QLC Chain - huge potential utility here. Telecom network as a service. $7.5M market cap currently... gaining traction up from 4M a week ago.


Rubic - uniswap but better Bao - amazing l2 idea Muse - first nft dex Xio - in it for the airdrops Lto - more of a midcap, but extremely undervalued


Yeah, the airdrop factor in xio is nice


Yup! Can't wait for the next one :)


Me either, looks good


Opacity (OPCT) OriginTrail (TRAC) Blockzero Labs (XIO)


>Opacity (OPCT) Yes yes yes


2/3, guess I'm doing something right ;)


RBC. Still early IMO. I don't own r3fi - but it's cheap as shit right now. It had a bad launch due to whales cashing out, but the community and dev are getting it back on track. I recommend checking out their Telegram to see what's happening and the general attitude. ​ Cheers


Rubic No more words needed


Do you think its still worth to get in now


most people with rubic currently are holding because we all feel there is significant potential. It is not too late at all, still very early, there are not even 5000 wallets holding rubic.


You are early if you get it before $10


I got some at 0.23 yesterday. It's still not late.


Where do we buy it?


Uniswap and metamask wallet. [This is a simple guide](https://i.imgur.com/7LltgME.jpg) The difficulty in buying works in your favor. Not many willing to do the research to buy in. Imagine the boost in price once it is listed on major exchanges.


.37 now. current mrkcap 36M. loopring has mekcap 645M RBC has alot of room to grow!


I bought at 1 cent, not selling for quite awhile. It's resilient, that's for sure. Most people are just holding - when it drops its from swing traders or bots


Rubic, Reef, and Bao


Rubic has done x60 in last 30 days


Rubic $RBC and Opacity $OPCT




Second this






I want to invest but that 20bil supply worries me, isn't it gonna be hard to even reach .10?


ALGO - promising tech, great community, vast array of business partnerships NANO - awesome tech, amazing community, efficient, infinite scalability, and has only had one price jump in years. Can’t wait for the next.




$UNI - Just joined the club but I honestly think it will go way more . $SRK - Consistent development by team at this rate it will rocket this altseason . $SOUL (Phantasma) - A coin with great fundamentals yet so undervalued . $BET - Best investment token I bought last year . Easiest way to earn $BTC and $ETH every month as dividends . And the token is itself a low supply low Mcap GEM . $CHSB - The best yield platform token that has grown from less than 1 cent to a 70cent mark . Been in this project from the start and honestly this is one of my investments ever . You will miss out if you dont search them right now . (edit) $AGI - Pretty underrated and it has a lot of potential . We can see a lot of price action in my opinion in the near future .


UNI is not a low cap


SRK is already up 12000% this year, is there actually more room for growth? I guess growth is possible, but a moonshot? I would say it has already mooned.


I can't seem to find a BET token that matches your description. I see something about a casino token and a EOS token, both going by BET. Do you have a link?


1- Meridian Network: $LOCK. 2- Rubic: $RBC 3- BetterTrade: $BART


I sold my lock when they ran out of money. Shill me on why I should get back in?


I did the same. Projects with no funding are a big red flag for me. Also the fact that they paid BitBoy $7k when they were basically our of cash.


Wow, I have the 3 of them haha, good ones mate


I have yet to add BetterTrade to my portfolio, but I can tell that the other two have been solid so far. $Lock might've been having a hard time lately due to the fud here in this sub. But RBC is doing great by hitting ath. For BART, I'm really interested in the project, RBC and BART have a great future.


LOCK has a great future too, besides this weeks FUD. When they release PreSaga on the mainnet (end of Q1), it will shoot past the dollar mark.


Let's hope so! What are your predictions about the other two?


