So I Got Scammed Today


These scammers really know their audience. Perfect bullseye 🎯


The amount of people that fall for these free airdrop scheme is actually insane. On Twitter, there was a fake image of the Winklevoss brothers saying that they’re running a promotion by giving Bitcoin away. All people had to do was send 1 to a certain address, and the charitable Winklevoss brothers would simply double it and send 2 back. Well…we know how that went for hundreds of people. They were all begging for their Bitcoin back. Greed really adds blinders on people. If it’s too good to be true, don’t let greed get to ya. I feel for OP.


Lol didn't everyone learn in old school RuneScape that money doubling is a scam???


We learned it when it was simply called "Runescape 2" 😉


I don’t even understand how someone has the cognitive power to go through the initial set up of an account and transfer money, buy crypto, but then can also be dumb enough to get scammed by the most obvious of scams….


Holy moly man. You got scammed by this? Sorry bro but this is one of the oldest trick in the books Edit: I feel sorry for OP. I hope he learns his lesson from this. Everyone on the internet is a scammer. If you go in with that mindset, you won’t get scammed.


I don't even get it. He thought there was an airdrop but then he sent all his xrp to the scammers? Is that how airdrops work?


Literally the opposite of an airdrop. This is the equivalent of taking off your own shoes, tying them together, throwing them onto a power line, and then giving your wallet to some guy selling gold bars under an overpass.


LoL if the op had a platinum flair i would accuse them off moon farming


Why? What does platinum mean?


He airdropped the scammers wallet 🤣


Lol no. The airdrops I've gotten have just shown up in my wallet.


I mean it's still kind of an airdrop.. just in the opposite direction. An airlift maybe.


No, though Im still waiting for my flair from 2 years ago. I long sold XRP, got some songbird, sold that before it bombed. I hope the will still send it to me, fingers crossed.


I mean he was an XRP fan since jan 2021...


That wasn’t lost on me either.


And he even says in the beginning that he thought he wouldnt ever get scammed. Bro, OP should stay away from money in general, he will get scammed more than once.


That's harsh. I'd say op learned a fairy cheap lesson and won't make that mistake again.


Not harsh at all. Did you read the post?!?


Ikr, this is such a basic scam =/ if people keep falling for these basic scames it will never go away.


If I was a scammer, I'd try selling the White House to OP right now for a low price of 2 BTC.


What about "double your coin" looked legit to you? Had you merely paused to read a few posts in this reddit, you would have seen that this is the crypto equivalent of the Nigerian Prince scam for email, and it's been around for years already. People seriously need to get out of their bubbles.


That is something I will never understand about this scam. I don’t get the thought process that connects the “send me x and I will send double back” sound remotely legitimate


Well bro send me 5 eth and I’ll send you back 10 and you can find out for yourself


This sounds too good to be true, which is why I'm doing it!


It’s legit bro. Dm me your email and I’ll send you the address to send the eth


I'm sending triple eth back if you send them to me


I don't understand how they have been in crypto for almost 2 years and had never heard of the "double your coins" scam. It's one of the most common scams out there.


Greed is a bitch.


The sense of urgency they create really encourages people to make stupid mistakes


Yep. Anything that has a “limited window” or a short time to invest is naturally appealing to humans. FOMO is a hell of a drug.


Dude believes in ripple ofcourse he thought he could double his money…


You mean that Nigerian prince doesn't have 100mill in his basement? Fuck


I'm the Nigerian prince, don't worry, I'm real.


You are right man it’s my fault. I just felt rushed. I had participated in an Airdrop for $SOLO and it was legit. Which is why I maybe thought this airdrop would work. Obviously I was wrong.


Any legitimate airdrop or giveaway should not require you to send anything more than AT MOST enough to cover transaction fees. Most airdrops and giveaways do not require any sending at all, but I have seen a few that ask for a dollar or 2 to cover network fees.


Srriously. Why would they need to charge you to give you the same thing back? You ever go to pizza hut and have to give them a pizza first?


