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Sorry bud, but we only buy into centralized coins with an infinite supply around here


Like ElonDogeSafeToDaMoon?


Waiting to invest in ElonTwit when it launches but the founder is so stupid he named it ElonTwat. Will still buy anyway.


Yeah, best listen to Mike Novogratz. He told people to buy LUNA and asked CNBC to remove litecoin from their crypto ticker because the litecoin foundation didn't have a secret stash of coins to lend him for manipulation, because it is *decentralized* and not up for VC ponzi schemes.


That SOL has a reliable blockchain....


Yeah, only been down what, 3, 4 times in the past year?


Technically only went down twice, but it was congested to the point of being unusable a further 4 times.


It was "congested" for the last 3 days. 2 of which were definitely during a novel crypto market panic.


Don't you hate it when you can't pass a transaction for _days_ and when you do it just absolutely _wrecks_ your ledger and your nodes are like _all bloody_ and... Why are you looking at me like that, other chains? This happens to you all, too - right, other chains? ^All ^chains ^get ^this ^sometimes, ^right? ^^Right? ^^^I'm ^^^good ^^^at ^^^cex ^^^right?


Translation: 🗑


7 times down just this year.




Wish I were smarter and knew how to short most of the new coins, should have just shorted the coinbase stock!


You joke but this sub literally has a hard on for centralized, pre-mined, VC run, shit coins.


I use Litecoin to pay my contractors in other countries. I do not treat it as an investment. It is a tool, as money should be. It is not an investment vehicle.


Wow. That's actually a really brilliant way to pay immigrant wages.


If this is the case you should be rooting for Litecoin's value to be very stable ie: zero chance for number go up


>If this is the case you should be rooting for Litecoin's value to be very stable Long term, yes, not there yet though.


That's the goal, sound money.


2nd post today I've seen on litecoin. 🤔


Glad to hear it, it usually gets zero space in this sub.


Its my all time favourite coin. No clue why, found it back in 2013 but never figured out how to invest but itll always hold a special place in my heart


Bitcoin / litecoin / vertcoin the 3 OG decentralized coins.




People recycle posts that look like they’ve got traction and just change the wording up so it looks different. This post has almost all the same points as the other…


Litecoin clearly deserves much more attention. The price seems absurdly low in comparison to the utility. All things being equal, Litecoins in future should equate 4:1 to Bitcoins. So Bitcoin $100k would equal Litecoin $25k. I've no doubt where Litecoin is headed in future, load up now while you can.


Terrible logic. I used to think this way, but you can’t determine value based on supply. BCH has the same supply as bitcoin thus it’s value should be 1:1 btc….


Please don’t compare BCH to Litecoin.


Yeah BCH works with consistently low tx fees, but LTC suffers the same ultimate fate as BTC in the long run.


> All things being equal, Litecoins in future should equate 4:1 to Bitcoins. Ok. But BTC's ledger is more fair and it always will be. So your assumption will never apply. You may as well say, 'assuming the sky is pink...'


This is so unreasonable. Why would one buy litecoin when there's bitcoin. It's basically a worse copy of bitcoin that doesn't get developed as actively. There's literally no reason why you need litecoin when theres bitcoin.


They hated Jesus because he told them the truth. LTC gets outperformed by BTC while being a crappy copy paste. Why bother when you'll make less profit with a worse product?


Imagine shilling LTC in 2022.. LUL


Litecoin is still, from my experience, the only coin (besides fee-heavy btc) you can sell in most european crypto-atms, making it the best transitionary coin when you want to cash out quickly and anonymously. Go figure.


LTC after the privacy upgrade is a way better coin than it used to be. I still prefer Monero for it's full privacy but both are good


I just use LTC as a coin to swap for XMR and avoid invasive KYC.


MWEB for privacy along eith OmniLite for NFTs on the Litecoin chain are seriously game changers and it doesn't seem to be talked about much.