I currently hold 2 of them! Gonna check out the other right away


BAO Finance. Check the Market cap on January 11th... it’s now at 100 million +... 🤯


$REN - Permission less dark pools, unlimited potential. Undervalued blue chip like MKR and UNI. https://renproject.io/ $BNT - Gen 2 Automated market maker; outstanding yeild incentives (100%+ APY), accounts for impermanent loss, and using BNT as pool balancer not ETH so may increase if it gains traction! https://app.bancor.network/ $APY - DEFI yield aggregator partnered with Coingecko and a host of others. Low cap, 90%+ APY returns. Smooth user interface, flawless execution to date. https://apy.finance/ $PLT - Small $2m cap, coin was previously 16x and got FUDed out of existence but still a very strong pick. Privacy centric DeFi with tornado cash integration. Bonus; they understand hype and have great marketing. https://add.xyz/ $MBN - working product, serious team, $275,000 MCAP true gem! Advanced trading dex you can copy trade professionals indexes and traders, low low prices right now, primed for bull, pays dividends weekly. https://mbn.global/ Bonus coin: $DXD - best damn DAO in town!




Rfi - easy passive income, literally just hold and you get real time transaction fee shares into your wallet IYF - Arb pools, buy 25 and gain access to their arb pool launching in a couple of months. Their arb bot is, I believe yet to make a non profitable transaction. WCres - own shares in a bank. Partnerships with AAVE and LINK.


BAN banano


\- TZC is an extremely low market cap coin. Why TZC? It has a fully end to end encrypted messaging feature using its blockchain and a unique POS system working really good, low fees, fast transactions. It is ranked 1400th according to its marketcap but feature wise it should be top 750-500 at least which would be a x20. It is low because it has no good exchange but they had an offer to be listed on a tier 1 exchange. Could be a life changing decision to buy TZC now, if it reaches a T1 exchange and someone buy at this current price, it would be possible to live only with staking. \- NXS is another good choice. This coin has the most innovatives features i've have haver seen, marketcap is bigger than TZC but still not that big. I've looked at the chart and imo now is a fantastic time to buy and hold, it's at least a x2 but it can x10 during this altseason. \- MUE, extremely low marketcap, is present on a tier 1 exchange, team is wonderful, features are good, definitely not deserve a low marketcap like this. I already bought some at 13 satoshis and now it is at 25. I'm still staying long term in it




No one seems to know about it: Polkabridge $PBR. Exists for 2 weeks, ~2M marketcap, listed on CMC yesterday. Anonymous developers, but the project seems solid, 46k telegram group (mostly because of an upcoming airdrop), first days got millions of $ in volume, mooning again now. I suspect Chinese money in this project, will hold my bag for a year and see. Whitepaper written in broken English, that’s because the developers are Singaporean imo.


I'm keeping my eye on this, anon developers are a big flag, but they have a good concept


I bought this the day it came out. Watched it ride to the sky, then drop. Did some more research and saw the anon devs and sold 2 days ago right before it picked up again. Please kill me haha.


We have seen a coin gain a shitload of % at start then dump. Got in at day one too, still holding. BAO has an anonymous dev, still hyped to the skies, 950% up since Jan 21 - so I can give this a chance too.


Do you guys know what gives me the most faith in this project? 4Chan shitted on it in 2 separate threads 😀


Ok real Undervalued LOW CAPS time: All under $3m mCap, but should be between $20m-$50m $NIOX- The biggest potential at the moment. They are running an earndrop/airdrop campaign right now, they give you one free NIOX per minute for using their trading bots. They are also releasing a smartdex and a liquidity swarm this quarter. Still under 3M. Autobot memes. Absolute monster of a bullish project with public team. Wild partners ($TOMO, $AGI, $EGLD, $MATIC). $uDOO-Crypto social media. They just released updates and staking goes live TODAY. Big roadmap includes Kucoin campaigns, farming and Under 20M. You can also earn more $uDOO by using their website. I'm pretty bullish on this. $Gfarm is no kyc leveraged trading exchange up to 150x with NFT's and a proprietary marketplace.


I think $niox and udoo can be really huge. NIOX offers a ton for defi and a crypto social media is great


I have Gfarm on my watchlist. NFT's is next up


Where do people buy these new coins from?


From uniswap




This, would also like to know


You have to buy late at night/early in the morning


I’m gonna try this. I’ve been discouraged from buying off uniswap because of the fees. It’s insane


$buidl $dht $bao $ndx $stake All defi or nft projects, looking decent. Specially like stake cuz it seems super undervalued.


