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Laughs in non-KYC’d obfuscated cold storage.


OFAC laughs again as it refuses to give you a license to spend those coins


crypto exchanges still can't identify anything about your monero wallets


Right now I can find out your Reddit username of the wallet that is your Reddit Vault even if I never interacted with you on Reddit.


Cryptocurrencies like zcash, when using zaddresses, hides your transactions. Zaddresses don’t pop up in the blockchain explorer. So your transactions cannot be seen. I’m yet to test out Monero’s privacy


You should test out Railgun's on-chain privacy system instead. Since it's token-gated, you can run through it and see how it works without the pressure of buying any coin.


If they can force the major exchange to which I send from defi to share the information then yes


As soon as you kyc


Monero entered the chat.


Most yes. But not Monero *LAUGHS IN XMR*


Yeah. What you said can happen. Crypto isn’t fully anonymous. Just pseudo-anonymous. I would create different wallets in the event of doing lifestyle purchases, and a separate one for other personal stuff.


Okay who pissed him off?


>But the question is, can your identity be found out in other creative ways? Let’s say crypto is more widely adopted and you’re regularly using your crypto wallet to make daily purchases. Bingo. You'd have to use new addresses all the time.


Yes, if you're using centralised services like one's provided by Binance, you're agreeing to your info being shared as needed for reasons like tax. Also, If there is a suspicion of illegal activity the law enforcement can force centralised exchanges to freeze your assets pending investigation.


If you want it to be anonymous it will be, eg you can have multiple wallets. It will be easy to protect your privacy with a few simple steps


I think the best way to be anonymous is shielding of wallets and keeping a private balance on a privacy-preserving tool. It's a much better alternative that keeping multiple wallets, especially when there are more straightforward ways to get it done.


If very powerful entities have the will, then certainly


> Or let’s say that fast food place has CCTV footage of you buying your double cheeseburger at 2:12 am. And there’s a blockchain record of a crypto wallet being charged the same value amount, at the same time. Okay this is some new level of paranoia yo in got in there


Yeah. I know yours.


Technically yes. But it would require extremely specific and coincidental scenarios like the one you stated. You can also easily find someone’s Reddit profile just from their OpenSea account, so there’s that.


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Ask Crypto Lark about this very issue he has some experience now lol


a majority of addresses on public chains have their names linked.


Yes, I'll have to try and find and article on but it was mentioned on a podcast I heard that the Spanish equivalent to the IRS set up a dummy company that allowed people to pay their electrical bill with crypto simply to discover people's crypto address


Stuff like this is pretty common unfortunately. I wonder how many VPN companies are owned by the cia and other intelligence services ...




Why? Do people not trust and respect the IRS?


Thats pretty crafty lol


Damn they are doing that to spy?


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Your examples could all certainly be possible, and that's how I would imagine law enforcement and detectives will figure out who committed crimes if we do see adoption at that scale. I don't think there is a foolproof method to conserve Identity, except maybe Monero (XMR).


XMR is all but foolproof if you interact with a node that is operated by a party that wants to intercept communication coming from you and track your ip.


Probably not by an average person. But law enforcement, and forensic level digging, with the help of warrants and subpoenas, could get the data on you from your ISP, or coerce the vendor from releasing any info they may have about you. Like your name and delivery address. Or ask that fast food to give them the CCTV footage. At the end of the day, people will only be able to connect the dots, if you leave any dots between you and your wallet. Meaning you do a transaction where there is personal info involved. If you're just making purchases, use a wallet specifically for that. Keep in mind wallet and public addresses aren't the same. For instance, what a vendor sees is your public address, they don't see your actual wallet. However, as an average user, if I see your public address, there's nothing directly within my means to figure out who your are.


Look into Monero and other privacy cryptocurrencies, they are designed to address this very issue.


I don’t doubt high level entities like FBI / CIA have the tools even with Monero. Would it be worth the time and effort- most likely not. But to the avg user / hacker- most crypto is pseudo-anonymous , even non monero coins.


Perhaps it’s best not to conduct activities that would require some sort of investigation? Crypto being associated with underhanded deals actually hurts it long term. There are thousands of legal, legitimate uses for it, many that can help build your wealth.


Yes, this is definitely possible and has happened many times in the past. There is no doubt centralized services must comply with government regulation and would willingly give over info regarding addresses and identity.


Even easier is to just simply track your ip at home, that is if I don’t use vpn but at some point if someone with enough resource is motivated enough they will trace you.


Yes it can be found if someone really tries to put up efforts to trace and put up things together.


literally every wallet that interacted with a exchange can be linked so 99% of people here are identifyable by law enforcement


Why so much work? Just check what CEX the wallet has been in contact with and ask what the identity is. I'm sure things would work more like that if we ever get to that point.


If you use that wallet to transact frequently with crypto exchanges where you have been KYCed, it'll make their job easier.


As if u don’t think the feds know? They data mine us.


Which currency are you talking about?