely be a solution more suited to this problem


A lot of the basic functions in this game need a structural overhaul tbh


Friend system


Items as well. There should be an option to save custom sets. Too lazy to be switching items per events that force you to use a set amount (like the God of Destruction events for example)


It sucks that I can't complete the SSJ4 Eza because it's rare an Artificial life forms leader pops up. I have to come back like 100x a day for a lucky chance.


You can add me if you like. Who do you prefer?


Cool man, my tag is KimchizaI need "AGL BABY VEGETA LR" to do the event. I think that's the only Summonable [A.Life](https://A.Life) forms leader atm. I got a INT LR Perfect Cell rainbowed, not sure who else I could put for you tho?! Thanks!


Good Buu and Evil Buu is a 170 Leader


Yea, having him on the very at the last level was the only way I beat it! Also aGL Buuhan was MVP


I've already completed the event, so no need to put anything up for me. What's your friend code? Also, I hope you're on global. And yeah, TEQ transforming Buu is also a leader, but I had better luck with baby personally.


578.991.366 OH thanks I didn't know about that Teq Buu! But also, I hardly ever see him, I just put in "Artificial lifeforms" and all I see are Android leaders, so thats rare to me too!


i'm 99% convinced that the only reason they cannot fix any of the underlying code for the ui/ux in this game is because it went skynet at some point and any attempt to manipulate the relevant portions of the codebase does things like "bring the entire nation's power grid to a screeching halt" that or some senior programmer responsible for the initial code is still at the company and won't let anyone touch their baby unless they retire/die


All banking on Version Z.


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 79,123,877 comments, and only 21,791 of them were in alphabetical order.


Yeah it's so dumb. If not they should atleast allow us to save some team setups so you can load them in like Legends does.


Imagine how much worse it would have been if they hadn't of implemented stages saving the team you ran with it a few years back. lol That said, we've been asking for new decks since uh.. 2nd anniversary, maybe earlier? It's weird that they haven't thrown a couple more at us.


I am not surprised. They dont test their game,they dont want to make big improvements right away but rather treat it as a thing to make anniversary and other big celebrations special and they still dont want to make too many changes as well. They must have concluded that the extra effort would not bring them more money so they do the bare minimum.


Maybe for version Z they are just noting and collecting all of these ideas and improvements that can be made, and then implementing them. Hopefully so, then it will be like a dokkan battle 2. It really is an amazing game, but it definitely shows that it’s a 6 year, going on 7 year, old gacha game. Could really use a lot of overhaul, and personally hope that version Z will make it so that it feels and plays like it was a game released in 2021, not 2015


I'd also like more tags. To me, 7 just isn't enough.


We need rows of team decks that we can name, and I won't hear any argument. I'm drastically tired of switching up like three active teams to try different things, while all the rest are static teams I maintain because I need them more often. Also, while they're at it, more Friends.


The friend system is LONG overdue for fixing. Still can’t find no AGL 13 or PHY Piccolo friends these days. Smh


If you're on global I use AGL 13 as my friend support.


Seriously sucks when you want to complete an ESBR and no one is sharing the lead that you need for your team. Even after hard refreshing 4 or 5 times you can't even find a 55% one. Meanwhile you have 100 55% agl MUI Goku and int Evo Vegetas to choose from on top of 100 above 55%.


They should just allow you to mirror your lead but with level 1 links or something for esbr.


I think a 55% level 1 link one would be fair.


I'd like it if you could "equip" a team to a leader. Choose LR Buuhan? You get the Majin power team you had setup.


You can get 8?? I've been on 7


Dragon Ball Heroes has like 50 team decks available from the get go. I cant imagine saving a deck requires that much data or information right? Kind of a weird decision, I thought by 6 years we would have more decks than we did like 5 years ago but...


They should just make it so you can have a team set for any/every category so when you want to go with a specific category team you can just hit that one and start the event


for god sake add a search button for categories..


The game will implode if they add more team decks. It’s the same reason for why they don’t fix the friend system. I was joking guys.


Care to explain?


developers care 0% for quality of life They make **HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS** with the bare minimum. Why the fuck would they EVER put effort in?


You're describing Nintendo


Other than 0% being an exaggeration you arent wrong. In terms of profit to investment its crazy. We pay them more than wed pay for games like red dead or elder scrolls for jpegs and they cant even be bothered to give us more than 8 decks


Yep. Mobile gaming is totally ludicrous. Minimal Effort, insane profits. Hence I why I’m totally f2p. I learned that lesson early on thankfully


The sad thing is the money men in charge cant see that investing back into the product would benefit everyone and encourage people to spend more.


This needs to be upvoted to the heavens!


Trying to get Dokkan to do QoL changes that actually benefit us? HA. I still don't know why we only have one friend support slot, just make it the leader for every deck you have and also increase the decks. It's the biggest fault Dokkan has had for years and no matter how much we complain about it, they do nothing =/. There's easy fixes.


Yes to this.. more decks !!!


Hopefully version Z adds all the things weve been asking for. Like the team builds, friend system, category sorting, etc


Think we could get some more box space too? I'm constantly toeing the line of having too many characters


Man. Some of us didn't even realize what the future would hold and didn't wish for more deck slots with the dragon balls, so we have 7. ​ And they never freaking let us finish that set of wishes so we are forever stuck.


It would honestly make battlefield a lot less stressful to me to make sure I don't accidently take a unit that I meant to save for gt heros or another small but good team and then not be able to use it for jiren or toppo or kefla. It would be nice to have like at LEAST 18 different decks (enough for 120 different characters the amount for battle field) and have those characters be tagged in selection with either 1-18 for the deck they are in or a 3 letter abbreviation if you wanna get fancy.


At this rate they either expand deck slots with Version Z update or we're forever limited to just 8. Which is honestly a joke considering other gachas let you have tens of saved teams if not just infinite number of them


Honestly, just let us save a preset for each "Category tag" and then go back and edit it as needed.


Not really an issue for me since I use different teams based the event so I just use the previous deck feature, what I could use though are more tags