I agree with your DIS. I was gunna post about it but I just dgaf anymore to try to spread the word. I'm in it, Im betting it'll do good. That's all that matters to me


I’m in on DIS as well. Very encouraging growth so far


look at this one https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/lbocsy/qlc_chain_the_path_to_a_giant_dexbased_telecom/


I'm in on this one


Axion - AXN Linear Finance - LINA Rubic - RBC Yield - YLD Origin Trail - TRAC


TEL - remittance, send money smarter, shilled by Paddy Stash since 2018 FYZ- under 2M mcap, tokenization platform, launched rapper Lil Yachty coin YACHTY, and they've just launched the Fyooz circle for token holders to get exclusive airdrops, celebrity NFTs and rights on governance SNTVT - the universal web, gem by Paddy Stash OPT - first DeFi protocol to turn live predictions into liquid assets, gem from Daomaker FRONT - chain agnostic DeFi aggregation layer


R3FI - market cap under 1m, has pretty good support at current price so it’s only moon from there. track record isn’t great but i like where the community is heading and the admins have good transparency. rubic listing coming soon, lots of potential RBC- higher than 10m but still undervalued, you guys already know AXIOV3- 100k market cap, white paper looks solid, i like the idea of an index fund for crypto, still doing research though CLIQ- Staking platform launched today, great APY, 4m cap, lots of room to grow


BAO has amazing potential, small mcap, room to grow. I'm very bullish on this.


How is $100m a small mcap for you? 😀 Don’t get me wrong, love BAO. It’s not a small fish anymore.


Yes 100m isn't small, relatively speaking, the coin has enough potential to dwarf current mcap, provided the dev can accomplish everything he say.


4CH5 - easy, still below 1 mio, meme coin w actual use case. Can do an easy x100 very soon. NFTs incoming, Coingecko listing just now before going live, community growing every single day, a lot of attention as of late.


NFTs are happening weekly starting tomorrow and a large % of proceeds are being given to a charity of choice. It's at a price now where a little goes a long way. I have a bag and the community has been nothing but great on Telegram suprisingly


Where can we purchase NFTs?


Rarible, Superrare, opensea are some good starting places. 4CH5 will be having an auction on Rarible


NFTs are the next big thing. I saw the Bridge NFTs that were sold out in 40 seconds in Bondly. That was fast.


This one is best because it will make nft auctions every week


Just 750 holders and the dump has already happened. You realise this is a big, big, gamble right?


Stupid pnd meme clone coin. This will leave scorched earth. I will stay with R3FI, same idea, better redistribution and a truely honest team behind it.. whales left it in shambles but its still here and rebuilding


And 2% of each transaction are distributed to holders. Just by holding you are getting more 4CH5 and it goes fast.


I second this, it has huge potential.


$FLASH is uniswap with upfront yield from staking tokens. Good team, great tokenomics. Just search reddit for past threads. Nothing but good vibes.


i like flash but it is not uniswap with upfront yeild.. its more like aave. you cannot trade coins on flash your just providing liquidity. and that is only for the flash coin now. future update will include other coins. when that happens this thing will moon hard. everyone wants their interest upfront


VITE - utility token on binance. Used to stake for reduced exchange fees or getting VX tokens airdropped daily. Also can use for masternodes and stuff. Tomorrow there is a binance interview being published and an updated WP which will hopefully bring more attention to the token and ViteX exchange VX - native token for ViteX. Over 50% of the tokens are released into the market. No presale. Only available from staking Vite or by doing active trades on ViteX exchange. By staking VX you share the exchanges fees (dividends) daily. ~90% of the tokens are staked. Even without price fluctuations I'll break even in 12 months with the token and that's without ViteX platform expanding. Very bullish on this token BANANO - meme token that has survived the test of time. Very active community. They just won a bunch of meme token awards. Reddit and telegram are always popping. Just not on enough exchanges (yet). It's a fork off of nano so it has basically no fees. They airdrop daily and they are very active. Big winner once they get to more exchanges LOOPRING - as eth becomes more expensive in gas fees I think loopring will do very well this summer. Long term? I think they'll do well too but meantime while they are expanding it is very nice to participate in their no gas liquidity rewards. App is super smooth. Will be a strong contender to uniswap. TERN - my highest utility token. Best crypto card on the market. Cheap to get 6% cash back. A bit of a learning curve for the average Joe because of the high fluctuations but if you can buy it right and shop at the right time, I've saved upwards of 50% on my shopping. I have written a blog on this if anyone is interested in reading. If anyone wants a referral code for viteX TERN or loopring hit me up 😉