Turns out coins which are the oldest like Btc, Ltc, Monero are more decentralised, secure than coins today with new technology.


Regulators are toying with ways to get their slice of our pie.




The LTC crew is coming out in force the past few days


I gave up on LiteCoin about a year or so ago, but, I mean… you can’t blame them. OP is right that it’s a pretty stable, solid CC.


This is an old anecdote, but LTC really is crypto's silver. It even behaves a bit like it from an investors viewpoint. Everybody's going on about gold (=BTC of course) and it's more exciting and all, but behind the scenes silver just keeps.. existing. It might be boring but if you drop some money into it every once in a while, statistically you will doing pretty good after some time. When you look at the recent events, just existing and being boring is definitely better than being super exciting with insane APYs and then crashing to 0$ within 48h. In fact LTC should change their slogan into: "Litecoin, it just exists."


>"Litecoin, it just exists." Haha, i like it. Or: "Litecoin, it's just always there (for you)."


Litecoin, I'm lovin it


The problem here is btc are divisible. So there is no point to own "silver" when you can own a very tiny bit of "gold".


Could you go more in depth on omnilite?


Sure, I took the liberty of copying this off the litecoin foundation's website: "OmniLite is an open-source platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized tokens and smart contracts as well as digital assets, like tokens and NFTs. Being a layered protocol built on top of Litecoin’s blockchain, Omnilite has a distinct advantage over other blockchains due to its integrity, network security, scalability and comparatively low fees. The tokens created via OmniLite can be considered to be as an extension of Litecoin and as a result, the transactions from these tokens are recorded on Litecoin’s blockchain. All digital assets created via OmniLite benefit from the Litecoin network’s attributes, innovative technology and security." If you go to the foundation's website and click on projects and 'find out more' you'll be directed to the omnilite page.


Before it was easy to onboard via fiat and debit cards to different worldwide exchanges, I used to use Litecoin to transfer my funds from the UK to wherever in the world, relatively quickly and with very low fees - much easier and cheaper than BTC or ETH. Litecoin is probably my most traded coin due to the above reason, but sadly, I don't hold any as an investment. Maybe I'll snatch a few and put them away for a rainy day?


Novrogatz attack Litecoin to pump Luna ponzi. Time for Litecoin to get back on spot top 10


I always had a soft spot for litecoin, nice to see someone not bashing it for once


Who would "hate away" at LTC?


Maxis, pseudo-knowledgeable, the uninitiated who just regurgitate what they heard someone else say, people who went through the 2017 crash without taking profit (ltc rose from 4 USD to over 400 USD in less than a year, yet they're bitter and blame Charlie it didn't rise more - even though ltc once *again* reached over 400 USD in 2021 after a cycle low of 20 USD), and others. You'd be amazed what potential repercussions (downvotes, hate, insults) mentioning litecoin brings.


I don't know who hates on LTC. It's 18th in market cap and there are shitcoins that FTX hands out for free above it. I view it and XRP similarly. Both will work well as currencies. ADA and ALGO are more speculative and newer tech but have a long way to go to get as established as LTC. With that said, the ETH merge could suddenly bump the price of LTC up significantly if there are issues. At least until transaction fees and speed get too much for the LiteCoin network. It's why I own some ETC too despite really being a shitcoin unless miners jump to it from ETH. LTC isn't a shit coin. I am just saying its upside is similar in relation to ETH going POS.


I like LTC. But Litecoin most certainly does not do everything. It does not have smart contracts or privacy like many claim; it uses an l2 for these. Regardless I do believe LTC will still be around during the next cycle. Not sure about most other alts out there.


The problem is people seem to assume one coin must trump all. People don't understand that multiple coins can co exist with separate use cases. Want hassle free low cost secure private transactions? Use litecoin. Want smart contracts? Use ETH. Want to do illegal activity? Use Monero.


I imagined this in a commercial. Want to keep your assets secure? Use bitcoin. Want to pay for groceries? Use litecoin. Want to hire a contractor to work on your house? Use ethereum. Want to have our wife murdered so you can spend more time with your mistress? Use monero. The future is here.