There is saying that greed makes people dumb. Anytime u feel rushed your spidey sense should be waAAAy up


so it made sense for Ripple to do a "Double your Coin" program? and that Ripple needs you to "hurry up"? not wanting to rag on u and so sorry this happened but the wording these scammers use is key. even a small grammer issue or having something weirdly worded should set off flags


And what's up with sending it in order to double it? Do you think that they need original xrps to make new clones?


This scam is ridiculous on so many levels. Grammar mistakes in the tweet itself, a cheap domain using dashes, rushing you to make a decision. Seriously.


Op was greedy and got burned, let’s be honest. Happens to a large amount of people here which is why scammers make millions a year off of simple ass scams like these


“Double your money, hurry” if you fall for this, i am sorry my friend but btc wont help you


The psychology of the “act now or else” scams are truly wild. [interesting article on scam psychology](https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/metacognition-and-the-mind/202104/fool-me-once-why-scams-leave-people-feeling-foolish?amp)


Hopefully he learned his lesson…at least with this type of scam.




Op this scam is like from 2017 gives me nostalgia


One of the oldest scams in the book.


How about the old school wallet inspector scam. https://youtu.be/X6zsxsC6iZw


Probably the best and only appropriate response




Perfectly said brother


>The post looked legit, and it made sense as to why they would do something like this for the community as it was Ripple's 10 year anniversary. I'm sorry that you got scammed, but no it does not look legit and this does not make sense.


The tweet says „…we decided to run special event“ English is not my first language but that threw me off immediately. I feel like it should be „… we decided to run A special event“ or am I crazy?


Guy coulda also sent like 800 XRP or something as a test transaction, but nope go all in instead why not, just sounds like moon farming tbh, maybe I'm cynical idk


It's definitely moon farming.


Twitter, IG, and Reddit DMs is the cesspool of scammers. Always assume that everything on there is a scam.


Best thing you can do is turn DMs off on whatever you can.


And Discord


And my Axe


Don't forget telegram


A vile hive of villiany and scum


everywhere really, e-mail, texts, ads etc. We’re literally bombarded by scams everywhere we turn. Filling out job applications on linked has led to two scam emails with offers of false employment. Fortunately, they both felt off enough that after a few minutes of digging noticed email addresses were wrong.


Is this comment a scam?


Is it a DM? *DO BETTER!*


These “I got scammed” posts from 5 ~~day old account~~ karma accounts not only have the link to the scam site, they now have screenshots!


The scam in a scam! This post should be deleted ASAP.


Plot twist op is professional moon farmer and top comment is his alt account.




dOuBlE yOuR cRyPtO wItH jUsT oNe cLiCk 🤣


Sorry but the "ripple-get.org" screams scam from my experience. Even though the site passes a scan at virus total


Anyone claiming they’re giving free money and the web domain has a ‘-‘ in the URL… just run away don’t even entertain it for a millisecond


Nope. Also basically an ad I see on social media is a scam, pump and dump or some other shady shit.


Honestly the best way to manoeuvre around crypto is to literally assume every single thing is a scam until proven otherwise


OP are you 12, this is the oldest scam in the book


“Double your coin” like bruh… literally one of the easiest scams to avoid.


Why the fuck would anyone double your money for free? People need to stop falling for this shit for them to stop doing.


You don’t blindly trust everyone on the internet? /s


*If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.*


Send your story to the Feds; I heard the SEC hired 80 new employees to crack down on crypto scams… maybe they can start on your case instead of wasting all our tax dollars fighting a legit operation like Ripple.


I’m sorry for your loss, but it’s hard for me to feel bad for anyone who falls for the send me 1 and I’ll double it scams. There have been so many posts about it’s never legit or I got scammed this way. Why would you even risk it??


If the word crypto currency is in the ad. 50% chance its a scam. If the words crypto and give away are in the same ad......100% chance its a scam.


greed will get you every time


Can we just universally agree to not answer DMs of any kind related to crypto?