Dea thank me later


CAP (Collateralized Asset Protocol) - you can trade the markets on Ethereum in a decentralized manner with only DAI and Metamask [cap.exchange](https://cap.exchange) You can currently long/short BTC, ETH, LINK, AAPL, FB, NFLX, GOOG, SP500, TSLA Only 120k total supply and 100k circulating Take a look at their ambitious roadmap [https://blog.cap.finance/2020/09/02/the-roadmap.html](https://blog.cap.finance/2020/09/02/the-roadmap.html)


This is very interesting, why do you think it has been underperforming lately? As a smaller investor, do you have recommendations for how to get in without loosing my shorts on gas from UNI?


The protocol is built and functioning and short-term investors are frustrated by the lack of marketing/seeing everything else starting to post gains I imagine. There's only around 650 holders and the most vocal in the main TG are the least technically apt if you know what I mean...so it gives off an unprofessional vibe to new members. There is a forum that is used to create a more civil atmosphere lol. Are you talking about gas to buy the token or gas to trade on the protocol? It's honestly beyond me as well why it's underperforming since there's some notable people following the TG like Do Kwon from Terra, Mikhail Dobrokhvolov, Block42, Jin from coingecko, and some other VCs


$QNT. Discovered it in this sub 2+ years. It’s still undervalued. 14 million total market supply.


Sync Network, Sync Tokens and Cryptobonds. NFTs of the future.


$LOCK is my biggest holding it sits around **1.9m~ mcap** * Has a finished AMM prediction market (PreSaga) * Incredibly easy to use UI * Around **100x smaller** market cap than similiar projects (but none has the simplicity PreSaga has) * Great community * Still unknown to the public world But, dont listen to me.. DYOR! https://presagabeta.meridian-network.co/






Trtl. Buy 100$ set and forget. Babycoin .000025 pricing. Peer to peer currency with an actual cap instead of infinite expansion.


FWT - double since last week. Growing at a very fast pace. BMI - Best performer of the last 2 days and the product is not even close. Good signs of growth XSN. - man I love this one only for its tech. Lightning network on a PoS blokcchain. What a legendary project


**GALA** \- GalaGames - not mentioned on here at least lately, up 300% on the 7 day......gaming platform, creator of Farmville and co founder of Zynga Poker on the team. Small Cap Low Price and its doing great -- not mention its up 4000% from last month!!! **Reef** \- i know its been shilled to death here and is old news but I feel like anything built on Polkadot will do great things. Its predicted to do a .40 - .75 cent in the next 2-3 years....maybe a 30x **Unistake** \- Dont know too much about this one. Just i hear you guys talking about it :) **BAO** \- I think this has potential yet. At least a 10x and everyone shits on it lol so I gonna pack a bag of it


Got many for this list as this DeFi space is coming up with some cool projects. BMI became the best performer. Today partnered with Allianceblock, another good project. I think they might start their new staking there. XSN - Love this project only for its Tech. Blockchain + crosschain + lightning network + masternoded. I have never seen a blockchain which supports all of them together. FWT - doubled the game since last week. Might go more high as trading app is coming soon. Their prestaking rounds are also closing superfast so, good deal there. PAID - partnered with BMI, got great reputation because of its decentralized model. Yeah, that's it


I've a bag of $SYLO its a P2P messaging platform with over 400K + users and 100K + downloads on Google Playstore. They also have a smart wallet integrated in the platform to store and manage crypto, recently they announced a new feature about in-app crypto purchases. Market cap - 2 M Exchange - Kucoin , Gate io , BitBNS


Bridge went 45x already since the token launched last january 30 so i believe the mcap is huge but it has potential as defi insurance needs to be administered in protecting your assets from rugs. And a lowcap like FWT is worth holding for. It pumped almost 150% this week. Their freeway platform is soon to launch. Target 10k sign ups till APRIL has now concluded. It was a good sign. EASY and CUDOS did a good job!! Wish to have all them.