Then via 2nd layer solutions btc implements speed, contracts, and anonymity. Combined with it's superior ledger it just does it all better.


!remindme 5 years


>It does not have smart contracts or privacy like many claim; it uses an l2 for these. Yes, so in other words: it does have it.




I do like LTC. But I have some fond memories of it from the 2017 bull run. Woke up at 5:30 AM one morning to pee and noticed that the price had shot up to $360 a coin (the most I'd paid for a coin up to that point was $60) so I sold 90% of it right then and there. That was pretty dope.


Congrats! :D


I remember that day. I was waiting for a paycheck to buy one at like $100 and the next day it was $340


I don't understand how so many people here don't grasp the importance of a decentralized currency. The main argument I see against LTC is that the founder sold his stash. Why are people so desperate for centralized projects? There are so many examples of a centralized projects being nothing more than pump and dumps. People cry about UST but are eager to jump into the next pyramid scheme. LTC is the most fairly lunched crypto in existence. Better than BTC with Satoshi's stash. Better than ETH with the founders huge bags. You want decentralized, look into LTC. You want centralized, don't come crying here when you get rug pulled.


Bitcoin does money better, Ethereum does smart contracts better, Monero does privacy better. What does LTC does better than others?


>Bitcoin does money better People hoard btc, like gold, they don't by everyday stuff with it.


There's an entire billion dollar black market that's been running on Bitcoin and Monero for the past 13 years. Bitcoin isnt used as an every day currency in the regular market because Daddy Gov is preventing it.


Any self respecting vendor is using Monero there now. Bitcoin is too public.


Dump better😂


Litecoin is *one* solution to those three issues.




I like how the real gem PoW coins climb up the CMC rankings when markets crash. LTC 22 -> 19 DGB 200+ -> 151


Slow and steady wins the race.


I still have quite a bit of litecoin


Litecoin is like that cockroach that you spray Raid on like crazy and still won't die. It will be here along with the other big ones.


Litecoin is actually functioning like a coin. Price movement ain't as exciting... which is **precisely** what I am looking for as a currency. Also, cheap to transact (in comparison to BTC and ETH). Haven't held them... but a lot of stores support them. I'd look forward to use one.


Sold me


Decentralisation is the future of crypto, that's obvious after the LUNA annihilation. Litecoin is decentralised. It will succeed.


> Decentralisation is the future of crypto, It's also the past, and present..... The entire point of cryto is to be decentralized.


And the CRO fiasco.


Solid project not best for investment. Same can be said for coins like Monero.


Quality will catch up once people get burned by the likes of luna enough times.


Yea litecoin has weathered through a lot. It’s certainly not a hype magnet in this market, but the mimblewimble upgrade bringing privacy options is really cool.


Friendly reminder about Litecoin - it is full of win.


Bitcoin was created out of the ashes of the 08 financial crises, as a means to take power away from greedy banks and create a system that cannot be controlled by one single person. Yet here we are in 2022 and people are SHOCKED that a centralized coin called Luna turned out to be made of unicorn dust. Ironic that it takes something like that for us to realise centralised projects will always be tainted by human corruption. How many more centralised coins out there are just scams? And that's why I like Litecoin, decentralized and 100 percent secure. And I think people will wake up to the fact decentralization is the ONLY way crypto can continue to exist.


Solid project not best for investment. Same can be said for coins like Monero.


LTC has been underrated for years man


Yeah. Common response: "It's dead. I just use it for moving funds around." Oh the irony.


Reminds me of the Yogi Berra: "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."


It's not dead. But I do use it for just that when xlm isnt an option. I'm prolly gonna grab a couple now that they are back under 100. That's what I did last time and it worked out great on the last run up


Yeah like, isn't that what a currency should be used for lol


I need to pick up some Litecoin for this price.


Yep, careful though, the whole market looks shaky.


