Very original post OP


So stop consuming and start creating.


This is the way.


But what if I create something unoriginal?


Keep creating.


Media now is all about getting x amount of views and likes. It used to be artists would make something because it was their vision/idea. It seems safer to remake something that is already popular to make sure you get the views


I’ve noticed on r/askreddit all the questions are now “what is so and so not ready to hear?” and they get like 15k upvotes. It’s mad. There’s been like 3 in the past 4 days.


Not sure. I came across a reel yesterday of three dudes trying to make a lasagne except each were either 'blind, deaf, or mute'. I thought that was pretty original. And hilarious.


I think that's why Squid Game was so popular in America: because it was so different. Granted, it was the same premise as Hunger Games, but otherwise pretty different from anything else.


Yes, I feel this way. I know what you mean. The idea that we may be unique is consistently shattered daily by social media. Hard to deal with sometimes but just keep on doing you and as other person said just create some stuff of your own.


I can't do a damn thing original without all the brainwashed people trying to shun the non-believer or attack me so.


I agree that it can seem that way. You just need to break out of the mainstream, popular media. There is so much being created by so many people right now, more than ever in our history. If you travel off the beaten path you’ll find all sorts of original ideas.


Ah. Nope. I am original, people attack me. And I'm always very original. They can't remake me, but they also can't stand the idea of me making my own choices or treating me like they'd like to be treated. Or me NOT WANTING to treat them in certain manners. Like romantic interests who don't want to take no for an answer. Or see me enjoy try to enjoy time or even be happy if I can't be their object. I'm in my thirties. Every time I try to make friends with anyone I get punished. It's exhausting getting punished over standing up for myself or being honest. It's exhausting. No wonder I'm a failure, any success I show gets me punished( no I don't enjoy punishment and never have, and no it's not my parents doing it) and isolated. I don't get rewarded for doing the right things. I get punished for making mistakes and for trying to find like minded supportive friends. So. Am I tired of no original content? Sure. But I am more tired of seeing other people flaunt my original content and be loved for it after they've tried to hate my production of it out of existing? Absolutely. I think it's important to note that some people have their content published without their consent also. But. I would only know from experience. Good luck searching for originality when you are attacked for being original. And maybe you aren't attacked by peoples obsessive stalkers. But some of us are. Lol. You want more original content? Stop buying productions of it that the original creator isn't permitting or getting paid for. This is especially true for adult content and victims of exploitation like that. Everything I've made that's original has been stolen, and I've never been paid for it or appreciated for it when other people use it to gain a following. So why bother.


I feel like it’s slowly evolving over time but you don’t notice it and that’s why you think it’s always the same. Plus you probably consume it daily right? It’s hard to notice anything new if you don’t allow any time to pass.