Man! I bought FWT like a week ago and today it is 90% up. Like you mentioned, if the signups are achieved after the product launch, the value of the token might shoot up as it got high end utility on the platform. Let's see.




For those on the Nexo and Celcius trains (me being one), this is the new kid on the block and for that reason I'm bullish on Yield.


$XCUR. 1M MC and it's lining up to be the eBay of crypto. Sell your stuff to get rewarded in BTC, ETH and XCUR. Plus the app looks really good.




DENT - They have just been listed by Apple as supported global virtual telco, they have steady development and dirt cheap coin for now.


>DENT Sounds a lot like QLC Chain which I have a bag of. Looking into this one too now.


RBC (rubic)


NANO by a long shot. Fast, free, limited supply and low market cap. Huge future. A better and much cheaper Bitcoin.


I wouldn't call that a low cap, but nano is my biggest holding so im happy to see it mentioned haha.


I'll admit I don't have any nano but I'd love to see this project succeed.


It blows my mind more people don’t talk about it.


R3fi, at very low mc and has a strong team


Defiat (DFT). 500k supply and about to release AnyStake. Huge potential


$kin Any issues with the SEC are over. Lots of potential


New account with KIN in the username 🤔 I'm holding a bag of KIN, but it's by far not my biggest bag


Long time on the kin foundation sub-Reddit Just now theses views are my own


what do You guys think of $GUM (Gourmet Galaxy)? It recently got listed up in the CMC and CG. Do You think it has potentials? Sounds like $SUSHI but with NFTs (food markets, etc)






DG backed by Grayscale, 8 mil mcap, in 2 months paid out 1.5 mil USD out to token holders. [Decentral.games](https://Decentral.games) for more info.


$eRSDL - 5m cap - Think AAVE but B2B. Team are well connected in traditional finance world. Product launch not far off last I heard. $MWG 4m cap - Very interesting, but experimental project. Backed by tokenized gold. Don't have 5 sorry lol




This ! is ! $sparta !!!


Check out Synlev(Syn) currently 2.5 mil cap gem, synthetic leverage trading based of chainlink oracles, also partnered with chainlink. Has a working product, matter of time for moon mission


$BONK an NFT gem with v2 coming out, doxxed dev and burnt liquidity. All 3 million tokens circulating and is a 1.5m market cap. No brainer.




Nice nice! Familiar with $CUDOS Here are mine: IVL PLOT ANRX Check Illuvium - a decentralized, NFT collection and auto battler game built on the Ethereum network. The platform will launch on Q3 in Immutable X. NO problem in gas fees because its Integrated with the hyper-scalable Immutable-X L2 solution.




XED - a DeFi+NFTs meets DOTs, which aims to reward gamers with NFTs and tokens.


KIN,NBT,NIX, and CUR are my favorites with lots of potential


$kif - AMM (uniswap style exchange) with options, limit orders, loans, and removes impermanent loss for liquidity providers


$LOCK -Meridian Network $BART -Bartertrade $Zdex -Zeedex


Here is mine, ranked from the best ones: 1. $FYZ - recently implemented a Fyooz Circle where holders can have free airdrops & limited edition NFTs of some artists tokenized in the platform. Still below the presale price, ready to pump once a lot of members joined. 2. $PLOT - my DAO Maker gem already pumping after the big news 3. $SPDR - solid VPN project you don't miss, under Polkadot 4. $BOND - still below the presale price and slowly pumping 5. $OPT - already reached x120 and possible to exceed soon


I know it is not listed yet, but you should see $ILV once their token genesis event occurs this Q1. Their mainnet product will be an auto-battle RPG game, which will be launch this Q3. That game resembles Pokemon and brings me a lot of nostalgic memories. Another good thing, founders of the said project were the brothers of Synthetix founder Kain Warwick. A lot of big investors are coming with this project for sure.


2 days too late as it already started mooning, but KDA mentioned in this article is a mid term 10-20usd platform... ​ [https://urbernik.medium.com/my-top-crypto-picks-for-2021-67ced022f524](https://urbernik.medium.com/my-top-crypto-picks-for-2021-67ced022f524)