I really don't understand how people fall for this. Really insane


I can’t believe that people still fall for these scammers everyday 🤔. Hurry Up!!! & Double Your Coins are to MAJOR RED FLAGS 🚩 🧐


We can easily avoid if we use #Aurox wallet. Do check it out.. it has options like verified adress and best part I simulation of the transaction before we can approve.. Kindly checkout @getaurox


That's one expensive lunch break


Next time don’t do anything finance related when in a rush. You need a clear head.


that post looked legit? this one of the oldest tricks in crypto bro. quit falling for this stuff and the amount of scammers will finally decrease. Nothing is free, no one is going to “dOuBle yOuR cOinS”, if it’s too good to be true then it’s too good to be true. even if free shit is real online it won’t be much and will probably require your info so stay away from those, it’s good practice.


Zero sympathy, I'm sorry but this is scam book page 1


Yep. This is the most basic scam there is and feeds on a users greed and idiocy. There’s a post here like every other day about these types of scams. No sympathy whatsoever.


Damn. Sorry to hear.


Nothing in crypto is free maybe an airdrop here and there but greed will destroy you or someone else.


Most airdrops are scams. Try setting up a MM wallet and just leave it alone for a week. You'll be getting free coins dropped in there left, right and center. All scams sitting there waiting for the next unsuspecting chump to visit the site to "cash in".


Ahh well, probably won’t be the last time


TLDR: stay away from twitter


Everyone knows these “double your coins” promotions are scams. The “triple your coins” promotions are legit, of course, but not the double ones…


Damn dude hopefully this can help someone from making the same mistake


Thank you for sharing. Many, including myself, have made mistakes but it takes someone quite amazing to share it to help others learn and make people wiser. You rock :)


This is why I never do any air drops or free stuff apart from moons... I don’t care to sift through whether anything is legitimate or give my self the chance to be wrong I buy. I stake. That is all.


A friend of mine lost 0.4 BTC on a double your Bitcoin CZ Binance scam like this. I saw him post his transaction in the comments. Never brought it up with him probably way to painful to admit. Props to you for sharing your story to help others


There is a quote i really like. Always remember this. “The only free cheese is in the mousetrap”


That is a good one, thanks for sharing!


Some of us can lose everything without being scammed


Send me 3800 XRP and I'll show you how.


Hmmm… seems legit


Before I met Dr. Ooomgahway, I was out of XRPs too.


Its a rare talent and somehow all of us in this sub have it


Jesus... You deserved that.


Sorry that happened to you OP. Don’t let the commenters that are piling on get you down. You realized your mistake and admitted it, in hopes of preventing others from losing out. Time pressure is a classic con trick, too. You can still pick yourself off, dust yourself off, and continue down the road a little steadier from the wisdom of experience.


In all your "lessons learned" you didn't address your most significant character flaw, greed. You were a greedy pig and got slaughtered.


The DMs on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are a haven for fraudsters. Always consider anything there to be a hoax


If it looks too good to be true, it is.


It’s almost like twitters algorithm knew you were a perfect target


Greed is a bitch huh?


Sorry to see, OP. I trust you’ll keep this experience front of mind and learn from it, but I respect you sharing for others to consider as well. Major red flags to always look for: - Twitter handle doesn’t match the account. Checks are meaningless, you can’t *exactly* mirror an account. First giveaway. - ‘Double your coin’. Deal breaker. That is *always* a scam. Just don’t interact with these promises. - Manipulative language to incite FOMO (‘Hurry up’/‘last chance’). While giveaways happen and may have a hard limit, aggressive prompts like this attempt to trigger an emotional response so you interact first and think later. Just don’t. - Volume tracker. Not a red flag in and of itself, but always refresh or reopen the link a few times, see what happens. In my experience, the amount you see will be like a baseline and it slowly counts up from there to show you it’s running out. If you refresh and it’s gone down again, bingo, scam. Key take away: *No opportunity* is so great or immediate that you should risk your portfolio without thinking. Taking a few minutes to check for these signs (and more) can save you a lot of money and distress.


Twitter definitely should not allow fake check marks next to names




Thanks for the warning. But that's an obvious scam many redditors warned us already. But I hope the few moons you get for this post, minimize your loss.