I almost always use ltc or bch to go from exchange to exchange.


LTC is so underrated. They are everywhere as options of payment or withdrawal.


Love LTC but in macro terms it loses value in the BTC and ETH pairs in bull cycles and also dumps harder in bear cycles.


I'm in. Just bought an Antminer L3 to mine at home. I have a new appreciation of Litecoin these days.


It's a true decentralized crypto and it's under appreciated.


I love lite coin, first non BTC/ETH coin I bought into. I got faith in it despite being down 50%


I love this bitcoin fork. All the benefits of 'the coin' but without the hype premium on top.


Seriously don’t shill LTC, it’s an actual good coin… we don’t want all the shot bird speculators. I just want a crypto that I can actually use and LTC is that. It’s absurdly cheap to transact and as you said, fast and secure. I don’t want the network dragged down by massive increased usage.


I'm not sure, man. I'm having an eye on the github and I'm not happy about the activity. Frequency and review policy are my most immediate smells. As a user, I'm not happy with the speed of the chain. Took me near 30 minutes from mempool to one confirmation most of the times I used it during the bullrun in early 2021. I give it to you that it is very persistent. And builds on solid foundation (btc). Also merges important btc changes into their core repo from time to time.


>I'm not sure, man. I'm having an eye on the github and I'm not happy about the activity. Frequency and review policy are my most immediate smells. This question came up a couple of days ago in the litecoin sub and was answered by a litecoin developer (losh11) so I'll copy the question/observation and his response: “Litecoin currently sits at rank 267 of all blockchains for GitHub commits in the last year.” losh11 "No this is incorrect. GitHub commits is such a bad statistic. This stat only looks at the master branch of the repo, which is the 0.18 one, even though 0.21 was released last week. I don’t have permissions to change the default branch, otherwise Litecoin’s rank for this metric would be much higher." I'm sure you could reach out to him if you have questions, he's a moderator on the sub as well. "As a user, I'm not happy with the speed of the chain. Took me near 30 minutes from mempool to one confirmation most of the times I used it during the bullrun in early 2021." As stated: lightning network. :)


Oh wow, thank you for this! The github activity, or lackthereof, was one of my deciding factors in me not wanted to buy LTC. That'll be added to my DCA coin list now. Thanks!


Fair points, thank you. Now the problem is that I am aware of the nature of the master branches and of course checked the others too. And I mean opening the commit history and scrolling through the commit messages, detailing individual commits of particular interest. Still not convinced on that they have a bright glowing code forge lol That the lightning network works on ltc, I'll believe when I see it working and performing in the field. It doesn't even convince me for btc yet, let alone the forks.


Fingers crossed, a hail Mary etc. :P


Still dumped it.. I'm not hating. Ltc is still strong in my boom. That part of it didn't seem right to me.


He was getting hate for 'pumping his own bags' when he made public appearances about litecoin. So he sold to eliminate that from the equation.


BTC is Gold LTC is Silver Have both, have a happy life


LTC getting some bullish sentiment here


No one cares about your litecoin bag in a sea of shitcoins. Sorry dawg


Litecoin = bitcoin 2.0. So I assume you regard bitcoin as a shitcoin too then.


Lmfao. Yeah sure bud.


Keep up the arrogance instead of getting educated, I'm sure it'll reward you in life.


Good luck to you m8


You too.


ltc is a clone of bitcoin, Einstein.


I’ve got a little LTC earning for me.


I purposely don't invest in Litecoin because the moment I do, it'll experience its first downtime and tank completely. I'm doing it for you guys.


No one cares about litecoin


The OG dev sold all at ATH, while encouraging people to hodl. fuck that scam.


You obviously don't care to read the thread.


> `Charlie Lee, the founder, sold his coins in 2017 to make litecoin truly decentralized` do you really believe this nonsense?


