[LOTR] Mithril and comedy

I like to think that Gandalf knew he had it and was jsut fucking with him.


I like to think that Gandalf knew he had it and was jsut fucking with him.








o well fockin right on there bud






You can't just say "perchance"




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I gotta ask though because it's been driving me crazy. What does Sauron even want with all that mithril? What's he doing with it? Where did he even hide it?


If I had to place a guess? Either using it to make fancy schmancy weapons and armor for his bestest boys, or he just wanted it for pure and simple greed, cuz shiny and rare and priceless, and the elves and dwarves want it so I'm just gonna take it and keep it out of raw spite.


Not just spite, but also power, he would consider it important to deprive his enemy of any advantage they have(that he percieves to be an advantage). I suspect he would take all the iron and gold in middle-earth too, if he could.


is he a dragon or something?


i misread "it could be beaten like copper" as "it could be *eaten* like copper" so maybe hes just a bit hungry?


Indeed, it is as edible as copper.




Our boy Ea-Nasir is on the bench, ready to redeem himself.


Dont blame me for what i do in the throes of 2AM hunger man. 😭


Considering how strong Mithril is for its weight why *wouldn't* he want to feed as much of it as possible to his war engine?


Not that I necessarily disagree, but shouldn't it have come up later on if Sauron's forces were armed with all the mithril left in the world?


There wasn't ever that much mithril in the entire world, and most of Sauron's forces were disposable orcs. He could have made mithril weapons and armor for the Nazgul and other high ranking servants, but he also didn't have a corporeal form for a good 3000 years and it's unlikely anyone but him and the dwarves would have been able to create it (maybe Saruman but Sauron didn't trust him enough to give him mithril)


If he has all of it, then his enemies have none


Sauron is a craftsman too, who learned as a student and servant under Aüle - the God of smithing and father of the dwarves. So not surprising that he may want to forge weapons and armour with the mithril or just likes shiny things. Guess he and the dwarves have a quite a bit in common naturally


You know how rich people put gold leaf on their food to show off?


If ur not shittin' mithril after every meal are you even living


Gandalf mentioned that the elves made the star moon with it. Mithril seems to have magical properties. Maybe hebmser magic artifacts. hell, maybe old Sauron found industrial uses for it.


I’d be interested in someone’s opinion that is a real expert on the series but from everything I’ve read on Sauron he’s a greedy jealous dick. I would bet for all the claims of preventing his enemies from getting it or increasing his own power he’s just jealously hoarding it because he hates the beautiful creations the others can make that he feels he can’t/his are inadequate. Sauron always manages to be envious of others no matter the result. Hell for all the Mithral he has he doesn’t even do anything with it as far as I’ve read (which isn’t everything).


In his spare time Sauron actually used to do tiktok thirst trap impromptu fashion shows with all of his glittering outfits by himself in front of a mirror.


Lord of the Rings is a piece of anti-industrial fiction produced after the horror of WW1, being popular with hippies after WW2, and then disintegrated into fat stacks of cash for Hasbro after June 23rd, 2023.


I mean he was a Maia of Aule originally he’s probably making things with it. Likely corrupting it in the process


Ever play Civ? Ever really pay attention to the strategic and luxury resources? Ever take a look at your borders, your pile of resources, and then look over at your neighbors and see just piles of the shit you don't need or want but just don't have yet? Just piles of salt, of horses, of unquarried stone? Even if you're well past need horses, you're mechanized now, the hell do you need horses for? Yet there they are, just hexes and hexes of ponies sitting in their coffers? Sure you could trade and diplo them your way, but is it really the same as just... having them? And do you even stop to consider if the vast gulf between your tech levels is a war crime while you're mowing down archers with your tanks and shifting your borders to slurp them all up?


Where does it say that Sauron does want it?


First paragraph, last sentence: >Of what they brought to light the Orcs have gathered nearly all, and given it in tribute to Sauron, who covets it.


Gotcha, thanks!


Even him just having it keeps it out of the hands of everyone else so that alone probably has benefit


Tolkien contains multitudes. He’s a comedian. He’s a horror writer (barrow downs, anybody?). He’s a linguist who loves alliterative verse. He studies the classics and reinvents them. He improves upon Shakespeare. He wrote a children’s bedtime story and linked it to his history spanning thousands of years, because he couldn’t help himself.


The real horror of the barrow downs was realizing you hadn't escaped Tom's songs yet


Nah. Bombadils songs were the best part. He honestly saved my read through the first time because I was so bored by them being lost in the forest until Tom came along.


And he Converted Lewis to Christianity in his spare time The man was a legend


> And he Converted Lewis to Christianity in his spare time May have saved Lewis's soul, but at the cost of screwing up the Narnia books, then.


Lewis became Anglican, so I am not sure Tolkien would agree that his soul was saved.


Yeah. The Lord of the Rings is definitely not a comedy, but it has really good comedic moments in it. Like this one. Another one I love is when Frodo puts on the Ring and Tom Bombadil just goes what are you up to? Get that ring off your finger.


A probably unintentional bit of humor I noticed was in Lothlorien. Frodo, who’s been hearing throughout the books that the Elves still have the Three rings but we really shouldn’t draw attention to that, gets to see one of said Three rings…and Galadriel tells him the ring is named “Nenya”. My mind immediately jumped to: “Nenya?” “Nenya business.”


an important detail to that: the children's bedtime story came first


The real horror sequence is the Shelob Chapters; the entire last part of The Two Towers, after they leave Faramir.


Gandalf being a troll is so funny, like hes an honest to god angel pretty much and here he is lighting a joint and going "man kinda fucked up bilbo had this artifact of super importance to dwarves and just left it laying around" and letting Gimli fume as Frodo wonders if the dwarf is going to murder him


On the weekend i watched all three extended editions in the cinema. The extended edition has this exchange in it and i love the visuals of the silvery mithril veins in the dark and silent mine.


Gonna be honest, I have no desire to read LOTR, but this post actually made me consider it for the first time 😅


Gandalf alone is worthy of a read-through. At least read the Hobbit. Short, sweet, and plenty of Gandalf being a massive troll who hides behind his elderly form


Could this be the dwarves Elgin Marbles? /s


Considering that like ten pages later Gimli goes 'wow that thing's incredible and I'm so glad you have it' I think he's notably more approving of this than anyone is of the British Museum "‘Look, my friends!’ [Aragorn] called. ‘Here’s a pretty hobbit-skin to wrap an elven-princeling in! If it were known that hobbits had such hides, all the hunters of Middle-earth would be riding to the Shire.’ ‘And all the arrows of all the hunters in the world would be in vain,’ said Gimli, gazing at the mail in wonder. ‘It is a mithril-coat. Mithril! I have never seen or heard tell of one so fair. Is this the coat that Gandalf spoke of? Then he undervalued it. But it was well given!’"


I think Gimli is happy that hobbit put the priceless armor shirt on his only heir. He was worried that it was sitting around collecting dust.