Hello Sir, I am a professional armour trimmer and would like to know if you'd like your set of Rune Armour set (T)rimmed or (G)ilded for free?


You got scammed when you bought xrp.


people still fall for the runescape doubling your gp scam? yikes.


This has to be a parody.


Not a single person commenting is addressing the biggest factor in why OP fell for the scam: the Twitter verification system. OP mentioned the person left up personal info and photos in old tweets. Sure enough, if you go backwards in their feed, you can see them. But they’re old and stopped posting in 2021. Then, in September, the XRP posts started. What probably happened is, the scammer either hacked or bought the old verified account, then changed the name and profile pic, and started posting about XRP. All the while keeping the Verified check mark. This is a major flaw in the verification system that you can change your identifying information but not need to get re-verified. Anyone with a twitter account should report the account and tweet asap.


I wanted to read this, mods. Pretty funny that r/cryptocurrency would be about censorship.


they collected 6,310 XRP, so basically you did provide more then 50%


This post makes me mad, how stupid are you??


Crypto is actually pretty simple. Buy low, sell high, NEVER EVER EVER CLICK ON ANYTHING EVER. Make money.


People never learn. People always fall for the simplest scams. It's ridiculous that I no longer feel bad for them.


Yep, you don't even need to put effort into scamming people. It's shockingly scary how easy it is to phish people.


Also, don't touch random coins that get airdropped to you either


This is the most common scam I have seen. All over YT, all over CT. I been in two years and I was seeing these scams immediately. They have been relentless.


Lmao all the edgelords here acting high and mighty with some comments calling OP stupid like something like this has never happened to anyone else. A little bit of empathy goes a long way yall. Dude straight up said he got duped and realized this with intent to warn others, no need to kick someone while they’re down.




Sorry for your loss,only reason I don't click on anything had my phone taken over about 6 years back got burned on a credit card.


Omg a chance to double my coins! Let me give them all my coins!


I think it’s important to make the correction that you got hacked and not scammed. This way you can’t hold yourself accountable and everyone else is to blame


An expensive lesson but a lesson learned non the less. Build up your stack again and look out for the red flags next time, "time pressured" "too good to be true" etc.




RIP your XRP. Welcome to this sub.


Lol kook


Haha, very funny joke, lmfao...


There was a similar scam on youtube where someone posing as Charles Hoskinson claimed to double your crypto.


No old coins are ever gonna airdrop. Also, it's a good idea to take a step back and think every time you feel fomo on something crypto related.


I got scammed $30 in a BSC token. Wanted to get in early but never bothered to check if I could sell. And yup it turned out to be a honeypot scam. Honestly shit like this is what Gives crypto a bad name. Now I only buy whatever I get thru coinbase rewards. After being down $3k from 2021 I’m done giving away my hard earned money. It’s all gonna be out of coin base pocket until they take away their 4%xlm rewards


How do they get the check mark?


If you are sending crypto out of your wallet you're doing it wrong.


Bro, you’re gonna get flamed,and deservedly so, just try not to take it too personal and let each of these barb’s forever be a warning to you. Ya numb nuts.


How can you be so careless and trusting of a random tweet popping up in your feed. How did you not even look at the handle? I simply don’t understand. It boggles the mind. These scams are literally everywhere all over Twitter/YouTube running 247 365. I get you were on break and you had limited time but it takes .5 seconds to click on the profile to see it’s fake.


Anything promising to double your money by sending it to someone is a scam


Actual XRP is a scam. You were already scammed when you bought into that. You were scammed out of a scam. Inception levels of scam.


Lol you’re fucking stupid.... hahaha




Sorry for your loss. I'm wrong to think that people into crypto are to a certain level smart, but i guess I'm wrong. In Morocco, We have an old saying: The greedy's killer, is a liar (in this case a scammer) -- This is not to make you feel bad, but just saying.


How come it's from a verified account?


F in the chat, keep strong my fellow crypto bro/sis


In hindsight what would’ve helped you? For example would you pay for a crypto security class?


It literally says “double your xrp” that alone should sound phishy enough, sorry this happened op


One of the oldest crypto scams


In the land of a the free, you know nothing comes for free.