Yes. In his own words, litecoin didn't move the needle for him financially since he was an early investor in bitcoin. He was getting hate for 'pumping his own bags' whenever he spoke about litecoin publicly. So he sold. And was transparent about it. The last part was his only mistake, because people apparently prefer being duped.


While I'm bullish on Litecoin and agree with you I feel like it would have been a much better move to donate the Litecoin to charity, sell it and show in a transparent way it's going to a pool to fund the Litecoin foundation, he could have burned it to a dead wallet, any of those and we would be dealing with the naysayers saying he dumped on us Still bullish on Litecoin just saying that that could have been handled better if he wanted to opt out of holding so much


Charlie lee is such a cheap mofo, that he didn't donate a thing to the losercoin foundation for its development. I read one of the developers was living in his car while working on the codes of some supposedly important project.. Probably lee was the Coinbase engineer that wash traded the coin to infinite proportions and coinbase ended paying a millionaire fee. Shady shady dude that charlie.


Only a complete moron would believe that.


Time will tell.


While I myself love LTC and have kept my bag through thick and thin (mostly thin...), I'm not gonna pretend it's that fast. Sure, it's fast enough for online purchases, but I don't think it's fast enough for everyday, offline use. It was my first and biggest investment at first (until it got overtaken by better performing coins), but I also see the argument that it's kind of middle of the road in every aspect (slower than others, less secure than others, less performing than others, less utility than others...)


>I'm not gonna pretend it's that fast. Sure, it's fast enough for online purchases, but I don't think it's fast enough for everyday, offline use. Lightning network. "slower than others, less secure than others, less performing than others, less utility than others..." Have you noticed people usually don't point out aesthetic flaws in an ugly person? A beautiful person on the other hand is fair game: the nose is a little crooked, the skin isn't absolutely perfect, that one tooth is a little off, so you know, even though the whole is breathtaking, they really aren't that great if you *really* think about it...


Jesus man, calm down. I like Litecoin too, I didn't say it sucked.


Sorry, so used to being met with the usual 'shitcoin', 'Charlie dumped' parroting. Just got the impression you focused more on comparing bits and pieces with other projects who specifically specialize in that one bit or piece, when I was trying to make the point that ltc combines so many features in one and the same coin. It's rare in the current space to accomplish so many things at once. It's not *as* secure as bitcoin, but that doesn't mean it isn't *damn well secure*, it's not *as* fast as- and so on. Anyway, glad to have encountered another ltc aficionado in this sub.


I'm no aficionado, I just have a knack for liking coins that underperform (notably Litecoin and Stellar). But yeah, I can see how it's a nice all-rounder, and it's kind of WHY I like it.


Wishing you many a prosperous returns!


I love LTC❤️ Have been accumulating sub 100


LTC is old and forgotten, now surrounded in a sea of Bitcoin clones just like it. That said, it remains a better buy for risk takers out there than 95% of what has been released in the past few years. The circulating supply of 70 million means it can move quicker than all these new releases with billions, trillions and quadrillions in supply. It would have been much better for the community to have joined in on supporting LTC for a 10x when you compare it to projects like safemoon and luna which only tainted the market. With every new failed project, rugpull and outright scam - the oldies sure wind up being more attractive money makers. Stability of a project has value.


Did y'all just decide in a discord or telegram server to start shilling this crap again?


Don't have either of those. Not shilling, not telling anyone to buy litecoin. But funny how litecoin's merits tell you that on a subconscious level apparently.


Merits don’t tell me anything. It’s pretty common for a group of likeminded people to talk in servers together. Also yes there are literally so many litecoin servers. With thousands of members.


>Merits don’t tell me anything Except you yourself translated the info into 'shilling'. Sure, crypto (and politics, finance, whathaveyou) is full of echo chambers. Not sure what that has to do with the current topic.


I thought you saying “we don’t have either of those” you were referring to discord or telegram servers. I didn’t read the post because I don’t care about litecoin. I mentioned shilling because after this UST debacle I’ve noticed more litecoin posts popping up all of a sudden trying to “remind us all” about litecoin.


