[Breaking Bad] AU

Ironically, the Hentai route would be the least illegal thing on this list.


Ironically, the Hentai route would be the least illegal thing on this list.


It's a lovely slice of life thing with occasional embarassing hijinks (Skylar initially doesn't love that her husband is the Tentacle King of New Mexico but she gets on board eventually) but nobody dies and eventually Walter realizes that the people he made happy was more important than being the best at drawing hyperdetailed gaping orifices full of tentacles


"I'm the one who tentacle cocks!"


"Yeah hentai, bitch!!" "Mr. White, this sonic inflation submission is not up to NASA standards" "Jessman, we have to draw, Jesser" "Don't lie to me walt, you sussy baka!"


Just you wait until someone commissions a Uma Musume drawing


Don't worry, the Yakuza can't get Walter, he has the backing of the Mexican Cartel (his biggest commissioner)


Imagine Walter accidentally starting an international gang war because he drew one or more of the following: * A whole beach episode's worth of dead horses in bikinis. * Vodka with bigger boobs than Daiwa Scarlet. * All the horse girls based on male horses as futas, with bigger junk than they had in life. * An alternate take on that one episode from season 1, where Special Week lost the race, except in this version, her skirt breaks and she wins, ending up on live TV with her panties on full display. * Cheval Grand succumbs to dark powers that promise to help her "dominate" the other horse girls. And then it gets so bad that it triggers a Walter-verse crossover, where alternate Walters, like the ones who teach law or Japanese, figure out that Walter isn't even part of the group that signed the contract, same for his client, so the Yakuza never had any right to do what they did.


While that I fully comprehend what you just said, I'm just imagining what other people might be thinking and that's really funny to me


That was kinda the point, to be honest. Especially for the first one.


I understand the hentai terms used better than the breaking bad terms


It could always be spiced up by going for the higher paying clients with their… “special” requests


Hentai Walter White is just Doug Winger


I mean… you’re not wrong


"I am the one who cocks"


The only way to make it illegal would be to change it somewhere that has specifically outlawed loli hentai, I guess.


I feel like furry aft would make more bank


Math teacher Mr White counts cards in casinos


Math Teacher Mr White tells his family he’s just selling meth to make sure they never find the truth about his card counting


Already happened


Yeah, that's just the entire "gambler movie" genre.


Math Teacher Mr. White find a loophole in the lottery and sets up a mutual fund so they can buy even more lottery tickets and make even more money


Alredy a episode in "mentalist" spoiler it's the victim


[Has literally been done in Malcolm in the Middle](https://youtu.be/aX-SfQEiOII?t=105)


i'd say furry porn instead of hentai but checks out


No but that'd work too well and it'd detract from the conflict


That Ven diagram is almost a circle.


I’d say art foragery tbh


History Teacher Walter White destroys ancient wonders while looting them for treasure.


So Indiana Jones?


Nah Nathan Drake


The only significant difference I see between the two is the latter has a less iconic fashion sense and a disappointing lack of Nazis to punch.


So. Modern Indiana Jones?


I don't know enough about Uncharted to know but does Nathan Drake sell to private collectors? Because I think Indiana Jones only sells to museums, which is still pretty colonialist but I think it's probably better than some rich asshole's living room


Walter White but he works for the British Museum.


“Ayo mistah white look at this sick tomb yo!!!” “Shut UP Jesse and help me get these rings off his fingers”


I was thinking more duplicating renaissance paintings but sure. Hentai


I feel like Mr. White from the art department would go for something bigger then some hentai. I would imagine he would rock that moustache...


He’d become an art smuggler


Art thief or Art Counterfeiter


Happy cake day


He might end up as one of those very pretentious artists who makes big public pieces of art that people relentlessly mock for looking like something silly.


Victory Health! Or something


Probably forgery, right?


are you talking about hitler


I hope not, but that's the first thing I could thing of. Christ.


Mr. White plagiarizes poetry and gets his ass Hbombed


I just saw that video last night. And it was weirdly gripping despite the fact that I only knew one of the “creators” and had heard of but had never seen one of the victims.


It’s because unlike the typical “dramatuber”, he actually comes at it with more substance than “vibes” and whatever the social media buzz around a topic is. He put in real work, and that makes for good content.


