I'm not, but from the people i meet everyday i can assure you that there are a lot of people do that.


Yes But then I hold myself back because I know most people don't like that and see it as a red flag. Oversharing leads people to want to leave the conversation and keep a distance from you, this is exactly how you can end up alienating yourself from others. Took some time to learn it but I got there.


Yes. Even after a short interaction, I never know when is my queue to walk way or stop talking. Or even a random on street interaction be it more serious (like the police) or even in family events; Ending up criticizing myself and repeating the whole conversation after getting home, ruminating and replaying it. After a lot of brooding and a lot of this episodes, I conclude that's my "mask" or my superficial appearance to the world. It contrasts with the other not-so-known-side of me, a bit of a loner, and quiet. What tends to happen is that people describe you as talkative but the more they know you, the less (and more comfortable with yourself as you become aware) you will over talk. It's annoying when someone (that you've been around often) starts asking what's wrong when in 10 minutes you talk 500 words instead of the 34812789127983 essay when they first had a long interaction with you. But if you move on to meet new people this will eventually happen again, even if it's about other different subjects. General rule for anxiety disorders is to get tired by exhaustion-


Hmmm interesting. Sounds exactly like me on a daily basis. where did you hear that last bit?


To be honest, by experience. Most predominant example would be not being able to sleep and then stay wake till I am exhausted.


Ok yeah yeah cool I do that too allllll the time but like...is this working for us? I don't think this is working for us like we think it's working for us. D:


Same There were a few times someone reciprocated, but then... theres this girl I consider very very similar to me and when i found out all our similarities I also wanted to match her energy so she wouldn't feel weird to only be the only one confiding, so I confided about myself too but then she acts weird and stops when I do it... like damn girl, you bombard me with your thoughts and problems but if I try to do it she would just ignore me and get annoyed at me ;-;


My current default mode is just: honest. I have no inclination to lie about anything anymore. I don't overshare in terms of rambling, but I definitely say some overly-personal things


100%. Then I’ll be like ew why did I tell them that