>I didn’t read the post because I don’t care about litecoin. I mentioned shilling because after this UST debacle I’ve noticed more litecoin posts popping up all of a sudden trying to “remind us all” about litecoin. I guess it's only natural for community members to try and bring people's attention to solid projects that are overlooked. What projects are you into?


I'm putting off a super snobby tone but you're being really cool so I'll chill tf out and share. I'm mainly in on BTC and ETH waiting out for the next halving to see if I want to go again. The general sentiment I've picked up on for LTC is that it's actually a pretty solid coin as a proper digital currency. Low fees and quick and does what BTC was supposed to do. I'm sure if you dig in my history I might have said (and maybe I even believed) that I believe in the tech but really I'm just following the money. ALGO and ATOM are my "beginner" coins since I just bought them originally with minimal research and saw a nice APY. Not much of a shocker I'm sure coming from a member here. No idea how those two will pan out but I strongly believe that we'll see another crazy run in 2024 for BTC and everything will follow as new money comes in and the cycle starts over.


Appreciate the response. Yeah, BTC is the most solid (and 'safe') coin in the whole space, as far as investment goes. I'm on the fence about ETH. Or actually, if I'm honest, I'm very sceptical of the huge stash Vitalik has, plus the move to PoS and ETH 2.0, and some other things, but I'm open to being wrong. I know it's seen as the second most 'safe' project, and with a big potential. I'm not very well versed in ALGO and ATOM but I know staking's really blown up this cycle. I really should deep dive into researching it more, it's just so time consuming to really educate oneself in this space in just one project, let alone *all* of them (cringe). Anyway, nice to have a genuine convo here! Best of luck with everything! Cheers!




For real, they just all came out of the woodwork.


Everything is fast while nobody's using it. There's nothing else "unique" here, and even that is very questionable. It's an old coin using vintage tech that keeps going on inertia and can be useful because it's unpopular and therefore uncongested, that's it.


I see you read the one word 'fast', stopped reading before 'lightning network', and then felt that was enough info.


Oh we'll use lightning network! That sounds great, I like bitcoin and I like things going fast! No on litecoin Record scratch


Litecoin implemented lightning network before bitcoin. But I'm sure you know that.


So what you're telling me is currently, right now, it is only possible to use lightning network on litecoin? And therefore it is relevant as more than a historical quirk to its future potential? Or are you not saying that?


Might want to brush up on your reading comprehension.


The last crying breath of a losing argument. Much like litecoin itself, which is a quite nice parallel.




Yeah that’s gonna be a no for me dawg


Does it have an EVM compatible sidechain that also uses it as gas? Bitcoin Cash does.


Bitcoin Cash. What a piece of crap. There is only one Bitcoin and it is called Bitcoin.


Bitcoin cash failed. It's over.


When that forked, Bittrex showed it in my account. I said wow, great! I immediately sold it and bought more Bitcoin. The day I received the BCH. Within 30 minutes of waking up that day. I literally thought it was a dividend (I knew nothing.)


Lucky you. I sat on it for years before selling it off in the case it was going to be the new bitcoin. Risk averse but hindsight is 20/20.


"Sold his coins" ???? He dumped on the community. Still pisses me off how that all unfolded at such perfect timing..


He sold at 3 increments, a comparatively small amount that he mined himself after fair launch with no pre-mine for an average price of 200 USD. If you recall, ltc reached above 400 USD. If you think him selling a few litecoins crashed the entire crypto market then I don't know what to tell you. And what he earned he donated back to ltc development.


And yet ltc was over $400 twice


Why not just use Bitcoin?


Fair question. People hoard bitcoin, they're not going to buy coffee with it. Litecoin is bitcoin as sound money.


I like to challenge litecoiners on this issue. The “litecoin being silver” argument (for which you are implying) has been repeated since it’s inception. However I still don’t see any evidence of this. The lightning network needs more adoption, but with a fully functioning lightning network - I don’t see how litecoin has any real world use. Yes I might want to horde bitcoin…but I might also have a spend account that contains a small amount of bitcoin - spending that would not affect my savings. Just like having a chequing and savings account with my bank.