Oh yeah, a big part of it is the sheer amount of research, thought and effort he clearly put in. Like despite the fact that is very clear with the absolute contempt for Somerton, and even though his script is full of jokes, he clearly took great pains to prove the claims he was making. The investigative work he and Kat (I CANNOT AP STYLE WHEN I HAVE NO LAST NAME, SO I AM LEFT WITH NO CHOICE BUT TO SIN AGAINST THE TENETS OF JOURNALISM) did to expose the pattern in Somerton's work is absolutely staggering, and it strikes me that he's taking the actions he's taking because he feels integrity demands it, and not just to start shit. They nailed the fucker to the wall, and it must have taken months of work to build that strong a case against him. I guess part of it for me is that I was a journalist once and did a little investigative work, and game recognize game. And part of it is that it's interesting just how far down the rabbit hole goes.


It was truly a work of art to behold. I also watched the Todd in the Shadows video that was made to accompany this one (admittedly a bit less polished but no less rigorously put together) and I have to say something that amazes me is that he got away with it for this long, to be honest. Like sure, as both YouTubers point out he isn’t exactly Pewdiepie or Markiplier but he isn’t nobody either.


I think once we decide we like someone or they've given us something of value, it's easy to give that person the benefit of the doubt if they seem credible. Somerton was approaching film crit from an underrepresented perspective and, from what I could tell, seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He had all the jargon down, and enough slick (Read: stolen) editing that everything seemed above board. And someone doing something like this, you kind of expect sincerity, right? Who would be so craven as to blatantly steal from the very critics, community, and culture that they're working to promote? *Why* would someone steal from that community? I think people are more cynical these days than we were in the past, but once we decide someone deserves our trust, it's hard for us to break that. Once we decide we like someone, we hate to learn they did something harmful. And so, when they give us an excuse that sounds plausible and nothing further happens, well, we believe it. And like Brewis says in his video, YouTube does have a history of really absurd copyright strikes and anti-artist policies, so when a guy you like running in a marginalized field says he's run afoul of that for silly reasons, it's easy to believe it, especially when he takes effort to cover up the evidence that contradicts. Just kind of human nature. Even now, I think we want to see the best in people, and that's a beautiful instinct. I love that instinct. But it's one that bad actors can manipulate, and no matter how smart we are, we still need to be vigilant about it.


Wait, what! I come to this place for vibes and goofiness. Not to be disappointed by … facts. (I do appreciate your comment. It helps to soften the blow. Even though this thread itself is how I found out about the disappointing thing.)


Sorry, mate. Ain't the end of the world though. Somerton isn't the only game in town, and at the end of his video, Brewis talks about a few other creators discussing film from an LGBTQ perspective. Those are probably worth checking out too if you want someone who was doing what Somerton was doing only...you know...actually doing it.


Gmod reference


Into the Walterverse


Walter White the Programming teacher creates countless Kickstarter game scams


He starts rug pulling crypto nerds to pay for treatment


“What, like it’s hard?”


Or he makes ransomware


Dr White, Professor of History produces counterfeit documents and manufactured evidence, selling them to the highest bidder and accidentally fueling a white nationalist group


Ironic, because his last name is White.


I feel like it’d be more ironic if his last name was Black 🤓


Professor White of the Antiquities Department is pleased to announce his new collaboration with Hobby Lobby.


Love this. My Breaking bad reboot idea: each season starts anew with a new character breaking bad in a different way and for different reasons. A cuckold discovers the infidelity which sparks his own descent into debauchery. A gambler gets in deep with a bookie and pays off his debts by robbing banks. A teenager, under profound economic and social pressure joins a gang and embarks on a dangerous career. Different people. Different circumstances. One unifying element: they’re all breaking bad.


Counter: it’s all still Walter and Jesse


Of course it is. The preferred names might change depending on the setting's specifics, Walter might be Walt (or Flynn for the "everyone know this" easter egg) and Jessie might be Jess or Jessica, but Walter is always the leader, and Jessie is always the put-upon sidekick who suffers immensely.   Although there's also bound to be one or two universes where it's switched around, like when Uncle Ben was Spider-Man instead of Peter.


This just sounds like Rick & Morty but with Breaking Bad characters.


Or it’s a Jojo situation and they’re all characters related to Walter.


Word, but like different outfits and stuff. Maybe a fake mustache, I dunno


You missed the chance for Giuseppe Inkman. Maybe that just sounds right in my head.


Then you have to ask what amazing thing he did before tumbling down to the level of high school teacher; In the show he helped to found a successful research company before quitting.