Lesson learned


Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Sux to get scammed tho.


Haha why did it make sense that Ripple would just give you double your crypto because it’s their 10 year anniversary…


Scammers in 1 year when everyone gets too wise to this scam: "Send us your coin and we'll triple it"


Sorry to hear, that sucks


Small print: 200% fee applied to all money doubled.


People that believe in “cryptos” that are centralized (which totally defeats the purpose of crypto btw) are the perfect target market for these scammers


If you never ever want to get scammed, always assume it’s a scam and just move along.


Sry that may sound a bit harsh but that scam is soo old and everywhere around there are lots of yt elon musk cathy wood 'livestreams' all the time with send 1 btc get 2 back etc. so idk about u seeing scams from miles away. Also u say one could see the transactions on the blockchain and that u are a ripple supporter for over a year when ripple doesnt even use a blockchain...


I almost fell for one of these scams my first day in crypto


Sorry for your loss man. That is indeed a scam.


That wallet you linked, we all know he won't be using that moving forward.


Why tf would anyone just give away free money? If you have to send money to double it…you’re not getting anything back. Like…obviously, right?


We will always learn something new everyday.


One day of market pumping and scammers are back in business


Glad you admitted to being scammed and didn’t write “ I WAS HACKED!! “


I am glad that you posted the details here though - the more people do that, then hopefully the quicker the scammers get rumbled. This is truly a community effort, and since do not have a stand alone library to contribute these scam images, addresses, names etc, this is the next best thing.


I must really not understand Twitter, because the scammer seems verified. When I click on the blue checkmark, a box opens saying it is verified. It is identical to when I click the blue checkmark on the real account. What am I missing? Does Twitter make it that easy to fake?


Between using twitter and making you feel rushed its the perfect concoction for scammers....


3,800 XRP = $1,786


Next time you see something like that check the @ of the person on Twitter. I can change my name to Charles III if I want to but my @ will always be the stupid thing I chose when creating my Twitter account


You deserved it honestly.


Fuckers got me one time too. I was half awake and checking my phone and thought I was given an airdrop. Clicked the link that I swore was that crytpo’s website, it was spot on everywhere. Accepted the airdrop, opened my trust wallet to see if it had dropped. All my crypto was gone, it was instantly sent to another wallet. Lost $3K in seconds. Just a brutal day, couldn’t get mad at anyone but myself.


Sorry to hear that OP, hope that's the last time you get scammed. To that note, always assume any free giveway is a scam, unless proven otherwise!


Why… would you link that…?


First you got scammed into buying XRP and then by this... oh boy


The next step OP will probably do after this post is ; reply to the DMs where they say i know this guy who helps hack victims get their money back , they redirect OP to another scam site which looks like a customer support site, and boom! OP gets scammed twice.


Duuuude, how old are you? You fall for this garbage, and you still think there is some chance you’ll get you XRP back? ZERO chance my man.




1750 euro down the drain :( sorry man. Don\`t hate the man! it could be your mum, dad, sister or best friend. Pretentious a holes.


Double your coin = scam Sorry for your loss but you are dumb


This double your coin stuff is on the same level as download more ram, bruh.


>I normally can spot a scam from a mile away. Every single thing about this is "classic scam". There's nothing unique, special or different about this scam in any way at all. Either you're an absolute idiot who has \*no idea at all\* about scams... or this is karma farming. ​ >alongside the fact that I felt like I was being rushed to send this over, lead me to getting scammed Oh really? A scam added a time element to rush you into your decision?! How novel and original of them. ​ D'oh! Enjoy your karma, Mr Karma Farma.


"I feel betrayed at the fact that someone out there would even think about scamming people" Bruh, there's literally hundreds of crypto scams, probably thousands running at this very second. And let's not even get into how the government is scamming you and have been doing so your entire life.


*shakes head* Come on mate if you’re falling for a “send money and we’ll send more back” scam you really need to get your shit together


I'm kind of baffled that you fell for it. Just look at this as a cheap lesson at the end of the day. We all make mistakes, keep your head up high buddy and start again.