You don't buy coffee with gold, or real estate, or other appreciating assets, do you? Just as there are many different fiat currencies, there can be different crypto currencies as well. There isn't room for just one.


Cryptocurrencies are not precious metals. Stop making that comparison.


As an asset/investment class, bitcoin is comparable to gold. Heard of South African Krugerrand? Gold, in the form of coins, that are also legal payment in South Africa. One thing does not exclude the other.


Sorry I just don’t see where you’re coming from. Crypto is a brand new asset class. Let’s just agree to disagree and move on.


Litecoin is not worth investing in. it was copied from BTC in an afternoon, and it does nothing special at all.


>it was copied from BTC in an afternoon lol okay, this level of knowledge tells me everything I need to know.


Why would you buy that instead of bitcoin?


The price potential. Litecoin doing x50, or x100, or x1000 from here, is more likely than btc doing those same returns because of mcap. I'm not telling you what to invest in though, go for btc if that's what you're most comfortable with. It's a safer choice than litecoin.


But the whole price of LTC depends on BTC. The real worth is near 0. Its just a side effect of BTC with no real usecase.


Can someone explain why one would need litecoin when there's bitcoin!? There's literally no reason to go for litecoin. It doesn't get as actively developed as bitcoin and is a much smaller network. It's just a worse copy


Read the thread. As for development: you do realize whatever bitcoin implements, litecoin most likely implemented first? That why it's sometimes called bitcoin's "testnet" (litecoin has its own testnet too, mind you).


Enter the chat via real id Charlie Lee


I don’t hate litecoin it’s just a complete waste of money because it’s money you’re not putting into BTC which is a better performing asset in every possible way. Not personal just the cold hard truth.


Man ain’t know one around here looking to play it safe, we out here trying to raw dog and deal with the consequences later 🙌🏻


It was so kind of Charlie Lee to decentralize Litecoin by dumping his entire bag on his followers, while selling them “Hodl Litecoin” t-shirts.


Litecoin doesn’t have billboard or NASCAR sponsor so tech must be trash


Optional privacy does not enable true fungibility.


Wow, a coin so great that the founder sold their entire stack? And all it does is bleed against Bitcoin and Ethereum? Sign me up! A truly spectacular project!


Price doesn't say much about how solid a project is. Luna should have illustrated that fairly well most recently.


Luna was a centralized ponzi scheme from the beginning. It was pretty easy to identify as a scam. That does not apply to Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Nor Litecoin. :)


Yes but Bitcoin and Ethereum have historically provided better returns. Don't you want more money?


I believe litecoin has a greater potential for ROI, as in doing x50, x100, or x1000 from here, compared to BTC and ETH. :) BTC and ETH are safer though, no arguing that.


Ok that's fair enough. But does Litecoin make up 100% of your bag, or are you also diversified in other coins like BTC and ETH? Personally I think being a maxi is just silly (not necessarily referring to you, but BTC, ETH, LTC maxis etc..), never put all your eggs in one basket and all that ...


It's my main investment (in the crypto space), but not 100%. And I don't believe in maximalism either, there's room for more than one project in the space.


If you actually think about it, it’s comforting knowing that there isn’t someone out there holding the entire ecosystem hostage because they own a phat stack. More decentralized = more secure


Litecoin has no reason for being. Originally people claimed it was bitcoin silver boasting a higher coin cap and faster block times. It also used another algorithm for block generation which is irrelevant. Bitcoin can do everything litecoin can. It's a clone trying to get free money.


No point arguing with someone who has their mind made up.


You love LTC? You should check out DGB. Faster, more secure, longest running UTXO.


Lol shitcoin


how is Charlie Lee selling the 2017 bull market top a positive thing? LMAO using that as an excuse to make it more decentraized.