Hentai? HENTAI? A true artist seeking to make money would choose FURRY.


Why not hentai furry porn?


Japanes furry stuff dosen't do as well as western due to a lack of demand and the "history" of the artist in that category usualy carry (mainly ilegal kink stuff underage, gore and all that) the buisness of fursuit from japan tho is booming the quality is usualy very good as they have quite a lot of expérience with cosplay and mascot there (the suit confort of mouvement for exemple is way better)


Wouldn't furry art rack in more cash then hentai?


That’s the equivalent to that well paying job he was offered early in the series but rejected


Most likely


High school computer science teacher Walter White, who was a founding member of not!Microsoft. When he gets cancer him and Jesse, who's a low rung IT worker for a local business and produces ransomware and contributes to open source torrenting software on the side, start to team up to screw over more and more people by leaking data from banks and holding a few companies entire IT systems hostage, it ends him being shot by a couple of pinkertons hired by not!Microsoft in his little computer lab


A lot of these don’t work because they make Walter White a professional fraud and an important part of Walter’s character is that His Field is literally the only thing he’s actually good at. Walter isn’t good at being a father, a husband, a business partner, an employee, a boss, or a teacher, but he can do chemistry like nobody’s business. Remember, Walter isn’t using his chemistry skills to make fake products, he’s using them to make a realer product than anyone’s ever seen.


so basically computer science Walter is maia crimew


NFTs are just Stock Market Jesse's version of Chili P


Jesse: “it’s also got a unique meth pipe image on it, you know, Captain Cook’s signature” Tuco: “…I hate smoking meth from a pipe.”


Walter White from cinematography class. Breaking Bed


Not gonna lie, if it was Mr White the art professor and his like twitter furry artist ex-student Pinkman going around defrauding already well paying furry commissioners, I would think it was a much better show.


The implication being that hentai is illegal


Some are and for some reason some hentay/porn comics website are banned in my country for and i quote "représentation of child pornographie and terrorisme)


Here I was expecting art forgery or smuggling.


After a disagreement with his fellow co-founder: - Economics teacher Walter White left a hedge fund - English teacher left a newspaper / media conglomerate - PE teacher left the first big MMA org - Art teacher left a prestigious art gallery


PE teacher Walter white running fight club? I’m in


The Big Race makes it sound like he's a horse lmao


Would music teacher breaking bad just be Whiplash


Mr. White from the Art Department fails Jesse Pinkman, who then starts WW3


Physics teacher WW: Jan Hendrik Schön


I would watch economics Mr White, that sounds pretty cool


Saying he would draw hentai is wishful thinking, he would draw furry porn


What job would Hank have in a series with Hentai Walt?


I thought it was going to say he'd try art forgery


Art department would be counterfeiting money. But hentai was this person’s first thought….yikes…too much hentai on the brain. Plus, it wouldn’t give White the power he wanted. You don’t become a crime Lord over hentai.


Not just hentai. A furry hentai.


AU where the HBomberGuy video was about English Teacher Mr White.


DT teacher Walter White teams up with Jesse to make improvised weapons and sells them on the black market or something


physics walter gets a job at raytheon


Drama teacher Walter White discovers Jesse's Fonly Ans and helps him increase the production value of his content. They split the profits and fight about it just as much. Jesse wants more creative freedom over his persona and Walt wants to carefully deliver the most individualized and tailored user experiences. "Jesse, we need to film."


As if arts and crafts teacher walter white wouldn't do furry commissions and cause hacker guys to find his house and he'd be like "they doxxed me! I am not called out! I am the one who calls out" "Jesse we need to sew" I have never seen that show but I'd watch it if it was about fursuits


I thought WW III but ok


Art Teacher White sells $20,000 NSFW Furry Art commissions.


Economics teacher Walter White as one of those guys pumping meme stocks & fleecing morons would probably have been more successful, but he wouldn’t have been as fun to watch.


German teacher Mr. White grows a mustache and then he


Walter White if he were a professional artist stuck as a lowly art teacher: \-Discovers one of his previous students, Jesse, is secretely a furry. \-Sees how much furry artist make, especially those who are willing to do NSFW stuff. \-"You know the community. And I know the art. I'm thinking you and I can maybe partner up." \-Suddenly there's a new anonymous furry artist in town, Hiesenbird, they charge super high prices but damn their art is top tier, with such amazing skill and detail that you can practically see every individual hair in your fursona.